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  1. Jobs - Job Details - Arborist WWW.PEABODYJOBS.ORG.UK Jobs at Peabody and CBHA Peabody are seeking to recruit an Arborist to join their in-house Tree Services Team based in Thamesmead, South-East London. The successful applicant will be able to carry out a range of tree work including planting, crown raising, reductions, pollarding, dismantling, felling and stump grinding, to a high standard and in line with industry best practice and BS3998: Tree Work Recommendations. The successful applicant will also be expected to assist in the maintenance of chainsaws, chippers and stump grinder. The Tree Services team work mostly within Thamesmead and provide high quality, planned, ad-hoc and reactive tree work to our existing tree stock of around 30,000 trees situated within housing estates, parklands and alongside our network of canals. Essential: CS30,31, 38, 39 Experience of working within a similar role. Full UK Driving License Desirable: CS41 (Aerial Tree Rigging) CS47 (Use of a Chainsaw from a MEWP) B+E Driving License (or pre-1997 UK Driving License) Why work for us? Working hours: 8am-3.30pm, Monday to Friday Weekend overtime available. 25 days annual leave (plus Bank Holidays). Salary of £26,000 per annum Annual attendance-based bonus scheme (circa £600-700) Continued Professional Development: ongoing training, refresher training etc. PPE, tools and equipment provided. Range of employee benefits to choose from including technology, memberships and discounts. If you would like any more info feel free to contact me at Rebecca.Barton@Peabody.org.uk or via Arbtalk 🙂
  2. Jobs - Job Details - Arborist WWW.PEABODYJOBS.ORG.UK Jobs at Peabody and CBHA We are seeking an Arborist to join our existing in-house tree team as a second climber, carrying out a range of tree works within a mostly residential environment. Position would be ideal for someone who is looking to gain some experience and is qualified to CS30-31 and CS38-39 as a minimum. Successful candidate will have a full driving license. License to tow a trailer would be preferred but not essential. Closing date is 29th July. Feel free to message me for more info.
  3. Thank you to everybody that stayed on topic... My query wasnt about TPOs or CAs or long winded court cases. Simply 'how do council TOs respond to complaints of council trees causing damage to drives'. I'm not concerned about court cases, I dont expect for such minor damage to lead to court. Any cases of significant damage I would deal with accordingly. I'm just sick of the public telling me I need to fell our trees because roots are pushing up their paving so thought it would be good to know how councils deal with this.
  4. Thanks Julian, I've seen your posts on here and uktc, TO or not, it is clear you have a lot of experience and knowledge so I very much appreciate the response... lots of reading for me now Still looking for responses from TOs though as to how they deal with these sorts of cases day to day!
  5. Thanks for the reply Paul. Your response does concern me a little though as if we were required to abate every such nuisance I dont think we would have any trees left except for in the parks! As per the example I used in the original post, would a LA really respond by removing the tree group and repairing the paving? We'd have no trees left in our built up areas! Any sort of resurfacing, be it better for the retained trees or not, would end up as a huge cost as there would definitely be a knock on effect... I guess I just despair that I only seem to come in contact with members of the public that view trees as just an annoyance...
