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  1. Out tomorrow all going well Clacton way on the Beach as got someone meeting to pick some rods up from me Plus have more to sell and Reels friends not going so selling there gear off.
  2. Just typing similar thing in as you posted!
  3. Hi did you "Set" check the torque wrench before using? esp from new.on low torque but not just on free/unwound torque somethings up then tighten few more times and redo so mechanism is "clicking" out as needs to or torque setting esp at lower rate can be way out. What wrench you get from HalFrauds for £80??? There Pro range is Britool .Facom who own Britool. Are they Shear bolts? designed to fail if jammed so blade comes away rather than destroy unit? there are also ones that are stretch bolts so torqued up but need to be replaced for new ones next time? Use them a lot in Auto trade esp on Cylinder head bolts!
  4. Wonder if that two want to get a Room together?😮
  5. Stihl/Viking are one as Stihl own them became Stihl toshed over in 2019
  6. Not it's a Poxy Early Ford D series Good keep the Junk in Norway and no we won't swap it back for Xmas tree!
  7. Too much salt is a diuretic also most you get in packet stuff is poor type sea salt/Himalayan is better as got more minerals in it. Too much fluid is as bad as too little it flushes out minerals and vitamins and best way is watch pee colour dark like tea is not enough but clear/very light is way too much and you can drowned from too much fluid! Not a pleasant death either!
  8. Yet Isotonic as it's the types of salts etc you need to combat cramps and other things as drinking lot's of plain water can flush everything out so you become deficient. One of the things we did when at Cemetery when hot like this and that place was like an oven this time of year but a dam deep freezer in winter! Was soak T shirt in cold water and when got fridge rolled up and left in there then swapped over once mine had dried out. Also thin ice pack round small of back cools just like a warmer will heat you in winter.
  9. Could be you crossed the String when wound it back on spool! But take spark plug out to unlock but unless your throwing fuel down it's chops by cup full doubt hydrolocked? As leave a while and would be ok and Compression on them is best described as "Adequate" Take puller off and you can turn engine with a socket and ratchet bar pref with ignition off! We started one with my Impact driver and socket before when pull start broke
  10. Has he landed next to the fridge to see if there's a beer in it? He's Saying Hey where the Fooks my Mrs Cadbury Milk Tray? mind could also be Saying "Hey Bud Here's your Amazon Delivery"
  11. The Masks don't stop you catching it as often caught through your eyes like did with Ebola and other viruses but it does stop/lessen you spreading the droplets you spray when talking for one. So there thing is if everyone does same lessens spreading risks.
  12. Think must have same family doing Media for many companies as so many seem to be Tarred with the me me me pat on the back/minimal info Bullshit Brush! Like it's us/we so don't enquire any further just go out and buy but do buy now like one of those Cheesey Yankie Cable Adverts. Have same issues with Daiwa amongst others with an info "patch" and some BS pictures that only show you part of (Rod) and is shared across many products yet want you to go spend £500 plus when can go buy a Zziplex or Century that know what it's going to do and has info. Then look at there reels! with there BS tags which happy Jappies love.Super ? superdooper? digigears and so on yet tells you bugger all and if doing a Grand or two on a Saltiga/Dog fight you want to know all you can but many seem to hold us to contempt but then squeal like a Pig being gangbanged by an Herd of Elephants when sales drop through floor! Then blame everyone/thing else but not themselves! At least with your website you do have info and try as best with limited BS from suppliers! Worst ones are ones that just copy and paste the BS without thinking does this Shit make any sense? Have an advertising/media dept yet can't think to check things useful before just posting up and if an on line company that is your shop window which all see!
  13. Do you mean when you pull it's not turning or does it not rewind? Mower/internet will have springs for them if it's that
  14. Other one also when was fluid last changed? As moisture is another one that causes it and moisture ie water expands etc under load as get's heated. We had a Council contractor dustcart sounded awful could hear the thing halfway to next city! Veola why does that sound like a sexual disease?
  15. Sometimes they get air trapped in rams often caused by high heat and fluid pumped a lot allows it to be come aerated why many hydraulic units have coolers(See them on side of tipper/pumping tankers up by fifth wheel coupling) Similar in way to with water system when get with water pipes making a racket!


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