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  1. My little Husky not been used for 6 months. Pumped through fuel and she started 3rd pull but would then not stop revving high even when the throttle was not being touched. Any simple solution for me to look for? TIa
  2. Graham I have a friend who wants some lessons and I am worried I might tell them the wrong thing! If you were teaching a novice what would be say 5 rules which would apply to all styles? Guy
  3. How much of a sin is it to allow/cause the pleacher to split into the ground rather than bend over without splitting?
  4. Our second lockdown hedge, most of the thorn is dead, was very thin at some point as full of rails, but now mainly blackthorn. Mrs OG is my gopher and keeps me up to the grind stone! Will post some finished pictures but can,t see it due to the pile of waste.
  5. The delight we get when we do this hedge,this little chap turns up everytime.
  6. a picture of the wife and my "lockdown hedge". Only posted it after hearing you guys talking about loving the regeneration of an old overgrown hedge. This is one we let grow up for CSS expecting to get grant money to relay. We was stitched up but it still needs doing. Not been done in at least 50 years, love finding old pleachers buried under the trash at the bottom. Will be a style unknown to you experts, "North Wilts modified", big bale string to hold in place, pleachers laid "so a lamb cannot get underneath" as told by me Dad. The main thing is "regeneration" of the old plants, all planted in about 1860.
  7. I wear top half of an old thick cotton boiler suit and welders arm protectors. Do a brilliant job of stopping all the scratches and pricks!
  8. The said hedge is 15 miles away in the Cotswold water parks, so overlying gravel.
  9. Gimlet Many thanks for your comprehensive reply. I will pass on to the neighbours and see if I can get them to leave it alone. What is your mix of species in your area, I think of Dorset as been lighter soils than here in the Thames valley, but I suspect the livestock areas are as much clay as we are.
  10. gents, really nice to see all the activity on here, partly makes up for there being no competitions this year. I had promised myself I was going to do the local ploughing match after prevaricating for 5 years so really fed up. What is beech like to lay/ My MIL neighbour has planted a beech hedge and my wife has offered me to lay it? How young would you dare attempt it? TIA Guy
  11. No, not allowed by her in doors to stop on the bike for long enough. Got to take my exercise but at least I'm allowed to take it places I enjoy! It's not actually an avenue but a grove in an open part of the park near Cumberland House. Did not stop long enough to read all the plaques under the trees but certainly some interesting shaped oaks and leaves.
  12. having searched the internet for details of this avenue went to Windsor Park today on my bike and stumbled across this. Mystery solved, another trip planned for the autumn to go guerilla acorn hunting! Came across this oak hit by lightning recently. The park was awesome.
  13. We have engineered boards in our kitchen, been down 7 years. I think we were given the choice of 3 grades. Chose the middle grade few knots, 2 or 3 boards have knots which should have been filled but not a single board filled as in your picture. afraid I do not know the brand. OG


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