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  1. This will be my last session and I,m devastated.After today the Gym is closing for good.
  2. But today is a very sad day for me as I approach this Gym for the last time......
  3. The full moon certainly was bright last night...and brought out my inner Wolf so I,ve been up since 1.30 a.m. Not a problem as I am a morning person and with only a half day climb i have plenty of energy.
  4. It,s been s few years since we last met Mr Gand.And that was at a Pub near Pie Eater Pete,s place.We were having a right Jovial time! I,m a very different person now.We all change throughout our lives.We evolve based on our life experiences and our surroundings.It,s quite fascinating.A bit like the life of a Tree...Let me know how you get on.I,m in the Gym almost every day now.It,s as important to me as my love of Arb.I love keeping in shape as it has added so much more quality to my life.I already have everything I could ever want in life.Being adopted all I ever wanted was a legacy which I have with my Son and Grandchildren.
  5. When I started lifting/moving weight i was told that everyday tasks and movements would become easier....that was an understatement.Everything becomes easier! The human body is an incredible machine[emoji880]
  6. Of course🤦‍♂️ I always get the two befuddled....I,ll try again😃 Hay Wain/Hey Cart/Hey Ho!
  7. What about a Garden Gnome Mick? I think they are about £20 through Carrs Billington.
  8. My first work climb yesterday with the two rope system.To cluttered a crown to throwline my anchors started at the bottom.Watch more time consuming.Once I reached the top it was just a case of planning my work route.More to consider and quite a fiddly pain at times.Will watch this thread with interest as well as any other information regarding this.
  9. Movement around the tree was not as "Fluid" as with a single line and lanyard.But that would change depending in so many factors like a more open crown.Anyhoo I am determined to change to SRT next year to match my changing lifestyle!😁🦊 Have a safe Friday Arbtalkers!
  10. Nothing more to add on the matter.There are more and more hurdles placed in front of us in Arb these days for whatever reason.I enjoy climbing anyway and I,m just happy to be around Trees💚
  11. Switched to two separate load bearing anchors as stipulated.
  12. It was a tad fiddly but it wasn't,t the best tree/job to have my first work climb using it and once I got to the top I could work out my route.


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