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Found 22 results

  1. CarrickCrusader

    Logs and Tree Debris for Chipping

    I am cleaning up my garden from all the snow damage and still have loads of conifers (and laurel) to cut down. I had an issue with taking green waste to our local depot because are vehicle is classed as "commercial" - 4x4 with a cab. We are waiting on a license for this vehicle but are only allowed 6 visits a year with this vehicle to dump waste and it will take more than that. In addition, my brother won't always be around to move the chained sawed trees for me. I cannot afford to bring in chipping services as there is so much to do. Soon as we get through one lot there is more to do. Can anyone advise if there are any tree services companies who would like the wood for free to chip or log? I am in the Newbury area. If this is posted in the wrong section - I apologise. Can repost if there is a more suitable place. With thanks, Kat
  2. Gary Winn

    trees and buildings

    Hi All, I am a new member and I am an architect and arboriculturist, based in Warwickshire. I am looking for some feedback if possible. I am passionate about both trees and buildings, and in particular am interested in locating trees close to buildings. There are a number of barriers preventing this, such as : - the RPA calculation in BS5837 - threat of litigation - lack of arboricultural knowledge that architects have My doctoral research relates to how these barriers could be moved to allow trees to be located closer to buildings taking advantage of all of the widely known benefits. Can anyone comment on how the 12x calculation for single stem trees for RPA was arrived at? The calculation seems arbitrary and doesn't appear to necessarily relate to all situations. I am also interested to know if anyone knows the authors of the calculation or how it was arrived at.
  3. Bowland Tree Consultancy

    Consulting Arboriculturist required - North West

    We are looking for an experienced Consulting Arboriculturist to join our growing team in Preston, Lancashire. For further information and details of how to apply click here: Consulting Arboriculturist - Bowland Tree Consultancy
  4. Rockleigh Ltd

    New team members

    We have a number of openings in our growing team. A chainsaw operative with CS30/31. (002003 and 00200) Also, an apprentice working towards these. Full clean driving licence preferred, but not essential Based in Thrapston but will be required to travel across the East Midlands 40 hours a week. Candidates must be reliable, diligent and work to very high standard. They will undertake a wide range of tree surgery to the highest standards. Send a CV and covering letter to: accounts@rockleighltd.com
  5. Stephen Arb Association

    'Soils & Trees' 2018 AA Conference

    Hi Folks, Just a reminder that the Early Bird Discount for 'Soils & Trees - Standing your Ground' ends next Friday 10th August. Save up to 24% on your place before the deadline. See the timetable, speakers and book here: https://www.trees.org.uk/Amenity-Conference Read our speaker spotlight preview: https://www.trees.org.uk/News-Blog/Latest-News/Soils-Trees-Conference-Speaker-Spotlights More training and events for arborists here: https://www.trees.org.uk/Training-And-Events Thanks
  6. We are a voluntary group and have built 6km of a 26km trail along a river in New Zealand. This is for the community to use for running, biking etc so they don't need to use the highway. We are planting both natives and exotics along the Trail and one of our very generous donors would like to see what we are planting and where so she can follow where her donations are being used. Is there a app that anyone has used which is preferably free so that we can mark on it the 500 trees she has given us so far and then keep marking future trees on Google Maps so she can follow this . Her health doesn't allow her to walk the trail . Any help would be appreciated I cannot find any other site to post on or any program that allows me to send an image of the trail map with the tree positions shown - at a price we can afford.
  7. Edwyetimber

