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  1. The problem is the figures are hard to come by. They’re either not collected or not public. Or in the case of minor injuries, they’re never reported. That’s why I need to come on to forums to ask for people’s experience.
  2. I'm not claiming to be a pro, I'm simply trying to gather other people's experience. The saw did pinch a few times yes.
  3. I was chopping a tree that was already felled. There were branches to cut off before chopping the main trunk into more manageable logs for fire wood. I thought the chopping of the branches was particularly dangerous as there were trips hazards. I also felt that the chain would catch easily on branches other than the one I was cutting. There were also times I felt some kickback.
  4. Yea, this project is still on going, its pretty lengthy. I've used a saw but really want to gather more than just my own experiences.
  5. I'm carrying out a bit of research around chainsaws for a project in university. Have you ever had a close call or an injury? I would appreciate any discussion around chainsaw injuries. No names will be taken, no insurance companies contacted so feel free to be open in your comments. This is for my own understanding of the types of injuries/ potential injuries involving chainsaws. Whether it was you, a friend or "a friend" involved in a close call or incident, all information will be useful and appreciated. Cheers!
  6. If you think of the questionnaire asking about the ideal safety protection, one that works reliably and does not get in the way. Would you pay for that? That is our goal.
  7. I am currently carrying out research regarding chainsaw safety. We are targeting users with less experience of a chainsaw to get their thoughts behind how safe they feel when using a chainsaw and if it was possible would they pay for a more safe product. I would greatly appreciate if you could fill in the survey from the following link, it will only take 20 seconds, cheers; QUB Chainsaw Research Survey WWW.SURVEYMONKEY.CO.UK Web survey powered by SurveyMonkey.com. Create your own online survey now with... I am aware that the best way to improve safety when operating a chainsaw is through good training and the correct use of PPE. However these elements may not always be present as is evident though the injury stats. If you are a more experienced user, please feel free to fill out the survey as you would have when you first started out. Also, feel free to throw about some thoughts in the comments, thanks.
  8. I completely agree with your first part there. I think it is still worth while trying to protect the armature. There were something like 28,000 chainsaw related injuries in America last year. If like we agree most of these will be by the untrained, lacking PPE amateur, then we should design something to reduce that number.
  9. I think if the user is wearing all the correct PPE and is trained in using a chainsaw then the risk of injury has been greatly reduced. I believe that most injuries occur when the PPE and training do not exist and that is where I’m trying to reduce the risk of injury
  10. Yea this is the point of my post to bounce around some ideas and catch a vibe. What do you mean improving on the designs? Of the existing PPE and brake? My problem is if people are getting injuries because they aren’t wearing their PPE, that may not be the chainsaw manufacturer responsibility but could the risk of injury still be reduced by a modification to the chainsaw (like a device as stated)
  11. I would agree that most injuries are human error but that’s not to say nothing should to be done to help prevent those injuries.
  12. Yes I would say a very high percentage of injuries come down to human error. I’m suggesting a device that could even prevent injury against human error by detecting it and stopping the chain. The proper solution would be to have every chainsaw user fully trained in how to use a chainsaw but I believe people would be more likely to buy a device or a chainsaw with the device fitted to decrease their chances of injury rather than take a chainsaw course.
  13. Yes I believe it essentially senses moisture. Which could be a disaster for the chainsaw. I do think your point on the big guns not figuring it out is very valid and something I fear before heading too deep into research on this.
  14. Academic as I need a project but I will also need a business plan I guess there is some theoretical financial interest in the long run.


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