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  1. All used rope and peeps the friction hitch its been 1 of my easiest splices ever
  2. After all this great input here is the result...friction hitch with used ocean polyester 10mm??? and the beggining of my pulley/cambium saver
  3. Hi Tommy

    this arb crew guided me to you for some help with best splice method for Ocean Polyester.

    Cheers and beers


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    2. naturarbo


      dont wind me up(hope this is correct english)

    3. naturarbo


      lookin at some tree stuff right now


    4. Tommy_B


      I wasnt joking, I was being serious

  4. Hi,need help to identify this rope is 12mm and the guy who gave it to me said it doesnt melt and the best splicing method,is this a double braid? Thanks
  5. here is some topping for the view,courtesy from a happy client
  6. Went to look a dying ceratonia siliqua yesterday,its was"PRUNED"from a canopy of 30ms diameter to what pics show by a very good worker says the lady and for very little money...2 month earlier she asks gardener to cut shoots at the base,he does that and drops petrol/diesel on the trunk... When I get there tree is yellow,dry. Bark seems to have exploded at the cuts that have no leaves at all. Base is totally dry no new growth. Tree as no root aeration for 30 years due to pavement and roads. Along the way also a pipe leaked for 3 month around 140cubic meters of water next to it. And some nice friends squated the holllow trunk shown on last pics.
  7. here in Portugal resident UK drivers have to change the license for a portuguese 1 after 6 month. You need to carry your passport even when driving,license aint enough.
  8. here is our update after the event for the foreign community in Portugal
  9. thats the pic...or you mean the banner in action??? will have to wait till tomorrow when we set up the fair. will load some pics then
  10. today we climbed no trees...other type of climbing happened
  11. we own a Rayburn which takes anything resembling wood molecules,the main fire takes only very dense,seasoned bits,mostly oak,almond,carob,olive and occasionally euc for quick start
  12. gladiators all the way...they are worth the money
  13. I bought a big shot used 5/6 times...stored it away and got my self a APTA same price,a million times better
  14. I have 1 261 is a great machine....tune the carb and maybe you are lucky.


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