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  1. Very important to make sure decent level base and well compacted with a roller (lot of people think it doesn't matter as gravel hides anything). Also land based shingle locks together better than marine shingle as edges are sharper if that makes sense? Good to specify that (you may get it anyway in derby but in sussex marine shingle is often the standard). Resin bound is ideal but as you say, expensive, as you'd prob have to concrete drive first. dunno, just my thoughts.
  2. Havn't used their estate fencing but generally their stuff is very good quality, been to their works too and very good set up. Not sure on install cost but theirs doesn't need welding on site like traditional estate fencing so I'd imagine any fencing contractor would be able to give you a price?
  3. OK yea interesting, good point thanks.
  4. I've got a 181 and always been like that from new, nightmare to get going and keeps dying when cold, but not too bad once its warmed up. I've mentioned it to a friend who had a stihl dealership, and someone else in the forestry game who's used them, seems to be quite normal even with a new machine with the small engined/domestic stihl engines...
  5. Yanmar do tracked machines the AC-16, AC-18 etc and i think Iseki do one, should be able to run that size flail and they're operated with steering wheel so easy to drive, there is a couple of places that have second hand ones at good money maybe try googling or ebay etc?
  6. Be very interested to hear your feedback.
  7. Thank you Dan, good point so although electric promise the same tonnage, you have to compromise speed..? hmm, petrol of the same tonnage have about 6.5hp rather than 4hp electric. Yea exactly, hand splitting seems great its a couple of days in you wish you had something else!
  8. Best tool i ever bought was fiskars maul, won't be getting rid of that... and so fast! hmmm time will tell maybe the splitter will get retired to the shed in favour of the fiskars!! In fairness this is partly for my dad to use so i don't have to split his wood as well!
  9. Interesting reading this... I've wondered the same thing for ringing firewood. Come to the conclusion that a sawbench is the way forward, saving up....
  10. David Eurogreen in Worthing will do this for you give them a call, Rod or Caleb. Home - Eurogreen Environmental Ltd WWW.TOPSOILWESTSUSSEX.CO.UK Home - Eurogreen Environmental Ltd
  11. OK good points. Electrician is running cable to outside socket will tell him to overspec on it and see if he has any other recommendations. Sounds like don't want to be going over 3kw though.
  12. Thanks that looks pretty good I'll look at one of those
  13. Any recommendations on logsplitters? Its for home use, so I wondered if there are any Heavy Duty Electric splitters around, as lower maintenance, noise, running cost than a petrol and will always be used not far from socket. And a motor should be cheaper than engine making cost of splitter less. There's hundreds of 4 -5 ton horizontal splitters at B&Q, screwfix, amazon etc but i think they all come out the same chinese factory but with a different branded box? Need one that splits stuff 2 - 3' dia not just twigs you could easily split with an axe. Anything more powerful? I know Oxdale do a 10ton electric model but found build quality poor when I used to have a tractor mounted splitter from them, and wedge wasn't a good design far too small. Company called Rock Machinery do one 12ton looks good (pics attached), anyone know if these are any good? Or other recommendations? Many thanks
  14. I'd agree with this, mould will go as they dry out, just open the door when you can.
  15. NJA


    Would very much appreciate any logs (any size or length is fine). Can take any qty of logs, and happy to take a few loads of wood chip. I may be able to collect logs if within say 5 miles of Bognor/Chichester area. Please give me a call, whatsapp or email. Many thanks.


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