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  1. Much of the furniture was made from timber that had been milled locally and it was stunning.But the most important thing was that she loved it.There had been heavy snow around Kings Canyon and although chains were not required on the tyres some parts of the park were not accessible.But i waa on a mission and i would find a way to get to the General.On the way we met John Muir.
  2. I took a few days searching online for this cabin.It had to be perfect inside and not just at a location that was close to a certain Tree.
  3. Always wanted to upload video/sound/music to Arbtalk and am trying to start a Youtube channel so if this works it is a snippet of the call of the Acorn Woodpecker. FB_VID_6453531813597361839.mp4
  4. A well protected home as i have found out when climbing them.Canary palm fronds are covered with long spikes at the base.
  5. They only bury the acorns so far as any moisture would rot their food so no harm is done to the tree.And because the base of the frond once cut dries quickly almost like balsa wood they easily make homes inside them.
  6. This is one of our many neighbourhood Acorn Woodpeckers.They gather from the Coast live oaks and store them in graneries in tree trunks.This one (Woody) stores it's bounty in a large Canary Palm.They spend their day checking them.As the Acorns shrink they move them,turning or swapping them into smaller holes so they fit tightly and don't drop where blue jays might steal them.
  7. They are an incredible breed.Fearless.She keeps the garden free of Gofers,rats and even Turkey Vultures although she got sprayed by a Skunk last week and won't be squaring up to one of those again...🦨
  8. Kykio the Shiba inu. (Brushwood dog)
  9. Cool vid Rich..the sound of you both walking through that powdery snow.Beautiful dog.
  10. Time to head back to our cabin but one last view before we leave the King's Canyon.This place is deeper than the Grand Canyon.We shall return tomorow to find a General.🌲🇺🇸
  11. A song that takes me back to my youth and my favourite decade...
  12. The Gamlin Cabin built in 1872 and later around 1890 became the first Park Ranger's cabin.
  13. I made sure it was left with plenty of nectar in all the feeders.Incredible birds with mindblowing Biology!


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