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    Patrick very approachable. Site easy to find and turn around. Plenty of room to unhitch chipper, back truck around, dump and re-hitch. Used twice last week, will be using again. Only slight issue is the road leading to the site can become clogged with school traffic, so try and avoid school pitching out time and I would suggest accessing it from the A21/Sevenoaks side for the same reason. Many thanks Andrew Linney
  1. Hi Patrick, Whereabouts is the work please? Andrew
  2. Just a thought but if you went for mesh sides, you could ziptie company name/logo etc printed on a board to them which would both stop the chip coming out and advertise your company name at the same time,,,
  3. Sittingbourne, Kent. And yes I gather there had been “issues” previously,,, Bloody things will need felling in a year or two
  4. Agreed, I was really surprised by their attitude: apparently could not care less how long I took, what I did or did not do. On my way down I offered to remove smaller branches that were almost touching the wires and they said only if you want to. But they were clearly going to cause a short out imminently. Weird. The trouble is the customer wanted as much left on as possible. Rubbish job from start to finish. Very glad to leave. A
  5. And finally, on Tuesday 21st May, UK Power Networks got around to turning off the power for an hour or so,,, They also had a bloke in a MEWP who earthed it, just in case,,,, Thanks for all your advice Andrew
  6. Just been looking at local council TPO notification for a property I have been asked to work on and although it states "No TPO's listed", there is something nearby about a TCA but I cannot find it written in full. Can anyone enlighten? Andrew
  7. Which model do you have? I have just bought a 2nd hand DANequip 25SP Have you managed to sort your issue? Andrew
  8. Finally managed to copy n paste a pic!! A
  9. Just checking,,,, Asked to reduce a line of Leylandii by my groundie. He was going to hire a MEWP. He assured me there were no targets or issues nearby. Got on site to discover a sub-station in the middle of the 100 yard line of 70ft Leylandii !!! Have worked around them leaving the trees adjacent to the sub-station alone. Uk power network are coming to turn the power off in May for an hour and are bringing a linesman to earth the cables in case of a surge (!) I have not done any power line work before: Should I have specific insurance? (can't find anything in my 3rd party policy) Should I have specific courses or kit? I have only done CS 30, 31, 38 and 39 but about to do 41. If it helps, the sub-station is on a H shaped frame, 3 large naked cables at @50-60ft high, with a grey transformer whotsit sat in the middle. Be grateful for advice, thoughts A
  10. Cheers all. Demo was good. Liked the design and layout. Everything easy to get to for servicing etc. The 2016 demo with 6 hrs registered did had quite a lot of roller wear?? My only other worry is that it is maybe a touch too small (155mm infeed and 24bhp). Still dithering,,,
  11. Sorry to show my ignorance but what's a "gypsy stick"?
  12. Demo today of a TP 155. Anyone got any experience good/bad? Cheers Andrew


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