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  1. The company I work for runs 25 to 30 teams we record jobs start to finish and have access to RAMS work sheets and archives / drawings just thought you might take a look personally I use i auditor
  2. He’s not far out with price, once it’s down it might be more but could be just firewood.
  3. Three rows barbed temporary fence plus some gates
  4. I have 1200m post and wire job needs doing ASAP any body interested or know of contractor with post knocker.
  5. The client gives me about a hundred and twenty thousand pounds of work a year, a new supervisor has started and is trying to make an impression, I wanted to check my facts and figures before I started to make waves, I thought my rate was very reasonable and the replies to this thread have confirmed my thoughts I now have ammunition to reason my case
  6. Run it on narrow tyres the put wide duals on when needed
  7. I think 99 was direct drive. they seem to depreciate to about £7000 then stick there. The avant will outclass the dingo every which way. The dingo or kanga loaders are toys in comparison. I think the metal bodied avants are the most usable,smaller and more nimble than the newer plastic with very much the same performance if you could get it for a bit less you should have a good machine you can get a new one made in Latvia for £12000 ish on eBay
  8. How long have you worked for the council if you stay do you get a pension LA schemes are usually very generous,white finger is industrial disease so I would look to take some professional advice before going much further
  9. More information and pictures and maybe trial pit
  10. They are never as strict with shotguns just like the box out of sight
  11. You can get cages for the resin anchor 16mm hole the fob of anchor place cage in hole fill with resin place cap and press 10mm stud in cap keeps stud in position
  12. Are we talking shotgun or rifle?
  13. My firearms officer wouldn’t pass mine until it was fixed to brick or concrete block and screwed to the floor
  14. Nice tractors pivot or axle steer check pto clutch can be expensive


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