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  1. Not used it much behind the mog, was far better suited to the 110 90. Seen here being lazy cutting firewood!
  2. I've a patu/kesla lf40. Based in galway. PM me if interested.
  3. Some of nature's art, took these pics of the sand on a beach we brought the dogs to recently. The tide was receding and as the water drained back it left these marks, thought they looked somewhat treelike.
  4. Really enjoying this thread. Thank you for taking the time to compile it, I like the style of writing too! Looking forward to each instalment.
  5. It's something I would consider too, there are permanent implications for future uses of the land, however if the wood itself is carefully and respectfully maintained it can still provide a small steady income. maybe I'm odd but the idea of the tree planted over grandad being felled to provide a coffin for a descendant of his has a symbolic circularity to it, In a wholesome kinda way.
  6. Sponsor a tree. Somebody pays let's say twenty quid to sponsor a tree in the wood, you provide them with a certificate and a location within the woodland where the tree is.. type, age etc..they can give the cert as a gift, keep it themselves to feel like they're helping the environment or, if your name is mick Dempsey, use it as a meeting point for like minded individuals to "ahem" tie up their dogs. You still own the woodland, manage the tree stock etc. The cert is not a right of ownership. If the tree needs to be felled, somebody else can sponsor the planting and care of a tree there in the future. Use the money to add in walkways, cycle tracks etc and extend the uses of the woodland over time to turn a profit. Upsell it as a carbon neutral, low impact, environmentally sound long term clean air initiative. Or bury people there.... Legitimately, of course. Woodland burial sites are becoming more popular.
  7. I had written a long post about them, then realised it was the italian manufacturer active I was actually talking about! (Even owned a couple, still didn't see my mistake until after I posted!) Have seen some domestic alpina machines but not alpine.. No av, nice. Thankfully I came on the scene after av did!
  8. Why go for the oil? That's hard work, just nick the weed, it's probably worth as much! 400 tonnes. What's a gram worth "on the streets"?
  9. Yes, on shop bought nokian tyres too, albeit designed for tractors driving on ice. Still had all its tractory bits too, so it still had the ability to function as an actual tractor!
  10. Give pellenc a consideration. Their battery equipment is very good, they were the first to develop li battery powered hort equipment and have better battery energy to weight ratios than either husqvarna or stihl.. An overlooked brand imo, bit like echo a couple of years ago!
  11. Looks top heavy, doubt it would take much of a side slope to tip it. Certainly an interesting concept for one pass harvesting in a ccf environment.
  12. Should have been wellies for the authentic farmer experience.. Would have to be dunlops though, could clash with the bkt's. He made the right choice!
  13. Have to agree with you on the guy martin bit, impossible not to like him, his can do attitude and his abilities. A genuine living legend.


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