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  1. Universal box »CONTRA« - WWW.STIHL.COM In the STIHL CONTRA universal box, there is enough space for old photos, locks of...
  2. Where was the mewp. Or do you climb everything.
  3. I wouldn't like to say, your age and type of procedure and speed of recovery. I'm 56 employed and work a three day week.
  4. I went back to work after 5 weeks, light duties. I’ve been climbing which feels ok. but i think i need it checked over, it’s not perfect. keep well away from lifting.
  5. Switching all phones off and having a afternoon nap
  6. Any sandwich ideas would be nice. I’ve forgotten most of them.
  7. For removing resins I’ve heard people using a mixture of vegetable oil and dish wash soap ( fairy ) for example. but you need to be quick.
  8. I’ve only washed my ropes two or three times, in last 28 years. The results weren’t that good. Nikwax has a rope cleaner, which also acts as a water repellent.
  9. My vote , is leaning towards carbon steel
  10. Sounds sorted. Cooking will be my new hobby. The hernia has given me new respect for my health.
  11. Got back yesterday . I'm taking it easy . I'll go for a walk tomorrow. How's your progress going.?
  12. I got the Tep method for the right hand side. I'm staying in over night which at the moment is bliss, just me in the room. Thanks
  13. Thanks. I'll give it plenty of time . I'm employed so no money worries.
  14. So that's my Hernia operation over for today. I think it's gone well. Leaving tomorrow to go back home. Have a great weekend everyone.
  15. Well done, nice to hear good news. nice pictures for a screen saver all the best
  16. Rob Elliot Furniture Riverside Road Selkirk TD7 5DU Phone: 01750 22243 He's spent a lifetime working with Elm .
  17. Seen the surgeon today (27/12/21) Made the appointment for the 14th January. Getting the Tep method for the right hand side. Good luck to you to Mark.
  18. Never used them, just something I've found. I would ring/email them to confirm price.
  19. https://www.redboxtools.com/product/bahco-168-8-5-2-6-round-chainsaw-file-5-2-mm-6-pck/
  20. Try Bahco , they are also made in Portugal. My favourite so far.


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