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  1. How are you going to stop it growing ?
  2. Get a tracked predator in and make life easy
  3. I run a 520 avant, a cmf 1500 Cormidi loader and a bi directional Antonio Carraro the cmf works as a loader and a dumper just change the body, a wheel loader will pull a small trailer and ger many places a tractor can’t it’s also possible to hire attachments for the loader . I find the tractor better at larger areas it’s more comfortable to pull the implement than push but for general work lifting moving soil and aggregate, levelling, pulling, augering, trenching, grass cutting the loaders win every time
  4. You can road register a loader, it will be far more productive than a tractor and your back will benefit given the choice iwould get a loader, I have a wheeled loader tracked loader and compact tractor and if made to choose would get rid of the tractor first
  5. Having driven your loader I can confirm your grapple is oversize for your loader its always a trade off between attachment capacity and ability of the loader to lift
  6. I have a 35 year old stove believe it’s a county hitop, will there be any benefit in replacing with a new model, will I see more output or less fuel used, or am I better just leaving it
  7. Wood sold for purpose of combustion your not selling wood just labour and tools
  8. If it went on backwards wouldn’t the weight be more in the middle with the bucket over the tailgate
  9. Had a short roadside discussion with Vosa before Christmas regarding loads in the back of my truck, they are now looking for bolted down lashing points inside the vehicle body not over the sides
  10. Or put another way client buys the timber in the round or standing and pays to have it processed and delivered
  11. So what stops you giving your wood away and charging for the delivery? A reasonable business practice
  12. £22,000 I pay my labourers more than that and all they do is get up and stand outside their house in the morning and have cscs card
  13. So what is the deal hours,bonus,holiday,wage etc, always thought of Glendale and ground control etc as where you work if you can’t get a proper job,
  14. dumper

    New 3.5t tipper

    But how have they got more power? By removing weight from engine components, increasing compression and bigger turbo running more boost, admittedly they have also tuned the engines better and they are more fuel efficient, but my recent experiences with Ford transit engines and new defender engines is that when they go wrong under warranty the dealers just exchange the engine, twice on my transit new engines have a very short working life I doubt you will see many of today's engines going to 250000 miles plus


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