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  1. McDonalds Leytonstone E11 Have a new special menu item!.............It's called The Big McSqueaky made with freshly Grilled Tender pieces of Mcmouse served in a sesame seeded bun with mayonnaise.Salad and Cheese if they haven't eaten it already? Plus you can have Mcmouse Shit Sprinkles on your McFlurry!😂 They got an immediate closure order on them from WFCouncil Food safety found dead mice.shite pieces of food left on floor which was filthy equipment wasn't cleaned either. Trouble when you take eye of ball in name of max profits by selling franchises loose control of quality!
  2. Tell me whenever "they're" not Yanking our Chain?
  3. All the Branded power tools like Dewalt/Maki/Hitachi are are Screwfix/Toolstation spec coded to them so have to deal with them.
  4. Stiga seems another "Badge Engineering" firm? like so many KBH is pretty good
  5. Mine does when you stick it on it!😮😁
  6. Yeah Kwaka powered(Power head)rest is by? Lawnflite think did one and Mitox listed one But not sure if motor is decent Kwaka engine? There was one on flea bay looked at but needed plug lead head sorting(Bare clip) and fuel bulb leaked made an offer but declined in end sold. My one is proper japan machine.
  7. What Kwacka Saki you have? i'l be selling a KBH48 with a spare one to go with it plus bags of spares ine new carbs/pipes/filters etc
  8. Anyone used/tried one of these? It's an animal! had a play as came with the old/dead fuel issues so had carb to bits & fettled plus picked up a "New" oe carb for it for £50 posted! Have Stihl square 3mm string on T55 head modded guard/skirt with the trusty Leatherman Charge XTI(Saw/wavey blade etc)so string misses edge of it now so had it running with a foot either side of head! Devastation to all and sundry Sedge grass where? Funny thing is it's dam heavy but don't feel it/any of it when using unlike others that are lighter but pants! Mind it does like a drop of the 99oct green(Stihl syn 2t oil)Monkey juice.
  9. Nothing to do with you using them/those sites at all But when you get "Heard you had an accident/your parcel needs paying/CHL/DPD/Royal Fail/Parcel Farce/Car tax/Income tax/VAT/coming to arrest you plus a whole load of other scammers on your case etc then you will understand
  10. Always better to split numbers/personal info or best is pm or will have every scammer bot for miles and Nigeria on your case! 07777-123-456 or ./'( etc as most websites get swept and this site has a link to Arse Book
  11. Hi how tight have you got the Chain? also look inside cover as looking at specs it's an outboard/off saw clutch so how does it look inside cover where brake band is?
  12. Wonder if Badgers Ring piece has a Rockwell or Shore Hardness Rating also? And would it be Semi or Full Chisel Ring piece sharp?
  13. Also stuffed with sawdust/trimmings like an Xmas turkey around confines of around drum won't help! Esp if cut conifers etc
  14. Another way to check if rings ok or not if not sure gauge is right? is to drop a little oil down bore leave a short while so runs top of piston then give it a pull see if registers higher?
  15. E10 is less Calorific than E5 and non E so uses more fuel for same bang along with absorbs moisture more than E5 Methanol also destroys rubber/non ethanol proof parts inc tanks! It's caused all sorts of Shite in USA with so many things when some(many) have loaded tanks and pumped more pure ethanol inc going through tanks and matting on floor! As USA is lax with controls on what fuel is put in petrol stations. There's some on you tube that fix saws that had it go through floor. Ducati had an issue with it destroying bike tanks had to go about sorting. Ive always used Super with Stihl (Greeny oil)that has stabiliser in everything. When was down Radmore & tucker guy there was saying about not using E10 in things. There other thing also with old fuel left in which increases with E10 is corrosion/Rust on internals! Got a 555RXT last week that had the Old fuel Syndrome/illness/disease(Can be hard to start but won't idle or does then dies and don't pick up on throttle)Machine even thought 2011 serial numbered is mint inside casing Can is still shiny silver! and crank casing yet when had carb apart the screw by metering had some rust/corrosion on it! Gauze filter was covered in cack so cleaned out with Brake/carb cleaner so back to shiny! cleaned rest so now runs! So something else to be mindful if leaving esp outside in sheds/garages


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