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  1. Has anyone come across a light brown flux/wetwood type exudate on a Horse Chestnut? I have seen it before but never really taken much notice of it. I saw it recently and it did concern me, annoyingly I didn't get a photo. Any pointers to what, if any, effect it may have would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks Jon, that's a fully detailed answer and it is appreciated.
  3. Thanks Paul. I see that course as more training, rather than a system?
  4. It's a good point, that I don't know the answer to. If a private business is asking "are these trees safe" because they are carrying out a Health and Safety Audit, are you saying they need a TRA? And if they do, do you NEED to be licensed/trained in one of the systems listed above? If you aren't, are you running a risk yourself? Does qualification/study and experience not count as enough?
  5. Thanks Jon, but I am more than aware of insurances and how that works. My question is: If you are carrying out Tree Health and Safety Reports, do you need to be using any of the known systems? Put it another way. Say you are a fully insured Arb Consultant (10 years on the tools and 10 years as a TO for eg) do you need to be using any of the recognised systems listed above. I know they are useful, just needing to know how important they are in legal terms?
  6. I would like to ask what are the minimum requirements in terms of quals and experience for carrying out TRA's and/or Tree Health and Safety Reports. It appears that there are numerous 'systems' out there at the moment, TRAQ, QTRA, VTA, VALID & Helliwell etc, but what risks are you taking yourself if you do not use any of these? Is there any case law out there whereby someone carrying out a report that had consequences due to their lack of a system? If that makes sense?
  7. Why do you want to fell the tree, because of the parking issue? Picture?
  8. Nimby

    RPA for hedges

    The RPA of a hedge is not properly considered in the BS. There are numerous (100's) types of hedges, managed and un-managed. The BS advises that a hedge could or should be referenced on a Topo if it is necessary. In terms of RPA, common sense needs to be applied. If there's a chance the hedge may be compromised during the development process, analyse the soil type and structure etc. Fencing may be required or in certain situations, ground protection could suffice. The species, type and size should be considered when considering the RPA. In summary, is it a 'good' hedge? is there a chance it could be damaged, if so, what is the best way to protect it? Is the soil a shrinkable clay? etc.....
  9. Ok, I have now read the thread and as ever with these issues, it doesn't make sense. With respect to Bullish, have you (if possible) spoken to the Tree Officer for the Council. I wouldn't post this sort of issue on here as it's just guess work?
  10. With respect Edward, you are a person involved in trees but most people are not. If there are any discrepancies with trees on a site, a TPO and a potential new owner, the solicitor deals with it. Well, they do when they contact me for a copy of an Order. I should probably read the whole thread
  11. Sorry, not really read all the thread. If you are purchasing a property are the solicitors not dealing with the issue? You shouldn't need to get involved?
  12. It's social media, ignore it and move on. If you respond, you will fan the flames of trolls. If there are no birds nesting in the hedge, the works are not illegal. Flail cutting a hedge, certainly if it's Hawthorn, will benefit the hedge.
  13. Have you tested them for decay? Use a nylon hammer. Submit an application for removal and take it to appeal if you have it refused.
  14. The Ivy is the best thing about the hedge. Leave it and just prune the hedge as normal.


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