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  1. Consider yourself lucky: my '03 transit with steel floor n sides AND a 500kg tail-lift is 3100kg empty. I regularly have a long queue of cars behind me when loaded and crawling up the hills around here in bottom gear. Thing is though, its on the way home, so my customers don't mind, and it doesn't bother me. All that matters for me it that the Transit starts in the morning and gets me to the job. Got to say, tool box is fine but don't be tempted to leave any power tools in it, no matter what it's made of,,,, A
  2. Need to do my gear as well,,, But maybe you already have a head start: won't your climbing gear have serial numbers as part of your last LOLER check? You ought to have the serial numbers of the saws on your receipts probably? That might help get you underway, maybe? Good luck with it A
  3. My thoughts: Owned a TP 155 for past 2 years, just doing 250 hr service right now which includes anvil(s) swap. Its a 24hp diesel, 70kg flywheel, hydraulic feed but bog basic chipper that I bought with 6 hrs showing as an ex demo, weighs 730 kg braked chassis. It's been pretty good. Probably had a total of 5 days downtime in 2 years, waiting for parts. Easy to use, fairly easy to handle, very good on fuel. I would recommend it or maybe the TP175 which gives you another 20mm capacity but still under 750kg but I haven't actually used the bigger machine. General thoughts on chippers, whatever you buy,,,, -you will always wish you bought the next size up. Rather than absolute capacity, what you really need to know is the size of branch/log it will chip without needing stress control, cos that is what slows the processing down -they will break down: so how good is the warranty? How near is the dealer/service back up? -they will need blades sharpening: How easy to access? How far to go to get them sharpened? How much to replace blades? -they will get blockages: How easy to access rollers and dismantle on site? Do you need special tools? Maybe consider getting a splitter as well. This means you can then chip everything, which makes disposal easier and reduces manual handling.
  4. Ta very muchly, just messaged him.
  5. Evening all, My landlord has asked for help with vibration mounts for this aged saw. Looks like all are missing. Can anyone help? Cheers in advance Andrew PS 5.5hp from a 51cc motor??? That can't be right?!
  6. I am sorry, I seem to be having trouble understanding this: that says £16k for a lawn mower and it's not even new?
  7. Right, there was a "no stress" system in place but tbh, I don't think it kicked in,,,, (!) Trying to get my head around this: My TP 155 diesel makes about 24hp and spins the disc at ~1400 or so, if I shove anything bigger than about 3-4 ins diameter into it, the "no stress" kicks in but it deals with it albeit a touch slowly. Is the 150 or whatever hp being wasted but there is no other way of doing it more economically given that is his tractor? Will powering the chipper like that damage it at all or does it just mean that the "no stress" will be needed less often since the torque of the big tractor will be able to deal with the extra work of bigger lumps of timber without the disc slowing down? Sorry if I am being dense A
  8. Bear with me: no tractor expert but the PTO lever had a 540 or 1000 option and it was set for the latter, so it seems weird that it had to work so hard to spin up the chipper?!
  9. Attended a chipper training course today, mainly to tick the H&S box. We were training on a brand new TP 200 which was attached to a Valtra forestry tractor '07 plate but I don't know what model, apologies. In the practical session, the chipper was very impressive, dealing very easily with the supplied brash and blowing it 2 or 3 times further than my TP155 could manage. But then I was asked to go into the cab and set the TPO etc. After engaging the soft start TPO, I upped the engine revs to get the TPO spinning to ~1020 rpm as instructed and saw the engine tacho get to ~2400: almost maxed out! There was a lot of engine noise and I asked about fuel consumption and was told it was very poor. The TP counter was showing 1040 rpm. I know very little about tractors but TP says the TP200 should be attached to a tractor with an output of 40-85hp. I think I was told the Valtra makes 150hp. I was thinking of maybe getting one of these chippers maybe in the future but now I am confused by what I saw ie was the impressive performance because the tractor used was massively overpowering the chipper? Can anyone enlighten me? Cheers A
  10. I am no expert but my landlord has a 67 plate transit flatbed with 9k showing now. Bloody thing is too fast, if you ask me. Even loaded up with timber it still pulls like a train: dangerous in the wrong hands I think but it is a lovely drive. You've got 14 days to discover if there is anything amiss: I don't think you will find anything. Truck looks v cool. Enjoy.
  11. Roses are red Violets are blue My woodpile is bigger than yours All hardwood too! 😜🤣😘
  12. And his poor brother was there to witness it all as well: Jeez
  13. Very nice : looks like this lot was stacked "05/20" from chalk on log on extreme left hand bay? I keep meaning to date mine, get distracted and then cannot remember when I got them under cover. Chalk on log is a great idea. A
  14. I am going to confess, right now, that I am relatively new to this, so I will happily bow to more experienced operators: will try and upload pics of wood store tomorrow and take moisture measurements of logs of differing seasonings. Our Scandinavian colleagues seem to be making their wood piles about now for use in the following winter,,, I am also going to stick my neck out and suggest that maybe, those of us in southern, windier climes might be at a slight advantage? A


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