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  1. dumper


    Got a problem with a oak gate post, Last two years a very mushroomy smelling fungus has grown inside the photo cell unit shorting the circuit board each time, any suggestions as to a fungicide to help, it grows out of the hole drilled trough the post for the wire.
  2. dumper

    Who has sent me a MS361 and another saw?

    I sent a ms200/020/160/husky/echo in a brown/white/coloured cardboard plastic box via dpd/post office/hermes please total rebuild and port with new chains and bars and return
  3. dumper

    how do you get stumps out?

    Use a wheel and tyre dug into a trench with a slot running out to the stump you will pull many tonnes the deeper the trench the more you pull
  4. dumper

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    It’s a jcb thing helps keep front wheels down he who has most buckets wins
  5. dumper

    Alpine tractor talk

    Hard enough to stop the tyre coming off the rim, they self clean better at lower pressures same here three cleats on ground,
  6. dumper

    Cpcs vs npors

    You still need a nvq to get the NPors ticket that matches the cpcs
  7. dumper

    Whats the best garage alarm?

    Can’t beat a bull mastiff
  8. dumper

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    Made this for my avant shunts trailers lifts one tonne sacks and pulls stumps
  9. dumper

    Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    I had battery tools put this way, if I go to a customers house and ask for £5.00 for fuel they tell me to jog on!! If I go and ask to plug my battery charger in I’ve never been refused!!
  10. dumper

    Mini loader rake/broom recommendations?

    Tried a sprung rake on avant made more mess to tidy up, got snow broom tidys grass well as long as it’s dry
  11. dumper

    What to do with a broken 346xp?

    Digital motors have no windings they use magnets so removing the heating element, they are generators in reverse if they are spun without power they create electricity, the best are single phase running as three phase. They do however require a board to run simply wiring up to the current won’t work they just stay still.
  12. dumper

    What to do with a broken 346xp?

    The motor I was looking at ran on any voltage 6 to 415v dc there are some interesting developments on the horizon your 90% efficient is very much a generalisation
  13. dumper

    What to do with a broken 346xp?

    The new motors do not generate heat I picked up a motor that had been running hard for an hour wasn’t even warm. It’s money and politics stopping improvements
  14. dumper

    What to do with a broken 346xp?

    The new generation are digital brushless a whole different motor
  15. dumper

    What to do with a broken 346xp?

    No you need to use the power in the batteries better the lithium iron batteries are good


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