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  1. Haironyourchest

    Climate change anyone?

    Assuming you believe humans cause it, or most of it (I don't) then anything we do is pretty meaningless and symbolic at best. China, India, Russia, USA etc. There's a lot of people in the world who want a better standard of living, and their children will want a better standard too. And they will have it, by fair means or foul. And I'm fairly sure they don't believe in AGW, or, if they do, don't care.
  2. Haironyourchest

    Euro Vision

  3. Haironyourchest

    I Bought A Mini Dumper

    Last one, for the time being: moving tree ferns. I don't know how much they weighed, but two strong men were close to maxing out their skeleto-musculatory systems lifting the root end with a sling. A weird shape to manage, I had to reach over the frond end to get to the right hand side handle, obliging me to walk tip-toe at times. We tried different configurations, layed-across, butt end on a wheelbarrow, diagonal, but, in the end, this was the only practical method.
  4. 3 days? For some reason I got the impression it would be much longer. 3 days is not really enough to start, I think. To get a "comprehensive" crash course in beginner's arb in the UK you are looking at about a month's worth of training, plus assessment, if you want to train up to an "insurable" standard. If you're getting one on one attention, I suppose you could learn to climb in 3 days, but there's a lot more to it than that. What kind of arb work is around your area? Iowa is mostly open flatlands, isn't it? Any logging? Parks maintenance, domestic tree care, etc?
  5. Haironyourchest


    Once you experience the incredible cleansing power you will never go back. Not as a primary cleansing meduim, more of a final polisher. Also substitute for a shower after a sweaty day in the trees, when you just can't be bothered to bathe. Never flush them though, just ball up and bin.
  6. Haironyourchest

    Personal accident insurance - which company?

    Same. My grandfather worked for an insurance company. He never insured anything that he wasn't legally obliged to. Spend the saving on more and better safety equipment, and take more time to be more safe.
  7. Yeah but "Human" is a head-the-ball. He did time for threatening staff at a convenience store with a shotgun, because he was 'depressed'....in short, the guy has issues, bless him. The fact that the OP is enrolled for extensive training tells me he's starting with an attitude of caution. As he said, there are very few arborists around his area, so realistically going it along might be his only option..
  8. Yeah I follow him too, not my favorite, due the the hammer and sickle tattoo on his arm. But fair dues, he does put it all out there. The broken TIP = broken pelvis episode was an eye opener!
  9. Haironyourchest

    Use for sawdust?!

    It's all back to the old toss-up of time vs. money isn't it? If one has time, but not much money, then all of these things become worthwhile, but if one has loads of work then it's a waste of time...unless it's something the kids can be put to work at.
  10. Haironyourchest

    Use for sawdust?!

    Modified hydraulic log splitter (vertical) - time problem solved!
  11. Haironyourchest

    Use for sawdust?!

    Hmmm. Very good question. I do believe you have me checkmated there!
  12. You could also vlog your progress week by week, take a go-pro along with you etc, and become a Youtube star like Reg Coats, Hunicke, Billy Ray etc? I'd quite like to watch "The Rake's Progress" as it were, a total greenhorn learning the ropes more or less on his own. I think it would make brilliant content!
  13. Haironyourchest

    Use for sawdust?!

    Give it to your local New Age Travellers for their compost toilets?
  14. Welcome! Be prepared to hire bucket trucks, spider lifts etc. For the jobs you don't feel up to climbing yet. Use every trick and crutch at your disposal, buy Bereneck's Fundamentals Of General Tree Work PDF at Educated Climber. Slow down and think, it's easy to get tunell vision in the tree and forget stuff you learned - you can get on a single track of how to proceed, and not notice other options, if you know what I mean, at least that happens to me.
  15. Haironyourchest

    Climate change anyone?

    My thoughts exactly. With the general decline in religiosity, people still have a built-in need to fear an apocalyptic "something", it's been in our genes for hundreds of thousands of years. And something to feel guilty about as well. Add it to the long long list of failed predictions. of doom..


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