    Planting Axminster

    Hello I'm looking for a gang of tree planters local to Axminster to plant a couple of thousand trees. Anyone interested? Good Rates.
  8. Hello to everybody... Since August 2017 this year, I have been creating a public record of events in the form of small video productions. They depict the ongoing controversial tree feelings happening in Sheffield to date. I am very keen to hear from any Arboriculturists with their views regarding how they think their industry might be affected, when actions of this nature by Sheffield City Council go ahead. Although some of the videos I have put online may look to be a little biased, I can assure you that my intention is to give everybody an equal opportunity to have their say and put their point across, but unfortunately some videos have ended up looking like my intention is not as intended, for which on my part, if I have offended anybody, I sincerly apologise as it was not my intention in the first place and I can assure you, it is not my intention as time goes by...! Although I have highlighted in the past to all concerned in the videos that their points of view are important, I do believe and understand their concerns for whatever they might be, as to why they have chosen not to speak with reference to what they might want to say if anything at all...! Therefore I am extending my offer to any Arboriculturists as well as those I continue to encounter on a weekly basis. However, what I would like to say now is that each and every individual including myself, must accept responsibility for their own actions, even more so in the presence of a video recording camera...! Are you an Arboriculturist working in Sheffield now or have been and do you want to share your views? I would be very interested in knowing your views either on hear or by a private message if anonymity is your preference. You can message me directly on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BANAMAN.Productions/ As an Arboriculturist, have you been subject to any threats or violence either physically or verbally while working on the PFI contract in Sheffield? Have you witnessed any threats or violence either physically or verbally while working on the PFI contract in Sheffield? As any aspect of your job working on the PFI contract in Sheffield affected you in any way at home or at work? Does your future work depend on keeping as many healthy street trees as possible? If you are an Arboriculturist in another part of the country not working on the PFI contract in Sheffield, I would also be interested in your views. Have you been following what is happening in Sheffield regarding the current ongoing tree situation and want to share your view? Does your future work depend on keeping as many healthy street trees as possible in our city's towns and villages? How would you feel if you had to endure what the Arboriculturists working on the PFI contract in Sheffield? If you would like to see a public record of events uploaded to date, please click the youtube link below. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi5IXghZwEoqj61jjjQqW3Q/videos
  9. Guest

    The Best Tripod Ladders

    Today we are in the search for the best tripod ladders. We want to know which tripod ladders you prefer and why. For more information Click here
  10. Hi there guys just a quick question about getting new clients, obviously there is the conventional ways like website advertising and word of mouth etc. But I'm looking for anyone with tried and tested less conventional ways of reaching people in need of tree works?
  11. mapletreecare

    New climber x2 Nottingham / Derby

    We have a few exciting opportunities comming up and we are looking for two new climbers to join our work force We undertake domestic and commercial works all over the midlands including highways, railway, council and utilities Ideal applicant should have CS30 CS31 CS38 CS39 CS40 Chipper and strimmer tickets Cscs card with rolo (training can be provided) Further training available PAYE with 28 days holiday 40 hours weekly with the option to do overtime Pension scheme Driving licence 2-3 years experience would be ideal, Nottingham/ Derby based Liam 07860725113 Edd 07891 403310 Office 01159179414 Info@mapletreecare.co.uk
  12. Brampton Valley Training

    CS39 Course 22nd & 23rd June

    Brampton Valley Training & Assessments Ltd (Northamptonshire) We still have 2 spaces available on our CS39 course - Aerial Cutting of tree's using Free-fall Techniques on the 22nd & 23rd June. The Cost is £549 which includes the training and Assessment. If you would like to book onto this course please call the office on 01280 824423 or email Vicky@bramptonvalleytraining.co.uk or Hayley@bramptonvalleytraining.co.uk
  13. Hello fellow arborists! So I have a problem and I don't know who can fix it... This forum seems the best place to find out! My friend has inherited a farm through his family, a very big one! It's absolutely gorgeous and the land begins in Lewes near Brighton. As gorgeous as it may be agriculturally it needs a lot of TLC (Tender Loving Care). This subject takes my interest so i'm excited to help although I do not have enough experience or knowledge on everything that needs sorting! For example: The tree's need a serious inspection I have no idea of the possible diseases etc they could have so any tree surgeon contractor/ tree pruning type of service would be great, its a big job he has a lot of trees.. Also Tree stump removal.. Sure there are many companies that do this and yet again its a big job he has/had a lot of trees, is there any companies that you guys are aware of around these areas? A personal recommendation would be fantastic. I have heard Dave Ford Tree Care in surrey? Also Geall Tree Surgery but I haven't had any personal recommendations from them, and we want a reliable company. There are many more things that we need to fix, but that is all on the agricultural side, to another forum I will go! Thanks in advance
  14. Due to the demand for our recent 'Wildlife and Woodlands' Training Day CPD courses we are running 2 further stand alone one day courses on the following dates. Friday May 30th 2014 and Friday June 27th 2014. The course is run in Suffolk by highly qualified practitioners and is specifically designed for those who work with trees, in estate or woodland management, arboriculture, or conservation, and who would like to add to their Continuing Professional Development by learning more about woodland management, protected species (particularly British bat species) and the law. The course is also suitable for anyone who is working towards a Natural England Bat Licence, a barn owl licence, or a great crested newt licence. In order to make sure everyone can gain the most from the day places are strictly limited to 8 and will be available on a first come first served basis. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further information. Thank you. With best wishes, Sue Morgan Sue Morgan CEcol, MCIEEM, Senior Ecologist Email: sue@anglianecology.co.uk Website: Anglian Ecology - Home Office: 01379 388030 Mobile: 07753 406866 Registered Address: 1, Red House Farm Cottage, Pixey Gree
  15. Is your name phill or Matt?
  16. Taz Taylor

