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  1. Many thanks for your replies. I doubt whether it will do any good but I have sent an Email to the Woodsure organisation saying that the variation between moisture meters(pin meters) measuring moisture on the "Dry Basis",and the Woodsure basis of testing wood by the "wet process" (oven testing) needs to be explained to the general public. As the general public and Myself included are measuring wood with a pin meter, which if you go by what Stoves On Line say at the very end of their advert for their pin meter, our meter uses the "dry basis" for measuring moisture content of firewood, if our meter (Stoves on line meter) says a log is 25% moisture, the log moisture measured by the "wet basis" will measure 20% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All very confusing ,just to stir things up will logs have to be 20% at dry basis or 20% wet basis 🙄🙄
  2. If what you say is correct, I cant understand why the EXTECH MO220 comes with charts for 170 wood species? May I suggest you visit www.extech.com and look at the EXTECH MO220 .
  3. I am very concerned about the consistency/INCONSISTENCY, of different makes of moisture meter readings of moi(sture meters being sold to sold to the general public to measure the moisture content of the firewood delivered to them. I have an "EXTECH M0220" wood moisture meter which as been calibrated to measure different woods , to which you set the moisture meter to the relevant (A.B.C.E.F.G.H.J) as specified in the chart accompanying the moisture meter (no D setting). Have any of you had a fallout with the "ODD" customer who when you arrive with their logs they proceed to start prodding your load of logs with "THIER moisture meter" , which reads higher than your moisture meter leading to confusion!!!
  4. Just to say I am test burning some of the Hornbeam as mentioned in my thread Title and it is burning really well,thank goodness. We split a lot into 1mtr,billetts back in may and it has dried out really well. We aim to start delivering it this week so thought I had better see if it burns ok.👍
  5. Do many of you use a log cleaner which is situated at the end of your firewood processor to allow small bits of wood to be separated from the logs? Most of my log customers like the small bits to use as kindling but,a few customers are saying no small bits please. I have noticed that if the 4way splitting is set to split logs 4 ways,which it is most of the time that there is always a lot more slithers/bits than if I put a through the splitting knife twice in the down position. How do you get over the above problem?? If you do use a log cleaner do you , put the bits in fine mesh or plastic bags e.g used poultry feed bags and sell them as fire lighting bits, so as get get a bit of income from the cleanings? Many thanks for any comments/suggestions
  6. Who are the Firewood Police???????
  7. Thanks for your posts. I have decided to manage with my 660 which is more than heavy enough to carry up very steep banks !!!! Off Topic. Bank so steep I have found it slightly easier to throw a long rope down to the winch, hook the rope on to the winch cable and lug wire rope up,by standing still and just heaving rope up the hill !!! The winch cable pulley attached to the bottom of a standing tree trunk has been a great piece of kit to stop lengths of wood running away, and sliding down hill and getting wedged behind standing trees!!!!
  8. As above,any preferences ?I have searched for "boots fro hillside" and I only come up with the thread I started back in 2017!!!! Surely some of you must spend a lot of your logging time on steep hillsides.👎
  9. I am considering purchasing a Stihl MS 880 via ebay the "Chainsawguy", it quite clearly states that one contacts them for shipping to the uk. Has any one else dealt with "chainsawguy". I do realise that Stihl have now stopped selling the 880 in the uk because of emission regulations. Many thanks for any opinions.
  10. As above ,have they been finalised/printed . If I GOOGLE "New rules for burning firewood " all that come up is out of date hype from the media, which to us running a business is useless ,and that is putting it politely!!!!!!!
  11. Have you ever used carbide tipped chainsaw chain for cutting dry hardwood e.g dried out horn beam ? Pros and cons of using it if you have , many thanks Can it be sharpended??????
  12. I think its "ALDER" (not elder!!!) . Google "Alder"then go to images and you will see plenty of pics of Alder , see what you think.
  13. Most of my firewood is about 25% when I deliver it ,which is split and air dried the previous summer. How do you suggest I get it below 20% to comply with the new regs. Processing firewood into big bags during the summer is great but the costs of labour etc make the job uneconomical.
  14. Thanks for your replies. The windblown tree I was given for the clearing,this time last year is taking a lot of time and effort to split into 1.2mtr lenghts even with our Binderberger 40ton splitter,so glad to hear it should be ok for my firewood customers. The wood has a very high sap content and takes some splitting, we have yet to set about the 3ft diameter knarlly butt lengths which stop the cone splitter!!!!


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