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  1. Really like the third pic, you've got some nice wood there.
  2. Ha! It's not so much about increasing the machines value as I've no intention to sell it, if I was trading up, I'd flog it as is and stick the cash on a new machine to reduce the outright payment. I've only ever bought machinery outright. It suits how I work, sometimes I'd be working on projects at home or just fecking off in the camper for a few days, so regular loan repayments might come at awkward times! I'm lucky to have some friends who are involved in heavy equipment repairs so what I'm unable to do myself costs me a bit less than regular prices. I've probably gone a bit overboard on the stripping front, I pulled out the slew gear and it was perfect. The play was in the motor. I'd rather know this than do a half job then be wondering will it let me down in six months time. Equally, I'm happy to spend my evenings playing with it (the digger, that is!) Down in the shed as sitting in watching TV and eating doritos. As a result I'm not really counting my time. I'll keep an eye on costs and upload a few pics over the weekend. I made the brave decision to deviate from original colours... Not sure I understand your analogy of shagging rotters, I've only ever been with stunners. Ahem! On the subject of new machines, apart from the extra hydraulics, which are useful, I dont see the value for myself, it doesnt get used every day. I bought it 6 years ago with 3700 hours and it's just on 8000 now with few issues.. a track motor, welding the boom when I cracked it. (Big logs are heavy!) and sticking in a new engine when a friend used it for two hours and cooked it. Maybe I'm being foolish by doing what I'm doing, but I've gone too far to turn back now, so might as well do it right.
  3. Not that much, but it was worn oval, it was causing a lurch in the arm when lifting heavy weights, (Bear in mind that I do use the machine well beyond it's intended scope!) coupled with wear in the slew motor it made for an uncomfortable ride! The outer diameter of the new bush is 3.5 mm over the old one so 1.75 mm taken off all round from centre point. My plan for the undercarriage is to heat it, pull it back into place and reinforce both sides with a strip of 20×40 solid bar. I'm guessing heating will weaken the steel, so the bar is going to be necessary if I'm to keep it from becoming a recurring issue.
  4. Great machine! I'm doing what I can myself, it's all pinned and line bored now, engines gone to yanmar for a rebuild, machine is fully disassembled and ready for blasting and painting. The slew motor has a bit of play so that's going to be rebuilt too and the undercarriage needs a bit of work where the idler slide in, its splayed out badly on one side. I'll stick up a few pics as I put it back together.
  5. He's gonna need a bigger desk lamp if he's to grow that!
  6. Youre right. Good taxation income from it though. I should clarify, that statement was directed at haironyourchest's conspiracy theory. Seems a bit random as I didnt quote him.
  7. Man, Put a little more tobacco in your breakfast joint will ya!
  8. It started with line boring the kingpin.... then I said feck it, do the dipper too... Now it's a full re pin, bush and line bore, engine recon (it's a bit smokey) sprayjob (might as well, all the parts are off already) New slew ring and re seal the motor ( if I leave it and do everything else it will undoubtedly fail just to spite me) rewire (most of the wires in the engine bay have hardened) new hoses,(cant be getting oil on the fresh paint!) new glass ( needed it anyway) and if theres any money left I'll bang on a rotator. (There won't be any money left, but I'm not telling myself that) By tomorrow night all that will be left is the blade and tracks on the shed floor and a huge, digger shaped hole in the finances! In fairness, the old girl owes me nothing and what would I buy for the same investment? Another machine in similar condition?! I hope i can remember how it all goes back together in a few weeks time..
  9. You and dog in the front, missus and baby in the back, dog guard between front and back seats. Sorted.
  10. Lad I went to college with had a tip in something similar in a Hyundai, good bit bigger too. Broke both legs. I'd imagine after a proper shunt in one of them they just open the rear door and pour what's left into a casket... on a lighter note, Some lunatic stuck a hayabusa engine in one Gone like a stabbed rat!
  11. It came up ok on my phone, heres a screengrab
  12. Low ground clearance is probably the biggest drawback but they will tackle side slopes better and are very manouverable. Good power to size ratio too. Brother has an old antonio Carrera. Simple machine, wouldnt go as far in the woods as a valtra by any stretch of the imagination. More for dry hilly woods than boggy ground.
  13. Karma was very pleased with her new colour coded ball, until it lost its roundness. She then had an identity crisis and tried becoming a chicken for an afternoon, having eaten more eggs than she laid she decided to become a german shepherd again and run off her frustration. Meanwhile, the beagle did beagle stuff.
  14. Attendance is compulsory, paying attention is optional. Sadly I speak from experience!
  15. When I'm cleaning off a stump, I always think of him... then drop the saw another inch or two...


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