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  1. Last night in Horfield Bristol my truck was broken into and from it were stolen two saws and a blower, all Stihl. 1 hand held blower with blue spray paint on it. 1 200T with a Sugihara bar, serial number 170899369 1 362C serial number 177804045 There's a chance they were caught on cctv smashing the boarded window on the tool cab and fishing the saws out with one of our poles. If anybody heard anything or is offered these for sale please can you contact me on 07817 417 529. The truck belongs to the firm but the saws belong to myself and my team mate and are not covered by insurance so any information would be very much appreciated. Nile Cookson.
  2. So... I ran over my "relatively" new Stihl 362C a little while ago. Managed to avoid any serious damage as it went under the car rather than the wheel and the fore-grip acted as a nice sturdy rollcage. It has however buckled this handle and I need to replace it. -Could someone point me in the direction of a good parts supplier I could get a replacement from? -Are they interchangeable with older models? -How much of a ball ache is it to swap out? Cheers.
  3. Excellent, thanks for the tips guys.
  4. Cheers for the tip Jake, Oz treating you well? Loads of the kit has broken down lately including Suzy's DPD throwing a very expensive tantrum, Luke said he needs to cut overheads until things pick up...
  5. Hello. My name is Nile and I really want a job. I have a foundation degree in arb, cs 30,31,38,39, wood chipper ops, first aid at work, an RFS theory certificate in arboriculture and over two years' experience as a climber, one year of which I spent working for the Charlotte NC office of Bartlett in the USA. In addition to contracted work, I have also completed private undertakings for some large clients, including woodland surveying and estate management of tree stock. I'll be available and needing work from January 2nd onwards, I have transport, a full clean driving license (cat. C) and my own climbing kit, PPE and 200t if needed. Contact me with any questions/offers etc. Look forward to hearing from people.
  6. Seems like karma came and gave you a big, wet, slobbery kiss. Good effort Silky, inspirational if I'm honest.
  7. Professional indemnity insurance is a must. If they've asked for a survey then your word forms a chunk of their statutory obligations with regards to the tree. If you miss something or they act in a daft manner as a result of your advice then you could be in trouble as you are their "expert consultant". John, one of the arb faculty at Myerscough, has experience working in consultancy and could at least give you a couple of pointers with regards to risks/obligations.
  8. Couple of years experience, FdSc Arb, RFS Cert done apart from the planting ticket, cs30,31,38,39,chipper. Spent the last year working for the B&NES tree crew via agency but otherwise not really been down south long otherwise and don't know the scene here. I'm really keen to get back on a crew. Anybody got any advice or pointers?
  9. Dirtybrit


    @Minotaur, You're right it does infringe HSE regs not to wear the relevant PPE and I agree that it's safer to wear full ballistic trousers and boots whether climbing or otherwise. But I wouldn't say it is necessarily dangerous not to as long as you work in a sensible, safe and professional manner.
  10. Dirtybrit


    My employer is very heavy on H&S so I have no choice but to wear ballistic boots. Having said that, when I worked in the states a few years ago nobody wore and kind of ballistics, boots trousers or otherwise, in the tree. Never had a problem. As has been said, although the ballistics are really good insurance, sensible work positioning makes all but a good helmet with ear/eye protection pretty much redundant and I'd love to be able to climb in a plain old pair of army boots. Having said that, if the boots are comfortable the extra protection doesn't hurt.
  11. Should have posted this a couple of weeks ago. I recently got my kits inspected by Mike from Loler UK, can't recommend the guy enough. He came to my house in Bristol that night to pick up my gear and returned it before work the next morning. He marked all my stuff up for me and gave me a good, fair price. A good guy and as good as his word, highly recommended.
  12. I'm looking to get my climbing gear LOLER'd for the first time, some of it has been used a fair bit. Might sound like I'm on to a loser right from the off but the reason it's not inspected is that I bought almost all of it in the states. Can anybody help me out or recomend someone?


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