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  1. I have passed on this information to the others. I shall keep you updated, thank you all who have replied so far Lee
  2. Dear all, This may be a random post and not really much to do with trees but I know there are many people on here that are "in the know" about this subject. Here goes, for the past 2 years or so, many local people including my family and myself have been desperately trying to save a small play area at the bottom of our road. The town council surprise surprise want to sell it for land to build houses on. We agree that not many people use this park but wanted to campaign to turn the land into a different type of public space rather than lose it to some rich out of town property developer. Cutting a very long story short. The council have ignored our petitions and decided to sell up. But recently we have discovered that the land is covered in the conservation area. This is something I do not know much about apart from a quick read on wikipedia last night. There are 2 Cherry trees on site and I am wondering what is the score with these trees? will they be automatically protected by preservation orders or not? And can the council just go ahead and sell up to a private developer? The land is within the conservation area. Any advice, tips etc would be highly appreciated as we feel we are fighting a losing battle but we will not give up until the end. This small area of land would make a cracking "village square" maybe with some seating, bins, new trees and maybe a small monument of some kind? rather than it going to a very very greedy man who seems to be buying as much of the town as possible for new housing. If anyone would like to see extra details, maps etc then please let me know. I am just desperate for any info you people out there can give me. Thank you for reading, I hope someone out there is more in the know than me. Lee :0
  3. A bit of auto correct there! Hope all makes sense!
  4. Hi All, I am the groundsman at a private house near Delamere Forest I'm Cheshire, earlier this year we lifted all of the trees in the field with the intention of getting either sheep or Llamas! Not going to have time to chip it myself with a hire's machine. Looking for someone with a tracked chipper to come along and well, chip the brash. Some in piles some still where they landed. We are short for time and very busy on other projects here. Needs to be tracked as there is a small pile In our woodland too. I am unable to send photos but if you email me at [email protected] I will send over photos and extra details. Looking for a quote and it needs doing fast as the grass is growing and we intend to top the field with a tractor. Good access and all Woodchip is to be blown into the boundaries. Many thanks lee
  5. Hi All, At Christmas I broke 3 ribs and the past month I've felt like I'm on the mend. Cutting a very long story short, I've taken on a pollard of a medium sized Willow. But half way into the job ive realised my ribs are not sorted afterall! I need someone desperately to finish the job and take away the brash. I need to keep the customer happy. I will try attach photos below. The job is in Dunham Hill, On Chester Road. Just off the M56 junction 14 - WA6 0LL So far I have managed to pollard half of the tree maybe more than half. And I've shifted the brash too. I need someone who can give me a price to come in and sort it. And as soon as possible would be great! I think I'll stick to hedge trimming for the next month at least! Thanks for reading Here is the tree: http://instagram.com/p/0iFTqtpHtk/
  6. Hi all, I will be pollarding a medium sized Willow very soon and am in desperate need of somebody to come along and take away the brash. I predict 2 full builders sacks (Mega Hippo Bag sized) I intend to drag it all to the front of the house and cut it up into 2 sacks. Just need someone to collect and dispose of it for me as I only have a corsa van and it will take me months to clear it myself!!! The location is DUNHAM ON THE HILL, In between FRODSHAM & CHESTER. Just off the M56 at Junction 14 - POSTCODE: WA6 0LL If you can help, please give me a quote via PM or feel free to text me 07851965163 or email [email protected] Many many thanks, Lee:thumbup1:
  7. Hi all, My father in law has just started to manage a small woodland in Cheshire. He brought a bunch of cones back and said they were Scots Pine. I have never seen cones this big before in England. I found some in Southern France years ago but not sure what trees they were from. I'm not convinced that these are Scots Pine and as I've now opened them to collect the seed. I would like to know for definite what I am about to grow. Any suggestions? I have not actually seen the trees so I cannot say yet. I know it would be easier to go look but I'm not going to get chance for a while plus it's bugging me wanting to know. A photo with a normal Scots Pine cone next to it. Don't laugh at the ruler! Only my daughter owns one in our house. It looks bigger due to the angle. It's actually 10.5cm My books mostly say between 2.5cm to 7cm I know it's sad but it's really bugging me not knowing for sure. I look forward to replies. Especially if anyone has any tips for tree ID from cones etc. I only did a bit about this at college so it's quite interesting for me. Thanks all, Lee
  8. Just picked up your reply, thanks, I'll pass the info on..
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for as much woodchip as possible in NORTHWICH Cheshire (Not to be confused with Norwich!) For a new community woodland which is currently underway in the works. We are looking for chip to lay on the paths and also use on the Segway course in the woodland. There is plenty of space and there really will be no limit. But it's a broadleaf woodland so don't really want a load of crappy hedge cuttings ! :-) Anything which would be suitable to use in the area. The location is Blakemere Craft Centre in Sandiway. It's just on the outskirts of Northwich not far from Delamere Forest and Oulton Park race track.Just off the A556 or A49 SANDIWAY - Shell Petrol Stn CW8 2EB The guy who is running the project is based at the Falconry Centre. So if anyone is working in the area and needs a place to tip. Please please please drop it here! Access is good, a grassed area on the boundary of the wood. It would be good to let us know you are coming first so we can be ready for you. Or simply pop into the office at Cheshire Falconry. Drop me a PM on here. Thanks all and I hope you can help us out. On the scrounge but worth asking! Thank you in advance. Lee
  10. They can handle a rider and combined luggage of around 19 stone. Any heavier just causes it to operate unusually strange. Luckily I'm an 11 stoner so can carry a few things :-) I have worked with them for a few years now. Thought I would share this pic as we now have one in my other job (my recommendation)
  11. No tow hitch I'm afraid, but you can get a bike trailer for it! Not sure how it attaches though...
  12. Hi all, I will try not to make to all too jealous, but check out my woodland transporter! A Segway X2, you all need one :-) Great for maintaining the footpaths and bridle ways, no more quad or mini tractor! Thanks for looking, Lee


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