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  1. Thanks Steve, that is very helpful. The alternator doesn't smell of burning, but it's useful to know that rewinding is probably not a great option. The online calculators seem to vary widely in their outcomes. It doesn't help that start up loads seems to be such an inexact science. The hydraulic pump idea is a good one but the way we operate doesn't really lend itself to that system. I'll get in touch with Steve Wells (thanks for the contact). Have you got any idea what it should cost for an engineer to remove an old alternator and fit a new one on a canopied mobile generator?
  2. Point taken. I don't know where it was manufactured but it was a very expensive generator so am assuming that the components are of decent quality. Maybe I'm being naïve?
  3. Yes, we like to have the generator a fair way from the splitters so hydraulic power packs are not ideal. It does mean that we probably have a voltage drop but we have not had any problems with the splitter motors. I have contacted two windings companies. Neither of them wanted the job. One of them insisted that the alternator would be Chinese and not worth fixing even though I told him repeatedly that it isn't. It's a Mecc Alte (Italian). If anyone knows of a windings company that actually does re-windings do let me know.
  4. Yes, I'll keep making calls. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter Les. Many thanks.
  5. Thanks Bill. I'll give Pramac a call. The two electrical engineers I have spoken to so far have told me to get a new generator. This just feels a bit defeatist as it is £4000 worth of generator. I agree with you that there is probably an option to fix it, just need to find the right person.
  6. Good question Bill, yes, output was measured at 50hz. Engine is sweet as a nut and seems to be doing it's thing.
  7. Yes, but the splitter motor does cut out occasionally if I get a really gnarly log. This may not be due to the generator though.
  8. I'll take a picture of the plate tomorrow. The motor is running a hydraulic pump for a log splitter. The 10kva started and ran both our splitters (2x 2.2kw) no problem. I also have a 5kva petrol generator which will only run one splitter. Edit. Also hired in a 6kva which would also only run one splitter. This is why I am dubious that 3.3kva would be enough to start a 2.2kw motor.
  9. Thought it might have enough grunt left in it to at least power one 2.2kw motor with some technical jiggery pokery. Looking less likely now.
  10. Understood. It's a single phase motor, but yes, they tend to have a high start up load.
  11. It's giving out 100volts. I would need to step up to 240v and obtain around 5kw to start a 2.2kw motor. I wondered whether you can get transformers that can do this?
  12. Is that at 100v or 240v? Can you get a multimeter on it?if 100v probably drill would be running slow It was at 100v. Drill probably was running slow. We were trying to 'flash' the alternator with the drill. (Some kind of black magic electrical voodoo trickery)
  13. That's interesting. Can you get step up transformers that give you more power, say 5000W from a 100volt feed?
  14. No I haven't, although it does run a drill rated at about 600W plugged into the blue 16amp? socket.
  15. I think I'll be lucky to find someone who is keen to look inside the alternator. Advice I have received so far from more than one source is get a new generator. This would be a shame as it has only done 2000 hours.


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