  6. Hi all, So I work as a tree officer for a large housing association. We own a lot of open spaces, including parks, canals and trees near housing. A lot of the enquiries I get through come from residents with trees near their properties. Recently I have had a number of complaints relating to trees damaging hard surfaces - in particular block paved driveways, patios etc. Usually it is quite clear that it is the roots of our trees causing the issues. My question is... how do local authority tree officers respond to such enquiries/complaints? (Obviously each situation is assessed individually based on merits of the tree etc) but for example, lets say theres a line of leylandi on the boundary of our property, acting as screening between a large block of flats and some private housing on a neighbouring street. Neighbouring homeowner calls to complain that the leylandi are lifting the block paving in her garden. You go to assess, clearly it is leylandi tree roots causing the issue... Would a LA agree to repair the damage to the paving? In this particular situation I believe it would have a knock on effect where other neighbours would expect us to repair their paving too (felling the trees wouldnt be an option as they act as screening, and in my mind, the trees are more valuable than the block paving, but obviously the homeowner would disagree). Are we, as the owners of the trees, liable for minor damage such as lifting block paving? It may seem like an easy fix to just repair the paving, but this would end up being a massive cost if neighbours followed suit to put in similar complaints and requests for repair... (Sorry for babbling on!) Appreciate your responses in advance. R
  7. Peabody, a large Housing Association with an in-house tree team are seeking to recruit an Arborist Supervisor and a Senior Arborist on a permanent, full time basis. Peabody have ownership of a significant amount of open space within Thamesmead, made up of parks, lakes, canals, woodlands and residential streets. We have responsibility for around 30,000 trees. All equipment is provided, including saws, climbing kits, trucks, chippers, stump grinder and MEWP. These roles will involve working as a Lead Climber, undertaking pruning, dismantling and other hands on arboricultural work for the majority of the time. The Supervisor will be required to be hands on and organise and record work completed, liaise with residents and other members of the public Candidates should be NPTC qualified and competent climbing arborists with a good knowledge of all tree work operations and practices. Previous experience of leading a team of staff is required for the Supervisor role. In return, Peabody are offering a salary of £30,000 (16.48 per hour) for the Supervisor and £26,000 (£14.29 per hour) for the Senior Arborist. Salary is negotiable for the right candidate. 35 hour week (08:00-15:30, Monday - Friday) 25 days paid annual leave (rising to 30) Annual attendance based bonus' Training/CPD Company contributory pension To apply: http://www.peabodyjobs.org.uk/cw/en/job/496100/arborist-supervisor http://www.peabodyjobs.org.uk/cw/en/job/495995/senior-arborist For an informal discussion, please email Tom Broad or Stephen Pyke at the email addresses below. Alternatively, you can send me a message on here. Tom.Broad@Peabody.org.uk Steve.Pyke@Peabody.org.uk
  8. ***Hi all, we are still seeking candidates for these roles, we also have a Groundsperson vacancy now too*** 08:00 - 15:30 working hours! Tree work ranging from residential trees, park trees and canal trees. We provide all relevant equipment, including use of a stump grinder and MEWP! PAYE Excellent career development opportunities! *Salary negotiable* http://www.peabodyjobs.org.uk/cw/en/job/496380/arborist-grounds-person http://www.peabodyjobs.org.uk/cw/en/job/496100/arborist-supervisor http://www.peabodyjobs.org.uk/cw/en/job/495995/senior-arborist
  9. We have three positions currently available: Groundsperson, Senior Arborist and Arborist Supervisor (all based in Thamesmead). http://www.peabodyjobs.org.uk/cw/en/job/496380/arborist-grounds-person http://www.peabodyjobs.org.uk/cw/en/job/496100/arborist-supervisor http://www.peabodyjobs.org.uk/cw/en/job/495995/senior-arborist If you want to discuss further feel free to drop me a message on here 🙂 Best of luck in your job search.
  10. http://www.peabodyjobs.org.uk/cw/en/job/496100/arborist-supervisor http://www.peabodyjobs.org.uk/cw/en/job/495995/senior-arborist http://www.peabodyjobs.org.uk/cw/en/job/496380/arborist-grounds-person Hi, I'm not sure where you are based, but Peabody are currently recruiting for a full time groundsperson, senior arborist and an arborist supervisor based in Thamesmead. If this is of interest to you, please check out the links above! 🙂
  11. Hi Jordan, I'm a Tree Officer at a Housing Association based in Thamesmead. We have an in-house team and are currently recruiting! We are looking for candidates with a full driving license but would most likely consider you without, given your willingness to do an intensive course. Check out the following link for details. Good luck with your job search!
  12. Hi Millzy, This may be no good for you as it is a full time PAYE employment but I work as a Tree Officer at a housing association based in Thamesmead. We have an in-house tree team and are currently recruiting for arborist, senior arborist and supervisor arborist. If this is of interest to you please see the following link!
  13. Hi, I'm not sure where you are living/working currently, but I work for a housing association based in Thamesmead, London and we are currently recruiting for our in-house tree team. If you are interested at all, check out the following link for more details. (let me know if the link doesnt work). We have a large tree stock (in the region of 30,000 trees) ranging from street trees, garden trees, park trees, lakeside trees and canal trees, so there is always a range of work to be undertaken. The position is full time and permanent and salary is negotiable for the right candidate.


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