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  1. Alright lads and ladies, im after around 20 poles of larch at 6-8" diameter 4 meter length but not too fussy on exact length. Not machined or treated. Im about to start a few round wood timber frames and looking for a small supplier in North England . i know it's a bit of an odd request but there could be a wider market for poles like this in the future with rustic buildings and glamping sites being a popular venture. Get in touch if you have poles in yard or woodland that I could take away ta mike
  2. Im looking into moving to steyning and would like to try find some work around west sussex. Does anyone know any companies working chestnut in the area or doing forestry work? I only have my 30/31 at the moment so forestry work would be limited but have my own saw. Id even be happy working in a yard helping prepare firewood? just looking for a few days a week. any leads would be welcome. thanks Mike P
  3. I'm based in south Bristol and have experience working mainly on council jobs. Have an interest in woodland management but no qualification. I'm a good worker and have my own ppe but no saw. If anyone needs an extra pair of hands get in touch Mike - 07825459771
  4. Ta for the resonse and if you do get any work (John) give me a shout. Would be nice to have a go with some coppice work
  5. Not been in Bristol long but love walking through leigh woods. Thanks for the history! something to think about when next travelling through. Many thanks
  6. Now then all, Are there any Coppice workers around Bristol on here? I've Just started working In the Bristol area and would like to work with someone practicing sustainable forestry. I've read plenty about coppice, walked through many coppiced woodlands and done some Green woodworking and am Visiting Ben Laws house late this month but would really like to work with someone practicing the art.
  7. Not expecting such a debate on the subject. We can forever search for new facts and figures on the subject but they are only one result from one group of scientists research into their particular hypothosis. I am not well read on the subject but know that I would like to eventually work with horses as apposed to tractors.... Just after a little advice..... other than "buy a horse"....
  8. this is a lovely piece of work
  9. I'd love to work on horse logging also... know of any way i could get into this?
  10. i know that there could be a growing market for the production of bio char... most my ideas would work on the small scale. don't know about big companies?


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