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  1. I'm thinking about getting chevrons. Watched a few vids about sticking them on and peeling them off, don't you have to heat as you peel?
  2. Yeah, that's pretty much what I hear. TBH for the price/quality ratio of their stuff I can live without a warranty. Bought a battery reciprocation saw, a battery jigsaw, a 5 amp hour battery with Samsung cells and fast charger all for 110 last week. Just the battery alone would have been that money for a name brand.
  3. I've read the Aldi/Lidl warrenty isn't all it's cracked up to be. But who knows? I bought the Lidl version recently, it's fine, starts, runs, cuts, what more can you ask for for 100 Euros? Especially when you consider the bar and chain are worth fourty-fifty bucks. The value in these saws to a pro is that they are sacrificial, for making dodgy cuts that "could" potentially end up wrecking your good saw. I know someone will say if you know what you're doing this situation should never happen, but let's be real. Also good for a loaner for those situations where you just can't say no. All in all, good buy.
  4. Thinking of getting one of these, where did you get the green skip from looks a useful addition? Like you I have some spruce to extract with no clear drop lines so I also bring them down sectionally. Given to me by a pal, it's a fiberglass tub from an old two-wheel farm barrow, quite old. Im sure similar barrow tubs can be bought separately somewhere. It's actually slightly too wide for the dumper unless you open one side panel, so building something to fit exactly would be a better way to go I think. The tub is breaking at the corners, so I'll be making a new one at some point.
  5. Well I'll stick this one in the thread since the track-barrow/dumper is in frame....a first for me - never before met a tree that was actually be happy to be felled! Or could be one of the fayrie folk was trapped inside for some reason and happy to be released??
  6. Today's job was topping a Cypress hedge to 6 foot. Depth was probably 5-6 foot and no access from the other side. Ground uneven, lumpy etc, step ladder was no-go. So I configured a deck for the track-barrow out of old ceder staves (ex hot tub). Perfect hight for me to stand and work, stable out, and easy to reposition as needed.
  7. I actually don't know, but we'll find out when the next guy puts his foot through the new panel! 😀
  8. That was my first thought actually - DIY fiberglass with a bit of grey colourant. I didn't mention it though, as a DIY panel won't comply with building code, and the landlord sounds like the fussy type. I suppose there are places who can fabricate rated panels though?
  9. Are you sure it's not asbestos? If it was my problem I'd scribe the profile onto a price of wood, and have a metal fabrication place bend me up a sheet. Paint the surface with tile adhesive, applied with a roller, it will be hard to tell the difference from cement. Then paint with yoghurt when it's installed, to encourage moss. You could sprinkle some of the existing moss over it to propagate spores. Sounds like the landlord thinks you should build him a new roof. He probably knows it's asbestos and wants it gone anyway.
  10. Oh, I thought you had a yurt. Maybe it was Jomoco, now I think about it...I know someone here claimed to live part time in a yurt in their woodland. There's confluences of interest all over the place, nothing new. The oil companies and me share an interest in free flowing crude oil. They want to sell a product and I want to buy it. No conspiracy.
  11. (Sorry, sorry, I've done it again) It's not an organized conspiracy, it's a confluence of interest. Like the way the "rich opress the poor". How's life anyway? Are you in the yurt this winter?
  12. Agreed. I think it's a complete (and sinister) scam, but we shouldn't be squandering our resources with abandon..
  13. Just had a weird one not half an hour ago. Went into the caravan to play PlayStation and my Tarot card box had fallen off the shelf and left cards all over the floor! I hope it was just the wind. Or the cat.
  14. The new owner deserves the Thug Life treatment! I've got one, not me though, happened to a friend of mine. He was on a roofing job somewhere in Wales, on an old vicarage or sumsuch, not a stately home as such, but an old, large and rather well to do property...anyway, one break time (frequent joint breaks) he took a walk in the grounds, and noticed a wing of the hose he had not seen before, which was weird, because they had been all over the building for days. As his mind was trying to compute this information, he saw a little girl, about five or six, in a white dress with long blonde hair standing looking at him. He figured she was the child of someone on the grounds, and as he looked at her he noticed her hair was kind of floating slowly about, though there was no wind. Instantly, he felt overwhelmed by fear and ran back to the lads. So he mentioned this event to the owner, and apparently there was a wing of the house many years ago that was demolished. The daughter of the then-occupier, had a bedroom on the top floor of the wing, and she had a pet grass snake. The story was her father found the snake one day in the garden and stomped it, whereapon she went into depression and jumped or fell out of her bedroom window and fell to her death....
  15. Get a really lightweight top handle first, for pruning, and use a small back handle saw for removals. Small back handle will be useful on the ground as well


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