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  1. That's fine, Joe. But you would agree that their opinions on matters other than the subjects you find ridiculous, are potentially worthy of your respect, no? Like the Muslim surgeon who has an opinion about your injured knee, let's say? A person in their entirely, is more than their religious beliefs. I don't respect the socialist ideology of certain politicians, for instance, but I respect their political nous as individual, if they demonstrate it. You mentioned I had "jabbered on" about homoeopathic preparations being the cure for certain of my ailments. Now, the use of the word "jabbered" shows you utterly rejected my report, which was a straightforward description of the various experiments I made to treat my ailments, which resulted in success. Hardly jabbering. Its like you had an emotional reaction to a matter-of-fact personal story. I suppose you would reply "Well, but it can't be true, because it's impossible"... Yet the experiences of millions prove it to be possible. I'm not trying to push a religion on you, far from it. Just stating the truth. And it is the truth. Homoeopathy did cure my problems. Might cure yours, might not, won't know if you never give it a chance. And one can entertain astrology and see potentialities before they occur. Only by putting aside prejudice and experimenting can you discover if it has any value - for you. This isn't religion, it's experimentation. I would suggest your commitment to atheism is actually closer to a religion then my penchant for experimenting. Ridiculing a person as a whole, for their experiences, is akin to religious intolerance. Denying observable reality if it doesn't conform to the doctrine. By reflexively shutting out the potential that some things you don't understand could still be real, you're only diminishing yourselves. Now, if it makes you feel better to roundly dismiss me as a "complete looper" or similar, I'll understand (though obviously not agree). My clients wouldn't agree either. They have trusted me for decades with their house keys, care of their propery, several sleep soundly in homes I have built, and nothing has fallen down or blown away, yet. Point being, my life choices have been informed by my relationship with reality, based on my actual experiences. A model, if you will, of which I have leaked just a few aspects, which you consider insane. Yet, the outcome of my choices have been positive. I have no debt, own property, have money in the bank, a clean license, no criminal record, reliable motor, abundant leasure time, good health, no serious enemies, a devoted wife and not much baggage. I find enjoyment in my work and am no man's slave. Even this Covid stuff hasn't really effected my life, based on wise decisions made long ago. Rural, physical, self sufficient, diverse modes of income and hence resilience...in brief, my reality model, which is somewhat fluid, has served me well. We cannot know a man or woman by what they contribute to an internet forum. But we can gain knowledge of ourselves by observing how we react to the very unimportant stuff they write. Every phone is a mirror.....be well.
  2. "Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do" - J.P. Morgan, America's first billionaire. (Addressing the whole group here) In India the lower casts can't afford to consult astrologers. I'm sure you've met or know Indians or people of Indian heritage who are more financially successful than you? Stable types, not "lunatics". Virtually guaranteed they respect astrology. Many great western statesmen have also used the art/science. A dogmatic faith in Materialism does not make a man more intelligent or wise, although it might make him think he is. Somebody asserted that spiritual understanding (in all it's various forms) is essentially a "big scam" designed to make the masses easier to control. In some respects, this is so. Note, however, that the same religious traditions, at least in the West, outlawed metaphysical investigation. Materialistic, humanistic post modern understanding of reality is just as much a religion as any other, and equally apt to control the masses. To illustrate this is quite easy - I've just done it. The western materialist will offer superficial "respect" to the delusions of the established world religions, but vigourously attack any serious metaphysical activity or school of thought that runs counter to his learned doctrine. The claim of lunatic is tossed at anyone to has grown beyond the dogma. Reality is not what you think, and there's no way I can prove it to you. However, I'm morally bound to rattle your cage from time to time. My hope is that someone reading this discussion, maybe a lurker, will find something here that stimulates them to action, if not now, maybe in the future.
  3. So. A panicked scramble as you all distance yourself from the heretic. The embrace of materialism/scientism - the flat out rejection of spiritual or metaphysical reality, leads to a dead end.
  4. Do you believe in God? Or, to expound, do you know people who believe in God/Jesus/Allah/Aliens etc, and if so, do you not take a single thing they say seriously?
  5. A billion Indians take it seriously. That study was bound to come up empty; it's not something you can run through a computer and get a repeatable result. Astrology is more art than science, requires human intuition. I find its better for identifying the timing of changes in a life, rather than a personality map. Can't deny I got it right though can you? Breakthrough, an all.
  6. Stalked her... mild stalkage. DOB is in her profile, so... Assuming it's the true DOB of course.
  7. Anyone know how good or bad the alleged built-in fuel stabilizer in Stihl HP oil is?
  8. Why would you think it's a piss-take? A few days back I checked the positions of the planets relative to the positions of the planets on the day of the OPs birth. Noticed a planetary aspect (Sun/Pluto trine, 120 degrees apart). Noticed the same aspect will occur very soon. Sun (the Self) and Pluto (transformation) will in a harmonius relationship (trine) for a few days. Given that the OP has this aspect nataly, she should feel the effects of this more than others. Thus, I predicted a personal breakthrough in the next few days. Now, as the aspect begins to form, she reports...a breakthrough! A billion Indians take this stuff very seriously. It's really not woo, when you study it properly. Just pattern recognition data built up over thousands of years. So, I don't see what there is to be worried about 😉
  9. Ryhanna96, you got a Pluto/Sun Trine in your chart. The same aspect occurs around the 17th. Good time for a breakthrough. Told ya. The Pluto/Sun trine actually begins tomorrow (14th and finishes on the 17th). Strongest on the 16th.
  10. I'm sure I saw proper mini ascetalene ones as well.
  11. Multi-saver is a wonderful bit of kit. Those who haven't tried it don't know what they're missing.
  12. Modified coal bunker - the long coffin shaped ones with a big lid. Secondary lid inside with a thin layer of coal on top, glued together, so it looks full of coal. Big dog kennel with a latchable solid door, no lock, water bowl outside and a massive fence post with a heavy chain and enormous collar hanging off it. Fake bush - plastic pig shelter pod, on a concrete base, hinged on one side at the floor, covered in cammo netting and natural foliage, maybe some live ivy. Lifts up just like a bowl. Municipal outdoor electric roadside cupboard (lockable) with danger high voltage stickers on it.


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