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  1. Bloody hell you are fit. I’m 6-0 and will be chuffed to bits to get sub 14. I retire in 2 years my lifestyle will change for the better, ie more time outdoors,felling,milling and general exercise
  2. westphalian

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    No idea mate. There have been two small municipal woodlands planted recently. One near Durham and one near Shildon
  3. 19 days dry now. lost one stone, stone and a half to go, although come feb first i'm DRINKING. will have to lose weight more slowly, 1 day a week until target then no more than x 3 a week. say this every year, but this time i mean it ( i say that every year as well)
  4. westphalian

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    but to fell more than the quarterly allowance you need a felling licence and therefore a management plan which would entail replanting if the density dictated it. i'm removing dense conifers from a PAWS and will not be replanting many trees at all, returning the site to W8 woodland at natural densities
  5. westphalian

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    I’m in a quandary about all this. On the one hand, everybody knows we are fucked because turning your hall light out or pulling the plugs out at night so the red standby light goes off will not keep China and India catching up with the West in killing the planet. Deal with wood when you have dealt with absolutely everything else. Exhaust emissions are the killer but where to get the electric for electric cars? Nuclear doesn’t become profitable for decades and people are not ignorant of the fact that the hunt for more and more fossil fuels is not slowing down. It’s like a vegan couple saying they are not going to have children for environmental reasons. Pull the other one. Action on wet wood burning? Just a smoke screen (pun intended) Anyway, it was minus 2 here yesterday morning so that disproves so called global warming.
  6. westphalian


    There is a 10 acre field 2km from my house which opens up for them spring til autumn with toilets and rubbish collections. I do hear though of other areas not being so amenable
  7. westphalian

    Which (Northern) shop to go to?

    Yep. The Full breakfast is a must
  8. westphalian


    I love wild camping, especially in a bivvy. I’m a out of sight out of mind camper, no one would know I’d been there. Was pleased when Scotland made it “legal”. Was soon pissed off though when my favourite spots were all of a sudden filled with shit, bog roll and cans of Tenant ale
  9. westphalian


    As mr prentice one remarked, I am a liberal. I detest intolerance. I had always lived in the city and gypsies/travellers were well under my radar until 25 years ago when I moved to my present location which has a large gypsy AND traveller community. Didn’t take long to change my mind towards them being victim to their thieving (caravan) vandalism and general anti social behaviour. I didn’t feel I needed to qualify ‘social responsibility ‘. There are always good and bad in every community. I was guessing 20-30% would be your answer. Completely taking over a village green with caravans, horse boxes, white vans, litter big bonfires and general anti social behaviour is a far cry from a horse and wagon. I’ve always understood that their anti social behaviour stemmed from them being apart from general society, loss of employment and change to way of living from the mechanisation of agriculture. A viscous circle of behaviour due to being excluded from general society and ensuring they always are In my experience most cliches are true and most reputations are earned. We are all bigoted to some degree or other. The groups at the bottom of my list of “must get to know sometime” are religious zealots and all those that choose to have no regard for others rights.
  10. westphalian


    Serious question Eggs as you have lived with them. Percentage of gypsies that are socially responsible and those that are not. Ditty for travellers. Would imagine travellers have higher ratio of bad ens For comparison the Independent quotes figures saying 1 in 4 of the general UK population has a criminal record which I find very hard to believe
  11. westphalian

    Which (Northern) shop to go to?

    Sam turners Northallerton and pierce bridge Less choice though
  12. westphalian


    We are 40 miles away from Appleby and they arrive here a good month before the fair starts. They use heavy gear to remove bollards, posts and similar obstructions to enable them to camp on village greens grass verges, private fields etc
  13. westphalian

    A bit different

    Contact Pfizer. They are always looking for photos or models for their advertising library for Viagra. Before And after
  14. westphalian


    they do EXACTLY the same scams to our local pubs around Appleby Horse Fair time
  15. westphalian

    Chain snaps

    can u expand on the depth gauges? do u mean more regular attention or keeping taller or shorter than other chains?


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