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  1. Darrin Turnbull

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Not nice, more hassle. maybe somebody’s dashcam or something has recorded them. good luck.
  2. Darrin Turnbull

    the 'todays job' thread

    How old roughly do you think it was. Picture 2 looks cool 😎
  3. Darrin Turnbull

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    I’m actually blind
  4. Darrin Turnbull

    Hazard Tree take downs

    Pretty amazing how you get them dead tops to go over. Is this your most dangerous job yet. you spoil us with your brilliant videos . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  5. Darrin Turnbull

    Do these trees need to come down?

    With them being close to the house could be a advantage. I‘ve seen a massive Oak tree blown against a house before with no damage. Just because of its close proximity.
  6. Darrin Turnbull

    Margaret Thatcher.

    I think you know the answers already Mick.
  7. Darrin Turnbull

    Margaret Thatcher.

    50/50 good and bad I would say. But like Tony Benn said , she would never go back on her word. just imagine on hard it was for her to come through the ranks of a old male dominated system. Many pick a fight with her , and i think most regretted it.
  8. Darrin Turnbull

    Signs you're approaching middle age....

    eyesight especially
  9. Darrin Turnbull

    Update on some elm porn

    No.5 is my favourite
  10. Darrin Turnbull

    New Stuff

    Only 159 dollars, should be atleast 200.😂
  11. Darrin Turnbull

    New Stuff

    The bending over position while using it looks very back friendly
  12. Darrin Turnbull

    New Stuff

    Maybe not so new anymore.
  13. Darrin Turnbull

    Most original objection to tree felling/work?

    Two oaks were meant to be felled because of a new tram system (Potsdam, Germany ) The felling was stopped because of a rare beetle found on the trees The course of the tram was altered. The trees are now dead , killed by the same beetles.
  14. Darrin Turnbull

    Staged tree reductions - Your opinion

    Sorry for the cr*p english ( still thinking in German probably ). what i meant to say was . Oaks can only recover once after a heavy crown reduction.


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