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  1. Good morning! I am looking to get an experienced climber with a good work ethic to join our team in Wimbledon. We are an Arb Approved contractor that does work for Councils, Housing Associations, schools, and private clients. The ideal candidate will have CS30,31,38,39,41, First Aid, driving license, great working knowledge of crown reductions and dismantling. We have a company bonus scheme which pays out about £1000 a year and automatic overtime and time and half after working hours. Please get in touch if you need a change of scenery. tom@microbee.co.uk Many thanks, Tom
  2. <p>15 yrs exp,iv worked all over london had to go up north family things free lance over 9 yrs all kit and tickets section 8 highways, 40-41 large tk,downs with or with out cranes never been dismissed. been team leader more often than not ,theirs not alot work up this way and the pays no good.pleas email me if position is on going.thank <a href="mailto:" rel="">you.griffiths050@gmail.com</a> pspleas keep my email you never know?</p>

  3. Still looking please
  4. <p>Mike, this message has made me realise I never look for private messages on Arbtalk, really sorry for not getting back to you back then! Tom</p>

  5. Hi Folks, ** NO GRUMPY PEOPLE ** I'm looking for a groundie with minimum CS30,31,38 (39?) and driving license. Would suit a trainee or someone experienced to cover large volumes of work, could turn permanent in April if things don't slow down which isn't looking likely! Please send a CV or personal summary to tom@microbee.co.uk Happy for part-times, 3 days a week etc, or people looking for permanent please also get in touch. Best regards, Tom
  6. Hi Folks, I am in need of some "contract skill" from time to time on the usual rates within the industry, we'll negotiate. Could you please get in touch if you are a climber who can genuinely take on any task. We are an Arb Approved contractor based in Wimbledon with 5 or 6 staff. Feel free to ask me any questions. Please email me at tom@microbee.co.uk , I look forward to hearing from you. All the best, Tom

    Thank you for the responses so far, please keep them coming
  8. Good morning or afternoon, We are looking for a competent and good-tempered staff person with a minimum of CS 30,31 and 38, to join us immediately so we can get back to full strength after someone departed to chase after a woman, it's always the same... Pay will range from £80 to £135 per day depending on experience and qualifications, please do get in touch even if you are team leader level. We can offer full time or part time on a contractor basis, you will still be covered under our insurance. Please email me - tom@microbee.co.uk with a quick personal summary. Many thanks, Tom Microbee offer professional and affordable tree management surgery and services in London and across the UK
  9. Experienced London Sub Climber needed

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a very experienced climber to work on an ad-hoc basis. I need someone excellent at crown reductions and also able to take on very large tree removals using a HIAB. I am happy to discuss daily rates, and am more interested in safety and proficiency than trying to get a bargain. Please email me at tom@microbee.co.uk Best regards, Tom
  10. Hello Everyone, I need a climbery groundie to work on a negotiated day rate, for at least a few months. We are a small to mid-sized company, 2 or 3 teams, that work for Housing Associations, Managing Agents and a few London Boroughs. CS 30,31,38,39 as a bare minimum please. We generally have a good time, nobody has been seen creeping into the chipper with a tear in their eye, anyway. We go THROUGH THE HOUSE about once a week which always causes a lot of emotion, but I think most companies do this. We are pretty relaxed, but with a keen focus on getting everything right and keeping everyone safe. Please get in touch if you fancy a change, or want to discuss anything about us. CV's or personal summary please to tom@microbee.co.uk Many thanks! Tom
  11. Hello everyone, If you want a better job than you have now, or if you have just got your tickets, please get in touch and I will try and offer you the best possible opportunity at our company. Please email your CV or a personal summary to trees@microbee.co.uk Many thanks, Tom
  12. Trainee SW London, CS30/31/38 needed

    Still looking!
  13. Trainee SW London, CS30/31/38 needed

    Ok, two people so far, but no CS38 for either. Please get in touch!
  14. Trainee SW London, CS30/31/38 needed

    Hello everyone, I am once again stubbornly coming back to Arbtalk having found almost every employee I have ever had come from here, but it seems very difficult this time! But, I'm sure the right person will crop up soon! Please get in touch if you are an enthusiastic newbie who has just qualified and wants rapid skill gains from a company with a wide a range of work and skilled staff who will nurture you well. Please send a CV or personal summary to trees@microbee.co.uk Best regards, Tom
  15. Oh heck, everyone's got a job as usual???


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