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  1. It'll say tractor mounted to pick up the google searches, no way it is. I tried one but can only split what you can with a decent axe, probably slighty slower. Local hire shop round here will do a decent petrol one for £65/day, I can do a winters worth in one day you might find similar or someone who has got one for their own use who will hire it out?
  2. Yep definitely. Amazing trees just planted one
  3. Its the tees apparently that get in the golf buggy tyres. OKO is a bit outdated tbh doesn't work great. Its messy and not that effective. The Redwing stuff is a different product altogether. Its a lot thinner so runs round the tyre better, but has fibres in it to plug bigger holes up to about 10mm. Its water soluable so you can just rinse it off when you come to changing a wheel. A lot of people don't realise the OKO stuff dries out over time so you're meant to keep topping it up, the redwing stuff doesnt. Also I think there is a new one out now for on-road tyres. Force52 is the company that does it.
  4. In fairness I may be wrong but the huge margins are very likely to be from the manufacturer rather than the dealer. Eg a genuine recoil for the common Honda GX160 engine is about £120, a non gen from the same supplier about £20.
  5. I imagine you've tried Shorts hire in Ascot?
  6. I'd second that, Mark is a great guy to deal with. I've bought loads of cord wood from him in the past.
  7. NJA

    Work trousers

    I got a pair from an army surplus store once, they're plain green made from a ripstop material, very lightweight, comfortable and pretty much indestructible. Need to trawl a few stores see if I can find another pair, as is typical don't think they're branded but I'll check. Doesn't help you very much but maybe worth a visit to a surplus store.
  8. No one is gonna do it as a favour, but if there's someone nearby who knows what they're doing and is low on wood they'll prob do it. Doesn't take long to get them down and decent amount there, all very dependent on location as said above haulage too far will kill it
  9. NJA


    I saw similiar a while ago...
  10. I can take any amount of wood and a few loads of woodchip, good access for trucks wide tarmac track. In Fontwell so not far from Littlehampton. I'll DM you my contact details if you like?
  11. I've wondered the same thing, for the stress control to be cutting in regularly surely means ya engine ain't big enough? But come to the conclusion its all about the money. What's stopping you (or me) getting a 100hp chipper or larger (probably rated as 12"or something) and just not putting anything over 6" through it. Then it'd be running at tickover and never struggling. But for the money we'd spent we'd want to be chucking 12" stuff through it just because you could.
  12. General feedback I've heard from a number of people who run them, Sany's are slightly better than the Liugongs, but as already been said a Kubota/Takeuchi/Cat etc will hold value so much better. Looking at a 1.5t liugong parked next to its kubota equivalent the other day... the kubota was just so much more compact for the weight.
  13. Sounds like its past renovation but you should be able to reduce to 5% vat on refurb which isn't a lot, if you can prove it hasn't been lived in for 2 years. (To encourage empty houses to be utilised). Or as others have said zero vat on new build Ref demolition; Large machine+ large skip =fast but expensive Dismantle by hand and separate materials = slow but v cheap (my preferred option if it was me)
  14. Yea I spoke to a local tree surgeon who was quite keen for me to collect the wood from a site he's working on as had no use for it. Register on the tipsite on here as you may have some luck that way if u havnt already. But get through a lot so always on the hunt.


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