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  1. dumper

    Mini loader rake/broom recommendations?

    Tried a sprung rake on avant made more mess to tidy up, got snow broom tidys grass well as long as it’s dry
  2. dumper

    What to do with a broken 346xp?

    Digital motors have no windings they use magnets so removing the heating element, they are generators in reverse if they are spun without power they create electricity, the best are single phase running as three phase. They do however require a board to run simply wiring up to the current won’t work they just stay still.
  3. dumper

    What to do with a broken 346xp?

    The motor I was looking at ran on any voltage 6 to 415v dc there are some interesting developments on the horizon your 90% efficient is very much a generalisation
  4. dumper

    What to do with a broken 346xp?

    The new motors do not generate heat I picked up a motor that had been running hard for an hour wasn’t even warm. It’s money and politics stopping improvements
  5. dumper

    What to do with a broken 346xp?

    The new generation are digital brushless a whole different motor
  6. dumper

    What to do with a broken 346xp?

    No you need to use the power in the batteries better the lithium iron batteries are good
  7. dumper

    What to do with a broken 346xp?

    It’s not batteries but motors that are the problem various companies have tied up ultra efficient motors with patients and are sitting on these until the completion and the Chinese try to catch up, saw a video last week of a motor moving a 800kg load with only one moving part.no brushes, no bearings.
  8. dumper

    uprighting partially windblown ornamental trees

    Try a duckbill or platipus anchor
  9. dumper

    CIS payment

    Loaning the government money? Do you pay for your chainsaw at the end of the year? I’m sure Tesco’s would be upset if you didn’t pay for the food when you left the store. I can’t see what the fuss is about
  10. dumper

    My grinder ate a gas pipe!

    From experience they try to charge you
  11. dumper

    My grinder ate a gas pipe!

    You can instal any pipe you want just showing a picture of pipe doesn’t give enough information for an answer
  12. dumper

    My grinder ate a gas pipe!

    Like what????
  13. dumper

    Show us your fencing!!

    Pair English oak gates and driveway
  14. dumper

    Show us your fencing!!

    Treated pine fixed with six counter sunk self drilling screws per pale
  15. dumper

    Show us your fencing!!

    A very individual style


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