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  1. Boris has done a good job of well and truly conning vast swathes of the public into thinking he’s a good bloke.
  2. They are killing unique ancient trees so a few businessmen people can save 20 minutes on their day. What is the ****************ing rational in this?
  3. ok its shifted out of 4h and into 2wd for first time! i was reversing and had full lock on to do a 3 point turn, mind you it has shifter itself into 4l but again i reversed in 4h with full lock and it went into 2wd. Think i will have to pay a visit to the dealer at some point but first ive got some work to catch up on!
  4. So who do you guys think is liable to pay for the repair works at the dealer?
  5. Oh yeah another anomaly is when the handbrake is let down and key half turned a headlight come on, even tho headlights are not on.. 🤦‍♂️
  6. unfortunately nothing as simple as the things suggested, its going to dealer tomorrow under warranty!
  7. Something in the transfer box solenoid getting stuck?
  8. Just had full service before sent to tipper place, jacked up wheels to release any windup but no spinning of wheels, going to investigate the transfer box solenoid tomorrow...
  9. The thing is its been sat for month and half having the tipper built onto it so dont get how transmission wind up could of gotten into it...
  10. ok thanks all for the replies, so it may be transmissin wind up is what you are mostly saying. Will jack a front wheel up and try to change to 2wd. Would putting it on a lift and trying to change do same thing or do some wheels need to have traction with ground?
  11. thanks for the suggestions both, ive tried these extensively now and cannot get it to shift into 2 wheel drive, i think it may need the transfer box/solenoid that switches between 4l/4h/2h fiddling with or new one potentially?
  12. Ive just had my isuzu dmax 2016 plate converted to a tipper and when i went to pick it up a major fault has developed and I cannot get out of 4 wheel drive. The circle electronic dial changes between 4 low and 4 high fine but when i turn it to 2 wheel drive it whirs and you can hear it trying to change to 2 wheel drive but it doesnts. It whirs again and on the dash it changes to 4 low drive. This is doing my head in, is this something that anyone knows anything about? Could it be something to do with the earth from the tipper ram of the alterations in wiring that have gone on to the rear lights with the tipper body being put on? Or has it somehow got stuck as its been sat for a month and a half???
  13. Tcp Tracked Dumper Hi Tip Ht500 Kubota Diesel 9.5hp WWW.EBAY.CO.UK <p>Tcp Tracked Dumper Hi Tip Ht500 with kubota 9.5hp single cylinder Diesel engine.</p><br><p>Has had new starter... decent bits of kit with a kubota engine... not sure who the seller is tho🤨


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