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  1. dumper

    Greenheart pile removal

    Rather you than me
  2. dumper

    what mini loader

  3. dumper

    Greenheart pile removal

    We tried to shear 450 square greenheart but couldn’t just ran out off power 1/3 to1/2 way through like the grapple head idea, I think it would work especially if the feed is slowed right down
  4. dumper

    Greenheart pile removal

    These piles can be 4m into the river bed a 9 tonne winch isn’t going to be much good, we used a 100 tonne crane and a vib clamp last time and it struggled if the river is navigable the whole pile has to be removed or you pay to have it marked on the maps you can just cut then off
  5. dumper

    Greenheart pile removal

    Have you cut greenheart with a tree shear? It makes oak look like balsa
  6. dumper

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Look at a tb 219 rather than 216/016 more reach usually well looked after
  7. dumper

    Insurance Recommendations Help Needed

    You have tried to speak to someone with a brain rather than the office idiot? try NFU, I have never had problems but they are not cheap
  8. dumper

    Flail vs Rotary Topper - Recommendations

    Offset ? Sloping ground , I would rear mount a topper less power required than a flail more stable in working position could add width to the wheelbase
  9. dumper

    Greenheart pile removal

    They will need to be vibrated out clamp top vib and pull it’s a time consuming and expensive job, I don’t think a shear will have anywhere near the power or operator control required ,your barge will be moving we tried to shear some that we pulled out of the Thames and failed if not diver and saw will not be slow, suck out round the pile so they can kneel or stand,then cut.they made us wear chainsaw trousers last time till we proved they gave no cut protection from the saw
  10. dumper

    Best anemometer for MEWP use.

    More like 6 pence, half a crown!
  11. dumper

    Google has just freaked me out!

    I work for a client they categorically state no huawei phones on site and prefer us to use other brands
  12. dumper

    Advice on machinery for moving timber

    I forgot they are a bitch to tow if they get stuck
  13. dumper

    Advice on machinery for moving timber

    Nice if the ground is dry awful in the mud without tracks,avant or multione will out lift and outmanoeuvre
  14. dumper

    Ebay Felling Levers

    Bit of plate, old crow bar, couple of rods and your done less than a fiver !
  15. dumper

    Ms 200 playing up

    You got to send it to spud


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