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  1. Many thanks everyone for the help. Trucks got new plugs and relay and running smooth! B
  2. Hi there everyone, I'm looking for a book on fungal and diseases found in tree's and another in woodland management. And any other really interesting and good grounding information in the biology of trees books that any of you might of read or been recommended. Many thanks B
  3. Hi all, to anyone in the Bath and North East Somerset area Thought i'd drop it out there that a couple lads have been reported knocking on doors offering tree work and then later coming back to rob a few of the house of tools and such. Police are aware but nobody has been arrested yet. Keep your kit safe! B
  4. Thanks Nope, iv looked online for a definitive answer but i never found one so i thought i'd ask on here just in case someones messed about with them before. going to check the manifold and see what i find. Will post picture if anyone's interest in what i find!
  5. Thanks Spud your a star. I'm fixing it this weekend and you've saved me a headache trying to find it again, Wish me luck haha
  6. I've got an engine light on that says glow plugs/glow plug relay so I'm thinking there has to be. It's starting funny too so it has all the signs but I can't find the blasted things
  7. So I need to find the glow plugs on my engine and I feel like a right idiot because I can't find them at all and nor can the mechanic I asked to look (which made me feel better) . If someone's got a picture of the engine and where they are on it please let me post it as Im at a loose end here. Cheers B
  8. Hi everyone Just wanted some advice from peeps with experience in rail. I've looked at the Breathflex and Stein and wondered what people think is best for breathability ect and any other makes around couldn't find much more but I might be looking in the wrong places. All C class. Cheers B
  9. I think that like any minority living in the UK differently to the status quo, they are going to get stick due to the stereotypes that float around, I agree with some of the reasons they do what they do but the impacts they have on the community when they don't do it respectively, you kind of loose the ability to sympathise with them.
  10. I have seen them, but there's a hundred other options as well. Might have to grab them!
  11. Hi everyone, like the title says too many options and I've not messed about with it in a while. Whats good? what do i stay away from? any advice is really appreciated! Cheers B
  12. There will probably be better advice but i'll thrown my 10 pence at it. Try looking up local tree surgery company's and emailing/ calling round. maybe even offering to ground for free to show your keen. If they like you they might take you on or pass your name onto someone who can. best of luck. B


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