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  1. Selling my copy of Gerry Beranek's Fundamentals Of General Tree Work. Good condition. Link to ebay: The Fundamentals Of General Tree Work WWW.EBAY.CO.UK <p dir="ltr" style="margin-top:0; margin-bottom:0;">The Fundamentals Of...
  2. Looking for Consultant Arborist who can act as a professional witness in an injury claims case. Obviously I can't discuss the case here but please recommend someone or put yourselves forward if you are qualified to act in this capacity. Thanks.
  3. Am looking to get Personal Injury insurance that covers me for both work and recreation, specifically mountain biking & snowboarding. I've seen it specifically for work or sports but not combined. Any recommendations please?
  4. Rich i know SRT helped you gain a few inches on your ankle but lose a couple in height
  5. Looks great. How do you get the dark colouration, paint?
  6. boomknuffelaar ha ha:) thanks mate
  7. Maybe moving to Utrecht in the near future so am planning ahead. Looking for work as a subcontract climber, 6 years experience. Aiming for March as a start date. For detailed information, CV, references or just a chat please PM and we'll go from there. Dank u wel Stuart
  8. Hey Steve, glad to see my "064.5" has made it onto youtube . cant wait to get my hands on it. Am thinking of getting the bar chromed and a nice green metallic flecked paint job, i think flames would be overkill though Stu.
  9. I will inspect both the cylinder and piston, clean the cylinder, rework the piston and see how it looks along with the rings. If it looks borderline, I remembered that I put a new piston in Wolfman Eds saw and it was fine - that was a Meteor one. I will be stripping it down today and will have further images and news tonight. It was a MS650 that broke a ring - chinese parts, brittle rings!!! Cheers Steve

  10. My number: 07941 852 773

  11. Cheers Steve, do what you think is best. Much appreciated

  12. Hi Stu,


    just remembered, the 066 piston will fit your 064, it was the MS650 that doesn't and I had trouble sourcing, will see if your one cleans up and if it doesn't, will fit an Italian Meteor one. Cheers Steve

  13. LOL Walthmstow is the a-hole of London. The place and people look like something from Zombie Apocolypse, mutants!
  14. Just quoted for a job on the opposite side of London from me and need a tip site in or around the Walthmstow E17 area. Cheers. Stu.


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