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  1. Thanks @spudulike - I really appreciate the help. I thought best to check about the TF-90 - and more generally the use of carb/break cleaner - because someone told me that they can damage certain plastic and rubber parts. They recommended instead something like Gunk or Jizer. Point taken RE air compressor / air gun. Perhaps I should look to get one, as I'm sure it will come in handy for other stuff. I've never had one though and know nothing about them. Any recommendations for a novice / occasional user? Cheers
  2. Good morning. Had to go to work on Thursday so tday's now the day.... Turns out I don't have any carb/brake cleaner after all. What I have is this: TF-90 Fast Drying Industrial Cleaning Solvent and Degreaser Spray | Action Can WWW.ACTIONCAN.COM Action Can Manufactures & Distributes TF-90 Fast Drying Industrial Cleaning Solvent and Degreaser Spray, Industrial... Is that any use? And if so, as the main cleaner instead of white spirit? Or as the flusher/rinser instead of the carb/break cleaner? Thought I'd best check as I don't want to do more harm than good! Cheers and have a great weekend.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply and the help, much appreciated. I actually reused the spring/coil piece from the old boot, rather than the salvaged one from the chainsaw. It has two right angled prong bits, whereas most of the others I've been seeing have one. Anyhow, because it was the "original", the holes in the HT lead lined up nicely so that was good. As for cleaning, I don't have a compressor, but I do have white spirit and carb/brake cleaner. So do I use the carb/brake cleaner to kind of rinse it (I've never used it before!). And are there any areas that I need to avoid, or can I go ahead and clean every bit I can see? Presumably the white-ish stuff is some kind of corrosion? Again, sorry for being such a novice! Cheers
  4. Hi all OK, so it's a bit late in the year to start the strimming, but I've been busy...! And so have the mice. The little bleeders have had a feast on the spark plug boot. Local shop didn't have any replacements, but I have a defunct chainsaw and have taken the one off that to use. Is that ok? Are they quite universal / interchangeable, or model specific? Whilst I've got the cover off the machine, is it worth giving it a clean up (photos below)? If so, what's best to use? Sorry for the basic questions. I'm not much of a machine man! Cheers
  5. So sorry - totally forgot to come back to this to say thank you for the help and replies. It was only a small section of fence that needed repairing after a tree had come down onto it. In the end, the farmer said it did not need to be all that tight, so I just tightened it manually and put the tool away But I will try to get some chain to use with it for when I have larger fencing jobs to do in the future Cheers
  6. Hi A while back I picked up an old tensioning tool for stock fencing but haven't had a need to use it... Until now! I'll attach a photo. I can't wrap my head around how to use it, and so far have not been able to find any videos on YouTube using this kind of tool. Could anyone who knows please explain, or link me to a description / video? Many thanks
  7. Thanks for all the thoughts and suggestions. I'll be the first to hold may hands up and say this is a quintessential first world problem! But it's the firebricks in my stove that I find really ugly, being the pale yellow-ish colour that they are. Especially when the fire is lit and bright and you can really see them. So I was hoping to paint them so they disappear more. I'll also be giving the baffle plate a once over at some point and was planning to finish with some paint on that too. No big problem though if no paints would be suitable. The VHT paint that @Macpherson linked to above looked hopeful. But reading the instructions for it, I'm not sure how I'd do that sure if it is suitable. Perhaps I can check with the makers... Cheers
  8. Hi I'm not finding anything beyond 650C after an initial search. Does anyone know if higher temp paints are available? It's for internal parts, not the stove body. If 650C is as good as it gets, is this suitable? It's not specifically for stoves, but... High Temperature Spray Paint 500ml Matt Black WWW.TOOLSTATION.COM Safe working temperature is up to 650°C. No primer required. Touch dry in 15-30 minutes. Ideal for use on the surfaces of... Cheers
  9. I went for the DeWalt set in the end. Haven't used them yet and am starting to get near to my 30 day return deadline. So following the advice here, I've had a look and tried to compare offerings from other sites. I had to give up in the end. There are so many different model numbers, and then slight variations to the same numbers... To compare within one brand would need a degree in power tools. To do the same for all competing brands would need a PhD! What I did find is that whilst the Screwfix set seems to be exclusive to SF, the individual tools - DCD778 and DCF787 - are available to buy in a few other shops. Taking the impact driver (DCF787) as an example, the best bare unit I could find was around £70. Which to my mind makes £160 for impact driver, drill, case, charger and two batteries quite a good deal. If anyone can find or knows of a comparable set for less money, or a better quality set for around the same money, please do let me know. I'd love to hear before the deadline to return is reached. Whilst I am tempted to splash out and go for a more professional better quality and more expensive set (or Milwaukee, etc), I don't think my use would justify it. I do like to buy well and buy once, but these tools might get used solidly for a week or two, then left for a month. Once the house is renovated, they'll only see small DIY jobs around the house, and things like fences, wood shelters, etc. outdoors. But that won't be all the time either. So I didn't go el cheapo, and not super pro either. All ears to any suggestions. Cheers PS - even the DeWalt batteries are hard to compare! Some are block with a yellow button and some the reverse. Is there more to it than just colour? Does that signify different quality ranges or something?
  10. That's interesting. I always thought they were the same as told available elsewhere but with a slight tweak to the model number so they could claim it's an "exclusive". That seems to be the game played with other goods. For example, many exclusive home appliances at places like AO are the same item but under a different name or number. Which specs aren't great on those models? And where have you seen them cheaper? Cheers
  11. Likewise. We've got a section of our house with concrete render / roughcast which we'll be removing next year. We'll then leave the stonework exposed and repoint in lime. Unfortunately though, there's another section of the house that is already exposed stone, but was pointed with standard mortar. Seems the verdict is that removing the current pointing would cause too much damage, so we're stuck with it as is. Bit off a thread derail, but hey - it's all interesting and good stuff!
  12. I agree - looks great (as does your dog Conor). Huge area so must have taken quite some time. Did you repoint with lime? As for the cordless, I've gone down the DeWalt route and collect tomorrow so will see how I get on Not likely to buy many/any other cordless drills, but you never know I guess. Thanks for all the replies and help
  13. Fantastic responses - thank you all very much! A bit tied up right now, but will respond more fully soon. Until then, thanks again
  14. Hi folks First up, in case anyone hasn't seen it there's an extra 10% off at Screwfix until midnight tonight... So I've been thinking to get a new cordless drill set as my old Ryobis are completely passed it. These two options have really caught my eye and with the additional money off come in at just over £160 which seems a really good price. They're only for home DIY use. https://www.screwfix.com/p/dewalt-dck2060l2t-sfgb-18v-3-0ah-li-ion-xr-brushless-cordless-twin-pack/337kv https://www.screwfix.com/p/makita-dlx2336s-18v-3-0ah-li-ion-lxt-cordless-twin-pack/896hy Some of the things that my inexperienced eyes have noticed: - DeWalt is brushless, Makita isn't - DeWalt has LED lights on both units, Makita just on the impact driver - Makita has lower torque and speed - Makita possibly has more overall fans, although DeWalt do have a fair share and I have read of people switching from Makita to DeWalt and being happy. Seems more the other way round though. - Both items get great reviews on Screwfix, but the companies get bad reviews on TrustPilot Before I toss a coin to decide, I thought I'd ask the people of the forum your thoughts. Cheers


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