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  1. Making the news today....

    Yes indeed, the far right, far left and ISIS are all cut from the same cloth. Problem is, it's sociably acceptable to hold far left sympathies these days, so it's the far left who are the true danger to civilisation, since they are the "evil triplet" who are most likely to gain traction, and in their wake, Islamofacism. What we need is old fashioned conservatism, which is not far anything.
  2. Making the news today....

    Actually Islamofacism and Far Left Liberalism are very similar under the surface. At first glance they're different, but look deeper. Both ideologies fetishise totalitarian control of speech and thought, both hate Judeo-Cristian Conservatism. Both are hostile to true science, open discussion and immune to self-analysis.
  3. Mini compressor

    Ha! I was looking at those this afternoon, be great for cleaning saws but I think they supply high pressure/low volume, so wouldn't work : (
  4. Second Kill Switch??

    The first pic shows the old carb and how it mated with the dangler. The second is the new carb, installed, with the dangler dangling.
  5. Second Kill Switch??

    I mounted a new M-Tronic carb on my Stihl FS460 c-em brushcutter, but there is a white plastic dangly thing with red and black wires coming out of it that cannot be connected to the new carb. The old carb had a recess and threaded hole where this thing was supposed to go, and the end of the choke lever mated with it as well. From messing around, I take it to be a secondary kill switch, activated by turning the choke. Does this sound familiar to anyone? The brushcutter runs without it, but it's revving faster than before, putting out over10 thousand rpm with the strimmer head at no load - manual says should be 8'500. With the blade it's hitting 11 thousand. Any thoughts?
  6. Stubborn clutch removal...

    If the clutch nut is a regular hex (not a proprietary Husq thing) get a cheap electric impact gun from argos, like they use to remove wheel nuts. There is a twelve volt version you can run from your car. No need for a piston stop, leave the spark plug in, the shock impact should shift the clutch. You will probably have to cut a bit off the face of the socket wrench though, as they are slightly flared, as you know.
  7. Making the news today....

    I tried to find it, Mick. I heard the story on the Dan Bongino Show podcast - a guy who I trust completely to not make stuff up. If I trawl through the back episodes maybe I can track down the source, but I really don't want to. If it comes up again I'll make a note of the source material. I remember when I heard it thinking it makes perfect sense, I did self protection training with an ex army guy for a year, and we drilled all sorts of scenarios with the class under stress. It was quite interesting seeing the psychological development of some of the attendees over a period of months - people who entered the class totally passive in the face of aggression gradually became able to trigger themselves to attack, throwing elbows, screaming and spiking their adrenaline in response to (simulated) assault. If this was taught in schools generally, never mind Russia, I'm sure the casualty rate would plummet. The thing is there's really not a lot a person can do against a group of committed attackers/counterattackers. Even if only three or four kids in the class could react together, a single gunman has no chance. But they are trained to "shelter in place".....I dunno. Remember when people freaked out over airline pilots being issued with guns? Mass shooters have distinctly chosen venues for their crime where they know a no-gun policy in in force. Meanwhile there are many documented accounts of citizens with concealed pistols stopping rampaging nutters.
  8. Making the news today....

    In Russian schools the students drill for active shooter scenarios. They are trained to rush the attacker/s as a mob and take them down, instead of hiding under their desks like rabbits. This is actually the most effective course of action, if they can pull it off, and it instills a sense of positive self-protection in the kids. The mindset of "We are not victims, you mess with us, we will have you!" should benefit society as a whole, where kids have a certain level of situational awareness and look out for each other. Armed teachers is a first step in this direction, I applaud it.
  9. My Third Removal

    Maybe I wasn't clear, I left the stand on the way up for ease of access, but cut them flush on the way down, before chogging each four foot section - which is to say cut them off the section to be dropped and also as far down as my feet - so even had I gaffed out there was nothing to hurt me. Also was on my own the first day and didn't want to run the saw without backup, so I used my silky - quite a different in diameter eight inches out from the stem just made it easier.
  10. Rigging hyper extended branches

    Tracked spiderlift MEWP with a bit of lateral reach and cut them back in small sections?
  11. Old style Lorry tarps

    Try army surplus
  12. Making the news today....

    Dude, I'm 336 years old. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about...
  13. Universal Basic Income

    I did, but confess I skimmed it a bit. So, George Osborn. Cue Google search...I gather he was all about cutting national debt, so what about his position as editor? I'm missing something.
  14. Universal Basic Income

    Some questions. 1. Who pays for it? Rough reckoning, everyone in the UK on ten grand comes to six-hundred billion a year (edit* - spread over two years) To put this in perspective, the NHS costs 116 billion per year. 2. What happens to inflation when everyone has an extra ten grand? Rent will go up, because landlords know their tenants have the extra cash. Shop prices will go up. Taxes will go up. 3. What will happen to the workforce? Many people will quite working and just live frugally on their ten grand. There will be a labour shortfall, so foreign workers will have to be imported to fill the gap. Will they be eligible for the ten grand as well? If not, then you will have an underclass of "slaves" who work, and "citizens" who don't have to. Hmmmmm. 4. Much of the extra wealth will be spent outside the UK economy to avoid being ripped off by inflation. 5. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!...It's a nice thought though!
  15. Making the news today....

    The problem we have in the west is moral poverty, not monetary. Compared to our peasant ancestors even the poorest live like royalty today. Its a lack of moral fiber, backbone, horse sense, willpower, smarts, whatever you wanna call it. The deficit comes from poor parenting by parents who themselves were poorly parented and so on, since the industrial revolution. Also environmental pressure and TV. The youth being caged indoors and in school when they should be working the fields or forest from the age of seven. Combine that with a modern liberal snowflake policy that refuses to punish anyone....


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