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  1. Just had a big glass of wine, so please forgive spelling/syntax issues,,, 1st year's Ltd company accounts are due in 22/8/20 after a 3 month C19 extension. My accountant has asked for £1500 up front plus £200/hr (ffs). In his pdf splurge (12 docs in total: as if I don't have anything else to do), he also sent me docs that were clearly for another company. I sent him 8 questions via email 6 days ago but have not received a response. My accounts are with him but he is waiting for my signed whatever-the-f- it-is commandment which he got wrong (one of the questions). I have been with him for about 2 years now, as a sole trader and have never been impressed. Can anyone recommend a good, honest, dependable accountant? Is it possible to get a set of accounts turned around for HMRC in 3 weeks (all my numbers are in EXCEL format, all receipts time ordered and filed). Cheers A Kent, J4 M25 if location matters
  2. Yeah, tell me about it. Silly cow kicked me out of the house to screw her married boss and now she's on her own and can't work in traffic any more (she loved it there, such a shame). Best thing she ever did from my viewpoint!
  3. Spud Thank you. Very helpful. So I have found out that because I was cautioned by the Trafpol at the time of the offence, the 14 days waiver thing does not apply. I am apparently looking at a Band C or D or maybe E fine + a ban likely for a month but could be more, it all depends on the Magistrate. Naturally I will go to go and plead everything I can think of and I have looked into paying for a specialist solicitor to help but haven't done anything yet. Maybe I should give my divorce solicitor a ring tomorrow, she was brilliant dealing with the ex's b-s (who happened to be a traffic cop ). Trying to prepare last year's accounts just now, which is another story,,,, Cheers A
  4. I have really done it now,,, Working away, locked down. Called back to old NHS job (I resigned April 19 to set up tree business) and so got the KTM Duke 690 back on the road. Working at Evelina Children's, St Thomas' and it was good to be back seeing everyone again. Roads were lovely and clear,,,, So Monday 27th April going home. Off the Old Kent Road is an overpass that does a nice right hander before dropping back onto ground level. Its one-way, no pedestrians, no turnings,,, and I usually do go a touch quick around it. I have never seen a traffic car near there before. So you can guess what happened,,, bit more throttle than usual, round the bend, coming down off the ramp and spotted the cop car. Hard on the brakes+++. Pulled over. Very polite coppers. Showed me the laser gun reading: 71mph, in a 30. Oh f*ck. And then I started thinking about it as I rode home. OMG! Clean licence. 7 years NCD on the car. Truck is insured for anyone over 25yrs old so its not a complete disaster. But here's the thing: nothing has happened. No letter, nowt. I have asked around and apparently it can take months. I completely accept it's my fault. Just going too quick. And the funny thing is I chose the Duke because it wasn't too fast (tops out at 115mph) but it does have a massive mid-range and I clearly have no self control,,, Its the waiting that's the worst,,,, A
  5. Probably a stupid question but,,,, Do you get high winds out there "in the middle of nowhere"? The reason I am asking is I can't see what is holding the roof structure to the framework. I am no engineer but it occurs to me that if there was a strong wind, the roof would act as a massive sail and could be lifted off unless it had tie-down straps. Apologies I am stating the obvious and I just can't see them on your pic. A
  6. 30/31/32/38/39/40/41 LOLER up to date Called back to NHS for obvs reasons but now available Ring/text 07920 078458 Andrew
  7. Looks like Sevenoaks, Kent from his previous postings,,,
  8. Just applied for BBLS with my business bank as a Ltd company but YES sole traders can also apply. Looks as if you just need to apply via your own bank. I suppose if a Sole trader without a business account, you may need to speak to your bank directly? Cheers A
