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  1. Thanks for your posts. I have decided to manage with my 660 which is more than heavy enough to carry up very steep banks !!!! Off Topic. Bank so steep I have found it slightly easier to throw a long rope down to the winch, hook the rope on to the winch cable and lug wire rope up,by standing still and just heaving rope up the hill !!! The winch cable pulley attached to the bottom of a standing tree trunk has been a great piece of kit to stop lengths of wood running away, and sliding down hill and getting wedged behind standing trees!!!!
  2. As above,any preferences ?I have searched for "boots fro hillside" and I only come up with the thread I started back in 2017!!!! Surely some of you must spend a lot of your logging time on steep hillsides.👎
  3. I am considering purchasing a Stihl MS 880 via ebay the "Chainsawguy", it quite clearly states that one contacts them for shipping to the uk. Has any one else dealt with "chainsawguy". I do realise that Stihl have now stopped selling the 880 in the uk because of emission regulations. Many thanks for any opinions.
  4. As above ,have they been finalised/printed . If I GOOGLE "New rules for burning firewood " all that come up is out of date hype from the media, which to us running a business is useless ,and that is putting it politely!!!!!!!
  5. Have you ever used carbide tipped chainsaw chain for cutting dry hardwood e.g dried out horn beam ? Pros and cons of using it if you have , many thanks Can it be sharpended??????
  6. I think its "ALDER" (not elder!!!) . Google "Alder"then go to images and you will see plenty of pics of Alder , see what you think.
  7. Most of my firewood is about 25% when I deliver it ,which is split and air dried the previous summer. How do you suggest I get it below 20% to comply with the new regs. Processing firewood into big bags during the summer is great but the costs of labour etc make the job uneconomical.
  8. Thanks for your replies. The windblown tree I was given for the clearing,this time last year is taking a lot of time and effort to split into 1.2mtr lenghts even with our Binderberger 40ton splitter,so glad to hear it should be ok for my firewood customers. The wood has a very high sap content and takes some splitting, we have yet to set about the 3ft diameter knarlly butt lengths which stop the cone splitter!!!!
  9. We are splitting hornbeam into 1.2 mt lengths ready to sell as firewood next season 2020/21. Does hornbeam burn ok ,as long as it has been seasoned?/
  10. Many thanks. I will just ask council to confirm as woman in our village works for Wilts county council, (we live in Glos) and she is one of those who knows everything,and notices everything ,every village has at least one , complete pain in the backside.
  11. As above , the trees roots are undermining our Cotswold stone wall garden boundary ,part of which needs rebuilding.
  12. I am thinking of planting a single row of Beech to act as a windbreak on the west side of our very exposed garden to replace some Leylandii or whatever they are. How far apart would you suggest I plant a single row of Beech to act as a windbreak "NOT AS HEDGE", I appreciate that in years to come we may have to cut every other Beech out,so that we still have the view but still have a windbreak. We are at about 700ft on the Cotswolds ,very exposed to the west, I say our house is either "heaven or hell" because of the wind, but I always say "f you want a nice long distance view one has to tolerate the wind.Many thanks for any info . I AM NOT CONSIDERING PLANTING NOW,but making plans for this Autumn.
  13. Thanks for your replies, I do like the 550xp,except it is such pig to start sometimes when hot (I posted a thread on Arbtalk about it),I have spent a fortune trying to get the problem resolved, but will sometimes still not start when hot.. I guess at 69yrs old the brains willing but the body isn't especially on a steep bank in the sun, the chainsaw is not the problem it is me ,oh well I will push on , (but realising chainsaws can be deadly in a split second ) . Thanks again.
  14. I use a Husqvarna 550xp(15" bar) for de limbing and brushing up small, branches. Would like to know what make and size of saw you professional foresters use for limbing and brushing up, "ESPECIALLY IF MOST OF YOUR WOOD LAND IS ON STEEP BANKS", as most of the wind blown trees I deal with are on steep (exhausting/tiring) banks !!!!! 😩 So wondering if some of you use anything smaller than a Husky 550xp for lightness.
  15. I think I will charge for so many hours gardening and give the logs to the customer 😀


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