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  1. Really appreciate the feed back lads. Gonna have a lot of fun this weekend
  2. Cheers pal Had a look and I have discs not drums on The back. They are new also. Dunno how this affects what's been said I'm annoyed. But My mechanic is pi$$ed. lol😡😡
  3. I have a Landy 130 tipper, and the brake squeal is driving me mental. It developed a slight squeak, so it went to the garage. Came pack worse, like the top gear trick. Every time you touched the brakes it would squeal at any speed. Back again yesterday. Was fine for a mile now it's started again. Not as bad as before. But worse than the first time. Had 6 month when I first had it. And there wasn't a sound from the brakes. Can any one please help.
  4. Having the st6 and had the 8 on demo. Imo nothing other than the mouth opening. Wanted the 8 as we do a lot of prickly **** and hate handling it. It doesn't crush the material any more. It chips logs brilliant. Just didn't do what I wanted. Stuck with the 6 Which for me is the best machine in its class Used all the main ones and the first does it all and comparably priced cheaper with more warranty
  5. No dog And no to spraying lube spray pre cutting To add the patches are only on the top. No cats either. All the patches came out at once. Appreciate all the responses.
  6. Very nice hedges. As I said. There are random areas of dying patches. Some all small than a hand. And the areas are totally contained. Can't be chemical spill either. Battery hedge trimmer
  7. Thanks Steve. From what I can see it's not box blight Was my first suspicion. No black on it The other blight has white dot on the underside It's just dead patches. In random places. Really strange. There is plenty of other box hedges round other parts of the garden. All trimmed around the same time and again sympathetically. And they haven't done like the pics above
  8. Please can someone help. What's happened to this Box? Was trimmed, sympathetically a week or so again. In sporadic places. No reason why. It died off. No the whole plant. Very strange.
  9. <p>emty yr in box</p>

  10. Resently bought a puma 130 and it has steel wheels, my mate has a set of five spoke disco alloys. My question, will they fit and will they be strong enough to cope with the weight of carrying chip and dragging my först st6 Many thanks


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