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  1. RC0

    Tree Topping

    We drove through snow in the mountains on route....but Tofino is on the west coast, temperate rainforest... they never get snow here.
  2. RC0

    Tree Topping

    Just arrived at our cabin. Its late friday afternoon now. Nice spot on the harbor side of town. Better than I was expecting.
  3. RC0

    Tree Topping

    These are everywhere. It is sortof cool to know they're out there
  4. RC0

    Tree Topping

    Ive never seen a wolf there to be honest. But they are notorious for snatching dogs off the beaches with the owners powerless to intervene. Got to be mindful of cougars also. Always just in the back of your mind when you've got kids. Aside from that, brilliant place. We go every January. Storm season.
  5. RC0

    Tree Topping

    Taking our up to Tofino for a week, on friday actually. Beautiful county. Just have to stay clear of the wolves
  6. RC0

    Tree Topping

    My year is just fine. How is your year ?
  7. RC0

    Tree Topping

    Hello mate. I got a couple Hemlocks done too, but lost lots of time waiting on traffic management and the blasting....maybe hour and a half. A frustrating day because off. But could have been worse, blowing a gale or chucking it down with rain.
  8. RC0

    Tree Topping

    The site is a provincial park, mid Vancouver Island, consisting mainly cedar, hemlock and fir. The trees were being cut down because they had root rot. They are are left as standing wildlife poles at 20 and 40 meters. I was using the overhead pulley and tail of my climbline to pull up a bigger saw, 372 with 30 inch bar. I was at approximately 150ft at that point, so quite a ways to pull the saw up. Easier to pull down on a line than pull up over such a distance. The notch in the top of the stump was to speed up the decay process and so i could run my line through it and rappel down to the ground.
  9. RC0

    Tree Topping

    I did drop in on him on my way home actually. I dont get up near Nanaimo very much so it was an opportunity. No video or anything, just a couple hours bullshitting. Hes a decent bloke actually. Darrin, you often see Red cedars dying off on the tops, but not so much the firs, spruce and hemlock. The tallest tree on the island which is approximately 320 ft, a Sitka spruce, is still growing at the very tip.
  10. RC0

    Tree Topping

    Id assume the Parent tree co was charging x amount per tree. Dont know how much. I was just subbing, and have a different payment arrangement with them
  11. RC0

    Tree Topping

    Thanks. I got 5 trees done that day. should've been more but for a few major hold ups. Heres one that actually cost me 30 mins or more:
  12. RC0

    Tree Topping

    For big stuff like that, absolutely, but Forestry climbers/Heli loggers mainly. Thats a whole different breed and game than your residential Arborist type.
  13. RC0

    Tree Topping

    Comments ! Thanks boys. Was beginning to feel really unpopular : ) Paddy. Dont really shut down altogether mate, but get very few enquiries. Tim, maybe a bit more at a guess. Perhaps the cuts were a round the 200 mark. 200ft rope was just off the ground i believe. Hard work yes, very intense....but still better than messing around in back gardens.
  14. RC0

    Tree Topping

    A few clips from Monday. Not the most imaginative vid, but a sense of scale at least
  15. RC0

    Tall city tree

    Old Douglas firs develop this horrible thick crumbly bark. Sometimes 10 inches deep. When your saw hits it, it gives of this very fine dust. Different tree but you can see the cloud it creates. Not nice in the lungs


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