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  1. You do hear about these 'end of the World' cults who spend decades anticipating and structuring their whole lives around the fact that the World will end on a very specific date. I've always wanted to be a fly on the wall to watch their interactions with each other on the morning after the date has passed. "Oh"!!? "Um" "S'pose we better go and get some milk"
  2. Have you tried meditation? Also takes discipline, but it's free.
  3. Presumably you didn't mind that the singer was a little hoarse?
  4. Yeah, I used to say 75 but people tended to get angry. People are a bit more comfortable with 85. This is plenty of time to have a thoroughly excellent life, especially if it is planned out knowing when the end will be (this is important). The savings on care and treatment (sometimes for people for whom life is no longer worth living) would be huge. If people want to go earlier, and are of sound mind, they should be allowed to.
  5. I've often thought that it would be a good thing to know how much time you've got to live from a very early age. I'm basically talking about enforced euthanasia for everybody at say 85, but knowing about it from childhood. You would be able to plan to do all the stuff you wanted, you can mend any broken relationships. You can die with all your loved ones around, out of a hospital. Have a big, planned 'dying party' where you get to say everything you want to everyone. Life would become more 'certain' and tangibly special, less would get put off, and a huge drain would be taken off the NHS. Sounds crazy to begin with (knowing when you are going to die) but I think it has a lot going for it.
  6. The insect with the largest recorded 'hind quarters' is the South American Derriere beetle. Posterius bulbousum Apparently it's back end is so distended that the beetle cannot locomote, and lives out it's entire adult stage confined to the same spot. The insect is slowly raised up from the forest floor, perched atop a thin pole of it's own excrement. Eventually the beetle is blown off by a gust of wind and the process starts again. The tallest recorded 'poo pile' was discovered under a phlange palm in Bolivia. It measured 23ft in height! Derriere beetle expert Dr Cornelius Crump of Yabbadabbadoo University has posited that the spire could have eventually topped 30ft or more had the beetle not crushed itself to death under a developing coconut.
  7. You may well have met Pete Fordham there. He is a regular volunteer at the Wood I manage. He's coming on Monday so I'll give him a thorough grilling.
  8. Blast! I was going to go to that but completely forgot about it. Are they definitely planning to plant to replace the lost Ash?
  9. My advice, for what it's worth, would be to not make any big decision on it just at the moment. See how you feel about it all at the weekend.
  10. Good on them! Can't be easy running a busy pub, especially with such limited mobility.
  11. Good work Watson. Out of my league unfortunately.
  12. What's that grab you've got on there Tom?
  13. Do you know how much it is? Can't see a price on the link.


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