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  1. Simple works. if it's just you using it I'd go as is, if there's a risk of it being used by an idiot then it may require some slightly more complex idiot proofing. (12v switchover valve/solenoid wired to ignition?) It just struck me, aren't idiots great? They do so much to advance simple things which need a little thought and care in their use so you don't cause damage, into these mega complex creations which require virtually no human input at all. All these advances can be attributed to a bunch of idiots, just blew my mind!
  2. I reckon it's the wife he's worried about. An irrational anger response is common when old oily machines are mentioned in the vicinity of the fairer sex!
  3. Engine flows direct to a valve, if this is closed and you try to start the engine you will build pressure. Other than that I see no issue, but I'm no expert, not by any stretch! It's an easy fix too, just open the valve first! I presume there's a pr valve on the block or somewhere on the existing machine.
  4. Some of the comments here are a bit ott. Yes it's a pain in the hole having to get a licence to tow a trailer and I imagine almost everyone on here can do it perfectly well, although possibly not in such a way as to pass the exam. ie with the door open etc. Have a think for a minute about those who aren't so proficient, do we really want more road users unable to reverse their caravans, occasional users of small car trailers overloading through sheer ignorance, idiots thinking their suzuki jimny can tow a three tonner. There will always be chancers, I've been one for years! But theres a difference in plodding down a country lane at 40k with a bit too much load on and tearing down a dual carriage way overloaded and swaying precariously. On balance I guess what I'm saying, somewhat reluctantly is that there is a place for a practical test to ensure that an operator of a vehicle trailer combination is in fact capable of operating that vehicle. The sad reality is that many who do it well and will never have a crash of their own making whilst towing have no way to prove their competence after the fact unless they have the test done, so the test is an expensive and inconvenient necessity for them. I'm not sure if I think this is a good thing or not. I mean, it's great for those who don't need it, ie the competent ones, those who do it daily etc. It's one less bit of unnecessary faff. I'm just thinking about the weekend warriors and I'm not so sure..
  5. Ill jump on that one! Whatever time you choose. It's your life after all. Not that all our choices are choices as such, so many others make their choices at the same time that these choices not only affect your options from which to choose, they affect the choices themselves and the implementation and outcomes of these choices. Not really much of a choice then, is it?! Hope that helped!
  6. I believe you. only have a couple of hours driving experience on a fastrac, loved it on the road, very wary of it on the land! Was with a dump trailer in spongey but dry peaty conditions (you know the six inch summer crust that forms above the soup below!) Still, you'd expect to have enough traction to pull on hard standing. I reckon a fendt, valtra etc would have grunted a bit where billhooks fastrac went down but would have made it out the other side with a slight lift of the plough. Shame she went down (not too many men say that!) It's gonna leave a soft spot there for a few years.
  7. It's not that simple, Uranus must be inline with the outer ring of Saturn on a full moon and with the shimmering star of bovinus excrementus to the North. It's as ridiculous as thinking a virgin gave birth to a baby from some dude in the sky who was then happy to have him mercilessly murdered only to save him afterwards. Its all horseshit imo. Ffs we don't even really fully understand how a tree pumps it's water and nutrients. 90% of our oceans are unexplored yet we think we know where we go when we die?! Madness! Statistically speaking the vast majority of all religions are 100% wrong as you can only believe in one, therefore excluding all others. As a species I guess we take more comfort in these funked up bedtime stories than we can from accepting the somewhat horrifying truth that we don't actually know what, if anything, happens after death. I mean, what happens to all the animals we eat, is there a steak and eggs heaven or are we that different because of our rapid evolution that we don't simply die and rot like every other thing that lives? Far far too much time, money and energy is expended by people searching for the unobtainable when we should be enjoying this brief spark of consciousness we are so privileged (somehow) to have. On that note, I'm off for a walk with the dog!
  8. On hard-core?! Sounds more like driver at fault than machine. Unless there wasn't enough of it and it broke through?
  9. The stihl hedgetrimmers are not waterproof, nor are the saws. Main reason I didn't get one. Its too often I arrive to a soaked leylandii hedge and within seconds of starting the trimmer is saturated. Big turn off for me with the battery kit.
  10. Bit like mogs, the small rear wheels can let you down at times!
  11. About two hours from me, youre welcome to see them for yourself if you feel the need!
  12. It's grand, no offence taken. I will fully agree that there is a problem here with people breeding for money with no regard for the animals. We don't have much in the way of fancy facilities but we give both pups and mother the best lives we possibly can. Where in Ireland are you? I'm in Galway.
  13. Nope, first litter from my own 4 year old bitch naturally mated with a friends dog. 11 in the litter all ikc regd and chipped. All pics are taken by me at my own property. Feel free to check up with the ikc or see older pics here on the arbdogs thread. My partner has an Instagram page for the dogs too #larchwooddogs I appreciate your concern, however in this case its misplaced.
  14. You're right. Still worth giving them a warning shot. From a safe distance
  15. No. If I didn't see or hear anything then so be it, there's nothing that can be done. but I couldn't sit at home watching some c3nt taking what I've worked hard for (maybe that has something to do with it, all my kit is bought up front, maybe hp or leased gear is seen as more disposable) and not do something about it.


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