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  1. Fantastic! Thanks mr magicfingers. Great to hear that you are enjoying managing your patch. It never ceases to amaze me what can materialise when you let a bit of light in. Do you have any ponds? Would love to see some pictures of what you've been up to if you have any?
  2. Hi Jim, I'd be interested in a price for that machine if QuattroKev doesn't go for it.
  3. It's jolly nice that your oil rig buddies are so obliging. Brokeback mounting?
  4. Hi Rushes, Thanks for the interest! I'll see what I can do with pictures of the woodland regeneration. I'm not generally a prolific photo taker but I'm sure I can muster up some shots. I'll also put together a breakdown of what TVI 2 and I manage to earn. It will be important to note that we value work pleasure over max profitability and our earning potential is greatly determined by our particular circumstances (woodland type, woodland size, management objectives, owner engagement etc.) but I can certainly give you some sort of general idea. Give me a few days to dust off the picture machine and fire up the abacus.🙂
  5. Hi Toad. Partly that yes, but the main focus this time around is to establish new access tracks into uncharted areas of the Wood so we can actually get in there and make some sense of them. Some of them will remain as shady narrow rides and some of them will be widened motor manually to let in more light and reap the wildlife benefits that this brings. And this year's Darwin award goes to TVI 2!
  6. Not really my bag Eggs, have you tried Bolam?
  7. I'm a right chubster and have no problem with the SIP trousers.
  8. After meticulous preparation The O'Malley brothers begin serving at the first Toby Carvery in Ireland.
  9. He's a good example of why these boxes we like to put people in are far too crude a filing system. He has certainly become (probably reluctantly) a darling of the alt-right. The mainstream media portray him as anything from conservative to far right. If pressed I would probably describe him as centre-right. He describes himself as a classic British liberal. Take your pick😃
  10. Nice to see you actively supporting the 'me too' movement Trig.😃
  11. Shame. We need more people out there like him. Despite his sometimes baffling pronouncements he's one of the only social commentators that seems prepared to say that pretty much everything is complicated. Refreshing in an age of instant idealism and quick fix answers.
  12. Never quite managed to work Jordan Peterson out. He spends years telling men to sort themselves out and pull themselves up by their boot straps, then gets addicted to anti-anxiety medication and ends up in a medically induced coma in Russia. He is fiercely intelligent and rational but also a committed christian. When questioned on this he tends to descend into a long confused ramble tying everyone (including himself) into knots. Curious chap.
  13. Thanks Kieran, Jolly nice of you to write such a kind message. Much appreciated. Do you work with trees yourself?
  14. From a purely personal standpoint I think I would prefer a hazel, but yes, a whitebeam would definitely look more 'tree like'.


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