  9. Thanks for all the comments: I realised when I chose to respond that that was an element of "airing my laundry in public" but I am new to running a business and I wanted to know if the forum did feel I was doing the wrong thing. My first year of business has been a steep, no vertical learning curve. Although mostly positive, I have made mistakes, particularly with quoting jobs and have been financially out of pocket because of it. As a result, I tend to try to work out how long a job might take with how many guys and then add a safety net for unforeseen problems and price accordingly. Before I read Jack's post, I had not given that job another thought. Customer very happy, team happy: all good. So it is interesting to read everyone's comments and perspective, both positive and negative. However I will say to those who do not run a business, that money the company earns does not go to me, it goes to the company. I can honestly say I have never been as poor as this last year despite the company doing well. Why? Because almost every time we make any money it goes straight back into the company to pay for updating equipment, paying off business loans, training etc etc. I pay myself virtually nil. Just enough to pay the rent. Not complaining: I am poor but happy. A
  10. Fascinating because I am the boss described by "Jack R". "Is this unreasonable?" Well in order to make a judgement, perhaps you should hear the complete story: This was a complex TPO job whose main protagonist was a large 60+ft Cedar to be section (rigging) felled in the back of a garden but also involved 2 hedges, a Leylandii reduction (that turned into a fell after the owner changed her mind which meant I had to get the Tree Officer round for re-approval) and a mature apple tree deadwood and thin. I quoted for this job back in Nov, got approval from the council in Feb but diary commitments meant it was going to be undertaken on Weds, Fri and the following Mon. Jack R agreed to work those days along with another completely inexperienced groundie. Jack has a 30, 31 and had just completed his 38 that week. To the best of my knowledge he has not yet done his 39. Jack did the apple tree with his Silky and I also asked him if he would like to put a rope up the Leylandii for me, which he readily agreed to do. Having knocked that out and one of the hedges we then got on with the Cedar. Big spreading multi-limbed tree with a tiny dz and multiple targets. 90% of it needed lowering. After lunchtime I offered Jack to get some spiking practice with my spikes up the tree using my top anchor point. This was of no help for the job whatsoever but I thought it would be good experience for him since he had told me he had no spiking experience other than his 38. On day 2, I offered Jack to climb the Cedar, put up my top anchor point and also the rigging gear: purely and only to give him experience of doing so. It took him a while but I thought it would be good for him to try doing it. After lunch he got another go at spiking. The job went really well, by the end of day 2 the tree was on the floor and cut up and we had walked the timber to near roadside for collection. All that remained was raking up of the site and a hedge trim. Bearing in mind this was Friday afternoon I said to the guys does anyone want Monday off? They discussed it and Jack said he wanted to work. On Monday we were finished by late morning. But the owner also wanted some re-pointing doing and some landscaping stuff undertaking which I gladly handed over to Jack, since that was his background. He told me he would get a full day's work out of it. On return to base, I paid him for 2 1/2 days work at a 2nd climber rate and at no point did he tell me he was unhappy about it. He also chopped through my tool strop which was on my 550 that he hadn't bothered to take off. He said he would replace it but I ended up buying a new one today, 3 weeks later and he has just re-paid me for it. I read his post last night and was pretty shocked by it. I started my business last April. It is small. I have no employees only subbies but I do my best to treat them as well as I can. I put one of them through his CS30 last year at my expense. I have spoken to Jack this evening on the phone and asked him why he did not feel able to talk to me about this issue. He just said it wasn't just me, but something he had come across from lots of tree surgery companies. I have naturally asked around my other subbies: none of them have any problem with what I have done. "Is this unreasonable?"
