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  1. Yeah, I tried, it's an ancient model, very little info on it. I think it's all there, two side baffles and the too baffle, all interlivking like they should. We're looking at getting a Jotul 602 if I can't sort the Waterford out. I'm going to try and make the firebox opening smaller by blanking off a few inches with bits of flat bar-stock and see if it helps. The Jotul had a bit of a "lip" on the floor end of the firebox opening, whereas the Waterford firebox is just flat all the way.
  2. We replaced a great reliable Jotul with this Waterford 100, bought for cheap. I like the stove, well made, heavy, but by God it smokes. It smokes on lighting. Smokes when the fires going well and everything is hot. Basically if the door is opend, it smokes. The Jotul never smoked. Now, the Jotul was old with the internal baffels cracked, and I passed it on to a relative for his workshop. It was running a light gauge, single wall stainless flue, no probs. I gave the flue away with the Jotul, and bought a new flue for the Waterford 100, a heavier gauge, single wall stainless. Anyone have experience with this stove? I'm thinking the internal airflow Dynamics of the Waterford are just not as good as the Jotul. It also has a wider opening than the Jotul. Here's a pic. Ideas will be great fully received.
  3. And download The Fundamentals Of General Tree Work from "The Educated Climber" website, very cheap, very detailed.
  4. Buy the gear anyway, if it's not fun, you can resell it!
  5. That pretty much my understanding. I don't know if you're referring to the gay wedding cake in the US or somewhere else, I know in the US case the supreme Court found in favor if the baker (the couple wanted two marzipan men engaged in sexual intercourse atop their cake, whether that made any difference to their ruling I don't know).
  6. See if the council will put you on a MEWP and give you battery powered equipment? Or buy your own, and go self employed as Hight For Hire, doing house painting, gutters, roof repair, tall hedges, etc.
  7. I thought so too! Of course, the Hollanders in Ireland are here trying to get away from Holland, so possibly atypical specimens. In fairness I've only run across a few sour ones, most are very honerable. ♥️ the Dutch, really, I do! 😦
  8. Oh dear - well that really is bad!
  9. That said, my best mate is Dutch, and have also worked for loads of good'uns.
  10. I can see that law applying to "Goods & Services" of a static and regular nature, like a shop, or a hairdresser. I think it would be incredibly hard to get a conviction on a roving tradesman though, where each job is different, and warrents a different quote. It's often said on here that if the job looks like a pain in the ass, just quote stupid high. Who's to say that refusing a job, or quoting high has a racist motive, in any given situation? I wonder if any such case has ever been brought and successfully prosecuted? Naturally, if one said to the prospective client "Sorry mate, I don't work for (whatevers)" then it's addmittance of guilt. Is refusing to quote based on address a crime as well? (Halting sites, rough estates?) If the recent political circus has taught us anything, it's that Law is whatever people with power want it to be, can convince others it is, and how they choose to interpret and apply it. My legal mind is intregued. Personally, all the times I've had issues it was always with the Dutch!
  11. "For every lie told, a debt to the truth is incurred. Sooner or later that debt is paid". - Professor Guy from the HBO Chernobyl series.
  12. Bloody natives, workin' so damn cheap they takin' our jobs 😡
  13. Looks like it could easily be modified to clam a horizontal log as well, for crosscutting.
  14. I modified my vertical splitter to foot actuated. First remove one handle (right one, in my case) and jury-rig the yolk to work off one handle. Then zip tie a chain to the remaining handle and attach the lower end to a foot pedal. The pedal will have to be attached to the base of the machine with a hinge, it it won't work. I died mine in untill it worked IK, but was never really good. Ended up going back to just using it with the one handle.


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