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  1. Woodmizer. Lt15. Have a love hate relationship with it. Doesnt help that I often find myself maxing it out on bigger logs.
  2. I use this now, not in the larger saws but in the trimmers and little echo. Cheaper than branded Aspen by about 25% Alkylate Petrol 2-Stroke - Best fuel BESTFUEL.SE 2-Stroke Alkylate petrol has been used for many years as an...
  3. It's a 660 I have too, too early to tell, I've cut a few big rings (no more gay jokes please) with the 880, seems an animal to cut with the 404. When I get to milling with it I'll post my progress. I'm expecting an improvement in speed on stuff the 660 could have handled anyway, but it was bought for the few bits that were too big for anything else. Could be a while before I get it set up as were blowing the alaskan budget on a respray for the camper at the moment.
  4. All I take is abuse, most of which comes from my missus! You go off and enjoy your slice. I'll keep the rest of the cake for myself! Anywho, enough of the schoolyard humour, you in the market for an 880?
  5. Yep, bar chain and vat included. I will say that he did me a very good deal as I buy a lot of consumables, most of my small kit and chains there, I believe him when he says he has more out of selling a new ms170 at its list price, but he knows I'll be back. It works both ways.. My point is that they're still out there if you ask around. Wouldnt be rushing off across the water for one just yet.
  6. No, that's just the tip, I'll get some vaseline.
  7. I bought one from a dealer three weeks ago, theres still a few out there. €1600
  8. Yep, surrounded by peat bog here. We were spoiled this year with dry weather earlier in the year, had the hilux in places you'd be able to snorkel in now that it's raining again! To keep things relative to the thread, the hilux is on cooper at3s. Hard to fault them, it's my third set, averaging 40-50k with mostly road use, regular towing and occasionally going properly off road.
  9. That was optimistic of you in fairness!
  10. Sorry to say, but it's not going to survive that. The trees ability to pass nutrients and water between roots and foliage has been literally cut off. Excuse my language but what kind of dickhead would do that to someone elses tree?! Risking going off on a rant here so I'll just leave it. I'd advise removing the tree sooner rather than later.
  11. Soft terrain, yes. They'll go anywhere a 4x4 could. Uneven or rough ground, less so. A bit of common sense and careful positioning usually overcomes most obstacles.
  12. The real genius was their tracking system. Just follow the trail of oil until you arrive at where the thief was forced to abandon it due to mechanical failure!
  13. It's a tough question, as everyone has their own experiences with various brands. The best boot I've had in terms of fit are stein Krieger d30s. I'd be lying if I said I'd done much steep hillside work in them though.
  14. It's a land rover. A tracked mewp is more versatile imo and a good, fresh defender with decent mewp will be about the same price
  15. You try decorating a house with an electric hedgecutter.


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