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  1. You aren’t very good at name calling are you. I hope you are better in your day job.
  2. AHPP, come on, religious people do not indoctrinate children
  3. yeah, thanks for that. this is beneath me. you are way beneath me. did you like that, prick? people chasting peers like children should be beneath us all being a SUPER moderator doesnt make you SUPER
  4. edit. this was supposed to follow ian c, not danbous
  5. There’s the point. I find that sort of post more worthy of censorship that swearing in context. Who’s being a snowflake? Why do you feel the need to call somebody a dick and pathetic? Am I the pathetic dick?
  6. Actually the fossil record shows it was more Apple crumble but there is debate amongst geologists
  7. Our 200000 years is nowt to Gaia. 650MYA ago the whole earth was frozen and then covered in dessert in the Permian with 3x the level of CO2 today. We are the one that will suffer. Many of our large cities are coastal, there will be water and food shortages. I suppose at least Skegness will be no more
  8. my posts have conformed to the rules. of the 2 dozen or so posts it is clear i have lost the argument which is fine. all but 2 or 3 counter posts were respectful and in non confrontational prose. i didn't resort to sarcasm or having a go at an individual
  9. Wow. That response was unnecessarily aggressive. I was debating censorship. Can I not decide what thread to create? I understand that this is a privately owned forum. The rules are the rules. What is wrong with the courteous questioning of this. I like this forum and have no wish to leave thanks.
  10. Wow! What is good for the planet is not the point. The planet doesn’t give a flip. We are taking what is good for us. And climate change isn’t. If I have to qualify this than I may as well go on and justify that the Earth is not flat, the benefits of immunisation and the nonsense of homeopathy
  11. I will try again. Not talking about swearing for swearing’s sake. Nor having a pop at someone There are no children on here nor are there people that will never have heard the vernacular. Advertisers don’t give a dam, they are concerned with commerce not language. I am educated but sometimes a swear word is the only correct word. RH was quoting an actual situation. Anyone on here upset with what he typed? I have been upset by bigotry and needlessly confrontational prose on here , the odd swear word pales in comparison
  12. Good example. My brothers think he’s great. I’ve never rated him cos I think he swears to shock/impress in lieu of funny material. Context is everything and Rough Hewn’s vernacular was in context


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