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  1. Looking for work next week, Tuesday to Friday. Fairly green but have experience doing hand cutting and general chainsaw work as well as planting and site clearance. Based near Stratford on Avon but happy to travel. Happy to do groundie work, labouring, planting etc. Reliable and hard working. Own saws, truck, PPE and CS30/31. PM or text/call 07734014898. Cheers, Lewis
  2. i'll be there provided the shift is no longer than 2 hours and starts at 6pm for that sort of money
  3. webby1289

    150 ft Redwood Removal - Italy

    3 lads and a chipper easy days work
  4. Working with the government at any level seems much too full of bs paperwork, box ticking and red tape to actually be enjoyable. I'd imagine that doing this as an employee would be much the same... though I could be saying that out of spite as I am one of the approximately one billion people denied a job with them 👍
  5. webby1289

    Northern Arb ...... Please wake up .

    Every time I've ordered from Northern Arb (3 times) they've not had what I wanted and didn't tell me so I was sat twiddling my thumbs waiting for my stuff. I have to contact them before they do anything which is not on in my experience. They've also sent me a duplicate order (some pricey chainsaw boots...) which I returned without so much as thank you
  6. webby1289

    Toyota Tundra?

    Beast of a yank tank. Sadly looks too huge to be very useful though I could well be wrong
  7. I've never had an issue with filling 20l jerries at a petrol station. When I worked at a petrol station in the past I would let people fill 50L barrels... just didn't tell the boss. I recently used a 2L water bottle to fill with diesel along with petrol for my car. As long as the thing isn't leaking or whatever then no reason why it can't be filled
  8. webby1289

    MS241C solenoid issues

    I bought a new MS241C about 6 weeks ago from a Stihl dealer so that I could use it for delimbing/snedding etc. It's had probably about 10 days work put on it so far so I was pretty ticked off today when it broke down on me. Wouldn't start or run. Drove for over an hour to a workshop... the solenoid had stopped working. The part was replaced under warranty but sadly Stihl are unlikely to refund me my lost wages. Is this a common problem with M-tronic saws? Anyone else had similar issues?
  9. webby1289

    Broaching Forestry work in Kent

    Don't have much to add really but glad you found some work. One thing you might want to know when looking at public liability is that apparently the Forestry Commission ask for at least £5 million cover for all contractors working on their sites. Worth knowing if you're looking at insurance providers/quotes. Best of luck
  10. webby1289

    Broaching Forestry work in Kent

    I'm new to it all myself but have been able to find lots of work (enough to mostly keep myself buys 5 days/week) by going the self employed route. It might be anecdotal but I have noticed that a fair few forestry contractors are one man band sort of operations where they can't really afford to take on full time employees but are happy to use labour only subcontractors. I am by no means an expert, but I've found the majority of my work by just googling forestry/woodland management companies as far as you're willing to travel and giving them a bell. The only thing you'll really have to buy on top of the stuff you already have is a public liability insurance policy and register for self assessment tax online. As for finding the people to phone, yell.com is a good place to find the companies/people and the Forestry Contracting Association has a map and phone directory of all of its members, and it lets you filter by what sort of work they do which is pretty handy. http://www.forestrycontracting.co.uk/membership-directory/
  11. webby1289

    Best insurer for a new forester?

    Hi all, I'm looking at the possibility of going self employed in order to find work within the forestry industry. Any clues as to who is the best public liability insurer to go with? I'll probably be doing harvesting/planting etc. but also possibly other forestry related work too.
  12. webby1289

    Forestry worker required

    Hello, Whereabouts in the Cotswolds are you based?


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