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  1. mattyboy

    tw125 squealing

    The hydraulic pump belt?
  2. mattyboy

    tw125 squealing

    dont think it is the rollers as the squeaking is still happening when rollers are on stop
  3. mattyboy

    tw125 squealing

    nice one, will give this a go. Is there any other possible things the squeaking noise could be coming from apart from flywheel bearing?
  4. mattyboy

    tw125 squealing

    is it easy enough to take off the drive belts and put them back on at the same tension? Im not much of a mechanic but have learnt to change blades and service rest of the machine myself
  5. mattyboy

    tw125 squealing

    My tw125 is 10 years old, but i have noticed in the last week a bit of a squealing noise coming on and off when using it. Its not had the flywheel bearings done and am thinking this could be making the noise? Is it about time after ten years to change them anyway or any ideas what the noise could be?
  6. mattyboy

    Tw125 flywheel bearings

    Spectrum plant, my machine has started doing a squealing noise think it may be the flywheel bearings too...
  7. mattyboy

    L200 tipper uprated suspension?

    i generally always have it heaped up behind the headboard and gently sloping towards the rear as i thought this would be the best way to carry the load. Would it be better to even it out more to have a flat top to the load of chip you think? Can try this
  8. mattyboy

    L200 tipper uprated suspension?

    I have a regular cab L200 with tipping chip box, when i have around 2-3 cube of chip in the back i feel a little floaty driving at speeds above around 40mph. I have 5+1 leaf springs on the rear but standard suspension bits all around i think, what can anyone recommend to aid the drive of this truck with weight in the back, it doesnt feel great! maybe get some even more heavy duty rear springs and heavy duty shocks on the rear?
  9. at the end of the video I cannot believe that the 2 thieves only got a £75 fine each! WTF!!!! How is that an incentive to not go out robbing again? possible upside steal thousands of pounds worth of kit vs possible worst case scenario a £75 fine! WTF!!
  10. mattyboy

    round file on echo 2511?

    or does it come with a couple of files when ordered on chainsawbars website? ;)
  11. mattyboy

    round file on echo 2511?

    what size round file for the echo 2511 which i have just bought from chainsaw bars website? I have 5/32 obviously but is this an even smaller chain that would benefit from a smaller round file? Maybe rob D will know?
  12. mattyboy

    benchmark wages for the tree industry

    what are they paying you working for a LA then?
  13. mattyboy

    Had a go at Cleft Chestnut Fencing

    do people concrete in the posts for cleft fencing like this or best to just tamp down with earth stone sand mix or whatever youve dug the hole out with?
  14. mattyboy

    2 x 357xp on fleabay

    2 x 357xp husqvarna chainsaws | eBay
  15. mattyboy

    making ply chip box on iveco

    Got a tipper with normal low steel dropsides but obvs want to make some high sides and back and part roof out of marine ply. Funds do not allow an ally build atm. Thing that was getting me stuck was how to fix the ply box to the tipper bed so that when I tip the box don't fall off also! How have you guys done it?


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