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  1. Seems as if this thread has had one load too many and failed spectacularly.
  2. Theres a lesson in that. Don't boast about your overloading skills until you've made it home safely! Theres another more serious lesson there too but having posted some images on this thread myself I'm not one to lecture others. Out of interest, which is cheaper, delivery of two ton of sand or a rear spring for a transit and a days work lost?
  3. I know someday I will have to do it for my parents. The thought of it alone is daunting. This may help..
  4. Savage looking! Wouldn't mind something like that for my hilux, not necessarily as complex as that, but to be able access through the sides would make a serious difference to the versatility of the rear tub. I would imagine there is a market for such custom builds. High security bespoke type builds may suit your business idea more than multiple units built to a price.. just a thought.
  5. That an lt15 hiding behind that stack?
  6. Often thought if there was such a thing available. Had never seen them before. Thanks for posting
  7. I'd try the nearest person to you with another lr. They were probably just borrowing the parts they needed to get their own one going. Truth be told if it wasn't nicked by teenagers acting the goat and driven into a ditch, it may well be stripped for parts already. Seems to be the mo for a lot of gangs now..
  8. It's either a cherry picker or it's not. 300 using my own mewp and the farmer remains locked in the house until I'm back on the ground.
  9. That is chipping faster than a lot of bigger roller fed machines, must have a twin pot fitted to work like that. To my knowledge it had a loncin single cylinder 15hp and he swapped it for a twin 24 hp and moved the fuel tank up top. A great tool for back garden work.
  10. I think these lads have modified this machine with a larger engine. Seems impressive.
  11. Slightly jealous! Opened one of our hives last week to find wasps in stealing honey. Sure sign of a weakening colony. Enjoy it. Wild honey is a rare and delicious treat!
  12. Sher that's only half a car. Well able for it. I can only assume his unloading of this was to involve sudden braking!
  13. A brother of mine has 7 acres and makes a good living off it. Organic salad leaves to supermarkets and direct to hotels and market stall holders. Churns out 250 kg in a good week. Polytunnels keep production going year round, although they usually stop for January as it's the only chance they have for a holiday. No subsidies. No grants for the tunnels, we took down old mushroom houses and bought secondhand over a number of years. Zero govt support meant he had to make it work. And he did.
  14. Wondering what the queen earns?! The royal farms get approx £18m annually in subsidies, plus she gets a nice big castle.. or two.. or three.. then theres all the less readily available data.. suffice to say it's excessive wealth to say the least. Not bad money for waving and occasionally shaking hands with people she dislikes. People who have lost their jobs on the other hand... By the way I'm not condoning dossers or those who play the system at the lower end of the scale, or those who claim benefits when working on the side but there is a place for support for tax paying individuals who slip between the cracks through no fault of their own.


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