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  1. Sack trolly for those lengths. Lidl had a nice strong lightweight one for €30 a few years ago, it's moved the world of weight. Railway sleepers, 7ft concrete slabs, stoves, etc. Pile yr timber on and ratchet strap.
  2. Please build yourself a ProPush® device and post a really detailed video of it's use... I invented it, but don't have anything to use it on at the moment, so it would be nice if somebody else would do the tutorial and review.
  3. Santa brought a Sliky Zubat for wifey, so she can stop borrowing mine. And he brought me an Armytek WizardPro Nichia, limited edition headlamp. No other torch I've ever had compares to the utility of this gadget. Goes from a mere glimmer to a blinding wall of light and everything in between, and it makes colors look like the do on sunlight, instead of the washed out ghostly blue like cheap LED lights.
  4. ‘Discriminatory & wrong’: UK health official insists ‘no plans’ for Covid vaccine passports amid growing fears of mandatory jabs — RT UK News WWW.RT.COM The UK government has reassured the public that it is not currently... Worth reading. Zahawi has told businesses to basically forget about coercing the jab on their staff.
  5. Don't worry fellers, the Great Reset is going to finally sort out all these problems. No more meat, no more overproduction, and no more waste. And no more fish, by the sound of it. Just heard the EU has cut 2021 quotas to 25% of 2020 quotas die to overfishing. Don't know if the UK will follow suit but would expect...
  6. Don't know if this is Global Warming related or not but.. Apparently, in North Korea, the rural people trade their own toilet waste as a commodity. The economy has reached the medieval level where fertilizer of any description is valuable. At the same time, in Japan, they have invented a low maintenance composting toilet for public parks etc, so advanced, that it composts close to 99.99% of waste. Virtually never fills up. The unit costs $40,000. In other news, X-tinction rebellion were thrilled that CO2 emissions dropped by 5.5% during the spring lockdowns. They (the Greens and the "climate x-perts) say we need to reduce by at least 7.5% every year.
  7. Can I derail this thread further into track Barrow territory? I bought one from Agri Euro a few years ago, the top shelf version. It's been good, but I haven't put many hours on it. Took about two weeks to arrive. Had the tracks off during the spring lockdown as one of the bogie wheels had seized. Water had gotten in and caused rust. It was fairly easy to take the undercarriage apart and clean everything, Sand down the rust, grease up and reassemble. Mine was delivered by a guy in an unmarked white van, not a courier. But it was expected. This is how we do business in rural Ireland: Courier Guy: "Hello? Hi this is Pat with DHL, I've a pallet for you, can I give it to my friend cos he gas a smaller van and I'm in a lorry here and he's heading your way now so it'll be handier?" Me: "Sure, no probs." Van guy shows up with no ramps and a 250kg pallet. Luckily I have planks and straps lying around and we worked up a sweat getting it unloaded.
  8. For sure. I had the idea kicking around for a while but kept forgetting to try it, so wifey required this tree down and I said let's see if it works. I purposefully back weighted the tree for the purpose of the experiment. I need to try it out on different trees and see if the system can generate more push than a traditional felling lever bar. A pull rope obviously wins, but there are times when it's a hassle to install a rope. Why do people use felling bars? To get the tree moving. It doesn't take much on a straight tree. But sometimes it does. Ever been there, rocking a tree with a long bar, on your own, trying to get some momentum going? Bar flexing, reached the limit of tilt at the wedge end, still not enough lift? Or when a skinny one gets slightly hung up, and the back cut is already too opened up to use the felling bar effectively? You know you could push it on through with a pole or ladder but you just don't quite have the strength, or traction. So close, yet so far. That's when this system comes in. All you need is a pole and a rope.
  9. Them's fight'n words, Blair... I'll have you know, I hold a CS39 ticket and do technical removals for my bread and butter. I live and breath angles of force and stuff. I also invented the 3 Wheel Barrow and have 400+ YouTube subscribers. Basically I've been around a while. When my invention takes off, your crew will be begging you to buy one.
  10. Exactly. The imaginary safety sticker on the ProPush® clearly states that it's only to be used like a felling bar, which is to say, on mild back-leaners. But it will outperform a felling bar on heavy trees, or accomplish the same work as a felling bar with less effort, and, arguably less risk. The forces generated by a felling bar, or pounding wedges, are in the same direction as the stem. The force and fulcrum (hinge) are very close together, therefore, inefficient. You need a lot of upward force to move the tree a bit sideways. You're basically lifting the tree instead of pushing or pulling it. Now, with a rope, your lever arm is the tree itself, the higher up the stem, the greater possible leverage (taking the angle of pull into consideration). The ProPush® is somewhere between a rope and a felling bar. It also allows you to stand further back from the tree, which is good for safety.
  11. Pure genius! I wish for a gadget like that. Would be putting in a face cut first though...
  12. No, but it will have Bluetooth. Are you sure it was the same technique? Forgive me if I assume you missed the ratchet strap (it's hard to see) I'm not pushing with the pole in the vid, rather lifting the pole, just like a felling bar. The strap converts the lifting force into a pushing force. I thought this up precisely to save my back! The beauty of it is you dial in the placement and angle of the pole, and thus the hight of your lift, to suit the situation and your own hight.
  13. Give me a few weeks and I'll sell you the telescopic fiberglass ergonomic £1850 "ProPush®" version...


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