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  1. So how much cable on the drum
  2. dumper

    Trailer towing

    Because the law says that employee has to be trained to carry out the operations that you require them to do, you show this with tickets,training register, certificates etc if he has accident and says I was not trained you have problems. As an worker he is covered by the health and saftey at work act which states must have received training might be different in France
  3. dumper

    Trailer towing

    From what I have been lead to understand if my labourer / brash dragger was to have an accident whilst towing a trailer at work it is within the powers of the hse to investigate and look for evidence that they have training, so passing the problem etc back to me, the fact that he didn’t need training according to the dvla dosnt mean he didn’t require training to satisfy health and saftey and also my conscience
  4. Look to Europe plenty of rakes for sale fitting to two wheel tractors change front wheels for barrow tyres and your away. Try not to scarify the surface and the machine will keep on slope, steering brakes that work help. Slopes must be dry had a Vogel and noot for many years sent it to scrap man at Easter nobody was interested try to cut with a recip mower the rakes didn’t like working with strimmer arising tended to be to short and balled up
  5. dumper

    Trailer towing

    The dvla don’t have a clue what you have a very good friend of mine applied for his provisional licence in 85 got sent back a full driving licence, he moved house last year sent licence back for name change got sent back just a car licence had to send photo copy of licence to get rest of entitlement
  6. A sabre saw is also called a reciprocating saw very common 18 v tool made by all the tool manufacturers and carried by many thieves. Far smaller than disc cutter or bottles quiet and cuts most materials a disc cutter won’t including multilayers
  7. A sabre saw with rescue blade would cut the sandwich as fast as a chainsaw and much quieter The only durable material left is reinforced concrete Battery tools have done us no favours
  8. Really makes your day when you forget to turn it off
  9. I don’t disagree however if they have the nous and ability to defeat your guard systems and your dog they probably won’t be alone or worry about giving you a tap and remember they know where you live no tools are worth your life or health
  10. And that’s where insurance comes in just let them take it I’ve worked a lot with trained military guard dogs even they are not infallible and the problems really start when they misbehave on a innocent person
  11. Dog is good but steak and over counter medicine defeat them you cannot stop theft what you can do is make them make noise and take time, Gates and padlocks have been surpassed by the battery angle grinder
  12. Time and noise are what you need gravel paths lights outside activated by switches inside to stop false alarms,multiple wires to the shed to stop power cuts some looped to set alarm in house with battery backup the list is endless you have to make it the guy next doors problem cause yours is to difficult think about photocells both nc and no away from the shed to stop them scouting however most of this must not show otherwise it becomes the problem too much noticeable security causes interest think do you really need a sign written truck, I worked with a carpenter who had every festool going twice in his van the writing on the side said dog walker his van was left alone mine parked next and un written lost a lot of tools
  13. Why take a risk ? beech rots very quickly, I would fell, I’ve seen these fall over in a very light wind with less fruiting bodies showing at the base
  14. No it’s not ramming far simpler than that and no damage to vehicle


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