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  1. Ah handy that’s something that I have already!
  2. Thanks for reply, crown was a bit thin for a beech in early September. Fruiting bodies quite far out on some roots. What device would be best to inspect with?a spade digging down a little to in see roots more? It is on a hedgebank
  3. Is this giant poly pore? Bad news I know if it is, how long would you say tree has left? The fungi is on the other side of tree roots also so all around the tree. There is a heavy lean over a driveway which is main entrance of a posh hotel so I think ASAP if it deffo is Meripilus cheers
  4. Anyone rate these boots? Does being the first boot specifically designed for arborist use mean they will fall apart if you walk around on the ground?
  5. Have a pair of meindl airstreams only couple moinths old and have been letting water in from the toes area, it is really annoying! contacted fr jones and they have to be sent in for 4 weeks to be tested so i will be without boots for that time! dont really want to spend another £200 quid on a pair of meindls that it might happen to again so what else are people wearing and recommmend?
  6. Just changed the stop bar switch as feeding in wasnt happening and its sorted 90%. However about 1 in 5 times the no stress comes on the forward rollers freeze and i have to press in the go switch again to get rollers to feed in again. Any ideas why this may be, maybe a loose connection somewhere?
  7. Is it possible to fit the newer black primer and the newer spark plug to the older ones, circa 2017?
  8. I bloody love the weight and the power especially after being ported but its always had an air filter that is very easily clogged and these recent ticking over issues really are making it a bit harder to like
  9. Not played with l or h screws, just had it back from spud month ago and it cuts great but just a bit shit on tickover but now it’s not even useable I’ve moved the tick over screw more than I can remember where it goes now!
  10. really having trouble setting the tickover on my 2511, it was increasingly cutting out whilst idling so thought id wind the T screw in a little but now it wont even tick over at all!!
  11. I have a pulley saver but the spliced eye on my rope is a pita to push through the pulley saver. What rope do you prefer with spliced eye is nice and smooth and easy to pass through pulley saver?
  12. Excellent makes me feel better about hammering them back!
  13. I have customer who wants to heavily reduce several 30yr old elms overshadowing green house etc. Do they respond well? will they survive?
  14. mattyboy

    How Bad?

    Not much chip getting in there!


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