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  1. Thanks Mark - look forward to speaking with you! We're definitely not looking to stitch people up! The doc will be about what sounds like a really exciting profession - sure, people will want to know why you chose a profession where there are such dangers involved, but more importantly it's finding out about great warm people, what it's like working within communities, responding to emergency situations... everyone cares so much about trees, I think this is a really good way to find out loads more about what goes on around them, what looking after them actually means...
  2. Ouch!! Definitely part of it though - could I give you a ring and talk about bee stings, amongst other arborist misadventures?
  3. Hi, I work at an independent television company called Ricochet, based in Brighton. We make a broad range of documentary and factual programmes for all the main broadcasters, with recent series including Food Unwrapped, Born To Be Different and Mr Drews School for Boys for Channel 4, Andrew Marrs Megacities for BBC1, and Cowboy Builders for Channel 5. My job is to develop new programme ideas and we’re currently working on an idea for a documentary which would involve following the work of arborists. The documentary would follow the day-to-day lives of arborists, and would hopefully capture the exciting moments that are part of the job, the difficult climbs, the relationships between crews, and much more. As we are still in the research stages of this project, I’m looking to speak to arborists to make a three-minute tape to show the channel exactly what the content of this documentary would be. This means I’d like to hear the stories of favourite jobs, bad conditions and heart-stopping moments – stories that stand out about your job and why you enjoy it. If anyone is willing to have a really informal chat about all of this it would be great to hear from you - either on this forum, or you can contact me on [email protected] or 01273 224800 if that's easier. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. Kind regards Zara


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