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  1. We do. We're based in south Manchester but could travel over to Yorkshire for the right price. If you'd like to send us some photos of the work we should be able to give you a fairly accurate price. Regards Seth Info@alderwoodtreecare.com 07449 329039
  2. It was a pretty good year for us after a bit of a slow patch at the beginning. At least we kept working right up to Christmas this year and everyone is going mad for woodburning stoves round here so shifting logs has been no bother. Slow start for 2011 though - seems like people don't want to part with their cash. Alderwood Tree Care
  3. Cheers, yeah the customer got us to cut all the wood up and stack it in her garage for her wood burner. Would have liked some myself. I'll let you know if I get any nice wood in. What sort of stuff do you do with it? I've got an Alaskan Mill which I'm hopefully going to start using this winter if it quietens off and I've got on top of everything else. Probably make some rudimentary furniture.
  4. Yeah, the wall was crumbling from the trunk and roots pushing it over so we thought it best to just remove all the loose stuff and hope it didn't pull the rest of the wall down. Fotunately it worked pretty well.
  5. This large dead Acacia was posing a serious hazard to users of a car park behind that some large branches were overhanging. There was just room in the garden next door for the tree to be felled. The tree was leaning against the felling direction so some careful planning was needed. Alderwood Tree Care | Manchester tree surgeon, felling, removal & pruning
  6. This tall lime tree at the end of the garden was blocking out light and becoming too large for its surrounding location so a height reduction by drop crotching was done to maintain a natural looking shape whilst allowing more light into the garden. Alderwood Tree Care | Manchester tree surgeon, felling, removal & pruning
  7. Catchy title. Hi, We're after a bit of advice. We're a small firm and need to prune a large poplar in an area overhanging a road and pavement. We're trying to work out if its cheaper/easier to hire bollards etc and employ a couple of people to manage traffic (people and cars) or whether to hire a professional company to do this for us. However we can't find any such companies and can't find anywhere to hire/buy bollards, signs etc. Any ideas would be welcomed. Cheers Seth
  8. This Norway Spruce was used as a Christmas tree, then planted in the back of the garden 19 years ago. After growing gradually in its first 10 years it grew at a great rate and put on about 1 1/2″ in diameter every year for the last 9 years. It was time to take it down before it got unmanageable. Alderwood Tree Care | Manchester tree surgeon, felling & pruning info@alderwoodtreecare.com


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