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  1. Making the news today....

    What’s Facebook?
  2. Royal Wedding

    I hear she is in to fat bald old blokes so I’m in
  3. Royal Wedding

    WHAT??? I’d do her
  4. Ash die back

    I think I will increase the price of my ash logs[emoji6]
  5. Ruined gloves

    but my small chipper stalls if i dont control the feed. cheap gardening gloves from now on
  6. Ruined gloves

    no just feeding the brash thru
  7. Ash die back

    Exactly what I am interested in
  8. Ash die back

    I’m near Catterick! I’m in between two infected squares
  9. Ruined gloves

    Yep, one day feeding spruce brash into a small chipper. Should have changed gloves
  10. Ruined gloves

    Chippers should come with a warning not to use chainsaw gloves disposing spruce
  11. Ash die back

    Bloody hell I’ve just discovered it in my wood. There will be nowt but sycamores left then as I’m felling the spruce, pine and larch. Anyone know what percentage survive? I’ve been reading up on it but no details on F.C. site
  12. Ash die back

    What’s the oldest/biggest ash you have seen with die back?
  13. Splitting maul/axe

  14. just completed this one

    Aldi are doing those next week


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