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  1. Due to winding down my small firewood supply business ,I wish to remove my website from Google and ideally completely from the web. Have any of you successfully removed your website from Google etc, I appreciate it must be very difficult /almost impossible to get ones website completely removed from the worldwide web, and the the Woodsure organisation. In "theory" due to the freedom of information act if one asks an organisation to remove ones details they should but in reality how does one ever get to know if they actually have? In reality I don't think one will ever know.😠
  2. As above.I use old bulk lorry sheets for covering the top of the stack ,but am considering polythene sheet to cover the sides to try and keep the 2.5mtr long cordwood drier. I am aware that one has to be careful as not to eliminate all air flow, otherwise one may end up with mould on the cordwood. Thanks
  3. Many thanks for all your replies , much appreciated. I will leave it at.
  4. A difficult question to answer ,but if my pickup truck holds approximately 1.6cu mtr of loose logs , how much air is in a load of 8",9",10" or 12" long logs? Another words ,how many "cu mtrs" would there be when stacked . Any approximate amounts appreciated.
  5. Has the price of Ash at roadside / trackside moved up or down recently ,as I believe a lot being felled at the present time?
  6. Today I think I may have overloaded the clutch mechanism on my Farmi 501 winch . Is it quite a difficult job to dismantle the clutch assembly on the Farmi 501? Many thanks
  7. How right you are in what you say in you're last sentence.👍
  8. Many thanks for all your replies , I only asked as a general question. Come what may , I am sure that most Ash firewood / logs are now going to be from Ash suffering from ADB , so how ever it burns that's what customers are going to be receiving / burning .
  9. Please can someone direct me to threads that have discussed the effects of "Ash Die Back" on burning quality of "Ash Die Back" effect wood if any ? Many Thanks
  10. Many thanks for all your recent replies as they are all useful information as to how much wood is costing at roadside.
  11. I suggest you contact Bob Sizeland of Valiant for a definitive answer , his Email address is "[email protected], as I did . Cheers
  12. As above . I ask as I need to get some cordwood in for splitting , to dry out (to 20% !!!!!!!) by next October , I will dream on !!!!!!
  13. I have just phoned Valiant ( 6/5/21. 8.50am) ,and the customer services lady told me the Valiant FIR421 Colour Change Moisture meter, definitely measures moisture using the "WET BASIS". I hope that helps and if you wish to phone them to confirm what I have said Valiants Phone Number is:- 01763 284184.
  14. I will phone Valiant tomorrow to get a definitive answer as to whether it measures moisture using Dry or Wet basis. All I want is moisture meter that measures moisture content to Woodsure standards at the press of a button. All the articles Arbtalk members about moisture content are interesting but all I want is a moisture meter that I can carry in my truck and say to a customer ,when I measure a log in front of them ,that the moisture content is "x" etc and this moisture meter is approved by Hetas/Woodsure , irrespective of what the customers moisture meter may say , whether that be higher or lower than mine.
  15. I purchased a Valiant moisture meter from HETAS . I certainly hope that when it says 20% ,it is what HETAS would would except as 20% !!!!
  16. I strongly recommend downloading the above from the internet, and read slowly through it . After reading it ,it has put my mind at rest over a few things at least till May 2022. I might then be forced to call it a day if I haven't, mastered a technique of getting logs down to 20% just by air seasoning!!!!!! Of course , if I have misinterpreted what I read I may be in for a fine😒 I will keep a copy of the regulations with me in my truck,to explain to customers and show to a "little HITLER/ESS local authority officer " who will be on an ego trip to exercise their Authority .
  17. I have some old age pensioner customers who only have enough storage for .8 cu mtr of logs,which is half of my usual 1.6 cu mtr full. At the moment I cant meet the new regulations criteria which says a load of 1.6cu mtr or less has to be under 20% mc. Seems ridiculous that small loads cant be over 20% as long as one gives the customer a note ,the same as one has to do with a load of 2cu mtr. OK I know what I am saying defeats the theoretical idea of the new regulations,but it doesnt seem very fair for old age pensioners who trust someone they have been dealing with for 10yrs or so.!!!!!
  18. youtube.com/watch?v=zFllcvlV24c Be warned its in German and a bit long winded 😉!!!!!!
  19. I downloaded the "Firewood Production Manual" (published 2008) a time ago , off the internet . Some interesting graphs in their about seasoning times for wood . Ok may be a bit theoretical but the principles give food for thought. The manual is in English although it was obviously published in one of the Scandinavian countries.
  20. I am interested to know if European ,Scandinavian suppliers of firewood to the general public, are governed by government/EU regulations , that stipulate "the moisture content of the wood you supply must not be more than 20%" , or whatever moisture content is stated in your particular country. I ask as from May1st 2021,in the UK new regulations came in stating " the moisture content of loads of logs/firewood of 1.6 cu mtr or under must be 20% or under,and loads over 2cu mtr can be over 20% as long as one gives the customer instructions on how to season it. Although the UK is no longer part of the EU, I am just interested in regulations that may effect you in your particular country. Many thanks
  21. Presumably the 'cause' would be their own cause!!!!!.😕😉 How does one become/what criteria does one have to meet to be a "not for profit business" compared to a for profit business . Or does the former only apply to shareholder businesses opposed to individually owned businesses, which most log suppliers would be.?
  22. With over 160,000 charities registered to the Charities Commission ,I cant help but think that some "so say charities" are skating on thin ice ,as they say. In my opinion, some of those so say charities are only a charity to themselves, if that makes sense, the words "Creative accounting" come to mind. As said by others ,the salaries some Charity executives/staff are paid are mind boggling to humble people like us on Arbtalk. Sad to say but I am not a very charitable person as I dont want my donations to go to fat cats salaries. I show my charity to old people not as fortunate as me by doing a good turn for them and not charging for it, for example stacking a load of wood and not charging for doing so,even if they offer to pay. But each to their own in this ruthless world.


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