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  1. That bridge is to small , I said that when i first saw it. I talked to a guy from courant a month or two about that bridge and they said they have put a new one on. Glad no-one is hurt.
  2. Just a vt works fine, it doesn't lock up.
  3. From my understanding this will apply to the whole of Europe, I would say I disagree but i kinda think they've done it well. I wonder if any other tethers will be allowed? isc pulled a pretty slick move there. they will be selling a huge amount of tethers now.
  4. Absolutely, but my arm chair that i write most of my comments from must come with me , without it I'm useless.
  5. Don't always put the chains up high, I find closer to the balance point on leaning stems is vital as the butt won't swing when you are standing it up. Its better to Set the ball ever so slightly away from you when slinging so when the piece releases it doesn't come back at you. I pre tension to aprox 100 or 200 kgs less than what i think the piece weighs and then cut. Reading the cut as you go is important because you can adjust the tension accordingly If you think the chains are not set quite how you'd like when you have your pre tension... get the driver to add some more on to check that the chains won't pop or a branch won't break and then get him or her to release and go back down the agreed pre tension. Its very important not put more on than the piece weighs as it will pop off the cut and drop directly into the crane, slightly less is ideal. don't bother pre slinging your tree as its just extra time you should spend learning how to correctly set your chains. I've found chains to be what i prefer, that or a combo of chains and spider legs. There should be very clear communication between you and the driver , you should work with one another and respect what one another says. Don't rush anything , aim for perfect balance and perfect picks, with little or no movement. most importantly keep calm and have fun:thumbup1:
  6. Super entertaining vid Alex. The crane work defiantly left something to be desired though. those picks were all over the place and downright scary (albeit entertaining ). always use two slings or chains man, its safer, doesn't take much more time to do and you can balance your picks better. Glad nothing is damaged and everyone is ok. Thanks for sharing.
  7. You're just getting these from your browser history, surely? haha its an honour mark, i will walk around with my head high and take that complement Rings, Rings, Rings
  8. Dumping loads on rings , where has this conversation gone Scots , I see what you are saying but i don't think its really an issue as the rings don't have enough friction to inhibit the rope stretch . this is only speaking from my own experience with the rings, the problem is that people compare topping strops and rigging rings and it seems that topping strops left a bad taste in the well, lets say, the more mature arb due to rope breaking. the double beast, just doesn't break ropes. Its also much much nicer to use as its half the weight of a comparable block and sling.
  9. I hope no man ever says that again to me marc. Id say get a couple of beast rings and splice them into some 19 mm tenex , you may be surprised at how nice it is when rigging down I think Q should stay up in the tree where he belongs
  10. Im in Heidelberg, not to far away from there. I'm away this weekend but if your over any other time , give me a buzz on here.
  11. I will have a nosey through and see what i can find Joe. the 19 mm tenex is plenty big enough for most negative situations i come across , the blue is 24 mm and could handle a house being dropped on it.
  12. Send it over mate . Ben is coming over in a couple of weeks, I usually force feed him german beer to get the more gnarly and dirty ropes spliced efficiently ........ mind you "we" (he) has done a dirty tachyon and cougar of mine so your portland braid will probably be a walk in the park Did you say crabby crotches when it suits ?
  13. Rings all day every day. I use pulleys every now and then for lifting purposes but thats about it. Rings are so much lighter and easier to install on large did stems, don't get why anyone would bother with a block. There has been some very serious negative lowering done with my rings the last few years and I'm yet to break a rope:001_tt2:
  14. scarpa pro ascents are the best boot hands down for grip, pruning and comp climbing,. I've tired a lot and they just seem to grip better than any others. the down side is that they are super tight and narrow. I averaged two years out my scarps before the soles wear through and thats with wearing them everyday from march to november (apart from the odd hazard removal thrown in) unfortunately found they were too tight on my feet though and have now switched em out for the salewas which are going on 18 months so far, the hooks are pretty hit and miss though......super easy to snap off.


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