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  1. Sorry if its not allowed here. But Is anyone interested in buying some slightly used boots Helemt and trouser Only used for my months training and don't need now so alot of life left in them. Mendil airstreams size 10.5 Arbortec breathflex type c reg length large waist. And a petzl helemt with ear defenders and visor?
  2. Hi there sorry I didnt mean to come across rude. I took it as it was only part time. If you have full time available I would definitely be interested. Ive passed my cs39 now aswel Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply. Looking for full time work. Cs38 passed and ha e my cs39 in the morning
  4. Hi there. I'm looking for full time work in the mid Kent area. I'm based in ditton (maidstone). Currently on the 28day course at kingswood. Have passed my cs30/31and have done my first aid, wood chipper and bti. I Still have 2 weeks left on the course and start cs38 next week. Followed by cs39 and stump grinder. Thanks
  5. Hi there I start my training in a couple of weeks. Im looking for help on the cs30/31-cs38/39 Is there anyway I can find notes or questions for the assements so I can start preparing and researching now. Thanks
  6. I see lots of threads of people working aborad. is this short term or long term? Is it possible to move me and the family to new newzealand permanantly as an arborsit? and is so what experience would be needed. moving into this carreer and think of this as a future option thanks
  7. lol. i only ask as i dont want to get there and be told i cant do it
  8. hi there ive just bought some meindl airstream rock boots for my upcoming course at kingswood. i just looked at the manadatory ppe list and noticed the boots have to be EN 17249 where as the airstreams are EN 20345. whats the different in this? thanks
  9. I've been set on doing this for the last year. Im just getting some last minute nerves. I suppose I just need to roll the dice and try it only one way to find out.
  10. I'm 28 at the moment. I've peaked where I'm at. Everyday is the same nothing different. I will have to use all my holiday to do the course so haven't got any days to play around with.
  11. Thanks for the reply. What Is a reasonable wage for someone in my position? And hours I'm doing are 8-5.30 mon to Fri at the moment. Money isn't everything.
  12. Hi there I'm totally new to the industry. I was planning on doing the 4 week course at Kingswood in next couple of months. How stable is work at the moment? And is full time year round employment hard to come by? Im currently working in a warehouse that pays well for the sort of work it is. Around 28k. But don't fancy doing it for the next 40 years.
  13. brillant will def be in touch


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