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  1. Good point. This was was gas oil but I believe the non taxed low sulphur diesel is unlikely to have a full compliment of additives due to cost. I visited an independent suppliers tank farm recently and the forecourt customer specified additive package is put into the road tanker with the fuel prior to final delivery.
  2. I used to carry out emission tests on plant for some customers. The emissions from red diesel were much higher than the same engines running "white" derv because red lacks the additives and burns less cleanly.
  3. As a "weekend warrior" I have tried various chains and found Rotatech good value - probably the best of the budget chains. I was recently given a Tallox bar and chain which someone wrongly ordered. Both bar and chain was crap or scrap - hardly worth fitting.
  4. I fail to understand what the OP thought he could achieve with cutting into the trunk. Regarding damage to nearby buildings - what was there first.
  5. What is under the block paving? Domestic driveway base is unlikely to support the weight of a crane.
  6. When I posed the question originally I never expected this depth of knowledge and opinion in the answers. I was tending to favour the inboard clutch for convenience in changing chains and cleaning but the remarks concerning the load from an overtightened chain or snagged bar have got me thinking. There seems very little clearance between the clutch bell and brake band so could the outboard clutch provide some support against the crankshaft flexing/bending under load. Regarding the balance of machines with the different clutch arrangements, would this be more noticeable on top handle saws which tend, I believe, to generally have outboard clutches. Sorry if I'm starting another round of debate.
  7. Talking to a local tree surgeon that was the only valid point he could think of. He did, however, remark that the sort of people who think to carry a spare chain and bar normally have a second saw attached to it. Thanks for all the relies.
  8. I have recently been using a Makita saw with inboard clutch as opposed to the outboard on my Efco. Whilst it's easier to change bar and chain on the inboard are there any advantages/disadvantages to one or the other? Manufacturers seem pretty evenly split with many offering both options across their models. Sorry if this has been covered before.
  9. I agree with Aspen's comments, especially since Emak Group market their own branded alkylate fuel and their instructional videos show it being used in their chainsaws. I understand the decision to replace the saw was partly influenced by the initial problems I experienced. At this time I have fuelled the new saw with pump 2 stroke mix, with stabiliser, and am just thankful for a reliable saw. In the future I shall no doubt try Aspen in the saw as I use it the hedge trimmer and brushcutter.
  10. Pleasant surprise this morning. Dealer phoned in response to my email sent yesterday. They have spoken to Efco who are sending a replacement saw due to original and on-going problems. Both the dealer and Efco suspect the problems are due to using Aspen and recommend using fresh pump fuel mix with fuel stabiliser. I must have just been unlucky with the unhelpful guy at the dealers previously because I can't fault their response this time so all credit to Cheltenham Mowers and the Efco UK. Thanks again for all the replies.
  11. Thanks very much for the replies. I have tried another spark plug without improvement and have now emailed the dealer stating I do not feel obliged to agree to paying for adjustment before he's even looked at the saw. I will be surprisd if he bothers to reply and if not intend to persue the matter with Emak UK who I understand have their own service department. In the meantime I shall carry on with the borrowed Makita which is faultless - touch wood!
  12. Hi All, firstly thanks for an excellent informative forum My "toy" Efco saw is six months old and has seen little use. Been run on Aspen from new but has always had running problems. I can get the saw to start and rev fine from cold but as soon as it's hot and done a few cuts it will not idle and will not restart. If I try adjusting the carb I can cure the hot idle and start but then no start from cold. It also seems to regularly require minor carb adjustments and I found today that the best hot idle setting is with the low screw screwed fully in although it will not, unsurprisingly, rev without bogging down. The Efco dealer says any carb adjustments are chargeable and he seems unwilling to consider anything else. I would appreciate any comments,suggestions. Thanks
  13. Miles Tool & Machinery Centre might be able to help - mtmc.co.uk


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