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  1. Would they exchange some dry, already split logs(if you have some of your own to spare) for allowing you to mill onsite and remove it yourself? You get the slabs and they have ready to burn wood. Maybe it's too much pricking around for you but no harm asking.
  2. You should be able to use a small van under private insurance with legitimate reason, eg you own a large dog and need the load space, you are a keen amateur fisher/archer etc and want to carry your own (non commercial) goods on a regular basis. Axa definitely did it on a case by case basis. You ain't gonna get cover for a jumbo tranny or sprinter. Berlingo, connect, dispatch size should be OK.
  3. Morsø S120-21 MORSOE.COM Modern fireplace for more rooms! Had to have a look to satisfy my curiosity. It was this one or very similar... not cheap!
  4. We have a set of miyabi knives. Similar to commando's suggestion in type. Very sharp and easy to keep so, but a touch brittle. I cracked one chopping up a chicken, more poor technique than the fault of the knife if I'm honest. Hard to go wrong with victorinox too.
  5. I was tappin a young one with rich parents a few years back, they had one, think it was a morso brand. to be honest I wasn't paying it much attention, my focus was elsewhere. Nice feature though!
  6. Im flattered.I usually only have that effect on the ladies, but hey, the times they are a changin' My terms are; I'm on top I'm in charge No eye contact Hundred quid for the first 10 mins and 15 quid a minute thereafter No kissing No questions No evenings No weekends And I don't take loads home with me. That's for the conny bashing obviously, get yer mind out of the gutter!
  7. Obviously it's a yes. I mean the last time I chucked a 200t at a groundie because he forgot to put oil as well as fuel in it he had to have seven stitches and a tampon up his nose for the afternoon.
  8. I think I've tried everything (except explosives...hmm) to make conifer hedge reductions easier. Mewps, extended arm on the little digger with circular saw/fingerbar/grab attached, various ladders, man basket on front loader/telehandler, polesaws, climbing up the centre, using a hiab to lift off the tops, engaging the raw power of Eastern europeans and the occasional local gluten for punishment. The reality is 90% of these jobs just require a lot of heavy labour in excruciating positions. I still throw every machine I can at them and every now and then I get one which is genuinely easy. The trick is to look at them from a pricing point of view of having a ladder and a topper and little else, figure out how much physio you'd need after that, take that price x 20 and add to your day rate plus 20% for every year it hasn't been trimmed and a finders fee on each manky, "left behind by the last lad" branch hung up in the middle of said hedge. Then double it to be on the safe side. Not only will this guarantee you will not lose money on the job, it will also guarantee you will never get the job in the first place! I've found offering a remove and replant service is becoming more popular as less and less people are willing to tackle overgrown hedges. I'm happy to oblige in these cases and equally happy to price difficult reductions accordingly. I rarely see anyone else rushing to undercut me for those jobs either. Although where access permits you can't price against a 13 tonner with a shear.
  9. Keep an eye out for tecomec sharpeners, they make, or at least made sharpeners for both oregon and stihl at various times. I was at my local dealer last week and he showed me his one. Well made and not as expensive as its white and orange cousin. Ordered one for myself to replace the crappy lidl one I despise. It's a poor sharpener but it was a gift so it'll be mounted beside the new one out of daft sentimentality.
  10. I struggled to get extra long leg saw pants and ended up getting them off freeworker germany. They had a very good selection of off standard sizes at the time including boots. May be worth sending them an email. https://www.freeworker.de/en/2019/12/04/chainsaw-protection-shoes-tree-care/
  11. There's a second video from the same place with the guy on the right straddling both ladders while the guy in the hi viz shuffles around in the bucket.
  12. Sounds like she's sick of her husband having orgies too... Give it a week or two of those restrictions and he'll be crawling back to her with a bag of flour and a scuba mask. Talk about self serving politicians.
  13. Gtm opened a factory in China In 09. Just read it on their site. So you're right. Still kept the quality reasonably high though. Mine is a 2018 build and it still says "made in holland", a little disingenuous. At least "assembled in holland" might be factually correct. I did look at the jansen chippers too and they looked good, the gtm was with a very local dealer who I use a good bit so that sealed the deal for me. Also noticed they now do swivel chutes so will see can I get one for reasonable money. Easier than fabricating one, especially with my rather limited welding skills!
  14. Spruce goes soft in a relatively short time. Just stacked roadside on the ground and uncovered I'd give it max 3 winters before it's pulp. On hard standing, stacked on bearers to keep it off the ground with a good cover over the top it might last 5 or 6. Possibly more if you maintain or replace the cover. Covering it fresh will trap some moisture too so removing the cover during good drying weather ie cold dry frosty days and breezy warm sunny days helps. If you get that right the first year you can leave the cover on subsequently. This will help extend the length of time it will store for you too. If you could process it now and stack it in a dry shed or even a polytunnel would be your best bet imo.
  15. I picked up gtm 1300 drum chipper new for around 2k. Dutch made, honda engine and well built. It does all I expect from it. Only Downside in my opinion is the chute is fixed. A lot of the jansens and gms have turntable chutes which are a big advantage


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