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  1. And my wheels (as well as my Silky) are all I need in desperate times! However today they just took me out into the woods around my city and to the place where I learnt to climb with a prussick.The college Beech Woodland.
  2. TThanks mate! I am a very determined man.
  3. Hi Mike,I wish fo be a LANTRA instructor (Arboriculture related) Wheels are already in motion.
  4. No Mick....only a day here and there subbying.Hoping that getting into training will bring in full time work.
  5. First place I passed as I went on my bike ride today.Soon to open,and just down the hill from me.How random.At least it,s bike friendly👍🚴‍♂️ I love my City!
  6. So that brings me to the weekend.I don,t do much these days.I spend quality time with my Grandchildren then get on my bike.I like a simple life 👍🌳🦊
  7. Bit of a gap and a lot more light with just the roofs to blow off
  8. This tree may have gone unchecked if it wasn't,t for the inquisitive dog! And it was over two stables.
  9. And a nice view....but still a bit too warm for my liking.
  10. Thankfully the temperatures dropped considerably last week.Had an interesting dismantle last week climbing for my mate.He likes to record work so I get to have the camera on me which was interesting.I filmed it so maybe I will try once again at editing.The owner,s dog had been digging around the base of the tree which had revealed several worrying cavities.The were a few up top too!


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