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  1. dumper

    Chainsaw winch

    The saw must be twenty years old I don’t reckon it’s been worked
  2. Yes your right i should have put 8x4 or 200 x 100
  3. Wholesale off the docks in packs 35 8ft? 8 ft 4x4
  4. Currently buying at £22 selling at £32these are American in origin
  5. dumper

    Chainsaw winch

    For sale on witham web site can’t do link might interest someone
  6. I have had training on my Cormidi, no course is required as they are chariot stand on. However my local training co charged me £ 400 for a one day training course for three people to satisfy the HSE who we were working with on site at the time. we did loader with bucket,forks,mower,tipping skip,and three way skip. all they wanted was someone to sign that we had been trained and were in the opinion of the tester safe using the machine I had to do a npors course for a telehandler for the avant plus a lifting suspended loads for moving trees
  7. They are also good for stumps make sure it’s go a good tooth, don’t rate the blade on rather back tooth should rip through roots
  8. The problem with freshwater crustaceans is heavy metals, mussels and oysters are very young when eaten, I don’t know about the more exotic ones
  9. At 100 yrs old and having filtered the shit out of the bottom of the lake for the whole of there life would you?
  10. Duck mussels are found in a more domestic situation usually of an evening when returning from a large intake of alcohol but can be found during the day best avoided
  11. They are young native swan mussels look for the parents they can be the size of your hand
  12. I used Nfu for my labourer they allowed him as a named driver to build his own no claims at my expense,not cheap but worthwhile


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