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  1. IRE David H

    Show your tractors

    lights check twin exhaust check switch check agri spec sticker check poor ferguson te20 https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagemachinery-for-sale/massey-ferguson-20-tractor-for-auction-this-saturd/21841323
  2. IRE David H

    Yard security

    or give him a job and allow him to sleep in a caravan onsite
  3. IRE David H

    Bumper fruit harvest at cost of trees

    pull the fruit and try to prop up the branch
  4. IRE David H

    Fings wot broke

    glue nope duct tape or the tyre repair rubber and stick into hole
  5. IRE David H

    MS260 back from the repair shop... not working

    send it to spud
  6. IRE David H

    Older vans/trucks

    oh make sure the wheel arch is good, seen a few patched in that spot
  7. IRE David H


    so it is fair to assume some of it is stolen
  8. IRE David H


    one of the big fairs is going to hit Ireland next weekend, now these boys have makita bosch, hilti stihl husqvarana, and other pro builders and tree surgeons tools. alot of travelers.
  9. IRE David H


    If you planted trees in land or if they grow themselves, the land is unable to generate reps or other grants and so you lose money by planting trees for agroforesrty in Ireland. This has happened to several neighboring farmer I know.
  10. IRE David H

    Old Firewood Song.

    several several times
  11. IRE David H


    if they were doing stumps they should have one of these shredder
  12. IRE David H

    Loads of mogs for sale.

    hmm lorry, mog combine the two. Mercedes zetros
  13. IRE David H

    sawing beach

    right now is the best time, to have it for winter or else wait till winter when there are less leaves,
  14. people buy cheap stoves, or use coal which warps the sides of a stove, I have seen cracks in welds due to heat which damaged the boiler in the back, it was fine for non boiler applications.
  15. IRE David H

    Client / Customer adding to the chip pile

    A chipper is an expensive piece of equipment that could be destroyed easily so answer should be no, if its a bonfire sure go ahead, but no chiper


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