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  1. Check your spark plugs and you'll see it can't be good. BP super unleaded in today and it's running like a dream. Interested Eddie, who's my nearest dealer?
  2. Kept it covered in tarps Andy. That's part of the problem, the unusually high amounts of Ethanol in supermarket fuels soak up their own weight in water from the atmosphere. Leading to hunting. Gonna get me a breathable motorcycle cover.
  3. Id like to take the credit for working it out Dean but truth be known it's down to BnS on the end of the phone that worked it out after I told em the symptoms. Cracking service from them and Greenmech today
  4. Surging/hunting Briggs and Stratton 18hp on a cs100. Been puzzling me for a week and it's down to poor quality supermarket fuel. Anyone else had this problem?
  5. Great idea. I seem to remember people saying we could do with a documentary to show what we have to do for such little money compared to other trades.
  6. It's not good at all. Sit back and you'll drop a foot with the stretch.
  7. Well said that man. [ame]http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=G7ZbAdP7v5Qp[/ame]
  8. If your that honest tell your insurers you can buy the trailer cheaper than what they've weighed out. OP, heal quick. I'm in the could happen to any of us camp.
  9. Went to one a month or so ago. They certainly ain't what they used to be like. One thing hasn't changed though, that rank stench from the burger bar.
  10. On the road again Paul. You ought to put your name down on this mate http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/general-chat/79868-arborists-experiences.html
  11. For two days a week on a s/employed basis for someone that's got a few years experience, some tickets, can turn up on time, doesn't fanny about with mobiles, has full packup and water for the day (07.30-17.00) and can graft like a Trojan. Pm me if interested.
  12. They weren't about when we were kids. We played war games in the woods with air rifles
  13. Round off them corners if you get one Mark. Last Stella of the night downed, reaches over to load the stove before retiring and stumbles onto a corner. I should work for the hse.
  14. Phils got em all Paul. Proper little camera boffin so he is. Sure he'll be along soon. Cheers for sorting the place and thanks for the brews Graham....


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