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  1. Haironyourchest

    Making the news today....

    Don't let it get to you, Eggs. Life's too short mate...
  2. Haironyourchest

    Potential landowner liability for 'anonymous' felling in CA

    Well yes, but wouldn't the prosecution automatically target the landowner? I mean, if the crime happened on his land, then he is presumed to be the offender, in the absence of contradictory evidence? Like if someone reported noxious smoke arising from your land, phoned it in, LA environmental section guy investigates and suspects burning tyres, nobody is present but there is visual evidence of burned tyre pile, photos taken, landowner identified through registry, and action taken against said landowner. This would be reasonable no? Of course, the landowner might not occupy or use the land from one month to the next, might have been abroad even, and some other unidentifiable party trespassed and burned the tyres. But of course the landowner would claim that to be the case, and if that were sufficient defence then every scumbag would be dumping rubbish, felling trees, burning etc and claim it was parties unknown who sneaked onto their land while they were down the pub....so somebody has to be presumed responsible.
  3. Haironyourchest

    Potential landowner liability for 'anonymous' felling in CA

    Just an opinion but I would think it would be decided by a court (judge) on the balance of evidence, on a case by case basis. If the landowner had previous conviction for illegal felling then he/she would be a suspect. If the landowner can convince the court that he/she did not want the trees removed and suffered material loss by their removal, then I suppose he would be considered the victim. Whether liability could be attributed to the landowner would depend on the measures the landowner took to secure access to his land. Locked gates, livestock fencing, signs etc would be reasonable precautions, can't see how anyone can be expected to do more than that.
  4. Haironyourchest

    Making the news today....

    I don't know, I've never been in a working man's club in the north of England. Are they generally conservative up there? (I mean in the sociological sense of the word, not the British politics sense)
  5. Haironyourchest

    Making the news today....

    You do have a phenomenal memory eggs. I really still don't have the foggiest notion why it matters - I'm just an inconsequential nobody with an opinion, like everyone else...
  6. Haironyourchest

    Making the news today....

    People hate him because the media tells them so, and they don't leave their liberal bubble. Conservatives understand both ideological positions because we simply can't live in a bubble, even if we wanted to - we are force fed leftist liberal ideology 24-7 by the popular culture, the mainstream media and our friends. Liberals do not experience this, since their position is the establishment position, they feel perfectly justified staying in their echo chamber and never see the other side, except through the media filter. Now that conservatives have won political power in the states, half the population both there and here just can't get their heads around it. Conservatism had been pushed underground by the media, but it had not gone away, and came out in force at the voting booth. Like a famous sound bite of one shocked remainer, to paraphrase: "All those horrible people had been there the whole time!"
  7. Haironyourchest

    A Very Lucky Guy

    Yeah, I didn't have the heart to lay into him on the YouTube comments thread. The thing that worries me is there are several YouTube guys who work as arborists in the states who clearly have unsafe and lazy work practices, and also have quite a sizable following of adoring fans. Confessing to mistakes is great, but the rest of the time they display rampant one handing mostly, grab&cut stuff, and their followers leave comments like "OMG your amazing!!1! I'm learning so much from your vids1!!1".....kind of makes me worried for the young copycats.
  8. Haironyourchest

    A Very Lucky Guy

    I take it that the top didn't break the hinge and split instead.
  9. Haironyourchest

    A Very Lucky Guy

    (Skip to 1:30 for the start of the story) I occasionally tune in to this guy's youtube channel. He recently nearly met his maker as a result of a top splitting inside his wire core lanyard, crushing him against the tree. Had to cut the lanyard with his chainsaw...Just thought I'd throw it out there. I advised him to buy the Fundamentals and read it.
  10. Haironyourchest

    Hit and run .

    Yes, exactly, miles and miles of winding road, blind bends aplenty. And it's not just me that loses time and deisel, it's every other motorist coming up behind. Why can't they show some consideration for others and pull over from time to time?
  11. Haironyourchest

    Why I hate feminism

    We must make the distinction between 1st wave feminism (right to vote) and 2nd wave feminism (equal pay for equal productivity) and 3rd wave feminism (castrate/enslave all white males). Most (99%) of women are not third wave feminists. It's just the media, as usual.
  12. Haironyourchest

    Hit and run .

    Yes it is very unfortunate. For me and everyone else who are trying to get on with their day...these are not cycle clubs, but random groups of tourists mostly. In the summer it's terrible, winter not too bad.
  13. Haironyourchest

    Unpaid work to gain experience - N Yorks

    https://www.educatedclimber.com/beranek-fundamentals/ Go to the link and download the "Bible" it's about £15 sterling. It will make everything else you do from this point easier and give you a theoretical understanding of tree work so you can communicate more effectively with anyone you work with. Print copies are selling for hundreds on ebay, for fifteen bucks it's like finding a gold bar in the dirt. Best of luck
  14. Haironyourchest

    Hit and run .

    How many man-hours are lost every year to cyclists? When driving to work, on a clear road, I can get there in half an hour. If I am delayed by a group of cyclists, it could add 15 Min to my journey. Bare in mind, these are windy country roads where you cannot safely overtake for stretches of miles. When a brief straight patch comes, your chance to overtake can be scuppered by oncoming vehicles. While there are frequent and convenient lay-bys for the cyclists to pull over and let me past, they never, ever do. So, there I am, trundling along at a safe distance behind them (in case one of them should take a tumble and come to a sudden stop) further decreasing my chances of overtaking. There I am, doing 15mph when I should be doing 40. My van is in second, and revving the same as it would be in fourth at proper speed, so I'm still producing the same emissions, and for a longer time than necessary. The cyclists have actually caused 2 things to happen to me: they have delayed my journey, by a considerable amount, thus decreasing my productivity and wasting a bit of my lifespan. They have also caused me to burn more fossil fuel than necessary. They have also increased my risk of killing them accidentally, thus potentially burdening me with lifelong guilt. My question is, how many collective man-hours are lost each year to vehicular commuters stuck behind cyclists? And how much extra CO2 etc is released as a result? I have tried googling this and can find nothing, it's almost like a Google black-out.
  15. Haironyourchest

    Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    Pretty much all recent battery power tools run off batteries (the proper term for an assemblage of multiple cells) comprised of 18560 lithium ion 3.7v cells. At full charge these cells output about 4.Something volts, dropping quickly to 3.7 for most of the discharge. Brand name and some off-brand stuff use cells made by Sony, Samsung and Panasonic - these are all fine, and reliable. I think the Stihl tools are Sony cells. The problem arises with mystery Chinese cells, which may not be electrinically balanced in the battery at point of manufacture. Also, the more expensive, generally, the battery (battery pack) the more and better microcircuitry in there to regulate the output, so they don't discharge too quickly, leading to thermal problems. Exploding phones are caused by cheap lithium polymer cells, which can be overcharged by a cheap charger, or damaged by impact. I had an e-cig overheat on me, the button got stuck, basically, and there was obviously no thermal cut-out in the circuitry. Got the battery out right quick, very lucky not to have caused a fire...


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