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  1. As above.I use old bulk lorry sheets for covering the top of the stack ,but am considering polythene sheet to cover the sides to try and keep the 2.5mtr long cordwood drier. I am aware that one has to be careful as not to eliminate all air flow, otherwise one may end up with mould on the cordwood. Thanks
  2. Many thanks for all your replies , much appreciated. I will leave it at.
  3. A difficult question to answer ,but if my pickup truck holds approximately 1.6cu mtr of loose logs , how much air is in a load of 8",9",10" or 12" long logs? Another words ,how many "cu mtrs" would there be when stacked . Any approximate amounts appreciated.
  4. Has the price of Ash at roadside / trackside moved up or down recently ,as I believe a lot being felled at the present time?
  5. Today I think I may have overloaded the clutch mechanism on my Farmi 501 winch . Is it quite a difficult job to dismantle the clutch assembly on the Farmi 501? Many thanks
  6. How right you are in what you say in you're last sentence.👍
  7. Many thanks for all your replies , I only asked as a general question. Come what may , I am sure that most Ash firewood / logs are now going to be from Ash suffering from ADB , so how ever it burns that's what customers are going to be receiving / burning .
  8. Please can someone direct me to threads that have discussed the effects of "Ash Die Back" on burning quality of "Ash Die Back" effect wood if any ? Many Thanks
  9. Many thanks for all your recent replies as they are all useful information as to how much wood is costing at roadside.
  10. I suggest you contact Bob Sizeland of Valiant for a definitive answer , his Email address is "[email protected], as I did . Cheers
  11. As above . I ask as I need to get some cordwood in for splitting , to dry out (to 20% !!!!!!!) by next October , I will dream on !!!!!!
  12. I have just phoned Valiant ( 6/5/21. 8.50am) ,and the customer services lady told me the Valiant FIR421 Colour Change Moisture meter, definitely measures moisture using the "WET BASIS". I hope that helps and if you wish to phone them to confirm what I have said Valiants Phone Number is:- 01763 284184.
  13. I will phone Valiant tomorrow to get a definitive answer as to whether it measures moisture using Dry or Wet basis. All I want is moisture meter that measures moisture content to Woodsure standards at the press of a button. All the articles Arbtalk members about moisture content are interesting but all I want is a moisture meter that I can carry in my truck and say to a customer ,when I measure a log in front of them ,that the moisture content is "x" etc and this moisture meter is approved by Hetas/Woodsure , irrespective of what the customers moisture meter may say , whether that be higher or lower than mine.


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