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  1. Naturarbo is celebrating 10 years and lots more to come Naturarbo-quality tree services across the Algarve from certified tree surgeon NATURARBO.COM Environmentally friendly tree services across the Algarve from certified tree surgeon, tree cutting, palm treatments, wood...
  2. Thread tittle as a wrong name in Flow should be Control. So got another Petzl rope this time is Flow 1.6mm and as bad as the previous, 1 first meter is very bumpy. My splice seems way better then Petzl, tighter eye, which hasn't moved, changed or deformed after 5month use, just a bit to big for passin the ZZ. I am very happy and will do it again, when used enough I going to cut open my splice to compare with Petzl's
  3. @Dan Maynard the upper branches are not possible to frame, they will not go for bracing either
  4. From a place where not many trees are left, this mighty oak Quercus ilex dated 800 years had 1/3 of canopy down with rain and wind, got called for it and recommended a crown reduction to what was left. Tree is a picnic spot with bbqs, all the standing mass is facing the sidewalk and road. The tear is about 1mx0,8m. Would you take this course of action?
  5. naturarbo


    Hi the best way to drill a 1"x6" tunnel in pine wood? Better dry or fresh?
  6. Thats a TM bridge? I run Gyro with that bridge in a TM belt, had crab straight on, later ring, after Hydra from RE, but gyro is super small and versatile.
  7. its hilarious,like this fat ass chick on shitbook thats shows chainsaws...man,she never has saw dust. right I am on the mood gonna load a selfie with my belt on, shirtless. do you wanna see it??? please say yes
  8. a few days ago dropzone highlighted is 1,2x0,8ms
  9. lol. I tried but really after 10minutes in front of computer is a lot to me
  10. @Tommy_B cause of what @dumper says"For me there is nothing like a real book on the shelf". My eyes go funny after a bit of computer reading, but I love books. Do you think I am to old for this shit?? Oh please hurt me,lol
  11. I have the pdf and to print it would cost around 100€
  12. Quoted a job for 8k. dismantle and fell of 75 pines.After all agreed and a 2nd visit to site for last details, the owner calls 2 days before job starts and says someone is gonna do the job in exchange of wood. Job lost to some gipsys.No problemo. Should have charged to quote stupid me. This makes business very dificult around here. Now the owner wants to talk to me. What to do if he wants the job done by me?
  13. when you want you are welcome to a visit
  14. a bit more of promo, enjoy & comment
  15. is not 2021 the year when Madmax took place??


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