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  1. £60 just about get a cup of "Trendy" Coffee if lucky!☕ Forget the Croissant well outta price range! lol
  2. @spudulike will be along with his Breakdown truck
  3. Hi says on clutch >OFF if think about it it's same way engine turns chain! or would just undo! I'd go full rattle just need the Shock as a clean thread it's just where been driven tight. So quick burst should do it. Unlike my dam Crankshaft pulley bolt that needs wanging all the way as thread lock coated
  4. Hi nope ive undone/done up wheel bolts with same Rattle driver 1/4-1/2" converter and 1/2" socket so a clutch is Phaff your not undoing only as such shocking it to break where it's been under load reason why trying to do with spanner/ratchet need to stop crank turning while something like a blunt cold chisel? and whack with hammer or rattle gun does it without needing to stop crank turning
  5. That wire is oil pump drive on inside of drum is a recess that picks that wire up should line them up when replacing drum, was going to say about sprocket looking worm! To remove clutch if have an impact driver/wrench? use a socket on hex in middle then quick rattle to the right if not something blunt on outer edge of clutch and a whack with hammer it's not the force but the quick shock
  6. Have you used the Decompression button? makes life somewhat easier on the testicles! Never going to Rev/ring like a smaller saw as bigger piston so more rotating mass but lots more torque/grunt which is what there about where as small engines are all about revs ie more lively
  7. What area you living in? as i find gear in many places on my travels as find some on gumtree/Flea bay/ my forums
  8. How about the sharpening kit? as need to give the chain a zip round every once in a while Chainsawbars do the kits 558550 Oregon Pouch with 4.8mm[3/16"] Oregon Round Chainsaw File WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK 558550 Oregon Pouch with 4.8mm[3/16"] Oregon Round Chainsaw File 56050071028 Stihl Filing Pouch with 4.8mm[3/16"] File WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK 56050071028 Stihl Filing Pouch with 4.8mm[3/16"] File
  9. Maybe your Nuts?.Rake bar clean if using old one.in Sharpening kit there is a tool for it but something that will run down slot in bar will do as need to clean old saw dust n crap out of there plus can clean n grease sprocket on end of bar if has a G port? I clean/rake out round end of groove and sprocket gap as bits get wedged in there moving sprocket back n forth till looks clear heavy oil in there helps bearing if no grease port. to check bar specs re gauge n pitch should be stamped just outside where fixing point is. clean air filter!
  10. Don't forget in rim sprockets there are small and large sized Rim sprockets(346 is small)Number 5 needs reg greasing. To get clutch off something like a punch or smallish cold chisel theres the ones that end with a small flat tip or chisel with a blunt/flat on it.On face of clutch theres a recess says Off by it place chosen object in/around recess and a smart whack on it with hammer to the right/forward undoes it. Often esp if not sure on history or if worn/bearing dry! to replace Bearing.Rim sprocket and Drum as a kit in one As often because need to remove clutch as outboard the bearing don't see much grease!
  11. Only "Port" with Stubby i think it would get is from a Bottle!🍷 Think you mean @spudulike Hes the Brum Brum man
  12. There is the mini/micro/low pro 3/8 also. On mine ive got a Sugi hara 325 .050 bar and chain Thinner kerf than 058(width of the cut) stuck with 15" as a good all round size. The new Oregon EXL is good many seem to like it as cuts well. To change rim sprocket if hasnt put a sprocket hub onit?Rim type is like a ring that chain runs round that slots over sleeve on brake/clutch drum so just remove clutch and sprocket just slides off put new one on push back in remembering to grease roller bearing! make sure seated on oil pump drive splines! screw clutch back on " Left hand thread" spin drum to make sure seated! The other the drive sprocket is built into the hub so have to change whole unit. Chainsawbars has videos on it all and wear on sprockets CHAINSAW MAINTENANCE - Chainsawbars WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK How to maintain your chainsaw from the air filter to fuel consumption, watch our videos on how to ensure your... SPROCKET CARE - Chainsawbars WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK
  13. Looks like could do with a good spraying of ACF50 on those steels parts before the Tin worms looks for desert! New Sneakers look ok though
  14. https://www.parkers.co.uk/vans-pickups/mitsubishi/l200/2015-review/ Many various tyres on them inc BFG Mitsubishi L200 tyres - buy online today at Blackcircles.com WWW.BLACKCIRCLES.COM Find great deals on Mitsubishi L200 tyres at Blackcircles.com. Order your tyres online and select a fitting...


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