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  1. Um not exactly true. Aluminium dissipates heat a lot quicker than steel. That's why heats disipaters in computers are aluminium. They are steel because they don't Ware out. So on long decent be aware that the steel heats up.
  2. I have a wooden boat and I am a cabinet maker! End grain has a lot to do with things. That's why all endgrain is sealed. Also have you seen a klinker hulled boat before. How much varnish is on them. Do you varnish your logs then. Also old galleons were smothered in tar to water proof them (old age varnish)
  3. Um I must be missing something! Wood is like a sponge. Ask your self why you sit the end of a gate post in preservative for 10 mins. It's as so the preservative can get as far in to the wood as possible. So delivering in the rain with your logs uncovered isn't good. I sell kiln dried logs and deliver them in covered bulk bags which I tip at the clients house. I tell them that they will be delivered dry and it is then up to the client to keep them dry. Nice and simple.
  4. Hi all thanks for the reply all good stuff, I haven't had a look at an Isuzu but will have a look. Is there a 4 wheel drive/all wheel drive van. I have a Toyota hilux at the mo but it's a double cab. I was wondering if anyone has seen a single cab hilux with a tipper back on it. That was my other thinking.
  5. Okay thought I might get that type of response. So if I dried my logs out in a large greenhouse (which isn't a kiln) and I am producing logs dryer than the numerous 'kiln dried' log supplies near me, what do I sell my logs as then? 'Really bloody dry logs which arnt kiln dried but are air dried by warm air heated by the sun for free' dried logs. I would rather stick with kiln dried as in the joinery/cabinet trade (which I am as well) it doesn't matter how the last few % of moisture is dried off its still called kiln dried as it emplies a state of moisture content. In the joinery trade we have three types of moisture content green <25%, air dried 25-18% and kiln dried >18%. Roughly speaking.
  6. I have a large screw type splitter. Thanks for the info about logan I will pm in a minute, thanks joe89 the only problem with rotary type billet processor is the whole weight of the billet sits on the blade so as the billet leaves the saw blade and onto the riving knife the billet tends to spin and if the billet is heavy you can really warp the blade! They do seem to be incredibly fast but there also lookslike a lot of preparation before hand.
  7. Hello I am looking at buying a billet processing machine. At the moment I split all of my cord along its 7-8 ft length I now need a machine which can cut the billets into logs and load them into vented bags. The Amr Quadromat seem to be fast but everything has to be cut to a very specific length as the little offcuts can cause a problem I.E they can shoot back out the machine. Does anybody process there logs in the same way or does any body know of another machine apart from the amr solomat or the two from posch .
  8. Hi all, I sell kiln dried logs and the common mis conception I have with clients is that the word 'kiln' implies the log has gone though a prosses involving some sort of electrical or forced heated prosses. The word 'kiln' should imply a state of moisture content. Some air dried logs do get bellow that 20% mark so if you can garentee that all of the logs are bellow that 20% mark then sell them as kiln dried. Some of my logs don't even register any moisture (mainly the sycamore) and the ash, beach and oak are around the 6-12% moisture. I don't put my logs in a unenviromently friendly electric powered kiln they are stacked and dried out properly in a greenhouse. Supper environmentaly friendly.
  9. Hi all, I am looking at getting a tipping truck. What is the best make and model? It will need to tow a traked timberwolf and obvious room for tools and possibly room for the kids to sit in just incase I have to use the truck. I obviously need something reliable and strong. I have heard horror stories about ford transits and there differentials. Any advice will help as there seems to be loads of choice. Cheers
  10. Hi, I sell kiln dried logs. Some of the logs I have read 4% moisture when cut in half! I have a 3\4 acre green house and that seems to dry the logs out a treat! http://www.woob-be.co.UK
  11. knowledge is the key to everything so is experience. From my experience the lanyard kit in my previous post works a treat with a Distel hitch and pulley the only modification i did was i made the hitch cord shorter so i could eliminate most of the slack. but i think i was just being picky. read the spec on the link in the previous post for the rope combinations.
  12. A lanyard is a landyard in the end of the day it depends on your budget but i have used this Adjustable Lanyard Kit lanyard for a couple of years and have had no problem with it. I have also used it in a SRT configuration for limb walking. I guess it depends on your budget and if your a gadget man or not.
  13. That was my idea. i think it has lost it 4-6 feet over two years so its happening rather quickly. not a huge fan of coronet cuts. i can see there benefits but i much prefer to leave an eco pile. two other questions, if the owners are wanting to replant near the Oak so when the time comes the new trees should be big enough what species would be best obviously not oak. Secondly can this fungus spread as the whole hedge line has mature oaks in and a random tulip.
  14. Don't worry, i have been called in because they are wanting all the die back removed as bits are falling off onto the play area. As i have never come across this fungus before i don't know a huge amount about it. I'm researching as we speak. i will give the ancient tree forum a go as well. but if you have any experience with this fungus and its management I'm all ears.
  15. Hello, I took this picture this morning, the Oak is on the side of a village green, the canopy spreads well over both lanes of the road which runs beside the green. it is in reach of a kids play ground and the main trunk is about 8 foot in diamiter. Also i should mention that the Oak is dieing back about 4-6 feet all over the canopy. What i was woundering is, has anyone got any pictures or tales of the damage this fungus can cause. I would like to be fully armed with all the knowlege before i talk to the owners. cheers.


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