  11. Afternoon all I was intrigued and succumbed to Fleabay temptation a couple of years ago and bought a 2nd hand 536i XP with 4 Amp battery and charger. Perfect? Gawd no. Frustrating? On occasion, yes. But overall, good enough to go for the 535i replacement. Summary of what I've found in 2+ years of use below. Good things: 1 Ease of use. Just brilliant. Hold down start button for maybe 2 secs and go. No choke, no pulling anything, no ear-muffs etc just get to work. Chain brake exactly the same as a petrol motor except the warning lights come on to remind you that its on. Best bit? If there is a problem, your groundie can shout and you can hear him. 2 Maintenance. The oil tank holds enough for about 3 or 4 (4 Amp) battery recharges. Other than re-charge the batteries (I should say I use a slow 80w charger out-of-hours to lengthen battery life), sharpen the chain and maintain the bar, just keep the air intake clean. That's it. 3 Motor overheat cut-out. Got to admit this was the most frustrating bit about the saw. But I accidentally came across the solution. I was running it with a pair of 4 Amp batteries which I would charge with a QC330 rapid charger. I never managed to empty a fully charged battery before the other was charged up. But if I was chogging down a tree and getting near to bar length (14" bar), I had to be really careful not to push it too hard because the motor would cut out and then take a while to cool down and recommence operations again. The frustration was in a number of ways: the on light sometimes flashed before cutting out for a second or two and sometimes did not. On one occasion it cut out after I had finished cutting!!! It would then refuse to play for anything from 10 secs to a couple of minutes. No rhyme or reason as far as I could make out, although I did notice that this happened more often if the battery was losing its charge. The fix? The older of my 4 amp batteries passed away (sniff) and I replaced it with a 5.2 Amp. OMG what a difference! No cutting out, no matter how long I cut for or how big the timber, truly a revelation. Bad things: 1 Bar life. I seem to have got through a lot of bars. 4+ in the last year alone. I don't think I am unusually heavy on my kit since nothing else has a similar problem and this issue is compounded by the fact that it is much harder to get hold of pattern replacements since not many people are using these saws. 2 Weatherproofness (is that a word?). Early on in our time together it rained hard and the saw was out in it. I had been using it up a tree earlier in the weather and it had been fine but then it just refused to play. I brought it indoors, pulled it apart, dried it off and left it alone for a few days and it started up again and has been fine ever since then. But I am now quite fussy about bringing it when the rain starts. 3 Its electric. I know, this is a bit odd but,,,, There is something missing about a chainsaw that doesn't make a racket: it just doesn't seem as dangerous somehow. When I first got it I found myself not bothering with c/saw kit when I used it. When I stopped to consider it, this is nonsense. Chainspeed is 20m/s ie more than quick enough, as I found out (another story) but the lack of noise lulls you into a false sense of security. 4 Robustness. I am a bit of a Husky fan and so also have a Mk 1 550, 2x 562's and a 572 (plus a rebuilt Stihl 076 AV, again, another story) but the 536 does seem more plasticky and less robust than the petrol saws. Having said that, other than the water resistance and bar issues as mentioned above, nothing else has let go or broken. So the 536 is to be relegated to be a chipper saw and I am ordering a new 535 with another 5.2 Amp battery. Going for a 12" bar this time. Cheers Andrew
  12. Just had a surprise visit. 3 youths arrived out of the blue to where I live and work from. We have a long drive from the road (with no passing places) cos it is a farm. Said they wanted logs. I have no adverts on the road to my premises so I asked how they knew I sold logs. "It says Wood Farm on the sign outside". Right. "Jack" couldn't decide if he wanted 2 or 3 tons of logs and he couldn't remember his own delivery address, so his mate helped him out but managed to misspell it. He said he would ring back in an hour. Naturally nothing heard. Audi A2, grey LD03 NNT 3 lads, all late teens early twenties. Hoodies and tracksuits. Look like they've never done a day's work in their lives. I have CCTV pics if anyone needs. They've been reported to our local plod. Cheers Andrew
  13. Hello Yes, I could help you on those dates. I have 30/31/38/39/40/41, a 155mm chipper and a tipper plus multiple saws. £5M 3rd party insurance. Drop me a line on the mobile Andrew 07920 078458
  14. Just discovered this thread. What did you do ? Andrew
  15. Update: Didn't I tell you he was good? Last Saturday he took his CS30 and passed with no formal training. So that's zero chainsaw or Arb experience 7 weeks ago: then CS30 pass.


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