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  1. But he has survived and now is part of the family who live next door so I see him everytime I pass and they k now that he must stay with them for maybe up to as much as 20 years in captivity! But he is very much loved.
  2. And all traces of Chipper's home have gone.........🐿
  3. The tree took a day and a quarter to get down.He kept all the wood which was removed next day by a firewood guy and within a week or so all signs of the Tree were gone and the building work began.My friend does renovation on properties
  4. Once the dust and (and ivy) had settled on the job I went to see "Chipper" as my neighbours kids have named it.
  5. Tune in later to find out🕵️‍♂️🐿
  6. With no sign of its mother we heard this little Tree rat squeaking in the ivy on the ground.Vermin they are and I'm not in the habit of taking them in or dispatching them my beighvour insisted on trying to raise it.The council just euthanasia them anyway and it was his Tree and property to do as he wanted...Did it survive?
  7. But although the tree came down with no problem...there was one casualty (I've disguised it to keep his identity a secret)🤫
  8. And he was pleased to see the last of his branches which only took minutes to chip.And were given to my local allotment.
  9. So for a forth time he dragged the branches out and stacked them in the street for my mate to remove after the trunk was on the ground.If only he'd listened to me in the first place..All the timber was staying.
  10. So I got the crown out and dragged the branches into a yard to doors down...then back into the street....then back into another yard ....then I got the call would I bring a chipper on the day we took the stem down (once all the other branches were moved from under the trunk in the first yard🤦‍♂️
  11. Determined to get this thread up to date and with one months work still booked in before my second jab and another step closer to my big adventure I am going to catch up with where I left off.My neighbour and friend had asked me to get this tree down cheap as chips.No Team needed.No truck or chipper,rigging etc...he'd get a platform in and move the branches using his van🤦‍♂️😜
  12. Going to have a real sort through of all the work pictures from. This year as there has been some very interesting stuff I including a great team effort on a Crane job I helped on this week.Have a great Weekend Arbtalkers!
  13. And even enjoying dragging,chipping up etc especially with Spring here...Basically happy in my world.
  14. But more than ever loving life and enjoying the job I love so much.😁🧡
  15. And more recently used this interesting set up for a dismantle which was fun.


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