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  1. Im sorry Mr garden kit,, but i, and Many others may disagree with that statement,,, You go buy a new £1000.00 saw or any other cost,, give to me brand new in the box,, let me fuel it, then once its fired!!!! im going to put on full revs / flat out for 30 seconds. turn it off & then give it you,, and take your money..... No oil test / brake test or what ever...! Would be happy with that...! But Seddons plant (stihl) dealers find this exceptable... & now its fucked i have to wait for the repair... If Only i new a way to EXploit seddon plant...! whooooo if only
  2. Is the pdi check worth it, or is it just just an employees random sampling of hereing a saw screem...! I meen we dont buy a hoover from an outlet,, and watch them unbox it,, plug it in and start hoovering the store... Etc. Is this stihls / husqvarnas policy / or the dealers.. And this is where my problem now lies. A Cold start seizure.. doesnt mean its fully seized,, just scored the piston & dammaged rings.. Meaning lack of power, bad idleing, stalling.. and genrally f@@ked...! And this is what i was passed over the counter Can we demand a non pdi-check or would this void our warrenty...
  3. Im pushing all the write buttons here,,, e-mails / reports / cab / findings / reports / Demanding a replacement / which / My button works.. but farr too many ear defenders swtched on...! Yep.. ill swallow this £400.00, but ive done over 10k with seddons i find them a good deal... Just ashame they cannot admit..! there loss,, next time... // Every time... Ill find it on the next job...
  4. Spoke to which,, reply was, to make and pay to be a member..! and we May advise you...  spoke to a member of the repair company,,, (secretly) and was told it is a cold start seizure...   But i think i already new that...!!!    as posted vid,,


    P.D.I.  Check  = Personaly Distroyed  It  /  or other..


  5. Write a book on it (life as a retired arborist)... And its non-benifits.. But dont become a drug dealer- too many people will be sniffing at your finger..
  6. Do you no i like huskys.. just seem to have a little bother with em.... 254xp that was a saw...
  7. O.K Here we go,, just got of the phone from stihl (direct) to be told its not there issue,, the issue is with the dealership ( seddons ) They ( stihl ) take No actions,, whatever the situation... Seddons are refuseing to replace,, only repair 2month waiting... Even thou they mite of blown up a new saw,,, or its just faulty.... Stihl are aware of this post on arbtalk... and dont care...! And thats public relations....!
  8. Yep..!! i spoke to stihl direct today,, in request of replacement or money back... as its a day old,, i im propsing,, its damaged from pdi check misconduct..... Yet to get a reply... seddons are refuseing any of the above... Stihl wont hold there hands up for replacement... Havent got the time to play games,, But hay-ho here we go... Thanks for all the info... They dont like it up em....!!! but can give it,,
  9. No, money back.... lets try and repair,, i was told...... i was soon told to leave before the police arrived.... im dont have a happy head..... Seddons castleford,, for your free pdi check.. and complete f''@ck up saws...
  10. Yep..!! spoken to stihl (main) and reported this issue.. And there looking into it..!!! Meanwhile i have a two month wait for my (new) saw back... as they have to see if they can repair it...WTF........ its brandnew... My phone is still glowing red...!!!
  11. Heres a thought,,, having purchased many saws from new,, watching this happen at my local stihl dealers,, with my new saw,, he pdi checked it...! Fuel up /oil then start,, wacked it up on full revs ( first start mind) for what seemed like 20/30 seconds,, No warm up / tick over period... Turned it of then passed me it..... Really...! or do we find that exeptable with your £1000.00 saw.. 500i... Thoughts on this one... may be this is why my new ms151 didnt run correct on site.... after one day,, of little use its back in for repair,, because its fucked.... Stihl dealer, Seddons / castleford / west yorkshire
  12. yes, thanks.. ill see what happends,, after its returned..! may be just a bad one,,, I have run at least (8) ms150s i tend to get a new one every year,, No probs.. But this all new singing and dancing ms151tc has lost its whistle...
  13. Just bought the new stihl ms151tc, today... May be a bad one here..! No power, bogs down very quickly,, constant stalling,, off button only works when it wants,,,1/10 times.. But the main problem is just no power,, engine does not rev out, without bogging down.. 3 tanks of fuel, & its getting worse.. I personaly love the ms150.. Cracking little saw,, and with a ported box,, does just want i want from the saw,, the new 151 saying more power, Well No...! Or have i got a bad one here,, or any body else here tried one out... Its going back to seddons on monday...
  14. Yep..! had mesh / key hole in feb,, this year,,, back climbing after 6 weeks.... did try and go easy, but in our industry.. there is no easy.. 5/6 months in small twitcher... but holding up...


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