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  1. Just took a quick look. maybe something for you here Ups, bist Du ein Mensch? / Are you a human? SUCHEN.MOBILE.DE i ve seen one or two here in Berlin. Council owned. good luck . Are they worth it.?
  2. maybe not, if it’s classified as a sport
  3. Goose leg , dumplings ( made from potatoes or bread not sure ) kale and red cabbage. Traditional German Xmas Meal. super delicious.
  4. My favourite xmas meal. eating out with the good Lady and daughter.
  5. Found it while looking for advice on hip injury. here’s hoping for miracle cures.
  6. My hip on one side needs seeing to. this tree climbing lark doesn’t half wear you out.
  7. What’s the news about this winter’s weather. My feeling it’s going be very cold for a change
  8. The person who’s working the rigging rope is top 👍
  9. About 500 euros . but in Germany. Carport „Dortmund“, 301x504 cm, Fichte unbehandelt bei HELLWEG WWW.HELLWEG.DE Carport „Dortmund“, 301x504 cm, Fichte unbehandelt bei HELLWEG...
  10. before i buy which length do people recommend. my choice is 50,70 or 90 cm. i’m buying the Stubai/Oregon type.
  11. E10 has been in Germany since 2011. Greenpeace has said its environmentally worse. Vast areas in Africa being used to grow corn only for this purpose.
  12. Anymore suggestions would be great. Trees which are less prone to insects and of course climate change.


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