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  1. sorry not HH but FH(friction hitch)... all these damn combos of words thasnks crew
  2. it feels as my RW is way too long, how long is too much combined with HH? RW lenght is 10,6"
  3. https://www.flickr.com/photos/naturarbo/49967357892/in/dateposted-public/
  4. after cutting some cork oaks for a friend and client he set up a little video enjoy
  5. Hy splicers in da house. Is there more then 1 way to end2end splice? I mean end2end I have done from samson instructions and I am looking now for a more compact ending. Cheers and beers
  6. no just Cousin other brands developed the same I believe. got myself a Zigzag and a rope Petzl Control 12,5mm...pics included. Looks like the cover as no core in the eye,cover is buried in itself for about 35 cm There is some kind of lock stitching in the first 30cm.
  7. right lets get some composture here
  8. correct...iRATA always relly on proven/sound anchors(I do have a few friends with that tittle and its their words)in tree work you know the anchor is goood when you reach the floor after finishing the work. It is worrying to me for the fact that I train and certify climbers and will I be giving up to date legislation and practices with 1 rope??? All input for training level welcome
  9. help needed from the splice crew. What splice for this rope?
  10. naturarbo


    we use elephone cams from hong kong,very robust,cheaper then go pro
  11. All used rope and peeps the friction hitch its been 1 of my easiest splices ever


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