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    Modern Arboriculture,Cycling,History,The Countryside!..Anything to do with Trees..UNIMOGS!!!
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  1. Me and my Brothers.I don't remember a time when Trees weren't a big part of my life💚🌳
  2. Good morning Mr Git...good to hear from you.Such a compact little Mewp and you saw the saw holder too?
  3. But my most favourite thing of all in this industry.On site Practical Arboricultural Instruction.
  4. A family run centre with Hayley front of house and Mother running the office....
  5. Beautiful Pup Gary! I,m a Collie man too.Love em.
  6. Spent a few hours going through a typical day in his life.Shall explain later.This was last month after my week with Beechwood.
  7. Brampton Valley Training Centre with Dane Wood 🌳
  8. Quietest campsite ever.Blissful sleep.Didn,t want to leave......but I reckon I am going to enjoy this day a lot.
  9. Peaceful night....I,m actually more at home in a tent than a house.
  10. The place was deserted when I arrived and even 'Twitchy' was nowhere to be found except at the other end of the phone.He told me to choose any spot on the site to pitch my tent and just leave £12 in the honesty box.


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