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  1. Every thing you say is correct but to be reliant on a dealers fitter they don’t always turn up and usually can’t fix in one visit, warranty mmmmmm! Bad experiences there! new machines equal plastic and electrics neither are durable I think that the correct course is whatever works for you
  2. But it’s your machine and you have done the work a great sense of satisfaction, and benefit if you intend to keep the machine new machines with adblue sensors and computers just won’t last I can see where he is coming from
  3. dumper

    Pool advice

    No pool is budget cheap to buy expensive to run , expensive to buy very expensive to run
  4. Landrover defender cubby box ! WTF are you doing answering your phone up a tree!, No call can be that important or you could leave it with your groundy to screen your calls
  5. Large hammer and gas axe always works
  6. They do work but better as part of a programme of measures got them in the grain store still see occasional rats, also work with teenagers!
  7. Almost certainly a valve in spool block ,seal maybe, how old is chipper ? Question is why has seal gone is something else about to let go and metal splinters contaminated oil ? Or are your seals old and worn
  8. Try USA dealers my labourer bought boots of the shelf at size 14
  9. Yes you need to offer the cuttings back to the owner of the trees ,you can’t just throw them back( it’s fly tipping if you do)
  10. Can’t see what the fuss is about many large stihl saws can be bought from around the world ,try looking on stihl South African web site even got saws with no chain brakes, indonesia and South America are the same. Few emails a card payment and the saw will be with you in less than a week (air mail)
  11. My guess is worn seals in ram or scored ram letting oil by under pressure can you try another ram .?
  12. Does any one on here do logs near Rugby/ lighthorne?
  13. More like 30 had a saw in 87 with heated handles they were the only ones left in the shop after the 87/ storm


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