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  1. GJT

    New Jensen A540T?

    Yep looked into Forst and Greenmech.
  2. GJT

    New Jensen A540T?

    Apparently you can get the new A540T with a 37hp Yanmar engine comes with a engine management system designed to get it to meet emissions regs BUT extra 9000k!! According to our dealer the 25hp kubota A540 still has the same output as old 37hp 18cubic metres an hour!!
  3. GJT

    New Jensen A540T?

    Tr8 forst not sure about timberwolf but was trying to keep it Jensen because we have had good experience with our Jensen's. Was hoping someone out there was running the new A540T and could give us some feed back.
  4. GJT

    New Jensen A540T?

    Still using the A530T with 35hp and has been great machine for us but want to upgrade to a A540T and can only get the 25hp from our main dealer. So not sure at the moment.
  5. GJT

    New Jensen A540T?

    Yeah I know that's my worry so was hoping someone had experience of one?
  6. Has anyone experience of the new Jensen A540T with Kubota engine set up to meet the emissions regs. As far as I know the spec is the usual 37hp engine now set at 25hp with 18.5KW output. Just wanted to know if anyone has noticed any major performance issues? Cheers.
  7. Just as an addition to Carls post the wood chipper is creeping when the engine is off, how exactly do you fix that problem? Also do you need to do both sides? Just wondering if it's a complicated job or something we could do ourselves? Thanks.
  8. Would anyone know who could recondition anti stress control box of a Jensen 530T?
  9. No honestly its fine I know what you mean't and no major disabilities just really dodgy knees, poor eye sight and hair loss . The Landrover although second hand is new to our set up and I have no experience of them, the dealer I bought it from is telling me its normal for landrovers to have this kind of leak and my nearest main dealer is two hours drive away, the local commercial garage where we usually go is a bit vague about fixing it or leaving it. So I just wanted to see what you guys thought before I make up my mind what to do next.
  10. That's a tad harsh it's not easy you know getting under a landrover that's leaking oil and taking a shot from that angle with my disabilities. Now if you'd questioned my abilities with and my limited experience of landrovers then fair enough. Already done the garage thing but wanted to know other 'experts' experience.
  11. Its definitely black engine oil.
  12. Its a Puma Tdci. I think its the rear seal photo attached.
  13. Got an engine oil leak from what I think is a crankcase oil seal. No pools of oil just a few drips at the end of the each day. Is it worth fixing or can I live with it and what is the likelihood of it getting worse? Any advice appreciated please.
  14. Anyone have experience of Harkie waterproofs. I think its a forestry/climbing smock and trousers.


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