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  1. Conor Wright

    Green waste recycling

    Loma k50? Like a chipper but with hammers, not knives. Obliterates leafy stuff and can handle dirty wood or timber with nails in. Leaves green wood stringy though.
  2. Conor Wright

    New Mill suggestions?

    Did you look at the "poleSaw" range? Ttm800 or similar may suit?
  3. Conor Wright

    Old Allett

    It may be worth something to a collector of such items. You could try selling it and using the money towards a more powerful, newer engine for the sawbench?
  4. Conor Wright

    Beware the Blackthorn Winter

    Plenty of blackthorn flowering now around east galway. Roughly coincided with a drop in temperatures. Yesterday was the first day in two weeks our bees did more than a couple of hours flying. Last time they were out was before any noticeable amount of blackthorn had flowered.
  5. Conor Wright

    What genny to buy?

    Have a few loncin engines on various machines. Seem reliable. Have had no failures. Unless you go for a silenced one it will be loud. Remember hiring a sip gennie a while back, smooth running and not too noisy, can't remember which engine it had.. probably a Honda.
  6. Conor Wright

    Wooden Supporting Post

    Something like this maybe. Cut after flowering.
  7. Conor Wright

    Lime timber for milling

    So all that yew I've been splitting has been a waste of time?!
  8. Conor Wright

    Wooden Supporting Post

    They often grow to be rather top heavy with the roots slow to respond. Tip pruning after flowering helps keep them in check and stops them outgrowing themselves. Not knowing the shape or spread of the particular plant it's hard to advise but at 18 months planted if you just keep to the side of the stem by half the width of it's original pot you should be ok. Alternatively you could use a single stake at 45 degrees (only really leaves you a low tying point but keeps the base of the stake away from the root mass) or three short stakes at 120 degree intervals in a circle well out from the base of the shrub and use webbing to tie into the stem(s) further up, essentially stabilising it from all angles. They are susceptible to stem rot, if they have made a hole around the base from moving in the ground, make sure to stabilise this and stop water lodging or your staking may well be in vain! Hope that makes sense.
  9. Conor Wright

    What was the best ever stove you have/had?

    Sounds good, looks like a timeless piece of design. Going on the list for the house. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Conor Wright

    What was the best ever stove you have/had?

    I like it. Reminds me of a big v8! How did you find it in practical, day to day use?
  11. Conor Wright

    Today's milling

    I see some ripples in the wood.. I've found it can occur if your chain is at 30° rather than set for milling at 10° You will lose a lot of the thickness of the board planing them out! It's well worth spending a little time setting up the mill and getting a very good edge on the chain, it may save you from losing out on good timber. I've done it myself and had the piles of planings to prove it.
  12. Conor Wright

    Head for Excavator

    Pm me if you're genuinely interested, I may be open to moving it on as I have another project in mind.
  13. Conor Wright

    Fings wot broke

  14. Conor Wright

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    I wonder would rsl be worth a call?


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