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  1. Haironyourchest

    You are God for a Day

    The problem with religions is they make God into a cartoon character, and deliver a kindergarten level of understanding of good and evil. Because, simply, bronze age barbarians of any race were unable to conceptualise anything more complex and involved. The occult sciences give a proper understanding of the nature of God etc, but are extremely difficult to understand. Modern man is far more intellectual than his ancestors, and understandably scoffs at the fairy tail, but has not yet developed the humility and wisdom to see the truths behind it. Some have an intuitive grasp of the truth and keep religion alive, but it's painful for them, both mentally and socially. The new age philosophies are various kinds of watered down "sanitised" versions of the real truth, and are dangerously misleading in their own way.
  2. Haironyourchest

    You are God for a Day

  3. Haironyourchest


    If you're working 12 hour days, you might be suffering from burnout. How many hours of proper sleep do you get each night? Are you properly hydrated and nutrified? We all have different capacities for handling workload, my limit is about four hours a day, day in day out yearly average. If I push for more than this for too long I feel the same way you describe. Your capacity might be Eight hours or ten. Some people seem to have an unlimited capacity, but drop dead at fifty. I agree with whoever said avoid the pills. Small practical steps to address whatever the problem is works for me, but first I have to identify the problem, and councelling can help achieve that.
  4. Haironyourchest

    Over wintering chainsaws

    I run Aspen before storage, but some say you shouldn't mix as the rubber components get used to petrol - I don't think anyone really knows for sure. My thinking is the rubber hoses and carb parts are better now with moderner materials and should be ok with it. Old evaporated petrol deposits, "varnish" gum up carbs and filters probably.
  5. Haironyourchest

    Can't Find Meteor Kit In EU?

  6. Haironyourchest

    You are God for a Day

    I'd appear to everyone in no uncertain terms and suggest they embrace traditional conservative values. No earthly punishment for non-compliance, but as for what happens after....just don't say I didn't warn you.
  7. Haironyourchest

    Ascenders jamming...

    What brand? Mine are all CT, teeth not as aggressive as Petzl, apparently. I've never had issues with mine, just have to advance them slightly as I release the cam. What kind of rope are you on, that could make a difference.
  8. Haironyourchest

    Where to climb?

    You can also claim the tree is your home, though I think you have to notify the postmaster general in advance to make it stick. The eco-warriors used to do this, I presume still do, when they occupy forests slated for bybasses or whatever. It's legal, and the police actually have to defend you against the council unless a court order eviction come down.
  9. Haironyourchest

    Mini tracked hydraulic tip dumper

  10. Haironyourchest

    Mini tracked hydraulic tip dumper

    I rented a fully hydraulic hi-lift one and a micro digger recently. Moved about 160 tonne of bog and hardcore with it, and it was fantastic. Now I'm looking at a cheaper, lighter, battery powered one with a box bed for general work. Had to move two large ash trees in bits up a steep garden a few weeks back, with a sack trolly, and it took all day and wrecked me. With a pedestrian dumper it would have taken an hour. How's the build quality on the transmission?
  11. Haironyourchest

    Where to climb?

    They can only nick you if they can catch you. Stash a sleeping bag and food, water waste bucket etc in the tree and if they spot you just wait it out. They will eventually get bored and go home...
  12. Haironyourchest

    I Love Conspiracy Theories!

    Is it wrong to point and laugh?
  13. Haironyourchest

    I Love Conspiracy Theories!

    Well, the round earth theory was pretty nutty untill it was proven true...sometimes there really is a conspiracy. Thing is, the real conspiracies are too complicated and mundane for conspiracy nuts to bother following.
  14. Haironyourchest

    Can't Find Meteor Kit In EU?

    Smashing! Thanks for that!
  15. Haironyourchest

    Stihl MSA161

    What's the max diameter you are happy cutting at with the 160? I'm happy using mine for stuff up to 10" but it is slow. I can push it a bit though and it doesn't seem to slow the chain at all, but at a point it will "stall" when the motor senses too much resistance. I really think small felling dogs would work well with that saw, as I could pivot rather than push and take strain off the wrist. The only way to retrofit thought would be to add them to the plastic chain cover, which would not be ideal...


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