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  1. The stylus/S-pen is one of many things that make this such an incredible device.Take it out you can scribble what you like on the screen without opening you mobile.It will be a couple of years before I upgrade again.
  2. Indeed.Great profile picture by the way.Trees,Windmills and bicycles are my favourite things.
  3. I have had a mobile phone since around the year 2000.As a kid I was fascinated with futuristic gadgets that I saw on Blake's 7 or Space 1999.I would dream about having a communicator which had a screen and sure enough we have reached that stage...and beyond.I have bought the latest mobile device as they were developed.Couldn,t help myself.Most of them on pay as you go up until the time I began this thread.Then I got a contract and over the last six years I have gone from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and upgraded every two years until now.I finally am completely satisfied with the capability of my Note 8 which is two years old now.The case is wearing away but the device is like new still and i keep it in my pocket whenever I climb...or chip.It,s great to be on a monthly tariff of about £15.I,ve learned to use WiFi hotspots and I use very little data.It still takes a fantastic picture and has a powerful brain.It,s years since I used a computer.
  4. The sight of this Tree has just made my day...I will never tire of looking at Trees especially at this time of year. Nature is perfect in every way.
  5. After a warm up in the Gym I witness my world warming up.What a great way to start the week.Have a productive week Arbtalkland.
  6. Had the whole place to myself (almost) first time doing dips.what a great way to start the week
  7. I am back into the swing of things nutrition and training wise.I had six months to a year where I didn't, go often mainly due to the fact that after climbing or a heavy day cutting and moving timber I was tired.But I have had a second wind.Three years ago when I was contemplating giving up alcohol I needed a replacement for the pub.On my first day going up the staircase towards this gym I looked at this poster and thought one day I will realise I have become a new and improved me.I only ever wanted to lose weight and take my mind off drinking.Had a great two weeks back at it.Down to 98 kg now and getting stronger and stronger.Sleep improves...Tree climbing is easier than ever and groundwork just like Cardio .....I was always into Fitness as a kid and it has come full circle.Going to take the dog out now then get an hour in at the gym before a couple of small tree jobs.Happy days indeed.
  8. And to anyone out there who is feeling lost or at a crossroads in life.It is never to late to make a change.Life is very short and every day is a blessing so don,t waste time with negativity or a Fake world.like a good work position,happiness is everything!
  9. So I,ve had some nice work.Nothing permant but can pay my bills and treat my Grandchildren.That,s all I want out of life.I spend very little time on the internet but am spending more and more time around Trees which is really what I am all about.Even the Gym has taken a back seat in the last six months...until now.I am back there with a vengeance.And my nutrition has never been better.It was after all where the turning point in my life happened three years ago now.And for the first time since my 20,s I weigh under 100kg. (Weighed in at 99.7kg yesterday) This espresso is kicking in now so I shall vacate this rainy Macdonald's car park and continue this later.Have a great Friday Arbtalkers and climb safe👍🌳
  10. It had a big stump on it too.This saw brings such a big smile to my face😁
  11. This was definitely one of the biggest Cherry trees I,ve been up....and it,s timber will be saved.
  12. As much as I love climbing I enjoy the cutting trees up and chipping them as long as I have a machine that can keep up with production👍
  13. As I roll towards 52 i don,t think I have ever felt fitter or happier in my Treework.Even my trusty 200 has had a new lease of life! I can do every I need within the tree with it...and the 500i...or my Silky.
  14. Not my fell.I just do the climbing.But it was millimetre perfect to the nearest target 😉😁
  15. Over a main entrance and the driveway to a busy stable.


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