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  1. Gear-less, tail-less retreivable redirect

    As I've said, tied correctly in the right place, it shouldn't come out accidentally. I do see your point with slack lengths, but this could apply to any redirect, or even base anchored systems in the event of a limb/equipment failure. I tried it with a twist, but personally felt it decreased the loading/cinching of the bight, maybe it can vary with rope types? I'm predominantly using it with Cougar Blue, perhaps a softer rope would have a different behaviour in the cinch? Haven't tried this yet but I see what you mean. I'll give it a go. If you were in the situation to retrieve from the static end, perhaps just a drop through a fork would give better results? You need a fork for this redirect and rolling a loop from above could be an issue. Assuming you mean DdRT, I'm intrigued how you'd tie a static redirect in a dynamic system without incorporating extra rope or hardware. Could you explain your idea here please?
  2. Gear-less, tail-less retreivable redirect

    See above. I'd happily use it while routing down the outside of a segment of canopy on a reduction, or a stem removal etc. Tied correctly, in the right place, there is no reason for it to undo itself without you expecting it, though it does need planning on where you will put it, where you will retrieve it from and where you'll be going when it's loaded.
  3. Gear-less, tail-less retreivable redirect

    Hi Paul, hope you're well. I'd say that this would fit into the short term-static category. I wouldn't imagine I'd hang on it for two hours, but then again I'd not imagine hanging on any redirect for that long very often.
  4. Gear-less, tail-less retreivable redirect

    It shouldn't do. It needs more of a loop rolled to it than a flick. It will stay in with a shaken rope if tied correctly. Obviously if you do flick or shake off some branches then be sure to check it's all still in place before loading it again
  5. climbing set ups

    Be good to see you there if you're coming along. We'll here the usual array of gear set up
  6. I came up with this a few months ago, as I was getting boggled by the complexity of some of the gear-heavy retrievable redirects that were being posted. The original inspiration was a Precipice Knot (ABOK #391) but obviously needed to make it a bit more bomber than that! It's been tested by a few SRT guys including myself in the meantime and between us we've deemed it safe. It might not look it, but honestly try it out and let me know what you think of it. [ame] [/ame]
  7. hus 576x man enough to run 25'' bar

    24" no problem, 28"is ok in softwood, wouldn't want to be doing a lot of hardwood with anything over 24"
  8. Thankyou to everyone who came and helped, competed or just came to spectate. The event gets bigger and better every year and it couldn't be done without the people who are there. Any feedback on the weekend would be appreciated, we like to know what we're getting right or what could be improved on. The results are all below
  9. They're not part of the cutters and climbers but Acle garden machinery will be there with a range of arb gear.
  10. New way to tie the Apline Butterlfy Knot?

    It's a fast and cool way to do it. I've seen it before, Adam Bourne showed me it a few years ago. It's the only way I tie butterflies now.
  11. You 'avin a laff? Yes if you're there for half 8 Saturday but you'll still need to pay gate entry
  12. That's why you should enter the comp and get entry and camping free
  13. I think you're about right there. Are you coming Tom? The poles have gone up today
  14. The setup has begun. Looking forward to the weekend!
  15. You can have a go but it won't count Why not compete on the bdb now you've seen the light?


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