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  1. You guys that have used a sa 80 how much truth is there that the ak 47 outranged it by 2/300 metres
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if the powder coating and cleaning was nearly £2k , jive just had a pair of gate frames and posts coated and they were £500.00
  3. Barclays did mine by £4000 for one payment being day late
  4. I have a old shape avant if the hydraulic difflock is in it will mark surfaces on turning, more so if carried out at more than very slow speed.
  5. I have two machines tested at same time plus fork,crane,shunting / lifting block, turf carrier,and grab attachments for £250.00 plus vat last time
  6. Have mine done every year and my Chains standard practise to be covered and legal. If you work on site it is one of the first bits of paper asked for
  7. dumper

    3.5 tonne truck

    Job got cancelled and they didn’t want to leave materials on site they got fined last time they did, customer had already paid for materials might have some work for you eggs give me a call
  8. dumper

    3.5 tonne truck

    £300 fine first time caught they were more interested in the truck behind 9 tonnes over and pissing diesel
  9. dumper

    3.5 tonne truck

    Merc sprinter van 1 bag ballast 8 cement 2 sheet 142 mesh 6 x20 litres water tools and 2 chaps
  10. dumper

    3.5 tonne truck

    Just got stopped 1.2 tonnes over weight 4.7 on weighbridge
  11. Which 3.5 tonne truck carries the most, I’m not looking for a tipper just a flat back drop side. The figures I’m getting for a transit seem to give a payload of around a tonne,
  12. You need to check the the structure before you start work, if any damage is found during the next few years you will be blamed and your insurance will suffer Thanes water employ solicitors just for this scenario and have very deep pockets, check before check after,record your findings it is money well spent. If Thames are bringing this up they either know something or Suspect 12 m is a long way down to do a repair although I’m sure Eggs will be up for it
  13. If mine and Thames were asking I’d put a video survey down the pipe before starting work then you can’t be blamed for something that already existed you need to ask yourself why are Thames water making a fuss,cover your arse!
  14. I would suggest more like 5 to 10 gallons most will run off
  15. On the Old technology. on the instal how did you comply with EN 12453 /12978 to get ce marking I take you used 240 motors via inverter


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