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  1. westphalian

    Question Time

    one i intend to ask re brexit if nhs is going under because of shortage of staff will preventing EU recruits not make matters worse?
  2. westphalian

    Question Time

    so the better the question the more likely to be chosen😉
  3. westphalian

    Question Time

    he will not know, he has 100 million in the bank!
  4. westphalian

    Question Time

    ok, you Rees Mogg lovers/haters! Say you had the opportunity to put a question live on TV to Rees Mogg, what would you ask? i'm on Question Time with him next week and can ask him two questions. if anyone cares to suggest a good one i will ask
  5. westphalian

    Alternative to a winch for self vehicle recovery

    the one I have has no trouble pulling 8ft stems and is half the price
  6. westphalian

    Alternative to a winch for self vehicle recovery

    how much are they? doesn't say on their website, I have...https://superpowerwinch.co.uk/product/petrol-powered-capstan-winch/?gclid=CjwKCAjwio3dBRAqEiwAHWsNVa_JY810wFYoUgHo1-VW8BknI5ayZmOp7FdyISrwUMbRSp21kjEklxoCiZwQAvD_BwE
  7. westphalian

    Alternative to a winch for self vehicle recovery

    wow. brilliant. i would still go for portable capstain winch and ground anchor
  8. westphalian

    You are God for a Day

    and Jesus said "do unto others as you would have others do unto you" sadomasochists apparently were'nt around then
  9. westphalian

    Guests v Members

    i think Matelot put a lot off
  10. westphalian


    Bloody hell! You lot! And I was sweating it when I put 2 ton of planks on my L200🤣
  11. westphalian


    None of us can give you accurate tailor made advice for you personally based on your post. I am not an arborist but was a mentor for people in my profession. If you think you may be depressed why not confirm it by seeing your GP. Google PHQ9, an assessment tool for depression. I would recommend in ascending order Self help books Mentoring Mindfulness Counselling/psychological therapy Medication As you can already see antidepressants have an unfair stigma (myself included until they worked for me) They are just a drug. If one had pneumonia one wouldn’t quibble about taking an antibiotic. Antidepressants are definitely overused just like antibiotics are but if they work you are laughing
  12. westphalian


    Agree with you eggs but 2 years isn’t a passing phase. Get help
  13. westphalian


    Mate. Try an antidepressant. It will either help or not so nothing to lose. They’re not happy pills but can make it easier to cope with all the shit that comes. If counselling, time and drugs don’t help get out. Life is too short I was in same position. Thought I’d jack it in and no fucking way do drugs or counselling. Before I jacked it in did the counselling , no joy ( still try it though mate) then reluctantly tried drugs and worked a treat. Happy to take a PM, am twice your age and know a bit about what you’re going through
  14. westphalian

    Brexit ! what will this mean ? ( lets get a good thread going )

    Exactly. The centre parties need to sort out immigration, tax, employment and fair pay to deny oxygen to extremists


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