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  1. Haironyourchest

    Portable winch recomendations

    Which model Eder do you have? Am I right in thinking the Eder1800 doesn't have an oil-bath? https://eder-powerwinch.com/en/
  2. Haironyourchest

    How do you keep yourself motivated?

    We all have issues dude. Some have heavier crosses to bare than others though. When one listens to the hardships that some people have to live under, addiction and the families of addicts - in this instance - it makes one's own problems seem a thing of nothing by comparison!
  3. Haironyourchest

    How do you keep yourself motivated?

    I've been binge listening to addiction "Intervention" episodes on YouTube on my portable speaker while I work. Makes working in the rain and wind, in the dark, a holiday by comparison to some people's lives. It really works!
  4. Haironyourchest

    don't know how to keep going

    Hang upside down on an inversion table - lets the spine stretch and gives the disks a break. It works, google it. Hope it gets better.
  5. Haironyourchest

    Advice needed!

    Whatever you do, don't do anything illegal...
  6. Haironyourchest

    Advice needed!

    If it comes down to it, could you not just lop the overhanging branches at three or four feet out from the stem? Climb or ladder up the tree, but only the branches on the friendly side, not the stem, so all work will still be within the friendly air-space, so to speak? It will look horrible, but at least the danger will be removed. You could video the whole process (dashcam pointed at the work and leave the ignition on) so if the neighbour throws a wobbler you can prove that you were never on his side of the boundary or touched the stem of the tree?
  7. Haironyourchest

    Advice needed!

    Just been reading up on British trespass law on Wikipedia. _Unjustifiable_ entry into land is trespass. I wonder if it would be enforceable if the entry - into the tree in this case - if justifiable, which it clearly is.
  8. Haironyourchest

    start up gear for foreigners

    Sounds like a kombi-system would suit your needs. The attachments are very expensive for what they are, but still cheaper than buying separate dedicated tools. Maybe try Tanaka or Echo instead if Stihl, might be better value for money for that kind of thing. Or go for the €150 Lidl Florabest kombi, strimmer polesaw and hedger and use until it wears out. Or brand name used? A tripod ladder would be a good investment and probably a big 2 wheel wheelbarrow.
  9. Haironyourchest

    Advice needed!

    Damn good post! That's what I would have thought - due diligence - put the neighbour in the picture, and give them time to sort the problem, six weeks or so. Followed up by a further notification and reminder, and another grace period before work starts. And make the correspondence traceable. And paint the cuts afterwards with something to prevent infection, even if this is only for show - and take photos.
  10. Haironyourchest

    How do you keep yourself motivated?

    All good posts here. Its a complicated question, and there's no magic elixir (maybe drugs, but that's obviously a no-go for any sane person). I have way more energy working with another person or in a team as opposed to alone. A challenging and interesting climbing or felling job is very motivating for me, stuff like strimming and raking, not so much. A job that really needs to be done, roof repairs etc, for someone who really needs it done, is also more motivating than cutting grass for a holiday home when the owners will only enjoy the result for a couple of day then bugger off again, and really in the big scheme of things, doesn't need doing. Anything that gives the ego a little boost, whether it be pulling off a difficult removal, fixing the van on my own, building something that will be appreciated for many years, saving a damsel in distress etc - motivating.
  11. Haironyourchest


    Yes, definitely no flippancy! It was a harrowing read, and very well penned - felt like I was undergoing the ordeal myself.
  12. Haironyourchest


    Bog Of Allen would be pretty safe. 300 square miles of soft landings anyway..
  13. Haironyourchest


    Whereabouts in Ireland are you moving to?
  14. Haironyourchest

    Another 40 year old just starting

    Our instructor said "As thick as the thickest part of your forearm.
  15. Haironyourchest

    Arborist First Aid Supplies

    Did you ever see the YouTube video where they cut the fomorial artery of an anesthetized pig, then stop the bleeding with a Celox gauze? Pretty gnarly...pig was euthanized afterwards. Wouldn't post it here, but its easily found, just proves the product works as advertised.


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