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  1. Darrin Turnbull

    Europa League final in Baku

    Pita for the fans. why can’t they just play in London
  2. Darrin Turnbull

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    I was too quick in writing that. i think my wife meant how quickly the money is promised compared with human disasters a few days ago i was reading how much of a problem the founding for the repair work is. Since this fire that part, seems to be solved.
  3. Darrin Turnbull

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Quite shocking, what’s happened. Notre-Dame fire: Millions pledged to rebuild cathedral My wife just mentioned what about the poor and starving people in the world.
  4. Darrin Turnbull

    I'm an iggly, I'm an iggly, what iggly am I ?

    Still not sure what insect this could be. maybe , leopard moth.
  5. Darrin Turnbull

    budget speedline kit

    Make a second ring for hanging the Karabiners on so it’s ready as soon as possible to send back up.
  6. Darrin Turnbull

    An easy one

    Very impressed with the electric chainsaw. maybe a “must have” for the professional climber.
  7. Darrin Turnbull

    Dead leaning tree advice...

    What are your qualifications.
  8. Darrin Turnbull

    Best kit bags? Courant?

    Ikea bag , I think it’s 50 pence.
  9. Darrin Turnbull

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Happy Birthday 🥳. Glad you found your wisdom.
  10. Darrin Turnbull

    Summer heat stress on trees

    Thanks for answering.
  11. Darrin Turnbull

    I'm an iggly, I'm an iggly, what iggly am I ?

    The only exit hole to be found was the one the woodpecker made .
  12. Darrin Turnbull

    I'm an iggly, I'm an iggly, what iggly am I ?

    Any ideas what made this in a birch tree top. The tunnel in the wood is about 7-8mm in diameter.
  13. Darrin Turnbull

    Summer limb/branch drop

    I’ve seen this happen four times. ( Summer Branch Drop ). And each time the branch was horizontal south facing and exposed to direct sunlight. maybe something to look out for.
  14. Darrin Turnbull

    Summer heat stress on trees

    Any suggestions on how to help these birches in the summer heat. The summers here in Berlin are often long and hot 🥵. I know that watering would be the most important, but most people don’t bother.
  15. Darrin Turnbull

    Tight spot Take down

    Picked a good day for it, looked like there was no wind. not having so much noise from the electric chainsaw makes it almost peaceful like.


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