    Knotweed and trees...

    Hi guys, Basically, i have been watching a large firm with a knotweed problem on a site and where the knotweed is, is around a row of large TPO'd oak tree.. so felling (of the tree's) and removal off site (the knotweed) to a tip was out the question. They chose to put a surface barrier in (a 15mm geotextile membrane) to cover the area of knotweed and allow the knotweed to find a gap around the trunk of the tree and treat with glyphosate over 5 years etc.. my question is, would having the membrane there still allow the tree go have all the nutrients it needs etc or allow it to still grow and function as normal? May sound stupid to some people, but just asking out of curiosity. Cheers guys.
  17. dayman1

    Tree Planting

    Hi Everyone im currently in my third year of my arb degree and wondered if everyone could spend just two minutes of their time to fill out my survey. Thankyou to everyone who has already filled out out but i just need 10 more surveys completing!! its just ten questions please follow the link below: The Impact Climate Change is Having on Tree Planting Survey Thanks For your time Adam
  18. LeeOulton

    Bushcraft in Cheshire

    Hi all, Just wanting to know if anyone knows of any Bushcraft groups in Cheshire? Near Delamere Forest? I'm hoping to join one if one exists! Worth a try asking on here I suppose :-)
  19. LeeOulton

    Photos Needed! Please read..

    Hi all, I run a forest education website which will be fully active by next year: Home - ForestExplorers.co.uk - We have a photo gallery which I am in desperate need of filling with pics! All photos will be uploaded to the gallery on the website and also on our mobile app. We are looking for anything suitable for viewers of all ages. Trees, leaves, fungi, carvings, seeds, wildlife - and so on... All photos will appear with your name if you wish so. Please email any pics to: leeoulton@live.co.uk A brief description of each photo would be great. Please pass this message onto anyone who you think can help. No photos will be used for financial gain. And if anyone would like to help with the project in any way, please get in touch, Regards Lee
  20. redmoosefaction

    Saving Species - Trees and Forests

    Anyone catch this program on Radio 4 yesterday if you didn't here is the link BBC iPlayer - Saving Species: Series 2: Episode 27 Lots of interesting stuff, well maybe for us townies
  21. misty

    Experienced Climber required

    A small personable Arboricutural Association 'Approved Contractor' based on the Oxon/Glos/Wilts borders. We require a highly motivated NPTC certified (minimum 30., 31, 38, 39, 41 and perferably a current first-aid certificate) Climber to work in our arb team. The successful applicant should be a very hard worker and must have at least 5 years CLIMBING experience, with big trees and working with cranes or you must be someone that has that extra spark and natural ability, with a good working knowledge of BS standards and tree biology. We are keen to know what your strengths and weaknesses are.... A full CLEAN driving licence is essential with classes B & E or pre 97. References are required and will be followed up, and email with your CV would be great!!! Excellent salary & other perks depending on qualifications, skills and experience. There are 28 days holidays per annum. The position is permanent on a full time basis or contract if preferred
  22. Tom2020

    Walk in the woods

    Been down to my local woodlands haven't been there in a while so i though i would take some pics its all changed from the days i was 10 running around Its amazing what 8 years can make Here the link decided to upload on to picasa as i like the software and get 1GB free so why not use it Picasa Web Albums - 11406130348152112... - Huyton Woodland


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