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  1. Conor Wright


    To hell with the old folks home.. before I become useless I'll take a relaxed trip around Europe, finishing up in Switzerland. Donate my body to medical research and be of some use. Never the care home.
  2. Conor Wright

    Milling small ash

    Less waste with a bandsaw too, especially if cutting small pieces, Alaskan is great for the big and or inaccessible stuff, from the little ash I have milled, it is nice wood when mature but somewhat less interesting when younger. Makes it no less satisfying to mill and make something from, mind. I would say if your heart is in it, go for it.. but mill it fresh and dry it slow.. it likes to crack! Probably best to quarter saw for flooring so might be best suited as shelving or kitchen units given that it's small and to qs that will leave you with tiny board a and a lot of waste.
  3. Conor Wright

    What Tracked Chipper???

    Can find out during the week. It needs a new control panel.. somehow it got properly smashed. Previous to that it was working, I used it once myself when the bandit the same company had was unavailable, it's tow behind, not tracked. there is a sizable auction there in February, it may be coming up on that. Cannot vouch for the machine as i do not know all its historybut I can find out some facts and figures on it. Machine is in Galway
  4. Conor Wright

    Best anemometer for MEWP use.

    Propeller hat. If it takes off, get down. Surely a bit of cop on is sufficient? I do a fair bit of mewp work and there's a bit of truth to bolam and bobs comments!! If it feels too windy it probably is, if it doesn't feel too windy but you're moving a lot you probably didn't do a great job levelling the outriggers. If you're insistent on getting one I think the thermal ones are better for picking up mean speed and the cup type for peak gust.. just what I picked up when looking at weather stations.. so maybe a digital cup type or even a mechanical one? Personally can't see the need for one, unless specified by some daft safety legislation.. ones own senses should be enough to gauge these things but each to their own.
  5. Conor Wright

    What Tracked Chipper???

    No idea of the year, it's a clean piece of kit but unfortunately he has had a lot of problems,as I said, it's a great machine when it's going. But not something I would trust myself. They cant all be bad, theres simply too many people still buying them to be the case but i felt it worth saying re the isuzu engine in case there were others fitted too.(from what ive been told most of the issues are related to overheating and the auto switch off function failing to stop the engine before it cooks itself. Or telling the engine it's too hot when it's not) Not a brand I am that familiar with as I've usually kept to pto machines or hired tws or a bandit. Anyone have a pezzolato tracked chipper? No idea of build quality (Italian, soo.. maybe not the best..)but they still make them I think? Tp tracked chipper could be an option too..
  6. Conor Wright

    New branch logger in action

    Looks like it would do a reasonable job on cleaner timber too. Ideal for your own use and a fast effortless way of producing stove ready logs,but as with the branch loggers, in my experience, it can be difficult to sell the product to a wider customer base because it's not as attractive when packaged.
  7. Conor Wright

    What Tracked Chipper???

    A colleague of mine has a 1928 on tracks. Isuzu engine (Not sure if they all have the same unit) but it has been very problematic. A mixture of overheating and electrical issues. Downtime has been significant and costly. Sub 1000 hrs when purchased. A good machine when working and well able to handle brashy material. There's good and bad out there but from his experience, it would be well down on my list. Ps. There's a 1928 near me for sale ex hire. Non runner due to cost of replacing the control panel.. parts may be expensive. a big nhs on a track dumper base is probably one of the best machines I've seen! Bulky though. Bandits are savages. If size/weight wasn't a factor it could be your best bet?
  8. Conor Wright

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    There was a nice central Asian ovcharka crossed with a st Bernard for sale around longford not so long ago.. big fella. was tempted myself but not in a position to accomodate him at the moment!
  9. Conor Wright

    january flowers

    Plenty here too, from marigolds that have refused to stop flowering to borage and broccoli let go to seed. Daffodils are popping up, no snowdrops yet, but it is there first year. Gorse is in flower, honeysuckle not far off and the daisies are still in the grass! Some catkins close to opening too. I see the horse chestnut buds beginning to swell and a lilac too.. all very early. My better half picked all these two days ago in our own garden.
  10. Conor Wright

    Entrenched Ivy on Mature ASH removal

    Last year? Yeah, Very real possibility. This year? Who knows? It does occasionally shine on this otherwise grey and foggy isle. . . Sometimes.
  11. Conor Wright

    Best size netted bags for 10 inch logs

    24 cm logs in 45×70cm nets here. We stretch them over a u shaped chute and slide the logs in. Nets are a nightmare without something holding them open. Depending on log size anywhere from 9 to 15 in a bag. They fill out nicely and stack well.
  12. Conor Wright

    Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    That's fair enough, to be frank, selling plans with a big "I bear no responsibility for anything" blurb at the beginning could be the simplest way to make a few quid.. obviously a lot less than making and selling the whole unit, but less hassle, or just sell it as a once off to the manufacturer willing to give you the best price. I wouldn't mind a good portion of small char to incorporate in the soil so tips and all will go with mine, just as well because there all mixed in the bags already!
  13. Conor Wright

    Entrenched Ivy on Mature ASH removal

    Not necessarily ancient or veteran ivy, but it has for centuries been recognised as a natural anti inflammatory, (saponins found in some hedera helix have been noted to react with histamines to reduce swelling) research has and still is being conducted on its properties for reducing inflammation for arthritis, it is a source of autumn and winter pollen as previously mentioned, you can make a tea direct from its leaves which eases mucous expulsion for asthmatics and copd sufferers. it provides a shelter for many species of bird and insect, (important when many overly trimmed hedgerows do not.)not all of which are beneficial directly to us as humans but we are not the only things on this planet. Regarding the tree, at this stage the ivy may be so deeply connected to the tree that it's complete and instant removal may shock it. I am not a qualified arb so cannot stand over this remark, feel free to correct me if I am wrong but I would imagine both organisms have been living side by side for quite some time and the immediate removal of the ivy may possibly interfere with the trees growth pattern, e.g. sudden increase in growth adding weight to already weakened branches?change of water content in soil due to the ivy no longer drawing up any could cause root rot or destabilization in wet conditions? Also the potential to cause physical damage to an already stressed tree whilst removing the ivy( no reflection on whoever is doing it, just putting it there as a possibility..probability if a chainsaw wielding farmer goes at it) I'm sure there's more but I'm sick of typing. If you need references I will provide them but I'd rather you just went and had a look yourself, you obviously have the internet. I've had a long day and I'm going for a footbath and a beer.
  14. Conor Wright

    Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    Pm me please if you are interested in showing more detailed photos or plans. Would be glad to exchange plans for beer tokens if you wish. I have to do something with this 20 odd cube of logged ash as it's in somebody else's yard and I will eventually run out of good grace and have to move it! On your logger vid I noticed you had the lengths nicely trimmed up, do you allow any smaller pieces e.g.. ash tops in or are they too small to convert? Ie, just creates dust or burns up?
  15. Conor Wright

    Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    Yeah? That would be greatly appreciated, not just by me I would imagine! I have heard of some ce certifications running into many thousands, a company not far from me paid over 15k to have a stone raking machine plated and stickered with numerous daft warnings and impractical guarding devices. Regardless, I wouldn't mind having a go at charcoal, have no shortage of raw materials and as it will be mostly loggings like yours, a similar setup should work. Not many doing it around me either.. I like the fact that yours can do multiple burns in a day. How is it lasting?


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