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  1. All those replies seem pretty reasonable and understandable. I mainly work as a subbie to other firms and do some of my own work. So I'm just curious about what others are doing and thinking of maybe just doing a few small jobs that can be done with just 2 men or just by myself if safe.
  2. Hi Just wondering if anyone who has shutdown over the last couple of weeks is considering starting up again now that the Arb Association have said (after receiving clarification from Government) that anyone working outdoors are fine to be working as long as they can follow the health guidelines. Surely this is quite possible if work is organised well. If companies with multiple teams can stagger times that teams arrive at yard to pickup kit and vehicles. And if travelling to site can be done in separate vehicles. What are other people thinking about this?
  3. Rock and ice climbers work against most flat vertical faces. Tree surgeons have to drag their ropes through densely branches three dimensional trees with a chainsaw hanging off our harness. An extra rope means an extra thing to get snagged, caught, cut, tangled etc etc. It's not the same job.
  4. I'm looking for a reasonably experienced groundie/aerial rescue who can join the team on a casual, ad-hoc & self-employed basis. Roughly 1 day a week. Most of the work is based around Sheffield and Chesterfield. You'll need your own PPE, Chainsaw tickets (essential) and aerial rescue ticket (preferred) and willingness to get stuck in will be needed. We work reasonable hours and we'll pay decent rates too, depending on ability and experience. If you're interested, drop me an email at commonwealthtrees@outlook.com or call/text 07967 361 604. Contact Will. Cheers.
  5. This tip site directory is a brilliant idea. Will be great when more sites have signed up. I'm looking for a tip site near Belper in Derbyshire. Nothing close by on directory. Can anyone help? Thanks Will
  6. I'm so over this long hot summer. My Stihl Hiflex (Class 2, Type C) are unbearable in any weather over 21c degrees. It's time for me to find some lightweight, "comfier" trousers for summer. Can anyone recommend trousers that they find ok in warm weather? Don't mention Arbortec Breathflex though, I hate them, they don't breathe or flex. Cheers
  7. I like your thinking Chris. Sounds like you're keeping busy. Good to hear.
  8. So is it worth forking out to get a professional re-design and SEO my website? I'm looking to bring in more work. Currently running at 1 or 2 days a week max (even less in slow periods). I'm having to rely on lead producing sites to get a lot of my work, backed up by the odd job coming through a trade mag I advertise in (though not for long, not getting much interest from it) and some return customers. But I've only been running my own business about 1 and half years and want to find a cost effective way bring in more interest. Do you think a really good website is the way forward? Or, with a lot of domestic customers being of the older generation, are trade and local magazines more effective?
  9. Has anyone ever heard of Matt Dunne? I got what seems like a spam email claiming he can help me generate leads for tree surgery. Has anyone ever heard of, or used this person or anything similar? Not sure if it's legit or scam. Or if it is legit, whether it's worth bothering with?
  10. 4 years climbing experience with all standard tickets, plus level 3 arb diploma. All my own climbing kit, plus light rigging gear, saws and tipper landy thrown in. Looking for regular part-time work 1 or 2 days a week in North-East Derbyshire area. PM or call 07967361604 to speak to Will Thanks
  11. Does anyone know of anywhere that will take chip, logs or even green waste around Matlock and Chesterfield in Derbyshire? Thanks
  12. Yep, I'm thinking of going down the same route with a TW160 too. Spoke to Arblease, they've quoted a reasonable leasing finance option. I think you're all correct. I'd love to be able to buy a cheap one outright, but can't help thinking it'll break down straight away. You never know what your gonna get from a used chipper. You did well. There's no way in hell I could save £12K for a chipper - would take me years and I'd be losing money the whole time I waited for it. Better off borrowing I think. Cheers chaps
  13. So, I'm after some varied opinions on how others have financed buying their first chipper. Do you buy a second hand one cheap? But risk it breaking down? Buy a new one on Lease or Hire Purchase? More expensive but more reliable. But more debt.
  14. Simple: 1. A good groundy would have let it run rather than hold it while it swings back and hits climber. 2. But a good climber would make sure he's above the point it's going to swing into, either by climbing higher when pushing the chog free - or if it was me, tie the chog and the bottom and not the top. It should then flip downwards and away from the climber.


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