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  1. Yours are for a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes mam, under this no operators licence and tacho only when weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes ie towing, do you use tacho in your transit/ hilux?
  2. It’s been a very long day!!
  3. No you don’t have to use it unless you are over 3.5 tonnes train weight and over 100 kgs from home so until you put a trailer on don’t use it and if you are going more than 100 kgs with a trailer use it if you deliver goods for your business use it all the time
  4. Try uk power networks ask for the local surveyor giving them your post code
  5. Start by telling us where in the country you are this will then decide who your local power supplier is you can then get onto the line clearance ops
  6. Avant make a three point linkage it’s quite easy to adapt to Vermeer but given avant quite expensive buy a mounting plate and make your own a morning with a grinder and welder would probably do
  7. What is the benefit to using a battery saw ? Surely if you need to use it that much or continuously petrol is the way to go
  8. You can get shafts made for acute angles we had one made for our alpine I think it was a double cardan.
  9. I have a Cormidi loader totally different machine, looked at a kanga but didn’t have lift or flow required and on demo it got stuck where our avant on wheels didnt !
  10. Try the micro bull depending on which size you are after
  11. So what is the estimate that it weighs given the dimensions?
  12. Does running a generator to charge the battery to run the saw make life difficult? just use a petrol saw far easier to carry
  13. I have a man with a lathe and mill can make anything, provided you have one to copy or a drawing
  14. 4 mine was more than a mini but twice as useful loader, tractor, and two different skips, but all dumpers are undervalued


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