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  1. When I used to go to Brixton the first thing I would eat would be Rice and Peas with Oxtails,Goat or Jerk Chicken...Proppa Tings!
  2. It,s mainly Trees that catch my eye but as I am spending more time closer to home I am noticing things in the garden coming into life.
  3. The quality of the picture or film on the highest definition setting when held on this grip is incredible.
  4. Other than my Birthday climb and the 6 a.m dog walk I have spent most of the last few weeks hunkered down in the Fox hole high above the City.I spend most of my time doing excercise catching up on video chat with my Grandkids and researching for my BIG adventure and like I said that will happen when the time is right.I have all the time in the world.But the single best thing that I have which is helping me most in my isolated world at the moment is my Joby Gorilla Pod.It changes the way I can use my mobile device in so many ways.No more balancing my phone only to have it falling behind something or almost breaking on the floor.It was well worth the money.My favourite thing at the moment is Hyperlapse.
  5. Acid Jazz[emoji41]....I was more Acid House but that was pleasant enough[emoji449]🥁
  6. Eyeing up the Aessculus [emoji206][emoji102] (my favourite bud burst)
  7. Just to sidetrack Timon were you into the Acid House/Original Rave scene? I ask as I am listening to oldskool tunes at the moment.Quite an appropriate one at the moment.
  8. They are all sentimental.I enjoyd using the Spiderjack which was my first mechanical device but I just love the ZigZag and now I know how smooth it runs on Srt I will continue using it.
  9. I have a historical collection of ZigZags including one of the first that I was kindly given by an Arbtalker after a competition many years ago now.
  10. Keep your distance this weekend and have a great one Arbtalkers!
  11. Sounds like you have the ZZ Mk2? Keep it clean,don't cross load it happy climbing.
  12. And the best thing is..I will only find it easier over time,refine my technique and evolve as a climber.The whole experience made it one of my best Birthdays ever!
  13. I,very always enjoyed evolving my climbing styles and systems but this is exactly what I was looking for at this time in my life and for what I have coming up in my life.I,m hooked👍😁💚🌳


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