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  1. He has got the whole dairy on board
  2. Looks like the surprise is secondhand used machines
  3. I’m beginning to think Pete has let the wine get to him, no pictures no proof of existence,sounds to me like the Loch Ness monster but there are pictures of that!
  4. As I understand these trees are next door access might be a problem and removing the ivy Criminal damage along with the tresspass not ways to recommend you to your next door neighbours i would have another talk and back this up with emails and or letter as per Micks response.
  5. Crane near railway!!!! Looks from all angles big money job, house doesn’t look in the stockbroker belt might be best left alone
  6. It was meant slightly tongue in cheek, I like the idea I’m not saying it will be easy if it was everyone would be at it but the savings can be worth it. We saved 20 thousand on the bulldozer and got delivery in 4 weeks not six months as cat wanted
  7. I’m with Eddie and just think a family holiday to USA/ Disney paid for by the tax man to visually inspect before purchase, Every time I have dealt with Americans they have been nothing but accommodating. The company I worked for bought a bulldozer I went to Indianapolis to see it they refused to allow me to book hotel stayed a md house two nights having done it I would again,
  8. Chassis American or uk made I put my bandit 90 against your comparison model admittedly you don’t want to tow it with a Ranger or Nivara and a shit paint job they are the bad bits, nearly two tonnes twice the size of the greenmech offering it chips all day long and also it lasts
  9. Yes your right if you buy new, however depending on the exchange rate the savings can be many thousands of pounds on secondhand machines there is far more choice of secondhand machines and high specification
  10. Would the sva depend on the age of the trailer,feed height controls and reach would need looking at but not for a sva and decals,the Americans just love a decal I would suggest most packs from any of the major chipper manufacturers could be adapted to fit if any were needed i have always thought the yanks make the best 9 inch plus chippers if weight is removed from the equation Europeans shake themselves to bits and when you try to weld them are made of tin plate.
  11. Giving it some thought say built in 69 that’s 50 years pruned twice in the last 10 years that’s two lots of cut for rot to get in chestnut not very resistant to rot I might be more worried about branches dropping but put up some pics close ups of pruning cuts, full height distance to house, base of trunk soil in the root zone etc
  12. Tell us about the house foundations design and depth. Quality of build (I know it’s subjective)
  13. And the house footings are trench, raft or piled makes a big difference or a mixture
  14. Being secondhand emission regs won’t be a worry remember you can ce mark it just collect the data required put it in a file put the sticker on the machine you would be unlucky to have a problem


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