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  1. This happened locally. Scummy folk dont always look like scummy folk.
  2. Hadn't checked, I'll ring you tomorrow. Sorry.
  3. Go for the crane, your back will thank you.
  4. Just calling it as I see it. No more insulting than having your business being valued at zero by someone. It's like asking a builder to build you a wall in return for the leftover cement and sand.
  5. She doesn't want to pay for the removal, you reckon shell fork out for a picus?! But you're right, it may remain standing well into the future..
  6. Never going to get that tree dropped for free. You might claw back 3-400 on the timber if you're lucky. It's a 1.5 to 2k min rigged dismantle imo, with plenty of fragile targets and public access. Not an easy job for any company. Many will have to charge more depending on overheads. I reckon your sawmill man realised you were wasting his time and sent you here to waste ours instead. We run companies that provide services, not charities. Dont be so feckin miserable and pay your "tree guy" a bloody wage. Alternatively get timmy the tinker to drop it on your roof for free, see which option works out cheaper in the long run.
  7. Inertia brake worn or packed with dirt maybe? Could also be why it's down on power a bit, if you're not familiar with saw maintenance I wouldn't go playing with the brake, just saying.. if you're mechanically minded give it a good clean out, replace anything worn or damaged and reassemble.. cant really give anymore advice than that as I'm not familiar with jonsereds at all, somebody better informed will probably be along shortly. L and s engineers are good for parts for most makes.
  8. I've a 1985 u1200, strong engine but it does burn a drop of oil. Capable machine but the short wheelbase does reduce the chip carrying capacity. Decent off road, heavy enough to drive at low speeds but fine on the road, watch for leaking drop boxes on the axles and steering problems, get one that already has all pto and hydraulic fittings you may require as they are eye wateringly expensive to retrofit. I bought mine out of germany in very good condition (just passed its road worthiness test over there) with all the extra gubbins already fitted for what the "unimog specialists" in the uk wanted for a basic unit sold as seen. Be prepared to have some ongoing maintenance costs. I spent 3k on mine last year and it needs another tidy up now, small things, air tank brackets and a few air lines, speedo cable and one front panel needs respraying.. typical of any old machine, but merc parts are expensive..oh yeah, watch for rust under the cab, beware of waxoiled undersides too, go equipped with a screwdriver and make sure you see it with the cab tilted up. But if you want one, by all means get one, they're fun as well as practical and once maintained they no longer depreciate. I get a good kick out of overtaking much newer tractors and slowly driven cars in mine!
  9. Trousers, unless you're too fat, then it may have to be chaps! Pfanner for me, but stein and sip make decent lower budget trousers. Stihls budget offerings are mediocre imo. Buy new and look after them, they just might save your life one day.
  10. My better half got a copy for me earlier this year $240 secondhand but in as new condition. That's about the going rate unless you're exceptionally lucky. Not selling it though. Sorry.
  11. Amusing and somehow depressing in equal measure! I'm surprised you didn't get yourself a mini loader for xmas
  12. I usually use 2 ltrs of 20% acetic acid in 10 ltrs of warm water with the epsom salts (heaped cup) already dissolved into it. Less acid may do if you're dealing with a lesser amount of weeds. If you're spot spraying, maybe use the vinegar neat in a squirty bottle with a drop of washing liquid added to get it to stick to the leaves?
  13. Yep, 20% acetic acid mixed with a cup of epsom salts and 10 ltrs of water with a dash of dish washing liquid to get it to stick, have been using it as an alternative to glyphosphate for two growing seasons now. Both around home and for a small number of clients. Works well, kills broadleaf weeds effectively but I find grass comes back a bit faster than if sprayed with roundup or other 360ppm glyphosphate weed killers. Still prefer to give a second spray with vinegar than use glyphosphate once. Nasty stuff. For around food crops we use oscillating hoes. Very efficient and easy to handle tools.
  14. An air compressor plugged into the cigarette lighter and he might just have gotten away with it!


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