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  1. RC0

    Tight spot Take down

    I didn't take a break on that job mate. In fact, I didn't have breakfast that day either. Just a big dinner later, and a couple of cans
  2. RC0

    Tight spot Take down

    Thanks all. Ive had the battery saw probably 3 years now. Its good for anything less the the guidebar length....rubbish at anything more. Ive had lots of use from it, not issues or complaints. If it broke tomorrow Id get a new one.
  3. RC0

    Tight spot Take down

    Thanks Paddy. 18 is a little big for firewood, but acceptable in this case. Its a fair compromise if Im having to rip them while still up the tree.
  4. RC0

    Tight spot Take down

    Tricky Grand fir from this week. Day for 3.
  5. RC0

    Hazard Tree take downs

    We had quite a few trees make it down to the road, and some right across and down to the lake. But no cleanup on our part. Machines on standby just to scoop it to one side.
  6. RC0

    Hazard Tree take downs

    Its dangerous work because the state of the trees obviously....like dead, rotten, hollow, split, leaning etc. Often hard to read which way they're weighted because we're on a slope. Often hard to make your cuts into any sort of reliable hingwood that aligns with where you want to aim the tree. Sometimes they start to sink and trap your saw just trying to cut the face. Sometimes instead of tipping the tree, the wedges just start splitting the already knackered wood apart....not a good feeling. Barberchairs and widowmakers never far from your mind. Have to spend quite a bit of time cutting and prepping escape routes....and even then they still inadequate. A major worry too was the HV lines down on the road, and the risk of a tree cartwheeling down hill and right through them. Aside from the danger of electrocution of the construction workers down below, it wouldve put 2 towns out of electricity, and we would've been thrown off the job facing massive fines. So, a few heartstopping moments came and passed throughout.
  7. RC0

    Hazard Tree take downs

    I never sleep good to be honest Rich. Climbing up hills all day with your gear is a bit if a shock to the lungs at first....but after a few days you start being able to suck in bigger breaths and the legs get stronger. Great place to work. Great drive in through the mountains and views every day
  8. RC0

    Hazard Tree take downs

    Just age and characteristics I think mate.
  9. RC0

    Hazard Tree take downs

    Last installment from this job boys. Thanks for reading and watching through the thread
  10. RC0

    Hazard Tree take downs

    Thanks mate.The lean on Dead tops can be difficult to read on a hillside. They were about 60ft long and rock hard, so couldn't afford to make a mistake. Have lots more vid from that job, just need the time to put together
  11. RC0

    Hazard Tree take downs

    Bartlett Tree Experts can and do sponsor British tree workers wanting to work our this way. The Vancouver branch is probably your best starting point.
  12. RC0

    Hazard Tree take downs

    Best to ask here. Otherwise your email might get lost or forgotten. Fire away
  13. RC0

    Hazard Tree take downs

    We got finished on Friday, Mark. Without major incident. Thanks
  14. RC0

    Hazard Tree take downs

    Thanks again. Couple more vids from the same site:
  15. RC0

    Hazard Tree take downs

    Yes Pete, wouldn't be without them mate. You can also unscrew the ones directly in front of the heel, in case you need to put spurs on for climbing


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