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  1. This one really annoys me. And it's always the uber-greenies. People who petition against roadside hedge cutting, burning, etc. But when it comes to their own hedges, the birds can go do one.
  2. There should be one in the back pages of the instruction manual that came with your saw. If your manual is gone, google (name of model of saw + user manual) and it will be there as a free pdf...
  3. I read BJ promises to sack 90 thousand civil service drones...
  4. Weirdly, this is actually true. Our bodies do produce endogenous ethanol. At any time, the average adult contains around the equivalent of a shot of spirits, diluted in their fluid (we are 70% water or something)... People who eat a lot of starch contain more alcohol. There's a rare condition that makes sufferers be affected by this natural alcohol and can become impared, through no fault of their own. These people have to carefully limit their starch and sugar intake.
  5. American Family Planning organisation was set up by a white supremacist ungenicist to keep the black population under control. That was their stated goal, back in the day. More black babies are aborted then born, these days.
  6. Roe v Wade was terribly bad law. It was based on a lie. Jane Roe confessed later in life that she lied, and felt bad about it. High time it was scrapped.
  7. I know the one. Absolute monster machine and heavy as hell. There's one hanging in the corner of the local Stihl place, been there gathering dust for ten years or so.
  8. Virtually nil. Don't climb it in a strong wind though.. If it does topple, it will topple slowly, so just relax, bend your knees a bit, and ride it down.
  9. Strimming rock borders it's got to be the bump head. I got so tired of constantly stopping to change out the cord. I still use the alloy head and thick cord without the guard, on really tall grass with no rocks. Then it rocks. The guard gets in the way if you really need to blast through stuff.
  10. Get yourself a Celox Z-fold Rapid. It's what they use in the military for trauma bleeding. Can plug holes where a tourniquet won't go.
  11. I have several iterations of the alloy heads as well. The jet head, the traditional, a mad one you unscrew to clamp the cord etc... They're good for really tough stuff like briar with the serrated cord.


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