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  1. But you still get paid the same rates for the machines
  2. Then you have answered your question find the cheapest cover and take it,if they play up you have only lost the truck s value and if it’s not a lot you win, my foreman had a policy with Hastings no end of problems when he was shunted from behind .
  3. I have nfu on my vans and trucks easy to deal with when it comes to claim and they pay out, how much is that worth, £600 is fifty pounds a month £12.50 a week less than £2.50 for a working day I don’t think that’s expensive
  4. When you price up the constituent parts of any of these loaders they are all very expensive a total rebuild on my avant just keeping the chassis and arms looks like £12000 new engine pumps motors hoses valve chest and steering
  5. Do The documents were palmers leverage on other people, in the event of his death they were to be released to the papers and the police. No documents. oh dear!!! He was shot six times in the chest the police put it down to a heart attack, until the autopsy. All a bit fishy
  6. They are all linked the journalist seemed to know his source
  7. The chaps name was John Palmer
  8. I read and was told that a life assurance policy was in one of the boxes, it disappeared, the person is now deaceased.
  9. They were looking for a specific item and found it,the rest was collateral damage a lot of small businesses like us lost out on uninsured materials and work in progress.
  10. Where is it,what is it doing, how thick is it, all this will help
  11. dumper

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    I’ve got shaken dirt and slobber in places I’ve not got paint it gets everywhere!
  12. dumper

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    I know of a litter of pups expected next month Newfoundland x st Bernard mother landseer Newfoundland father probably will be big pictures of dad
  13. dumper

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Careful with the Bernese mountain I have had two both cost over ten grand in vets bills very bad DNA from in breeding
  14. £8000 fine divide by 27 = £300 per tree I know a lot of developers who would pay that to remove trees from sites.the fine isn’t even small change, replanting would happen anyway with the associated landscape works I think £8000 per tree should be closer to the mark


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