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  1. Started work listening to mr angry and Julian the social worker among others, a true professional I’m absolutely gutted, it makes me feel old!
  2. Don’t cut the upright shoots in winter leave until they have got leaves on
  3. Any trench you dig will become a pond, I would plant hornbeam, you can get instant hedging up to 2 m so no waiting. if they really want beech (and I’d be fairly certain that they won’t be able to tell the difference between green beech and hornbeam both keeping their leaves over winter) dig a trench with a French drain at the bottom then pack a free draining soil into the trench in layers well trodden, if you don’t compact you will leave air spaces which will fill with water then plant bare root trees and don’t be shocked if they die
  4. I would think they just take the power steering pies to the coupling and fit a bigger ram
  5. I would pass on it.Canadian machine and parts are few and far between no dealers over here, believe they went bust years ago
  6. Rather than a flail collector look at a forage wagon far more productive with a lot less trips to tip,
  7. I was informed by the ministry that a tacho is required if the gross train mass is over 3.5 tonnes there is no allowance for a trailer if vehicle and trailer weigh more than 3.5 tonnes tacho is required
  8. I have always thought that log deliveries are covered by my insurance as they belong to me until customer pays for them upon delivery to the premises
  9. Would like to know how the arborist is sure it’s the tree, if the qualified engineer is not
  10. Surely you check your cutting head regularly and after striking objects bolts and fixings need to be looked at and replaced
  11. My first labourer applied for his provisional back when you got a pink paper one came back two weeks later, full licence with motor bike, mum made him send it back, came back same
  12. Ok I will start …….. Leyland cypress fast growth not bad firewood
  13. Got any video of Tilly working?
  14. Martin it’s not all down to rate tiltrotators remove labour from the job and speed it up therefore saving time and leave a more precise job, it just so much more efficient if the operator is good, you really should buy one, time is money
  15. Has it made any noticeable difference to the balance of the machine? Is it on three tonne?


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