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  1. its the 55hp isuzu. . and i dont think you would find a cheaper cm 220 with a turntable. . with the ammount of hours ours has done.. . .it seriosly is a monster of a machine. . dont really want to sell it. . but need the cash. . . would like to buy it back off the buyer if they ever wanted to get rid of her
  2. hello for sale is our greenmech cm220 55hp 9 inch chipper it was born in 2003 and has only done 475 hours it has a 360 degree turntable which is perfect for the awkward jobs where space is limited.. it has served us well and the only reason we are getting rid of her is because buisness is a bit slow down in devon and we are going to downgrade to an older smaller model. . as i mentioned the chipper is in devon and veiwings are welcome. . we are looking for about £7000 for her and a part ex with an older/smaller chipper would be considered. . any more info give me a ring on 07532105871 or private message me. . cheeers
  3. we are still on our first tank of fuel and we have only been running her at half revs so it is nothing to do with running in. . . will look into the crank seal though
  4. mine has a 36 inch bar and it is still acting up.. . . i think i am gonna take it back to the dealer and get another one. . . not spending £1000 on a saw for it to mess up after 1 tank of fuel
  5. Just bought a brand new ms 880 from the local dealer and i havnt even worn it in yet and i am having problems with it. .it gets really really hot and its as if the chain is wanting to seize up etc. . . .and it is making a funny noise. . . (like a cluth grinding or something). . I have checked oiler and tension on chain etc. . . .. Anyone else had this problem before? And does anyone have a soloution. . . . Otherwise i think i will have to take it back. . . Lol
  6. just to let everyone know the chipper is still avalable. .
  7. hello just got into the planking of big trucks that we have taken down and was wondering what is the best way to charge for planked timber and what are the size/width of plank that is most desirable. . .we are using the alaskan mill with an ms880 . . cheers
  8. izusu grafter tipper truck. . . . . or the izusu rodeo can legally pull 3.5t the tipper can also leggally carry 1.5 tonne on the back. . . . tis a beast
  9. we are back on the job tomororow if i find it i will post pictures. .
  10. ARBO-SAFE was the karibena
  11. was a steel karibeaner and was rated at 30kn and it wasnt a huge piece of tree really. . we had lowered the same size/weight section out of an other ash tree on the same job yeasterday. . . . . it could have just been the shock of the tree was too much for it. . . or we were abusing it? . .just seemed a bit extreme to me. . . btw we still havnt found the karibener to see how it broke. . .
  12. taking down a huge ash tree today and was lowering it down to the grond from a v at the top of the tree when all of a sudden the caribeana gave way it was an arbocare one and was only a year or so old. . . has any one else had this happen to them?. .


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