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  1. I can't come to terms with kiln drying companies,businesses etc, being paid RHI payments to burn wood to dry wood, something doesn't seem right there to me. That said if one can claim RHI payments to burn wood to dry wood and make a profit from it good for you, its the RHI system that is Flawed and not the individual claiming the payments. Years ago when the "Set a Side Scheme" for farmers to be paid NOT to plant an area of their farm ,I was only too pleased to spend time filling in the forms and claiming the payment ,even though I thought the system was bonkers!!!! I have to say that scheme is no longer in place. Yep if their is any Government payment to be had ,go for it because as a tax payer you will have indirectly paid for your payment you are claiming.
  2. I'm sorry I dont have a link as I am not that computer literate, all I can say is that I came across it when I Googled "Small Tyre Burning Stove" and this came up as the first article "The BEST stories about Made-It-Myself Shop...- Farm Show Magazine. Wish I could be more helpful.
  3. As above, any tips on removing and replacing ,cursed small Eclips without them springing off never to be found again!!!!😒
  4. Has anyone successfully constructed a "Small Tyre Burning Stove /furnace",which in turn heats a kiln to dry logs ?? I have just Googled "Small Tyre Burning Furnace", and the only article that comes up that has any similarities to kiln drying logs , is an American article in The Farm Show Magazine featured in "The Best Stories about Made -It -Myself-Shop ....... . The article is about a Tire Stove the father and son constructed to heat their Paint Shop during the cold winter months in, St Cloud, Minnesota USA
  5. Is the high out oiler available from Stihl uk ,if so have you fitted one and are they a good investment for curing lack oil on the chain on the 660 if using a 36" bar. Thanks
  6. I have been offered a felled straight Ash trunk (Approx12Mtrs long by approx 600m diameter) ,cleared of branches lying on flat ground in a paddock with easy access for forwarding trailer , how much should I pay for it,or would it be worth more to someone for planking. Asking as not bought any wood for a year, since then a lot of Ash around due to Ash die back,trees being felled and on the market. Situated in the Cotswolds.
  7. You MUST get some airflow around that wood to at least stop it going mouldy !!!!!!
  8. In this weeks farmers weekly page 24, Marc Liebrecht (arboriculturist and forestry manager, for Carter Jonas, has mentioned that value of firewood grade timber is £35-£45 /t. I would very much like to know how much the value of timber as mentioned above is varying around the UK,as more Ash comes to the market due to die back. BUT I assumed that the price was holding up due to demand from the large biomass wood chip markets????? @renewablejohn kindly replied to my thread on the subject ,which I have also put on THE FARMING FORUM .
  9. When 2.5mtr + /- lengths of cordwood are seasoning by natural airflow or kiln airflow ,does the moisture want to escape from the length of cordwood ,if the air temperature and humidity of the air are higher than that of the cordwood that one is drying/seasoning?
  10. Many thanks for your replies. I appreciate their are prices differences due to many factors . The idea would be for members to say what they have paid at roadside ( mentioning area, species and tonnage/cu mtrs) so as to get a very rough idea of what is being paid in areas compared to other areas. So forgetting my idea what is the range of prices being asked for ash/beech 2.5mtr long +/- at roadside , in Gloucestershire /Wiltshire area, many thanks.
  11. Many thanks for your reply. Very roughly where are you situated in the uk.
  12. Is there any way a topic ,entitled "Price of cordwood at roadside all over the country" could be set up, so that members can put prices they are being charged for cordwood at roadside, on a regular basis. On "The Farming Forum" Cropping Section they have what are called sticky threads , where they have price trackers, for Fertiliser Prices , Combinable crop prices and chemical prices, the prices are updated on a regular basis by participating members. Surely a price tracker for cordwood at road side would be a good idea to have on this "Firewood Forum". If there already is a "cordwood at roadside price tracker", please can someone direct me to it. Many thanks
  13. I have quite a bit of Beech 2.5mtr long cordwood that has spalted in the middle due to it being in a stack for about 2yrs,and not split,bad management on my part!! Due to all the rain we have had it is quite wet ,in your experience will it dry out quite quickly when logged up, that is assuming relative humidity is lower than t 90% plus, (unfortunately the Hygrometer I have just bought and put in my processing is registering in the high 90s most of the time)!!!!!! Off topic .How the Woodsure gurus think one can keep logs at 20% with RH in the High 90s I dont know, but when you are working in a nice office at 20c in front of a computer one can work wonders ,rant over.
