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  1. Go to a crane rigging supply place, they'll have huge rolls of grade 80 (lifting) and up, all sizes and all the hardware bits.
  2. Well I'm only 38, started climbing a few years ago, but honestly don't do enough to get in condition, so it's always challenging, but on the plus side I don't wreck myself either. I have no shame about going slow, and using as much mechanical advantage as I need. A quick-roll hand ascender comes in mighty handy when I need to pull my weight up, lanyard or mainline, just clip on and pull down, and up you go, slowly but easily. Maybe this is an option to explore for some of the folks who have shoulder issues? I also do things that are frowned upon in the industry, like using a polesaw to in the crown etc. It may be "wrong" but it sure makes life easier. I'm in the back of beyond though where it's jungle, almost only removals and the first plan is always pull the tree over with a tractor or push it over with a big digger, and employing a climber is a last resort when the first two options are no-go. Asthetics are pretty low on the priorities list for most of my clients. And that's the way I like it, uh-huh. I suppose for what you call production climbing I'd be next to useless.
  3. For in-tree use, looks good and easy to make. Anyone seen this or tried building one? (Edit) - now I look at it some more, I can see a few limitations.
  4. LED road beacons. Seen them for €30 at the Tool Hire, found them in Lidl for €8 each. Nine flashing modes, torch mode, waterproof, floats, can run them over with a lorry, magnetic, hole for a zip-tie, runs on 2 AA batteries. I have four magnetically attached to the ceiling of the van. Very handy when working the roadside on hedgerow, strimming etc. Slap a few on the van, or balance on top of a traffic cone, or zip tie to the cone. Hang em on the sides of the ladder when working on the street. Have used them once at a car accident scene. Local, rural firefighters hadn't seen them before, thought they were brilliant. Cheap enough you could sacrifice one to mark a road hazard at night when you could leave it and continue on, maybe saving someone's life. The batteries last for ages..
  5. Could you rig up a length of two inch diameter metal pipe to carry the exhaust vertically away from the operator? Like, 8 feet tall?
  6. How'd it rupture? Like what were you doing when it happened? Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a quick recovery!
  7. One of my Clients shared this same one on Facebook recently and her sons who work with the homeless and handicapped were livid with her!
  8. There is a GM strain of maize that causes sterility in men (don't know if permanent). If we are talking about keeping population to replacement levels, then the UK and west in general is already there, or slightly de-populating. Yet the same folks who want lower population support immigration of cultures that reproduce themselves at levels higher than replacement. Why is this? Also, let's define the boogiman. Is it "pollution", "resource depletion" or "global warming" ? Which is the one they say is going to kill us all? - It's global warming. That means CO2 emissions. Don't be lumping CO2 in with the other stuff, it's a separate issue. The plastic wrapper on your 🍊 will not kill the planet. The transportation of the orange will. China poured more concrete in the last decade than the USA poured in it's entire history. Yet we are down on people for building second homes. Yet at the same time we want to import immigrants from low carbon economies, and build homes for them.
  9. For fine dust: goggles. No issue wearing them over glasses. Fogging can be an issue though. Gave you thought about prescription goggles?
  10. I bought a couple of 4 tonners from Van Beest (Holland) through a distributor in Ireland. They were 150 euro each, 10-12mm groove and about 170mm diameter. Very good value I thought. They came with 6 ton shackles included. I'd say check out the Van Beest catalog, I reckon they give best bang for buck.
  11. I'm thinking about getting chevrons. Watched a few vids about sticking them on and peeling them off, don't you have to heat as you peel?
  12. Yeah, that's pretty much what I hear. TBH for the price/quality ratio of their stuff I can live without a warranty. Bought a battery reciprocation saw, a battery jigsaw, a 5 amp hour battery with Samsung cells and fast charger all for 110 last week. Just the battery alone would have been that money for a name brand.
  13. I've read the Aldi/Lidl warrenty isn't all it's cracked up to be. But who knows? I bought the Lidl version recently, it's fine, starts, runs, cuts, what more can you ask for for 100 Euros? Especially when you consider the bar and chain are worth fourty-fifty bucks. The value in these saws to a pro is that they are sacrificial, for making dodgy cuts that "could" potentially end up wrecking your good saw. I know someone will say if you know what you're doing this situation should never happen, but let's be real. Also good for a loaner for those situations where you just can't say no. All in all, good buy.


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