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  1. Good old Alan Watts on 'vocals'.
  2. I'm sure you'd concur that Beethoven's majestic cover of 'oops I did it again' is vastly more pleasing to the auditory canals?
  3. Top banana! I'm reliably informed that this is the correct terminology as spoken by the peasantry and other such members of the underclasses.
  4. A thousand pardons my Gallic friend. The recording of which you speak is indeed a true masterpiece. I have my minstrels play me selected cuts during my arduous and prolonged nightly dis-robings.
  5. Elementary my dear McAlpine. I always had my suspicions but it all became clear when I realised you were typing too fast to be a real moose.
  6. Cropper is a fool, you are a mischief maker and I'm going to have my dinner.
  7. Good God man! Our minds are perilously poised as it is without having to assimilate the likes of that.
  8. I don't think Ian is really talking about either of those scenarios.
  9. Black sabbath were the godfather's of many of the heavy bands I am into these days. That intro riff on 'into the void' is majestic! Kyuss did cover that very track if I remember rightly.
  10. Ha! Was a huge Kyuss fan back in the day. Still go back to them from time to time. Sky Valley is a classic. Needs to be played LOUD. I love most things that are weighty and have got a groove. Deaf as a post now but still get a kick out of the vibrations!
  11. Well that's not very rock & roll!
  12. You need to have a word with those backing singers, they're seriously cramping your stage presence. Not going to attract any young and impressionable groupies like that!
  13. Really like this thread. Whenever someone posts a video up it usually triggers a pleasurable deep dive into the youtube music video archive for an hour or two. This one brought back some memories for me. I am usually a bit of a slow, heavy doom metal freak so pop darlings Travis were a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. It's a catchy wee ditty and the video is great fun.


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