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  1. I buy alkylate fuel (motomix) in a 200ltr drum. Works out at £2.50 per ltr plus the VAT. Equivalent to £12.50 plus VAT for one of those 5 ltr bottles.
  2. I think actually that deaths from famine have reduced spectacularly over the last few decades.
  3. Thanks Nepia, My colleague Steve clocked it whilst we were locking up. Apparently rancid shrimp and dog poo are also Purple Emperor favourites, it's a weird beastie!
  4. I'll definitely give you the Elephant Hawks, Buff Tip and maybe the Carpet Moth. There were so many names flying about I totally lost track. I think the green one might have been an Emerald Moth but could have been a Brimstone. One of the guys is going to send me a full list. Chanced upon another elusive character the other day, a Purple Emperor butterfly. The mad butterfly botherers spend a fortune concocting strange pheromone mixes to attract them down from the canopy. Turns out all you really need is a pile of discarded gaffa tape in an old shipping container!
  5. We had the local moth group out at the weekend doing a survey. Great fun, and we recorded over 160 species along a 200mtr stretch of ride.
  6. Hi. I might be interested. Whereabouts are you? Hi there, Unfortunately it is now sold and ensconced in your neck of the woods (Somerset). It was collected on Saturday.
  7. Hi Natta, I've got an old Exeter Retort that I haven't used for three years. It still does what it's supposed to but is looking a bit sorry for itself and will need some loving from a metal worker. Let me know if this is of any interest. All the best, TVI
  8. Not my handywork. I had a couple of campers in the Wood over the weekend and they took the picture. Just a phone camera shot I think.
  9. It's a magical time of year in the Woods at the moment, absolutely brimming with wildlife. Most of it is cunningly well hidden but occasionally you get lucky!
  10. Humans are much more prone to circuit malfunctions than advanced computers.
  11. Quick update as I know you have all been on the edge of your seats with this one. Generator is all fixed and pumping out volts like a champion. Never quite got to the bottom of the issue with the old alternator but it has a brand new one now and it seems to like it. Thanks for all the advice folks. 🤘🤘🙏
  12. I store them out of direct sunlight ie. in a shady part of the wood when not in use. They spend most of their life out in the sun full of logs.
  13. Yes, I use the 4 sided mosquito net bags. They seem pretty strong to me. Some of them are on their 4th year now. I have about 600 in circulation. Of the 200 or so I purchased 4 years ago I have had to dispose of about half a dozen. From my experience you should be pretty confident of getting 3 years use out of them. Potentially significantly longer if you take more care of them than I do!😁
  14. I use 'Bag Supplies'. The fully vented 'mosquito' nets work best I have found.
  15. No worries. I use fully vented 'mosquito net' bags now. I get at least three years use out of them. Keep in mind that I am running a commercial operation so your needs may well be different to mine.


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