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  1. Teen quoted £17k for car insurance resorts to driving tractor Tariq Tahir for MetroThursday 26 May 2011 5:41 pm Teenager Chris Berry turned to a vintage tractor as a cheap transport solution after he was quoted up to £17,800 a year to insure his £400 P-reg VW Polo. Chris Berry with his 1953 Fordson Major tractor, which cost him £57 to insure (Pic: Cascade) After he was unable to find an affordable premium, the 18-year-old turned to his familyâs 1953 Fordson Major tractor, which he was able to insure for just £57. The four-litre beast can reach a top speed of 40mph and is exempt from MoTs. âIf I had the choice, Iâd would have my car â I can go further in it and it would be much better in the rain,â said Chris, from Astley Bridge, Bolton. âIf youâre image conscious, I donât think you could drive it. But weâve had it for about 15 years, and I actually love the fact I drive a tractor â not many people can say they drive a Fordson Major.â The average cost of insuring a new young male driver is £8,260. Bolton MP David Crausby warned that the prohibitive quotes given by insurance companies could encourage young motorists to take the risk of not getting cover at all.
  2. Another plus point is , it’s not a greedy TEUFELBERGER price.
  3. The front D rings are a bit small and made worse by the two knots next to them.
  4. Wera Tools WWW-UK.WERA.DE Screw in, screw out. That is our core. Screwdriving tools from Wera are tools from and for Tool Rebels. We at Wera firmly...
  5. Only advice i can give is once you’ve found a good pair ,buy a spare . quite often you can’t get the same boots again once your original’s have worn out.
  6. Never saw it done myself but I’ve herd of someone using a tripod for lowering stems in a cemetery. Long time ago.
  7. My recommendation for the RC-1000 don’t use the maximum recommend 14 mm rope. This combination is terrible especially for dynamic lowering. Which is a shame because otherwise it’s excellent. maybe because the barrel is only 6 cm in diameter. I think the Portawraps are 9 cm and above. The 14 mm rope which I use is the teufelberger sirus.
  8. Just a petzl caratool Striped down. and slipped over the leg strap for chainsaw placement. I use it for a stihl 150 especially on conifers like spruce. it is of cause a open hook but with 5 kilos breaking strain and at the front of the harness i don’t see any problems.
  9. Just been cleaning and checking my karabiners,and my oldest one (27 years old ) which is still in use has never needed maintenance. maybe because there’s no inner sleeve. there’s a outer nylon barrel and then the aluminium . I think on most karabiners there’s a sandwich of metal , plastic and metal again. Maybe room for improvement.
  10. https://pruefberichte.dlg.org/filestorage/4956_07e.pdf maybe helpful
  11. The sling is slipped over the ring , nothing more.


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