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  1. It will move just need to plan first I have moved them with a tirfor and buried landrover spare wheel just need to keep it off the ground on rollers and not rush the job or just get a big hiab
  2. And still gets them on the wrong feet!!!
  3. Lads got stopped at Dartford two months ago 1.5 tonnes over on back axle 200 kgs over on front £600 fine unload vehicle and reweigh let go it depends on how you treat the people at the weigh bridge
  4. Why not mill the existing surface and recompact 1 day 1 man with a tractor and rotavator 1 man on the roller change out of £2000
  5. Had one the same 30 years ago on a 13 tonner fastest method of dealing with stumps we had, wore out pretty quick and got ripped to bits when put on a cat 215
  6. Been asking about load testing a crane jib I’ve made, been quoted £350.00 to load test and certify including self adhesive Swl sticker, stamped I’d tag is extra
  7. This is a can of worms looked at it for my snow plough, rules on position beam and height all come into play far more than just chucking onto the vehicle, plunging in was not simple, I bought the lighting kit from e bay and fitted it permanently with bolts and own dedicated plug
  8. When you lift the bucket does the load empty over the machine ?
  9. At a guess slightly older than her teeth and the same age as her eyes!! not quite the question a gentleman asks a lady!
  10. They are not up to current standards so can’t be registered for the road as new vehicles, however you can reimport them then it’s up to you
  11. Make whatever you do make noise,lots of it line your shed with steel takes time to cut, then place lights to cover the area, you need to make them have to take time and make noise they will then look for easier pickings. lock the tools in a cage inside the building two doors = twice as long defend in depth don’t rely on just one method fit a silent alarm as well they won’t know they haven’t defeated it careful who you let near the shed tell knowone what you do all alarms work set yourself a budget then see what you can do for the money most you can do yourself me I have got big dogs and some other bits you can try monitored alarms but they are usually in and out quicker than the companies can respond Keep your chin up
  12. So ask a realistic price or offers and put it on arbtader. you could put it on eBay and might get more, but paid in funny money,not paid at all or taken next night. Work out how much you want and try the market!
  13. If your thinking about a chipper look at the makes you see regularly about on site and behind transits, also look to the fishy folk with caravans I’ve never seen a kellfri chipper!! must tell you something
  14. Only if you like chocolate, quality costs in my book
  15. Had one of there timber grabs on site might as well been made of chocolate


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