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  1. Darrin Turnbull

    Finding things out about your kids

    I’m Japanese
  2. Darrin Turnbull

    Finding things out about your kids

    Done this test with my daughter ,she’s eleven just for something to do. found out she worries a lot (question eight in the test revealed it ) It really surprised me . http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20180409-whats-your-secret-nationality
  3. Darrin Turnbull

    Worthy of a TPO?

    Remove it and replace with 3/4 young trees. it‘s never going to be a bristle come pine
  4. Darrin Turnbull

    Rate My Hinge.

    Sound as a bell
  5. Darrin Turnbull

    Prusik zigzag mk2

    Two new ones coming end of March 2019
  6. Darrin Turnbull

    Whats the weather like near you?

    It will kill the germs. I don’t know if there’s any truth in that.
  7. Darrin Turnbull

    Biggest bar on a ms231

    I wouldn’t recommend 95txl for hardwood. Very fast cutting with lightweight chain/bar combo. But i‘m not using it anymore on my 254XP.
  8. Darrin Turnbull

    Barber chair!

    I‘ve had a willow which I was cutting from the harness. barber chaired . i was lucky that day
  9. Darrin Turnbull

    Hedge laying film & landgirl 1942

    Sharp tools
  10. Darrin Turnbull

    New Website.

    Nice pictures
  11. Darrin Turnbull

    New Website.

    No where to be found
  12. Darrin Turnbull

    Canine megaesophagus.

    I’ve been looking at baily chairs , didn’t know what they were. Found this only for small dogs of cause.
  13. Darrin Turnbull

    Best anemometer for MEWP use.

    If it’s time to start measuring the wind it’s probably time to come down
  14. Darrin Turnbull

    Canine megaesophagus.

    Wishing her All the best . What about drinking especially in the summer. No more snacks and stuff like that. Good luck
  15. Darrin Turnbull

    the 'todays job' thread

    Pressure on my spine the pain was bad for years but but had just learnt to try and get on with it bu5 last weekend by back started to spasm and the pain unlike any other this went on for few days took Monday off couldn't work tried but I was useless then went down to near you to remove th beech it's the only tree to of brought tears to my eyezs the pain was not the most scrary part it was that my nerv signals to my legs had working so i xaoukdnt balacs take pgope steps totally immobile so i drove b back Yorkshire and 24hrs later am laid in hospital after spinal op All the best , take your time to heal .


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