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  1. You are going to have to sit down with someone who knows about business and make a plan both loler and puwer are essential for running any business
  2. It wouldn’t do you any harm to have a health and safety policy also documentation for loler,puwer and a training matrix, bigger companies will ask for these,might also be idea to have risk and method statements made out for common jobs and a form to make them site specific you will also be asked for these at tender stage maybe a business bank account
  3. Let me guess they turned up drank coffee and agreed to send us down the river much the same a the ropes they say third time lucky
  4. dumper


    I’ve found an 11kva going to wire it as auto start with auto change over.mum is on EOL care so don’t want to take a chance this winter can’t tell if doom mongers are over hyping the power problem
  5. dumper


    Both 7kw shower and 3 kw immersion
  6. dumper


    So a 20 kva should do it?
  7. dumper


    How big a generator would I need to act as standby on my house? three people electric central heating pump, lights three freezers,one shower immersion heater
  8. Most things I’ve seen made by kelfri have not been the best quality metal more like cheese!
  9. Found these two on windscreen avert your eyes if easily offended
  10. dumper


    Take copy of form with you been pulled couple of times show form on tablet been happy
  11. Do they scratch orange ? How deep is the dye
  12. Ok but answer the question who should he get to look at it
  13. Versatile equip at Sevenoaks will hire you skid and flail
  14. Try uni power in get Dunmow have your serial number for the engine they will be able to price 01371875331
  15. New engines are not expensive proper rebuilds are, crank re grind, new rings maybe pistons rebore, reface head, valve reseat I would replace before rebuild
  16. Petrol two stroke hover mower on rope going to take sometime especially if not regularly cut
  17. Well you will have to go back you shouldn’t enter the pub garden with out at least one pint in your hand
  18. First thought is Apple did you cut open fruit to see seeds?
  19. Look around has anyone else built on I live in CV council take view that it should be built to be in keeping with the surrounding buildings
  20. Charged as part of bigger project from memory £400.00
  21. Local bco signed off my stove instal needed pictures at each stage and a couple of visits before sealing up and on testing, just lit a smoke and checked for leaks did this because local hetas installers wouldn’t sign off a stove they didn’t supply new


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