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  1. Got to say as someone who suffered a broken leg from a hung up tree, I think anything that keeps the operator further away from suddenly moving massive bits of timber is a good thing. I personally go for the longest bar and lots of hard thinking/talking about possible scenario's with team before going for it very carefully. Hate them+++
  2. Going to stick my neck out here but I think you cannot judge any race or group of people and label the whole group as such. In both my NHS career and during tree work, I have met some decent gypsies. My experience is generally: if you treat people with respect, you will be treated respectfully in return. Having said that, we also caught 2 blokes in a white Transit on our Farm "looking for scrap". They were prevented from leaving, and the police called. One known to the police. They got a verbal caution for trespass and that was it because they had none of our gear on their Transit. We were advised to keep the main gates chained going forward: which at 6am in the dark on my bike is a pain in the arse but??? Same crew turned over a big house about a mile away about 6/52 later that was unoccupied except for the builders,,, Same Transit and id meant the police had something to work with. A
  3. Hi You don't say what your current level of experience and/or where you are with ticket "collection". You'll need to hold NPTC 30/31/32 (old numbers) before you can apply for the 34 as I understand it. Windblowns are known as widow makers for a reason,,,
  4. Own 535 536 and 540 top handles plus a 535 ground saw. No issues with the earlier saws but have had a battery drop out of the 540 and multiple issue with batteries not being inserted fully home with inexperienced groundies. It appears to be one battery only out of 3 that seems to be causing the issue with the 540, probably just wear n tear. Velcro strap from new rope purchase is our quick fix but it soon gets lost. There will be a lawsuit sooner or later and a Husky recall but as it stood 2/52 ago FRJones had 150 batteries on back order and an unknown wait time for new batteries, (I have been waiting since Nov) so any new recall design will not be in near future IMO. Its a shame, 540 is otherwise very very good. A
  5. Invested in 3x brand new Petzl lids which were sent from FRJones to Coventry where they were expertly fitted with a Sena 10 comms system back in Sept 21. They have been awesome on the whole, literally life saving on occasion but also makes the job much more enjoyable cos you can chat as well. We won't be without them. Easily the best bit of kit I have bought for some time. BUT 5+ months down the road, they are starting to reek. So anyone got any suggestions on how to, er, "polish yer helmet,,,"🙄 but without damaging it/them? (Cue inane comments,,,) Cheers A
  6. Where are you based? A
  7. Thanks. It's an old machine (2004) and a touch temperamental but when its working, it does do a good job. Changed cutter belts, time will tell. Cheers A
  8. Grinding a number of fair sized S Birch and oak stumps today. Brand new drive belt and teeth but I (perhaps foolishly) decided that the cutter drive belts were ok and so didn't replace them. All good until the end of the day when I noticed one had come off whilst grinding an oak stump. On refitting it, I noticed that the grinder drive wheel had got hot, almost too hot to touch. I supposed this might be transferred heat from the friction of constant grinding, particularly on the oak stump. But maybe because of this stored heat on the wheel, both belts got spat off almost instantly or maybe they were just worn out? Or are the drive wheels getting hot because the belts are getting worn and are slipping? On my machine, if there is too much pressure on the cutters, the belts offer a screeching protest, so I try to avoid as much as possible. Thoughts? A
  9. Hi Pete_08, Interested in your quest but I am failing to see what useful data you are going to elicit from this survey? Also, if this is really for a Uni degree, why is there nothing about the ethics of asking random strangers questions? Has this survey gone through an ethics committee? If it has, why have you not given a reference or link? If it hasn't, what on earth are you up to? Which University and what course please? Andrew Linney MSc
  10. I am still present and correct. Your concern for my wellbeing is most touching, not. Update: business continues to grow, investing heavily in kit. Just completed SRT. About to undertake HGV medical. Once that completed, prov licence application will wing off to DVLA. Probably will do Class 2 but we will see, new options now available from HM Govt in light of current HGV driver shortage. 140 poplar contract is underway but modified to fell and re-plant. NHS work only occasional atm, which suits me. Ta for advice, again A
  11. I think "maybe" but probably no. IMO having a secure base for all of the above the probably one of the most important factors in deciding on your start up. Ideally you also want a burn site for all the non-chippable arisings. It depends on how risk-averse you are but again ideally you'd want it to be where you live because when you start up, everything is down to you, so you might as well be physically there to reduce the commute! When I started up, the guy I bought my truck from had been hiring out a lock-up in the centre of a city which was near where his truck was parked. Everything had to be walked back to the lock-up from the truck at the end of every day. Reason for sale: missus had pulled the plug cos he wasn't making enough money. My insurance specifies the chipper must be secured to a immovable object and in a secured compound or its not insured. Bottom line: find somewhere as a base for you and your gear within your chosen work area to minimise commute etc. Good luck.
  12. Apologies for the out of order photos. IT is not my thing,,, Hope it makes sense anyway? Thanks again A
  13. Thanks to all for comments and advice: the timber is safely moved! Please see below, the learning curve was vertical but actually the worst bit was driving it all back home,,,
  14. I Thanks. Yes it is to be milled into planks (sorry for not making that clear). 2x other smaller 10ft sections to go plus a lot of Poplar lumps to be shifted elsewhere on site.
  15. Help, I have a 10ft (long) by 3ft (diameter) Atlantic Blue Cedar log that my landlord would like back at base to put through his processor. We are a small company and don't have any heavy lifting gear. Looking at hiring 2.8t excavator with grapple to lift onto a 3.5t trailer but not sure that machine will be big enough (hire company said max lift 0.9t only). Tried the net and it looks as if similar species (white atlantic cedar) would be ~750kg, assuming I have got the measurements correct. Apologies if this is a foolish question but I am trying to avoid getting the hire gear onsite to find it won't actually lift the log,,, Cheers in advance Andrew


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