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  1. Would worry me if it had Chinese engine interesting track design
  2. Monday is three days away strike while the iron is hot if you wait that’s another week gone by
  3. Age is but a number you are only as old as you feel a lot of employers are very happy to employ mature people they turn up, don’t look at their phones all day and want to finish at 1.30
  4. At 15 m you will always regret not getting bigger 15 m does streetlights
  5. You can get a rubber wheel to remove stickers goes on your electric drill
  6. Once you get going it easy to carry on if you get used to travel there’s a whole country of great places to work and sound people to work for
  7. Get on the phone to Kevin talk to him see what can be done if you really want the work you will have to make a compromise , prove yourself See if he will help
  8. for work take what you can when it’s offered become a journeyman to learn your trade old style you will never want for work
  9. I would invest in varied kit brush cutters,hedgecutter,saw mower then advertise and network if you like the jobs offered price lower ,if you can see more work price lower, don’t like job etc price higher refuse no work even if you have to hire tools in become the go to man then slowly specialise and steer towards work you want to do.it won’t happen overnight
  10. It’s a lot cheaper to run a power pack you will need clutch (electric) spool block,couplings, pressure gauge,tank maybe oil cooler, and it will not do your engine any good to keep running just above idle for long periods.
  11. Here’s my Cormidi on site 7CAD7787-5B2F-4270-93F7-D8BCA28D302D.mp4
  12. Contact the regiment and the British legion they will most certainly know how to advise you
  13. We used to plant with a turf cutter strip the turf poke in the bulbs relay the turf
  14. Can anyone remember the last time someone failed an aerial arb training course I have not seen it happen I think that it is the basis of the problem anyone can pass the course even if they don’t have the skills required perhaps HSE should be looking at training rather than working practises to quote their mantra training reduces accidents. Not changing systems of working that have been used for approaching half a century in some form or other personally I would like to see colleges responsible for students after they have completed the course perhaps then they would not be in such a rush to pass every student capable or not


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