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  1. That's interesting. I always thought they were the same as told available elsewhere but with a slight tweak to the model number so they could claim it's an "exclusive". That seems to be the game played with other goods. For example, many exclusive home appliances at places like AO are the same item but under a different name or number. Which specs aren't great on those models? And where have you seen them cheaper? Cheers
  2. Likewise. We've got a section of our house with concrete render / roughcast which we'll be removing next year. We'll then leave the stonework exposed and repoint in lime. Unfortunately though, there's another section of the house that is already exposed stone, but was pointed with standard mortar. Seems the verdict is that removing the current pointing would cause too much damage, so we're stuck with it as is. Bit off a thread derail, but hey - it's all interesting and good stuff!
  3. I agree - looks great (as does your dog Conor). Huge area so must have taken quite some time. Did you repoint with lime? As for the cordless, I've gone down the DeWalt route and collect tomorrow so will see how I get on Not likely to buy many/any other cordless drills, but you never know I guess. Thanks for all the replies and help
  4. Fantastic responses - thank you all very much! A bit tied up right now, but will respond more fully soon. Until then, thanks again
  5. Hi folks First up, in case anyone hasn't seen it there's an extra 10% off at Screwfix until midnight tonight... So I've been thinking to get a new cordless drill set as my old Ryobis are completely passed it. These two options have really caught my eye and with the additional money off come in at just over £160 which seems a really good price. They're only for home DIY use. https://www.screwfix.com/p/dewalt-dck2060l2t-sfgb-18v-3-0ah-li-ion-xr-brushless-cordless-twin-pack/337kv https://www.screwfix.com/p/makita-dlx2336s-18v-3-0ah-li-ion-lxt-cordless-twin-pack/896hy Some of the things that my inexperienced eyes have noticed: - DeWalt is brushless, Makita isn't - DeWalt has LED lights on both units, Makita just on the impact driver - Makita has lower torque and speed - Makita possibly has more overall fans, although DeWalt do have a fair share and I have read of people switching from Makita to DeWalt and being happy. Seems more the other way round though. - Both items get great reviews on Screwfix, but the companies get bad reviews on TrustPilot Before I toss a coin to decide, I thought I'd ask the people of the forum your thoughts. Cheers
  6. Also, I was just thinking... I guess there are actually three options actually. A lot of direct air stoves / kits only allow for partial external air and are not room sealed. As such, the options are: - Room vent (or no room vent if 5kW or below) - but either way, air pulled from the house - Wood stove with partial direct air (so pulls air from outside and inside) - Wood stove with full direct air / fully room sealed. Cheers
  7. Hi @Conner and @Alycidon Returned to the forum just now to post a new thread, and realised I hadn't thanked you both for your replies to this one. So a rather belated thank you! Ta
  8. Hi all A bit of background: I live in the Brecon Beacons surrounded by a lot of trees and a stream, all of which I presume lends to the high relative humidity (RH) in my house. It often sits in the 70% region and sometimes even creeps above 80%. In times of high RH, opening the window is counter productive and causes it to rise. We use a dehumidifier when it's at its worse. We have a wood burner in one room, which does not have a direct (external) air feed. It's not been in long, but it does do a good job of reducing the RH. We'll soon be installing a further two wood stoves. I totally see the sense in direct air in as much as it will minimise drafts, and negate the need for a vent which would let copious amounts of cold air into the house... But when it comes to humidity I can't get my head around it. No direct air to the stove means more air changes and air circulation in the house (I think?), which could be looked upon as a good thing. But then again, it also means more air coming from outside, where the humidity is higher, so perhaps it isn't such a good thing. And maybe that's all too basic a way too look at it anyhow. I wondered if anyone out there has a better understanding of the science behind this and could explain which option is best and why, when it comes to humidity? Many thanks
  9. Hi folks I'm in the market for a couple of wood stoves (or multi fuel, but no plans to burn anything other than wood). I'm very drawn to Dowling Stoves, but there aren't a great many reviews out there. And obviously they do things a bit differently than most stoves you see from the better known names. So I wondered if anyone here has one if they'd be happy to share their experiences? Or for that matter, even if you don't have one but have thoughts about them it would be great to hear fro you... Many thanks https://dowlingstoves.com/
  10. Thanks for the reply and photo @bilke_user Lovely dog! They're good at getting the best spot aren't they? When the fire wasn't going earlier in the year, ours developed a habit of sitting on the hearth and looking at us as if to say "What are you bloody waiting for - it's cold in 'ere!!" Interesting and re-assuring to hear yours had internal rust even before you'd used it. How has that developed over the years? Has it got progressively worse or settled down? Have you ever treated it in any way? As for the log guard, I'm surprised to hear you've had to change it that frequently. What's been happening to it? Warping, burning through, or ??? Cheers
  11. Yes, sorry, you're right - it does have firebricks, I should have said. They were removed when we were checking and for the photos. Thanks for all the additional replies. All very helpful stuff
  12. Thanks @Gav73 - that's good a re-assuring to hear. And would you say the inside walls have the same level of rust? Can you remember if it rusted up soon after getting it? Cheers
  13. @monkeybusiness - fair play, thanks for sharing your thoughts on it. Didn't realise that RE the baffle plates. Or rather, I knew they needed replacing sometimes but not that often. So presumably the inside walls of your Clearviews have similar amounts of rust? Cheers
  14. Hi Many thanks for all the replies. Interestingly, the guys who sold it to us said it is unusual for it to rust as quickly as it has, and are currently looking into it. I could understand if we'd had it a while, but after a couple of months or so of use I must admit I'm surprised too. And more so, the first two pics were taken after just one fire. It's re-assuring to hear you guys say it's to be expected, but that leaves me a bit confused now. The baffle plate and the worse of the back of the stove seems a bit more than just surface rust and are pitted. See a close up below of the baffle. Does anyone here have a Clearview or Woodwarm, and if so how's yours on the inside for rust? The whole flue/chimney liner was a brand new install (with a cowl too) so we're pretty sure there's no water coming down. Will do a bit of reading on the subject but any views in the meantime would be great. Many thanks


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