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  1. Do I spy an old wooden Scarborough reel on the top right hand shelf ? Nein it's an Alvey thing have two of them both different used as line spools
  2. 111 sending Ambulance as can't breath chest is like being sat on and lungs cold. Mind most likely say ear infection? Other week in A&E where found them doc said no infection! Well when i did my coaching stuff Green/Yellow means infection and brought up some gear that could have repaired crankcase with!
  3. Hi thinking of/forced into selling all my kit which is three saws spare bars some still unused inc chains.Wedges.sharpening kits.kit bags .Stihl Ballistic suit.chaps.boots and loads more even Grandberg 12v sharpener! Have to wait three months for a 2nd CT scan to find if have Lung cancer or not or what it is as had a cough for long time and breathing is poor. Could even be from Glyphosate! have nodules in them small comiss seems Clots have broken up!
  4. Impact wrenches are totally different to bar and socket which are constant Torque where as impacts are shock which often won't turn shaft so not putting force on engine parts. Whipped bolt out of crankshaft pulley on car didn't even move crankshaft and could have been an issue as two types one has to be pegged other it's ok
  5. spin speed increases with battery size! ive drill.Impact's going from 3 to 5 there is a change in no load speed. Project Farm on Poo tube did a test on cordless tools and batteries and increased speeds. Interesting one was the recips cut less when went to the huge batteries some are making. cutting increased as went upto 6amp but when larger was too fast so blade just made heat and cut less as teeth can't find stuff to cut
  6. Which battery are you using? the 6amp spins it faster apart from longer run time they also do some off board connection for some items know the 24 volt drill had that so battery could be on belt etc cable connected by a plate
  7. That was the reason likes of Spitfires could run very high boost on super charger stages and max for longer than the Messerschmidts could with there inverted fuel injection the carbs on Merlins cooled the fuel as drawn through unlike Fi
  8. The Old Gauze filter blocked things from old fuel and saw dust
  9. there are some 346 bits floating around on ebay there is also golf piston with rings and bit £20
  10. Give a Man a Fish and you Feed him for a Day! Teach a Man to fish and you Annoy the French for a Lifetime!
  11. Esp when the Saw has an higher IQ than operative!
  12. That chart is USA injuries from a long time back and USA saw use is totally different to UK as UK use is far safer with less injuries plus much on that chart is from not wearing PPE as if wore leggings wouldn't have the lower injuries. Plus so many of theres is Home plonker use and when you see some/lot's of what they get up to you soon understand. So comparing that chart from 94 and USA V UK is like comparing flying around Europe in 1940's to flying now. But better PPE is that is easier to get on/properly designed/Fits well Along with cooler on a hot day so don't have brain death in the heat! with gear shaped to work in not like going for a Sunday roast so have room to be able to climb up/over things/swing round and not feel like one of those pre war divers with lead boots as nothing saps your concentration better that trying to keep cool/dragging heavyweight togs on you for a day plus it slows reactions. But if there was a statistics chart would guarantee would be 1 Pro user ie trained to 100 plus Noddies! Saws get picked on as make a noise and Dangerous do read/see stats on Hand saws.Hedge trimmers.Circular saws.Angle grinders.Paddies Motor Cycles.Drills and so much more implements! Remember years back there was a mass Hey Hoo on PTO shafts due to injuries and deaths one was making sure outer sleeve turned/Stayed still from inner shaft and covered ends with clips! Was at Writtle Agricultural College doing a course on tractors and implements they had all new shafts fitted to there kit! H&S was hollering and hooting & many places had their rear ends fisted! But anything to do with Machinery is Dangerous you lessen risks by being mindful and being aware of your actions.
  13. McDonalds Leytonstone E11 Have a new special menu item!.............It's called The Big McSqueaky made with freshly Grilled Tender pieces of Mcmouse served in a sesame seeded bun with mayonnaise.Salad and Cheese if they haven't eaten it already? Plus you can have Mcmouse Shit Sprinkles on your McFlurry!😂 They got an immediate closure order on them from WFCouncil Food safety found dead mice.shite pieces of food left on floor which was filthy equipment wasn't cleaned either. Trouble when you take eye of ball in name of max profits by selling franchises loose control of quality!
  14. Tell me whenever "they're" not Yanking our Chain?
  15. All the Branded power tools like Dewalt/Maki/Hitachi are are Screwfix/Toolstation spec coded to them so have to deal with them.


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