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  1. nobody in arbtalk says nothing? doesnt it disturb your treeman peace??
  2. Xillela fastidiosa WWW.MASTERBLASTERHOME.COM Started havin some strange dry spots on olives.Sindrome of fast drying they say. What about you people,can I believe its...
  3. heres some washingtonia robusta management before and after.Do you guys have palms in UK?
  4. Cant remember title but in some movie this ugly fat bastard avatars this gorgeous chik into this mad Madmax style shit...so cool ...thats style seems suitable to mankind🤣
  5. So what is the best kids tree climbing harness for 6 years old and 16kgs?
  6. of course... them ported saws you do it yourself or is it Spud? by the way do you know how to adapt blades onto blowers? maybe that would drive saw dust away from the eyes n face😁
  7. I tried but keeps bein blown away
  8. saturn knives sold a set of blades for Greenmech cs100 for 250€(Portugal currency)delivered at home in 5 days,here blades would have cost 650€ plus vat 23%,plus transport around 40€ and this was the portuguese represent for Greenmech,I could get more expensive... Im obviously not in UK,but that was great price and service
  9. use it for a few old ropes,5 to 1 with 2 double pullleys,anchored to solid bases,just standard mechanical advantage...if you want I will assemble it to show you
  10. as most here said,its waste of time,with us out of 10 enquiries 3 jobs...webpage around 8 jobs per 10 enquiries...youtube some jobs already,this 1 is very new to us,by the way take a look at our promo and comment
  11. Just couldnt resist posting the ONLY pic on this forum of the chains all geared up with Sugihara and Tsumura bars. You got to love this.lol


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