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  1. I want the old Arbtalk back....not the website but the ethos

    Brought one back with me in my hand luggage. I snuck it through the 'nothing to declare' isle while they were frisking an old granny for murray mints.
  2. I want the old Arbtalk back....not the website but the ethos

    No, that's General Long Bong Suk. When he's sober they launch the nukes off the top of his hat.
  3. I want the old Arbtalk back....not the website but the ethos

    Just back from North Korea Rough Hewn. Apparently they had heard all about my considerable prowess in battle and I was headhunted to work on their top secret, hush hush missile program. I was a bit out of my depth if I'm honest. The very smiley generals said that they wanted to give the American oppressors their just deserts, so I filled up all of their steel warhead thingies with custard. Presumably this will achieve the desired effect? Anyhow, back in Blighty now and looking forward to exploring the splendid looking new forum.
  4. Goaty

    Must be really tough for you too Mdt. Stay strong, we're all rooting for you both!
  5. Making the news today....

    Bathtime must be a bit of a mission!
  6. Making the news today....

    I think the steam coming out of his ears must be obscuring his calculator screen.
  7. Making the news today....

  8. Making the news today....

    Daft Wader.
  9. Meetings with remarkable trees, the Arbtalk version

    Hmm, the plot thickens! Back to you Stumpy Grinder.
  10. Meetings with remarkable trees, the Arbtalk version

    Raydon Great Wood. I think it's possible you were just on the fringes, near the old railway line. Hillside Tabling or Greatwood Lodge maybe?
  11. Meetings with remarkable trees, the Arbtalk version

    There are a handful Stumpy, tucked away on the fringes. I wonder Steve, could you hear a sawmill running from where you were working?
  12. Whats the weather like near you?

    I can quite imagine the scene Felix. [ATTACH]221730[/ATTACH]
  13. How did you get into ARB

    Quite so Mr Egg, Still on the shelves thanks to your pump fixing skills!
  14. How did you get into ARB

    Forestry rather than Arb in my case, but anyway. Five years ago I was making ice-cream. Went for a walk in a local wood one day and realised I wanted to spend all my time in that environment. Blagged myself a ridiculously big Wood to manage. Now I spend my days sweating my conkers off wishing I had an ice-cream! Very happy I made the change though.
  15. Horse-Flies...Been bitten yet ?

    Do keep up Felix. The term has been dropped due to the dwindling support for the war in Iraq. Some people are soooo slow accessing Wikipedia to fill in gaping gaps in their knowledge!


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