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  1. I bought a clearview 500 25 years ago when free firewood was everywhere as not many stoves about then. Moved house a few times since then but my old man got the same model a year later, still going well and looking great despite being worked hard all its life. Obviously had a few bricks and baffle plates in this time but top stoves in my view. In process of fitting a clearview 400 in my conservatory and replacing the lounge Franco belge with a 500. regards NoPedigree
  2. Nopedigree


    These are tamper proof locks used duty free and drinks trolliesgoing to and from and onboard the aircraft. I world in the airline world for sometime. cheers NoPedigree
  3. Lots of post on this issue I can't be bothered to read! Ithink it maybe a needle valve problem myself, have you checked it out....... 😃
  4. So I have just been into Tesco Honestly it was shocking - they had no toilet paper at all. Reluctantly I headed for the customer service and asked if they Had any. A firm NO and a look in disgust was the answer. Walking back to the toilets with my pants and trousers around my ankles was a walk I never want to do again.
  5. Checked on a spares website and that indicates the 2004 3 ltr model has four glow plugs try checking one of these sites and using your reg number it would at least tell you if you have one per pot or one in the Manifold ( I would have thought this was an outdated preheat method. Regards, NoPedigree
  6. Replace the holder and give the wiring a good coat of looking at. There is too much load going through the fuses so I susspect a wire earthing some where. If nothing visable take some time troubleshooting, run at idle, have blades running, then collector etc and feel when the holder heats up. I had a clicking soi on the starter late last year and suspected the battery, the ignition lights still came on after being left for 5 plus months this spring so charged the battery and checked some wiring. Found a loose earth bonding strap to the engine, cleaned up the connectors to the battery and the spade connector on the thin wire to the sol. Not had an issue since then. If you have a leak to earth it may just be your battery is not getting the charge it needs. Cheers Nopedigree


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