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  1. You could try the Rock O...it opens in a way that you may like and has a wide opening.
  2. Only the synth oil isn't black.I can live with that.😀 Look after your kit and it will look after you.
  3. Sip fleece liner😉 with a dry bag cover for Hi Viz top.
  4. 40 litre Mountain Equiptment bag.Very well made and half price......in Stealth black😎🖤
  5. Big enough to hold my E-saw,lanyard,bar,chain,tool kit,oil and lid.Everything specifically for use with this saw.
  6. There is a word you sometimes hear used in this industry.Often used in a sentence like,"will this stand up to the "ABUSE" it,s going to get?"....as an example. Or you might see someone throw a saw in anger (a bit like a child casting toys out of it,s pram) I am at the complete other end of the spectrum.Look after kit.Yes they are used in harsh conditions sometimes but I like to keep my kit in the best condition.I am extremely proud to work with Trees and regard Arboriculture as one of the most Noble of Activities.I like order and everything has a place....which usually means a case,locker or bag.My 160T was in perfect condition after two years of almost daily use and that was partly down to how it was stowed.In an old army kit bag.In fact the one I used as a rope bag when I used tocy le around London in search of work.I didn't wanta Stihl branded bag for my new 161T but more a Stealthtype carry bag.Sitting in the coffee shop as luck would have it I saw one that looked perfect in the Mountaineering shop opposite.
  7. I,m so pleased my Grandson is as into Trees as I am.My friend who has an Organic Health and lifestyle shop has just finished the kids play area.I can,t think of a better way to paint the wall.Ozzy loves it.
  8. Friend of mine.Very nice chap indeed [emoji106]Try him.
  9. It is Gary. Very light in weight.Super detail and works when it is sat upon.The Sound is magical.
  10. On a Side note this chair at the table has been in the family for a couple of generations. It,s a childs musical chair and was made in Switzerland.
  11. My Neighbours are from the Black Isle and the Ode is read in honour of the Haggis.Neeps and tatties of course.First time I,very had Potato in a long time so it tasted quite luxurious and I had two helpings.
  12. Happy Burns night Arbtalkers!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  13. I look forward each year to my Haggis from George Cockburn and Sons in Dingwall.


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