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  1. Rim 325 fits Husqvarna 136, 141, 242 Chainsaws - 501 45 74 02 | L&S Engineers WWW.LSENGINEERS.CO.UK Rim 325 fits Husqvarna 136, 141, 242 Brushcutters Genuine Husqvarna Part OEM No. 501 45 74 02 Suitable for the...
  2. Chain wasnt that bad did two passes on each tooth. He got the Stihl kit &5Litres of oil. Asked him what got etc? Just a spare chain! Some offer with Saw. But hes well happy showed him angles &how to File and how regularly plus Rakers&turning file after awhile on holder ,Chain Tension as was a bit tight! But Hes a Happy as Larry no one had told/shown Him. Those teeth are tiny! Saw looks ok though. And My Keyboards space bar is broke!
  3. Hes a Nice ole boy always help you out grows some great things mind crazy fearless at sea in his little boat!😄 It's good to help out
  4. Was talking about it as in customer service way keep your customers returning so keep sales! which many seem to lack in the skill department these days!😷
  5. wondering if he has oil hasnt come back to me if has!!! "yes sir loverly saw just the thing you need best since sliced bread put your pin in here.bye be careful on way out" Wondering if thats how the chat went when bought it as if i was selling kit it would be have you got the kit ie right sharpening kit/oil/jug/mixer/fuel can? these angles you file etc tension chain like this. So guy feels welcome and not like been smacked in teeth while wallet raped!. As he don't seem to know much about the saw! Hes not doing major jobs just pruning type but blunted it on apple tree he says! Got one of those all in one sharpening kit things today it's a Sthil copy but they used Sthil pics asked if the item said yes so done not as described/fake item for a refund mates done loads of late. Teach them. but actually looks pretty good does make you wonder??? I know when world cup was on years back we was selling snide Tops! Except they wasn't they was coming out of backdoor as either 2nd's or there loop hole that can sell over stock or something like that they have? had the hologram logo also plus i had some of the team ones you couldnt buy only went to teams was happy days
  6. Gardening/plant Wizzard(Very Green Fingered Ole boy)we go fishing with has got one of those saws which is blunt by sounds of it said got a spare chain now! Said i'd sharpen it for him tomorrow when we go fishing but it's a 3.2mm file mine are for 325/3/8 etc said pick one up in morning hes Bournemouth way but looking pretty hard to source? Been looking Chichester way as were heading Selsey way see if i can get or further up A3/A23 way? Sh!tefix and Poopstation are useless everything but! Can't believe Dealer didn't put him onto a kit! What angle you file on the OE Stihl chain?
  7. Nothing like a good long blast from a 3 foot air horn on top of truck to clear the Local neighbourhood of wild life! Funny never seem to find any horses around once get round the corner!🤣
  8. Yep my Magazines on the Theoben are made from it.
  9. So it isn't the 3/16 5/8 Giggling pin that fixes the two halfs of the laughing shaft together so they interface with the Wobbling grommet
  10. Could have a sweepstake sort of thing/guess the part? I spy with my little eye something beginning with? Mind probably will never return as asked on a million forums already?
  11. Does he mean either the Delrin buffer that fits in clutch cover to guide chain that you replace once worn? some have one others two. Bumper Strip for Stihl 084, 044 - 1121 648 6610 | L&S Engineers WWW.LSENGINEERS.CO.UK Bumper strip Genuine Stihl Part OEM Part No. 1121 648 6610 Suitable for the following Stihl Machines: 084, 044, MS 460... Or the steel plate in there? Inner Side Plate 0.9 mm for Stihl MS440, MS460 Chainsaws - 1128 664 1001 | L&S Engineers WWW.LSENGINEERS.CO.UK Inner Side Plate 0.9 mm for Stihl MS440, MS460 Chainsaws Genuine Stihl Part OEM Part No. 1128 664 1001 Suitable for... I thought bar at first but says has 20" one so must have bar? Maybe those Bat powered saws have hidden Tech?
  12. Most only one pay packet from Homeless! many live beyond there means. Friend that when was Manager (Now top dog)never bought and still don't new cars.Used to turn up to meetings/conferences in the ole Skoda Octavia(Czech Panzer)All the other tried taking pee out of him then had to go Stum when he asked them how much there BM's/Mercs/range rovers etc made for them last year? Amusing when told em his made him around 15K after running costs! ie service and tyres etc yet they was paying tax etc on theres mind them told was retiring at 55 as didn't waste cash on daft holidays. AS he says atmo if wheels don't turn on the car for month no matter as paid for.Audi S6 All road (panzer Wagen) tool n half 2.7 TDI.other is A4 2.7TDI Make the cars work for you not someone else is way i was taught so try to keep within your means ok sometimes things get a bit beyond but have to be sensible as many will deprive you of as much cash as can!. There throwing leases and personnel ones out like leaflets atmo!
  13. Backside is hanging out of many situations at moment! Many are in the poop or car leasing as no cash to pay plus mortgages and other debts we was talking about that earlier funny enough. Much is going to hit soon as deferred payments on likes of mortgages but that ends soon so have to pay again but no work
  14. It's real as buried many that havent made it but also suspicious about many motives from .gov there talking garbage a lot of the time PPE isn't there know too many in the medic trade for the nurses etc to be lying. Think the Motto "save the NHS" is yes save it from being too expensive for us being .gov There quietly trying to put on the menu with trumps trade deals along with Chemical foods! They don't want you to be Sensible/have Common sense that's not part of there game plan they want all to be in fear so scurry when they bang the drum. Read some of the crap like you can't sit out in the open with just family members well away from others getting fresh air and sunlight but it's ok to walk around the streets breathing in others germs. You can't drive to somewhere out quiet away from town so have a good walk etc on your own.Get but emergency services if have an accident blah blah blah.But it's ok to go there on your bicycle! So stay at home! Emergency services have been very bizzy shed loads of fires big increase with so many at home with electrics cooked plus other things catching fire! A&E been bizzy with DIY disasters galore Eye surgeons said never had so many bad ones also. But have in my suspicious mind things that are going to happen or they will try to. Already bumped congestion charge up in london and fares gone up on tubes along with blocking all the roads so can cycle into everyone! yet bicycles have little revenue return.
  15. Stihl have a Chinese tie up have a factory there bought up wing wang wonky woo woos Bat factory it's on Stihls web page


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