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  1. Brilliant. Cheers for the replies that's saved me a lot of hard work in the summer heat. I'll save it for winter in future. I've just learnt the hard way Thanks again Matt
  2. Hi all I'm pretty new to milling. Did my research before is started. Many on here and books. Just need abit of advice on where I'm going wrong or if it's just bad luck. In the last few months I've milled a few large yew, beech and oak. The yews fine but the beech and oak have split. The stacks sheltered, woods stickered and the end grain has been sealed with oil based gloss. I've milled an oak up this morning and don't want the same to happen to this ! Any ideas of where I'm going wrong ? Cheers Matt
  3. Cheers Jon Im the one who PM'd you earlier. I'm new to this messaging lark so im not 100% if im doing it properly. Ha
  4. Cheers Eddy. Any ideas on where I could get one from ?
  5. Ha ye its mates rates. I get it at not much more than cost to the store. That's good about the 660 tho. I wasn't really bothered about the new 661. Ive bought a 261, 201t and a 150 all from new and had problems with them all ! but the 660 is tried and tested. Cheers
  6. Hi All Im wanting to get into chainsaw milling but after reading the forum im in need of a bigger saw than the ones I've got. Just wondering if there are any saws out there that people know are for sale? Ive been offered the new stihl MS661 for £735 inc vat from my local dealer. But im not to fussy if theres a second hand saw out there that would do the job. Cheers Matt
  7. Cheers people !! Cant wait to try out some of the methods. Its probably going to be the only time I'm going to be excited about getting covered in sap !
  8. After taking a conifer down in 25 degree heat my arms were bloody caked in sap. Its doesn't really bother me but when in comes to wash it off its a whole new story. Obviously long sleeves and gloves are the best remedy Normal soap is a waste of time! Washing up liquid and a scouring pad was still a no go. Then moved onto a tub of industrial soap with bits in it. (not sure of the brand name). Still no luck! In the end I had to resort to using a wire wool soap pad. It worked after a decent amount of scrubbing but wasn't the nicest feeling on the planet, especially when getting in the shower afterwards. made a right mess of my arm! This is not me being a girl but just made me wonder if there is anything better someone's picked up along the way? Cheers !
  9. The only time really its 'dropped' is when ive done a felling cut towards me and left the saw in the back cut to stop a branch from snapping out. Other than that its not really had any drops.
  10. Ye I keep it clipped up so it doesn't get caught in any unions. I only noticed it had broken when it was passed down for re-fueling.
  11. No worries. Ye definitely keep an eye on it. Its abit disappointing but hopefully a one off
  12. Had my little Ms 150t for about a month now. Well impressed with the performance and weight ! Unfortunately this morning the metal loop what you put your strop on, popped out of the fitting and bent. Lucky the larks foot on the loop stopped the saw from splatting on the ground. It wasn't miss used in any way and I use a bungee strop. Only usual banging around the tree whilst climbing. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem ? Cheers Matt [/ATTACH]
  13. Just picked up mine this morning off the back of the feedback you guys have been giving about it! I cant wait for work on Monday
  14. Cheers for the comments people ! I think im going to go with the zigzag. Do you reacon if i attach a swivel onto the bridge of my harness then attach the ZZ to that, it would stop the rope burning problem ?
  15. Ha ye big stumps. It was being cleared for blasting at a quarry. Stumps were left big for the digger to grab. Ha. Everybody needs a lump hammer The lad who face planted tried swinging on a dead branch. He's not the brightest!


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