  14. So 4yrs on how has your Toptex performed as thinking of using it myself . As per my new thread asking about it. Many thanks.
  15. Many thanks Woodworks for bringing that to my attention ,so apologies for repetition
  16. I have just seen the above material on the internet, so has anyone used it for covering their stacks of cordwood through late autumn and winter months . I am wondering if it would let air circulate through the stack yet stop most of the rain from blowing through the stack from the side, I would put ex lorry bulker sheets on top of the Toptex to keep the top of the stack dry. I must do something to try and keep our cord wood drier but takes some doing with relative humidity continuously in the high 90's, !!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Due to this never ending damp weather ,I have resorted to achieving nice dry logs for my fire , by laying a piece of cooking tin foil along the top of some of our radiators and then placing as many logs as I think I will need the next day on top of the tin foil on the top of the radiators. Takes a bit of effort but well worth it.
  18. I find this video really interesting : youtube.com/watch?v=7PZwtoZgUhw You will have to bear with it to see what I think is interesting,if you have seen it all before apologies for boring you.
  19. As per title . I am considering using it next season to cover the sides of my stacks of split 2.5 mtr long cordwood to allow air to blow through the stack as well as preventing some rain from penetrating the ends of the cordwood in the stack, I will cover top of stack with my ex lorry bulker sheets. So I was just wondering if any body else uses Galebreaker or similar . Google www.galebreaker agri to find out about the material
  20. Thats exactly what I suggest to my customers, just common sense really .
  21. To those of you that had logs down to 20% say back in October for delivery through this winter,how do you prevent the moisture content of your logs rising through the winter months when the relative humidity of the the outside air is up to 95% plus most days? I am sure that unless you have a heated or well insulated shed/barn the relative humidity inside the shed will be very high but perhaps I am incorrect. Personally I would think that the moisture content of processed logs stored in a barn ready for delivery will fluctuate on an almost daily basis. I do wonder if any of those people who conjure up legislation have any hands on experience of dealing with the product that they are dealing with in the legislation. A bit like the Environment Agency staff being so (Dim !!!!) dead against waterways being kept cleaned out to keep water flowing well, they cant seem to grasp the fact that a river is like a roof gutter, "If you let the gutter on your shed /house fill up with leaves it overflows", rant over . Sadly common sense does not prevail any more.
  22. I myself sell around a maximum of 400 cubic mtrs of firewood/logs per year. Just out of interest I would like to know how many cu mtrs of firewood /logs other Arbtalk members sell how ever big or small ,as all relevant to the individuals business.
  23. Thanks for your replies. Sorry to have mislead you @dumper . I sharpen the chain on a regular basis as needed as I log up about 200tons of cordwood each winter. I think my mistake is not filing off the slight burr on the sides of the chain bar each time I sharpen the chain ,also getting chains and bars does not help ie putting a 1.3mm wide chain in a 1.5mm wide chain bar!!!!!! We live and learn thanks again and I wish you a safe 2021.
  24. I have an old Japa 2100 firewood processor which does all I want it to do. Recently while processing lengths of cordwood into logs the chain /bar jams in the wood I am cutting through. Is this because the chain is blunt and the bar has a slight burr on it due to excessive use. I have had the machine from new 14yrs ago but the problem I have described has only started to occur recently.
  25. As per title ,any idea of the range of sizes of logs that will fit in very small log burners as fitted in Shepherds Huts and canal boats. How much of a premium do any of you charge for cutting mini logs 6"inches and under as they must be so time consuming to cut!!!!


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