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  1. So I've gone and bought a 2511 now. Should arrive in next day or two. Couldn't find the model with carving bar, they seem to be out of stock everywhere. But I'm happy enough to get going with the 3/8 bar for now. It's high time I replaced my old Stihl 160t battery saw for light work, I've had it 7 years and it's getting tired. Still works though even after clip broke twice and dropped out of tree twice. Those battery saws are tougher than they look.
  2. Yeah I have a 2 in 1 sharpener. Loved it for a while, but found it wasn't really getting the chain sharp enough. I'd end up taking the round file out and using on its own to get a better tickle on it.
  3. Yeah Ive heard it's better with carving bar. But they are a pain in the tits to sharpen those little chains.
  4. I know this topic has been done before. And from what I hear, the echo is the better saw. So here's my problem. There are no echos of this model in stock anywhere. So what I want to know is if this saw is so much better should I wait a few weeks to get one instead of buying a 151 right now. Is it worth the wait?
  5. Rarely do weekends mate. But if you send me your details, I can get in touch when weekend work comes up.
  6. I'm on the lookout for a groundie who can do some climbing sometimes and has chainsaw and aerial rescue tickets. I don't have regular days, maybe one or two per week. Sometimes more. Good pay, work days aren't usually long. Based around Chesterfield, South Sheffield and NE Derbyshire areas. Email me [email protected] Or text/call 07967361604 Cheers
  7. Nice. Very handy if you have all that space and kit and skills to make that stuff by yourself. I don't have that option unfortunately. I've decided to get someone to build a steel frame for me to bolt panels to. Seems the most cost effective way for me.
  8. I've just bought a new (used) tipper truck. Nice little retro Isuzu NKR. Needs an arb body built into the existing tipper bed. My budget to do this right now is very limited (like £2k max). I'd like a basic steel framed body with a flat fixed roof covering a 3rd of the top. Then I'll either fix ally planks, sheets, or plywood onto the frame depending on how much it cost to get the frame on. What can people recommend as strong, reliable, unfussy materials to use when you don't have several grand to splash of a posh arb body?
  9. Yeah I've heard PTI is tough. I've done my best to scrub up my knowledge, bought the big Fungi on trees books, have shadowed a colleague on a survey and have done some informal ones for customers in the past. So I do have some idea what I'm getting into. But need to brush up on my spotting of different conditions for different tree species. Can't face doing level 4 right now. Will cost too much in time and money. Will leave that for a few years time I think. Thanks for your input chaps 👍
  10. Hi JaySmith. Thanks for the helpful reply. I've got Level 3 in arb and would consider doing a level 4 or 5 at some stage but it's more than I can manage right now in terms of work load. So I'm hoping the PTI is a quicker step into the surveying world. I've heard it's tough, but I'm happy to take the gamble as I can always retake the exam if I fail first attempt. I've heard doing the mortgage tree report course can be helpful for getting work.
  11. I'm an experienced climbing arborist, and getting in my mid-forties now. So while I still enjoy climbing work I'm starting to look for ways to use my knowledge and experience to move into other areas of ARB work. Doing a PTI course this year, what else would people recommend. I'd like to get some freelance work doing aerial inspections for consultancies and surveys and ecologists. Is this difficult to get into as a self employed arborist?
  12. Thanks for the info guys. I'm looking to get into the climbing side first I think. I'll have a look into the ATF stuff. Cheers
  13. Has anyone had any experience in working in veteran tree management? It's an area of specialization I'd love to get involved in but struggling to find out a viable path to it. Are there any firms out there that do a lot of this kind of work? Tempted to do the VetCert course but not sure if it'll help if there isn't the work around for it. Any advice appreciated.
  14. I think this would leave you still with both attachments getting twisted up when you try to spin around.


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