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  1. Not yet.. Just looked at one with pre-built box. That would be the ideal. Most I've seen are box-less.
  2. Hmmmm.. Not sure. That's why I want to hear options and what others have paid. I'm looking for the average. Strong enough to be durable but not high-end budget.
  3. Hey All, Buying a transit tipper and I'm going to want a Chip Box built on the back. I'd like to ask your advice on the best option. Ply, steel, ali or a mixture and, importantly, what overall cost I'll be looking at? Thanking you...
  4. Treequip! Nice basal decay in that stem! What caused it?
  5. As a result of all your help, I've hit my deadline. Thank you!
  6. Blimey! Thanks Peeps! Very useful info.
  7. Excellent. Thanks! Know anything about vee-belt transmissions and why they're suitable for tow-behind chippers? Just thought I'd chance asking!
  8. If I'm honest Skyhuck, its' for a college assignment. I've got to compare two power units and two transmission systems for a selected machine. So I've chosen a tow-behind and a PTO chipper. I've detailed how each machine is powered, but I'm struggling to evaluate the benefits of both. Not finding much related info on the web, thought I'd chance asking here. Any thoughts? I'm assuming that a PTO would be more powerful and offer more torque?
  9. What are the pros and cons of PTO chippers over those with their own engine? Does PTO offer more power and torque? May seem obvious but it's twisting my melon! Thanks
  10. Thank You Peeps! William, thanks for the study link. Who is the "author" you refer to?
  11. I have observed that Horse Chestnut specimens in the immediate vicinity of Sycamores seem to have a heavier infestation of leaf-miner mid-summer than those that aren't. I monitored 30 specimens in my local area last summer and it seems my theory has some weight. My idea is that the Cameraria ohridella moth might feed on the honeydew produce by the Sycamore aphid, and that the sugar-rush might make it more randy. Has anyone observed similar? Or have any thoughts on this? I admit, it's just a theory. The adult moth does have a fully developed proboscis for feeding but there seems to be no research available on it's feeding habits.


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