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  1. Yes, material will be all in one location and access is fine for a lorry. Do you know the going rate for getting one of these big chippers in for half a day?
  2. Quick question: I'm putting together a project proposal. Has anyone got a ballpark figure for the amount of fuel required to chip 100 tonnes of small diameter poplar with a 9" chipper? Also roughly how much time would this take (hand feeding). Would also be useful to know if a 'free standing' chipper or tractor mounted pto powered chipper would be best for this job? Many thanks, TVI
  3. Hi James, How far are you guys willing to travel?
  4. Yup, thanks Rob. Have tried numerous new bar and chain combo's but never the holy trinity.
  5. Thanks Rob, Will definitely try the sprocket change. I recently bought a granberg sharpener from you so my chains are properly sharpened. Excellent tool by the way.
  6. Yes, bar top rails and burrs are filed when dressing the bar. Those specialised right angle bar dressing files do a good job of this. I'll take some pictures of the chains and sprockets. There really is nothing to see on the bars, they look pristine.
  7. Can't really see the wear as it is down in the groove. Rails are in good nick. From wobbling a new chain in the worn bars it feels like there is wear all the way along the groove.
  8. You may well be right. I could be asking too much of the equipment. It will be interesting to try some mineral oil to see if it makes a difference.
  9. Husky 550 with 15" Husky 560 with 15" and 18" Stihl 462 with 18" All have larger sprocket fitted for extra chain speed.
  10. I like a system that can deal with any size of log all in one go. Digger with grab and two chainsaws fits the bill for me.
  11. That's a good shout, thanks. Would be more comfortable with that arrangement.
  12. Agreed, I am fairly awful at freestyle sharpening which is why I got the granberg. It's an excellent little machine.
  13. Lots of build up on the chain actually. Do you think this could be a factor?


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