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  1. westphalian

    Xmas trees

    My daughter comes xmas eve and leaves Boxing Day, my wife knows how to use a vacuum so needle loss not a problem [emoji41]
  2. westphalian


    If it is less than than 72 hours from when the rash appeared ring 111 and get some acyclovir. The neuralgia pain can last from weeks to months. If it is a problem Drs prescribe pain maskers rather than pain killers as the latter do not usually help
  3. westphalian

    Felling licence question

    My farmer neighbour just says the wind blew it down[emoji6]
  4. westphalian

    Xmas trees

    I will do one tomorrow and put a pic up. No tinsel though
  5. westphalian

    Woodland floor management

    I don’t know but wouldn’t that feck up the ground flora? What acreage would you need per pig for sustainable, what’s the word? Balance??
  6. westphalian

    Xmas trees

    Lol. What else are you going to do with the top 8ft of a an 18” dbh spruce bar burn/shred/leave to rot?
  7. westphalian

    Felling licence question

    More than 5m3 a quarter [emoji8]
  8. westphalian

    Small woods association

    I’m a member but you just get a magazine each month. To be fair I’ve not bothered to find out how much help they are capable of giving
  9. westphalian

    Woodland floor management

    Well, if the FC aren’t interested go for what you think right mate. Restock with 20% non natives for future proofing I don’t think it’s rocket science. My FC fellow just said as long there is still a wood there in 10 years they are happy
  10. westphalian

    NPTC would this be a pass or fail ?

    But when I feck a chain I just put another on once I’ve finished the cut with the metal in
  11. westphalian

    NPTC would this be a pass or fail ?

    I don’t get it. Can’t see any metal foreign bodies in there. Still no excuse if he fecked the chain on a nail anyway surely
  12. westphalian

    Woodland floor management

    Get the local FC bloke in. Get a management plan and even a felling license. He or she will give good local advice
  13. westphalian

    Xmas trees

    if she says it doesn't look very much like the usual xmas trees I will tell her it is a very expensive Noble fir, cos I love her. can't bloody lose
  14. westphalian

    Xmas trees

    she gets enough money from me. as there doesn't seem to be a problem, why are the tops not sold on for this market at this time of year? or are they?
  15. westphalian

    Making the news today....

    huffpost suggesting Raab...perhaps not boris, he has shot his bolt, not Hunt because of the rhyming slang gove, nah, has a face for radio Javid??


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