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  1. They drink xxxx down there, cant be worse than that!
  2. You could end up coming home to an empty house if you make things like that public. Just think about it... everything you've worked for, gone. They'd probably leave something behind... ...even a seasoned thief could never carry that much pornography
  3. On a genuine note, I had a couple of wabbits when I was a kid (and couldn't pwonounce my r's) in a hutch attached to it was a covered passage to a movable "run" on grass, was just a timber frame with wire on sides and top, once it was moved every other day they never dug out. never had any rat trouble, however we had a resident cat and a terrier next door.. they may have been the chief deterrents. Fowl, on the other hand... rodent magnets.
  4. Why put them outside at all? Last time I had a rabbit in the house he posed no issue whatsoever.... then again, he was in the slow cooker at the time.
  5. I've a similar grab to what mick posted, on a 35 hp compact tractor. Never bent a tine myself but others have bent them for me! Broken one on a lump of oak too.. if you're careful they do the job, great on brash but not so good on multiple or crooked stems or branches. It gets used a lot less than the digger and grab now, unless its conny bashing or theres a long drag. Looking at micks, mine is about 2/3rds the size with 4 tines on top and 5 on the bottom with a single ram in the middle. Picked it up for a couple of hundred quid off a farmer and got brackets made to fit.
  6. I'm sure there will be a virtual "do not disturb" sign you can put on your virtual pornstars virtual bedroom door.
  7. Echo 2511 rear handle.. not sure it's available yet but it will be light and capable. Probably wont be sub 250
  8. Might be easier fabricate an adaptor plate for the bell housing? Spine shaft or key?
  9. Can you not just order the parts you need from their online shop? Once you start talking to people about projects they suddenly become more complicated.
  10. They're all being used to rob atms before they have a chance to gather dust, never mind rust!
  11. Probably more on the purple side, but I may be wrong
  12. This may not be the plaice for it, but I bet theres something fishy about this mans condition. At least he's not floundering about down there. Some may say its being shellfish, cashing in on his hard luck.


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