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  1. Wanted - Chipper hire Sheffield area

    Turner Hire are expensive. Yep, I do that too. But sometimes, smaller jobs need smaller overheads. And as i have my own tipper van, i don't always needs a man + chipper + van. Just chipper and groundie sometimes.
  2. I'm on the lookout for chipper hire in Sheffield/Chesterfield/North Derbyshire areas Needs to be under 750kg and road towable. Thanks
  3. Just jump straight into level 3 mate. I did and I'd never done tree work at that time and new hardly anything except what I'd read in books in my own free time. Level 3 ain't rocket science. As long as you're comfortable with computers and reasonably literate, you'll be good to go.
  4. Stumps: to treat or not to treat

    Interesting. Would have thought the engineer should have considered that before removing the trees since the roots would probably decay eventually anyway to some extent.
  5. Stumps: to treat or not to treat

    Well it seems like a good complimentary bit of service for not much extra cost. Plus, if it's a really big stump, I can just factor that into the overall price of the job.
  6. Stumps: to treat or not to treat

    Yep, fair enough. I only use "Ecoplugs" now anyway, to keep things tidy and minimise collateral damage to nearby vegetation. No more sloshing glyphosate liquid into chainsaw grooves anymore. Too messy. Doesn't look professional. Can wash away or be ingested by curious pets/wildlife.
  7. Stumps: to treat or not to treat

    Yes, everyone has made good points on this. I agree. I've stated the following on my website to make things clear: "We perform tree removals by dismantling and felling. And where regrowth prevention is requested, we will treat the cut stump at no extra charge."
  8. Stumps: to treat or not to treat

    You're quite right, and I normally do discuss this with them at the time of quoting the job. I must have forgotten this time. I almost packed my drill and ecoplugs in the van on way to the job just in case, but didn't - now regretting it. Not making that mistake again. I've decided to state on my website that treating stumps is automatically done on appropriate trees, unless otherwise requested by a customer. Just to make things simpler and clearer for customers.
  9. So here's a question for all you business owners and sole traders etc: When you've taken down a tree for a customer. Do you automatically treat the stump to prevent regrowth (non-coniferous trees obviously) whether the customer requested it or not? Or do you only provide this service if they've asked you to do it? I ask this, because recently a customer is complaining to me that I didn't treat her 2 poplar stumps after I'd felled them. This was never discussed when quoting, if it were, I'd have stated on my quote sheet about stump treatment. But she says she'd assumed it would just be done automatically. So what do you guys consider to be standard procedure?
  10. Defender 110 tipper advise needed

    standard i think = 7.5/16lt
  11. Defender 110 tipper advise needed

    On the topic of defender tips. Can anyone advise best tyre pressure for a 110 tipper?
  12. Tipper tool boxes

    Good call, I'll contact them and see what they can do for me. Cheers
  13. Tipper tool boxes

    I'm not keen on the idea of spending £500 on a metal box. I'm trying to see if I can find them cheaper or second hand somewhere, but i can't find much going online. Also, those larger side access tool boxes are too big for my small tipper body. I'm looking for something only half that height, basically enough for store a couple of chainsaws in.
  14. Tipper tool boxes

    So I need to add some tool storage space to my Landy tipper. I was thinking of a couple of under body boxes on either side between wheel arches. And another box on the front end of the body with side access. But I'm struggling to to find anywhere online that does side access tool boxes. Does anyone know a good place to get them from? Preferably used as new ones are really expensive. Thanks
  15. I want a Landy Tipper (Am I insane?)

    So ended up buying that landy tipper. Got a decent price for it and it made it all the way from harrogate to sheffield without blowing up on the M1. So far, so good... Now i just gotta get rid of my transit.


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