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  1. The enjoyment this guy experience is contagious!
  2. Cherry = lethal hazard. A child could choke on it, be given the Heimlich manouver, cherry could shoot out and blind someone, then in the confusion someone could tread on it and slip and fall and crack their pelvis. And that's just the beginning...
  3. I think it was Epicurus who, when asked by someone "What is the greatest pleasure in life?" - replied "To succeed at something". I chickened out on this tree a few months ago. Oak, compromised at the base, with some dead wood. Didn't want to climb it, the idea was to use the tower and cut off tiny chunks...didn't work, not enough room, too windy, just a bad idea. Backed out and suggested contacting the localish big outfit. Well, long story short, they called me again a few days ago and urged me to have another crack at it, so I bought some more equipment andattacked the job again. Didn't take pics of the rigging setup, unfortunately. Bought a 1.6 tonne Chinese tirfor, and set my dyneema winch rope up chokered to the right hand limb close the the crotch. Then across to a snatch block about twenty feet up a huge Scots pine, then down and mated to the end of my tirfor cable and the tirfor way down in the woods achored to an oak. Left a very generous hinge, three inches, and just pulled it over. Flawless fell. Even missed the small trees in the dropzone. You can see the Scots pine behind on the left. Should have taken more pics.
  4. Yup pretty much. They'll be queuing up to get into the Matrix. I think the next big thing will be internet synced fully animatronic sex dolls. You'll ware stickers on your joints and cameras will track your movements, then the data will be fed to someone else's sex robot somewhere in the world and it will mimic your movements. And vice versa, so we will be able to share "intimacy" with human controlled robots. As long as both parties own a robot, they can meet and connect through dating sites. Presumably articulate mouths and audio as well. Software will compensate for hight and obesity differentials.
  5. Yeah, ground clearance was nil, very annoying. Got 2 inches now, plenty!
  6. My splitter weighs 110kg. In and out if the shed tilted back on the tiny wheels through gravel and up gradients etc was a real chore. Made me not want to go splitting. So I moved the origional wheels to the front and replaced the origional axel and wheels with a beefier version. Whole deal cost about €60 inc. bits and peices, grinding disjd, drill bits etc. Well worth it, I can pull and push it about with one hand now, zero effort.
  7. (sign on a gate) "Access to my land is free, but my bull charges!"
  8. If it keeps happening, just learn this song and sing it while you're climbing.
  9. The Stihl pro models are made in Germany (crankcase castings, assembly). Cylinders etc I think are Italian. Some models of polesaw and other items made in USA. Guessing all plastic parts made in China. Husqvarna who knows where? Friends 572xp blew it's muffler off. Company I did my tickets with supplied two 550xp for the felling ticket course, both refused to stay running. After the second day the three of us, instructor, me and another lad were all using my MS201 back handle for everything. For the assessment, the company owner bought a new MS260.
  10. So how exactly does the stabiliser stabilise the ethanol? Does is chemically bind to it and prevent it from hydroscoping?
  11. Erudite? Is also French, non?
  12. Yeah me too, was shot down for being negative about cyclists. My question was/is how much extra fossil fuel is burnt every year due to multiple motorists being slowed down by solitary cyclists? And how many man hours lost?


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