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  1. Morning Gary....If there is a stump or a look out post,Toby will perch on it
  2. It has been between -1 and -6 at night and even though the sun has been there is still black ice everywhere.
  3. Even a couple of days ago it looked like this in Durham
  4. Sometimes it can be a total white out.This was just up on the tops at Weardale in my old Navara a few years back.
  5. Scott's Landy is tidy for sure.And as much as I like all the usual tree truck/van set ups that are tried and tested.Up here Land rovers and Unimogs are a common site.From Durham and all around Weardale and up through the North pennines and Northumberland the weather and landscape can get quite rough at times especially in the winter.
  6. Arbtalk has always been my favourite and most successful Networking platform."Bringing Arborist's,Tree and woodworkers together since 2007"😁🌳 Have a great weekend Arbtalkers👍
  7. Mark J my friend.Tis indeed Wicked news.I,m learning a lot about Bats and the habitats recently but I am also using this time to open up new doors and I have found 2020/21 a great opportunity to do that.I know a lot of people who have looked for all the positives of which there have been many over the course of the last 12 months if you turn off the T.V and don't get involved with politics,Social media "Experts," or conspiracy theorists 🤯. The guidelines have always been clear to me as far as I'm concerned.....The time I have here I intend to persue my Tree related work and this week once again as this great Platform has proved to me yet again after many years now I was contacted by an Arbtalker regarding work.I prefer to work as close to home as possible certainly during lockdown and as luck would have it my new Arbtalk friend works very local to me and we met just along the road for a couple of domestic jobs.Nothing taxing or photo worthy but very enjoyable and nice to introduce ourselves and discuss future work.Again I got to show off the very capable performance of the 161T with some big cuts and impressive battery life.Over the course of about 4 years now I have to say that the 160/161T have never let me down in every kind of cutting scenario.And at the other end of the scale I got to use his Husky on the timber.A great first day with Scott. A.k.A "Chopsdaily"
  8. Good for you Mr Stubby! It has created a real positive vibe in the Fox household and I have become the vulnerable one now🧓 But I,m ready.Jab me up and I,m good to go!
  9. We still have snow on the ground in Durham that turned very hard overnight.It was -1 this morning but wind chill put it at -6.
  10. That's a brilliant video Roughy! Very impressed with it.Would be nice to get involved with that as you mentioned t'other day.
  11. Nice pictures Tilio[emoji300][emoji300][emoji300][emoji609]
  12. silky fox

    Snow incoming!

    Nice dry powdery snow just landed here in the North East 💙❄💙❄💙❄
  13. I love mine! (make sure you use the 300S battery in it)
  14. What a bloke! I really enjoy hearing interviews with him.


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