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  1. Hi, finished for the season and the farmer wants his barn back. Not sure how many m3 there are but you should be able to judge by the photos, although I have used some cord since I took the photos. It is all 2-3 years seasoned and has made excellent kindling. Access directly from the farmyard with no height restrictions so easy to get at. Ideally one person needs to take the lot as seen in order to completely clear the barn. PM me if interested. Cheers.
  2. Hi, I have around 25-30 m3 of mainly douglas fir and a small amount of leylandii. It is 2 years seasoned in an open barn and is nearly all sub 15% mc. Diameter mainly 20-30cm, originally bought to make kindling. Maximum length about 5m. Excellent access directly off farmyard. Buyer collects and no help available to load, but you would be able to work on site if you need to, for instance, cut to shorter lengths. Offers please for the whole lot as need to free up the barn for other uses. Thanks.


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    <p>I thought I'd get in touch with you because I saw your posts about using your sawdust usefully.</p>

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    <p>We're in the process of setting up a micro-AD plant from which we will have spare heat going to waste. We'd like to use it usefully by drying wood to produce a renewable fuel so we may in the future be able to help you get rid of your sawdust if you wish.</p>

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    <p>How much are you producing?</p>

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  4. Hi, I am trying to get hold of some sitka spruce cordwood samples, ideally 5 x 2m lengths up to 15cm diameter. If they turn out to be what I need I would need about 100 tonnes later in the year. Happy to pay for them and collect. I am near Gatwick so the closer the better. Anybody out there who can help? Cheers.
  5. Hi there, I am looking to dispose of sawdust created from cross-cutting softwood in my Japa 300. In terms of volume I now have half or even maybe a whole transit van full. It is very clean having been swept from a sealed floor inside a barn but will obviously have a very small amount of chain oil in it. It is currently bagged in large thick plastic sacks, which ideally I would like to keep hold of or at least have returned to me. The cost: FREE to anyone willing to collect assuming I get the bags back or a small contribution so I can buy more sacks. Location: Near Outwood, Surrey (RH6). Let me know if you are interested. Cheers.
  6. Hi there, I have bags upon bags of dry and very clean sawdust, probably getting on for a transit van full. It has come from cross cutting hardwood and softwood on my Japa over the winter. I was lined up to sell it to someone who makes pellets but that has fallen through. I am based on the Surrey/Sussex border. Anyone in the area on the lookout for a regular supply of clean sawdust and is prepared to pay something for it? Can deliver locally. Cheers. Phil
  7. Hi there, continuing my trend of daft questions from the new starter.....I have the use of a yard and have acquired a stock of douglas, poplar and lime cord that I will be making firewood and kindling out of. I naively thought that I could safely manually handle logs 4m long and 10in diameter but they are just a bit too big. I therefore need a handling machine that can grab a log or two at a time to bring it to the Japa cross-cutter. I also need the machine to be able to fit forks so I can move pallets around and put on pallet racking 2m to 3m off the ground. I have looked on the internet at tele-handlers and also Bobcats but the choice is bewildering. Any bright ideas? Clearly the cheaper the better! Thanks
  8. Thanks Huffy that helps a lot. A million tonnes of firewood a year in the UK, up 60% on 2009 wow demand is really growing quickly!
  9. Someone asked me a simple question the other day which I have no idea how to answer? The question is: How big is the UK firewood market? I suppose you could answer this approximately by answering some different questions such as: - How much firewood is sold in the UK each year? - How many households have an open fire that they burn wood on? - How many wood burning stoves are there in the UK? Anyone got any idea how to guesstimate an answer to this? Cheers.
  10. Hi, I have been offered some cedar to put through my kindling machine. Does Cedar make good kindling? Any potential issues I should be aware of? Thanks!
  11. All extremely helpful. What a friendly bunch.......I love it! Larch it is then
  12. Hi there, this is my first post so here goes........and I’m afraid these are going to be very naive questions. I am about to get my hands on a Fuelwood Kindlet and have a ready source of local community buyers for the finished kindling but I have to admit that I am struggling with sourcing the raw materials. To be even more specific, I am struggling with what to ask for! I have a cross-cutter to create the 6” rounds so need an initial batch of, say, 20 tonnes of hardwood/softwood logs around 2m long. Therefore my questions are: 1) What should I be asking for? Is it cordwood? 2) I am assuming that softwood will be easier to get my hands on but roughly how much would I expect to pay roadside in the south-east? Grateful for any advice. Cheers.


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