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    Modern Arboriculture,Cycling,History,The Countryside!..Anything to do with Trees..UNIMOGS!!!
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  1. silky fox

    Do you even lift bro?

    No Tree work today so i get to train at my favourite time of the day.I am certainly Super fit right now and feeling so strong.My Focus,lifestyle and determination are all paying off.It may be cold outside but i'm on fire![emoji6][emoji3][emoji91]
  2. silky fox

    Tree Topping

    You post spectacular videos Reg.I always watch them full screen in High defintion.Love seeing that kerf open up! I am always in total admiration of your skills.And that scenery...Breathtaking[emoji268][emoji268][emoji268]
  3. silky fox

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Here's a Tripple thumbs up to you Mr Git and my favourite Village Idiot [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106] I am in the middle of the Beech Woodland at Houghal College right now thinking of this years resolution.....which is...to post more on Arbtalk[emoji6][emoji16]
  4. silky fox

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    At the stroke of midnight i became two years completely alcohol free...I gave up television last year and i never read a newspaper.Other than the Gym i didn't really notice any run up to Xmas.All of this has created a brand new version of myself but the biggest change has been to my mind,my thoughts and how my brain functions.It is a feeling that i can hardly articulate.I just know that i love the world i now live in and the people i choose to surround myself with......New year's day has become my favourite day of the year.For me it really does mark a new start.I am so excited for the next 365 days!
  5. silky fox

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Happy New Year to all the Arbtalkers wherever you may be.Had the best Xmas ever! Didn't over indulge and made sure i kept up my training. Finnished the year on a happy and healthy high.
  6. silky fox

    Do you even lift bro?

    Rope management to end the year as i mean to continue into 2019 and for the rest of my life!
  7. Happy Birthday Wickamulla(pictured here in full pest control mode).....and Mick Dempsey!
  8. silky fox

    Do you even lift bro?

    I don't usually start celebrating Christmas until Xmas Eve and it continues through the twelve days when the tree comed down but it seems i cannot escape the early start we have these days,even at the Gym.But that's ok.It's a sign of the times and i roll with it.Like most people Christmas used to be a time of indulgence for but nowadays is when i step things up in preparation for a healthy new year! Gone are my sluggish hangovers or rough Monday mornings.As i move towards my 51st year i feel very much invigourated,highly motivated and Super healthy.On January 1st i shall be completely alcohol free for two years.Anyone who has achieved this will know how great this feels.This year i ditched watching T.V and quit Caffeine opting for Fresh fruit and Green tea instead.I no longer require a "Pick me up" of any kind.I get that from a morning walk around the woods with the dog or a workout.Up at 4 a.m today.Love the fresh crisp air this time of year.The only additive in my life though has been the woman in my life and i have found that it does have one drawback.You can become content maybe a little lazy through contentment.Lose your drive to continue hitting the weights a few nights a week.Bedroom Gymnastics can be tempting followed by a few hours extra sleep followed by a lazy breakfast in bed....So staying focused with positive goals is what i'm about.I have no more resolutions to fullfill this coming year except maybe return to my strict routine and get back on my bicycle more often.Anyone thinking of taking up excercise in their 50's and ditching the beer.I can heartilly recomend it.Healthy body and mind is a powerful duo! Have a safe and productive week out there Arbtalkers.....[emoji963]️‍♂️🤸‍♂️[emoji468]‍♂️🧗‍♂️[emoji269]
  9. silky fox

    Experienced groundie available

    Excellent pictures Rough Hewn A great post to sell yourself.This site has a proven record of helping people in this Industry....Fact[emoji106]
  10. Never in a million years did i think i would be driving a Skoda but like everything in my life now i use what i've learnt over the last 50 years in my choices and decisions.Life has certainlybecome a lot easier.This car flew through it's MOT and if i am ever in the position to buy and new car,it will be a Skoda!
  11. Long time since i've been on one of these.when do i qualify for a bus pass? (Still in my slippers🧐)
  12. The erection i can manage....no problem. But i'm teetotal and have been completely alcohol free for 23 months so beer is out of the question.The changes in my life have been nothing short of miraculous!.....
  13. Question. Is it normal to be wearing slippers to my local hardware shop?...since turning 50 when i'm not working i seem to have them on all the time! I've never worn slippers,ever. I wear them when i go into town or when i'm driving.I even wear them when i take the dog for a walk along the beach.What is happening to me?[emoji848]
  14. silky fox

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    For me,life is a power struggle (but only when it comes to Keeping my mobile device running) And usually when i am in the car.Until now.This works very well indeed and charges my Galaxy note 8 quickly.£10 from Sainsburys.
  15. silky fox

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Batsons are a great crew to work wirh.


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