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  1. He was from Herefordshire, I can pm you his details if you like
  2. Got it from a guy who restored classic cars and put tracks onto chippers in the early 2000s
  3. Never had a problem with what you are referring to, you can put blade down hammer the spikes in, tighten the fly bolts on the back and she’s solid as long as ground isn’t pure slosh. You can also put a large strop around body of dumper and around stump/tow ball of truck/anything to be 110% sure
  4. Buy small amounts of crypto on a regular basis is my best advice. Btc is at 60k usd at the moment and likely to go to 300k some point this year before retracing down. It is of limited supply like gold/ silver which is not true of gbp and usd which they have printed more of in the last year than they ever have and have so devalued every pound or dollar that is in existence leading to a risk of hyperinflation.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/284384816394160/ Weighs around 450kg, can pull around 4 ton when anchored with blade and spikes in ground or can anchor around a tree with a strop. I have videos of it pulling trees over if you want a look
  6. Lol so it’s my chipper that I have now then!
  7. He has a right to cut any branches or roots that overhang onto his property over the boundary, but he had to do so in a way that will not have a detrimental affect on the tree which can lead to destabilising of said tree
  8. Put copper grease on for the opposite affect of glue
  9. Has anyone used the grass flail on these? Flail would be used to cut in between rows of trees that are planted. Does anyone know what slope they can run a flail on? im pretty interested in getting one with a custom hydraulic winch and log grab, would make it a really useful tool that i could take to pretty much every job without losing much space in the back of the tipper.
  10. About 6 months now, I didn’t get compressor kit as was 500 extra, I leave them pumped up about 35 pressure


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